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Different function of different lines there



You have to place the ball inside the corner arc while you are trying to kick the corner ball.During the free throw penalty, the ball must be placed on the penalty spot. While the penalty spot is not very clear because of heavy rain, Nike Discount the referee has the right to determine the penalty spot position.

The exact position of the penalty spot is on the middle perpendicular bisector of goal line which is 11 meters or12 yards far from it.The midpoint of the center line is called as the kick-off point too. The ball must be put on that point during the kickoff.During the kickoff, football players of the defending team must stand in their own half court as well as outside the middle circle. As for the free kick, members coming from the defending team must at least 9.15 meters far from the ball and it has the same goal which is to protect members from the attacking side while they are kicking the ball.During free throw penalty, besides penalty players and the goalkeeper, the other players must stand in the area which is outside penalty arc as well as behind the penalty spot and they are not allowed to enter into the penalty arc until the game restores if the ball is kicked and moved forwardThe corner flag is the logo around the venue so that it should be placed vertically on the node of sideline and outside the goal line.

The peak of flagpole shall be no less than 1.50 meters away from the ground, at the same time, it should be the flat-top for preventing from stabbing players there. The color of the corner flag should be apparently different with the color of flag used by the assistant referee and venue, as for night games using the light, white corner flag is best. The corner flag can be made of cloth or silk material and usually in the size of 30 cm × 40 cmTwo middle line flags as large as the corner flag can be put at least one meter far from the each Nike Air Max Mens on Clearance erected side of middle line to the sideline separately as the symbol of the middle line. It is good for judging the offside.The goal in the football court should be fixed, but also the width of post and bean should be equal to their thickness.


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