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Maiden Voyage



blog-0597368001361887495.jpgAnd welcome to the inaugural blog here on Leafs Connected, brought to you by the forum's fabled crazy person, me, tbnl.

I am not doing this out of fame for the first blog. I am not doing this as a service to you members, as I am sure you honestly don't give a puck. I certainly am not being paid, for this or for anything here for that matter. So why start a blog here? I just wanted to see how it all worked out. Perhaps if I found bugs, I could say I did contribute something and someday say to the grand kids:

"That forum, LC, the second one... no wait, third one? Anyways, I helped. I did."

"Shut up Grampy, we're watching Prime Minister Bieber's victory speech."

"God damn country. God damn kids. God damn............"

"Mom, Grampy's dead again!"

"I ain't dead, I'm contemplating how to solve this current crisis of grossly ill-formed national leadership!"

"You mean by drinking."

"... God damn grand kids."

And I am rather sleep deprived, so that always leads to some form of creative insanity. (Beyond my typical insanity? Is that possible? Well, we shall see won't we.)

In this collection of thoughts, I hope to achieve what I have been accused of doing for nigh on 5 years (at least in this community, certainly much longer in my scholastic career and life), absolutely nothing.

As much as I'd like to be poignant; as much as I'd like to be relevant; as much as I'd like to be artsy or revolutionary or funny, tis all up to the audience upon how it is received, isn't it? As much intention is put into a piece by an artist, once it is released upon the world, they have lost all control of it, haven't they? How it's interpreted, enjoyed, critiqued.

And if an artist is forgotten, did he ever produce any work at all? Intrinsically? Yes. But in reality, nope. Remember that guy that painted that thing? Me either.

So hopefully you will be entertained; hopefully you shall find enlightenment; hopefully you are encouraged to do the same and script your thoughts as I have done.

Or not. I really don't care. You could threaten me to a beating with a large bag of frozen peas if you want.

So ends a pointless beginning to what will forever be a useless exercise in futility, likely to annoy along the way.

And thus, if you've managed to read this far, I have wasted a moment of your time.

~ tbnl


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