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  2. Johnsson can play in our top six, but not at a level that I'm happy with. I'd be ok dumping him for a very good backup if Mikheyev was coming back. I'd rather trade him and keep Kap for his speed on the third line and penalty killing. I think he's better there than Johnsson would be.
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  4. Pietrangelo is really the only good d man out there but i am sure it would cost us a marquee player and some assets to get him.
  5. @Armster do we have to go on for a week in this thread cause you don't close threads till the next game is upon us? Don't we have a Leafs 2019-2020 Discussion thread already?
  6. What if we can get him to sign for 5?
  7. Maybe a contending team but the Term for a 30 yr old is not worth it for the Leafs.
  8. 6 of the 9 teams ahead of the Leafs play tomorrow and CBJ plays Weds.
  9. Ha Ha...I turned it off..good job by Florida.
  10. sucking so bad that they won. we’re down 2 points to florida now & they have games in hand. next they play chicago.
  11. johnsson can play in your top 6 however, whereas kappy simply can’t, with any combination of players.
  12. Yeah, who would want a #1 RHD who just captained his team to a championship? Pffftt.
  13. Panthers sucking tonight.... they’ve lost 10 straight in Minny....
  14. He’ll want 7 yrs.....I wouldn’t touch him.
  15. Pietrangelo is a pending FA and the Blues are facing their own cap crunch. They currently have $20,326 worth of projected cap space with Tarasenko's 7.5M on LTIR.
  16. They should have lots of cap space next year.....no rush to spend any unless they can find a legit #1 D. 10 million under the cap ceiling is better than spending it on Ceci, Barrie and such.
  17. Yeah. That contract was a ready-made nightmare when they signed it. So bad, and only gonna get worse. But, if he goes on a tear like he can, we're proper fucked.
  18. I don't think that matters to the argument particularly, 4 players is 4 players. Burke also lucked into having Getzlaf and Perry on their ELC's. Is it Dubas' fault he wasn't gifted Makar, Dahlin, or Hughes on ELC's at the same time? There is space going forward but people refuse to see it.
  19. Ok well thanks for coming into the game thread to tell all us trolls how whiny we are for discussing the game.
  20. They distributed the money on their top 5 salaries - 2D, 1G, 1W, 1C - and there’s no Niedermayer or Pronger with the Leafs.
  21. If the Leafs have one thing going for them down the stretch, it’s that Bobrovsky still stinks.
  22. lol Yes, asset management is a thing. No one's pretending that by selling your UFA's (like yer supposed to) it somehow magically guarantees a cup. I hope you warmed up properly before attempting that type of stretch. Safety first.
  23. They lose? Endless whining. They win? Crickets with the occasional quip from the usual suspects that they're "not winning the right way", as if the objective of hockey isn't to score more goals than the other team. Misery loves company.
  24. I think there’s more concern about the overall product and not just whining about that one game.
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