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    • CBJ will be a good test for Toronto, they have a great road record against the TML average home record. This game is going to speak volumes!!! Toronto fans need to get into the game like Nashville and Winnipeg fans, that 7th player makes a huge difference.
    • Time to use a 1st rnd on a goalie prospect soon then? Get someone in the pipeline for Andy to start mentoring in a few years who can hopefully take the reins when he's done.
    • Oh, wait, there’s a real issue in there? I’m so used to him spinning crazy about everything, I assumed the raking weeds bit was somehow related to his global warming nonsense. I know brush clearing is hugely important, my brother did that for a few years in Alberta (just stopped this summer) but Donny is definitely a fucking idiot if he blames the state for not clearing the brush. Didn’t realize that he was actually touching on a real topic there, assumed he was just rambling as usual. As I understand it a lot of what’s burning is in national park lands, 100% federal there, as you said @armster. The state is only responsible for its own forests. California has also been working hard to re-green and end the drought. They’ve added laws governing water use by the state, not just in volume, but also in what it’s allowed to be used on. They don’t water land along/dividing highways anymore, and have been planting drought resistant greenery in those areas instead. They’ve also given rebates to people to remove grass in lawns and replace with drought resistant plants. Tons of other changes as well. I’m not sure any state could be less to blame for a situation like this. 
    • He’s alienated more than half the fan base already. I’m shocked more noise isn’t being made, we’ve been pretty vile toward a number of guys in the past as a fan base.
    • He was dating a model for a while, I don’t know if they are still together. IIRC they were living together at the time I read about them.    ————- Rutherford is still looking to deal, apparently. Maybe time to go for a blockbuster; Nylander + Sandin/Rasanen + 2nd for Guenztel/Letang. Taking letang gives them the cap room to sign Nylander. Guentzel is rfa this summer and they might not feel confident in ability to sign. Letang having solid year and just 3 years left on his contract, so he won’t be killing us at 38 years old and 7+ mill, for example. Nylander > Guentzel, and Sandin + 2nd, or Rasanen +2nd, makes sense for a Letang swap. We have the depth to afford losing one of those two guys, and it gives the Pens a good D prospect to replace Letang long-term and they get a pick as well. The 2nd is basically a third, so we might have to either add another pick (4th rounder?) or move it up to being a late first.  Guenztel - Matthews - Kapanen Hyman - Tavares - Marner Marleau - Kadri - Brown Thats how our top 9 would look. Rielly - Letang Dermott - Hainsey Gardiner - Oz 
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