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    NFL Thread

    Packers vs Raiders game. What a mess.
  3. Barrie of previous seasons is a #3-4 defenseman. Barrie from last season is a #2. I'm hoping it works out with Rielly but if not, Barrie and Muzzin isn't a terrible thought.
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  5. Barrie is significantly better than Gardiner. There's kind of a reason Gardiner's still a free agent...
  6. yes I definitely see a Marner for Karlsson trade happening.
  7. Barrie seems like he might be as good at d as Gardiner. Doesn't seem like a brilliant move. Some fans seem ecstatic to put him on the same pairing as Rielly. We still have a hole at 2nd d. Gardiner was overused by Babs now we have the same d-man with a different name, maybe worse.
  8. I think TO should trade Marner. He's making very pointed statements. With the rep of his agent, his dad, it's probably a better long term solution for TO. Babs won't like it much because he said Marner is going to be in TO for life but Babs has some loose screws. It's funny/interesting how all these barely legal players are holding Dubas and TO over a barrel. Personal feelings aside, about this situation, the return TO could get for Marner could win them some playoff rounds at least, even with screws loose Babs coaching. D like Karlsson are in short supply so TO should start there.
  9. The entire Leafs world becomes very pissed off.
  10. What happens to negotiations if he blows his knee out while training with the lions?
  11. lol yup! Bolland should look at it like this,...and so should mitch. Lets say, Arizona offers Mitch 1 dollar more than what Matthews makes with the same term. (we don't match) (nor should we match) but,...Then Arizona offers a straight up one for one trade,..Mitch for Matthews. We do not make that trade.
  12. Roundabouts are great but how about tunnels. Fuck all this low speed bullshit, fling me across the province at 250kmh in an electric car in a tunnel.
  13. A former London Knight and Ferris client in Bolland pumping Marner’s tires? Colour me shocked!
  14. The awkward moment when they actually choose Kerfoot or Spezza or one of those new bottom 6 guys over Kadri, really...
  15. Bolland would know considering the last contract he managed to swindle for himself
  16. http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/997524238?-13075:10637
  17. People operating in roundabouts will always be the issue. By and large, trafiic in the GTA consists of the dumbest drivers on the planet. In my experience and I've been all over North America. We have two, wide two-lane ones on hwy 26 that most seem to know how to use and is a great study in the efficiency of them. Unless it's a busy weekend and GTA tourism is in full force. Then it becomes a place to avoid. I have never seen such a collective group.of drivers appear to be trying their best to make traffic flow as inefficiently as possible.
  18. If the roundabout is in fact a roundabout. Here in Hamilton we have this thing at the bottom of the Kenilworth Access that for all intents and purposes looks like a roundabout and should function like one, but it doesn't. The RoWs are all crazy and traffic in the circle yields to traffic entering.
  19. Hope it works out AM. On another note, roundabouts are great. The more the merrier.
  20. What if you want to grab a coffee? Lol congrats
  21. They went all Lou with Zaitsev on that contract. But it's Colin White who projects much better than Zaitsev and it's probably going to end up being a great deal even if too early right now.
  22. Because if they bridge him, they'll lose him. Like all their other guys.
  23. So on a positive note i found myself a new job working at a Grocery Store as a Baker/Ass't Manager it is part time with almost full time hours and dayshift and more than likely a better pay. Finally i am out of Timmie's, omg i couldn't be happier and guess what Sudbury has its first roundabout @TieClark i think it was your thing lol...but man oh man glad i don't have to ever take that route in my life anymore hehehe!
  24. ottawa signs colin white to a 6 year, 4.75 mil deal.... he has 1 season at 41 points... huge gamble. If he pans out the deal becomes really good, but good lord that is risky for no real point, it’s not like they have a cap crunch upcoming that I’m aware of? Why wouldn’t you bridge this guy.
  25. Fisher had multiple opportunities with Houston to stick, he couldn't over a period of 3 seasons. He didn't just become their prospect this year mate. Houston had a hole at that position and he couldn't fill it. It's quite obvious he wasn't good enough to stick. Good enough players don't get blocked especially when they have 3 chances over 3 different seasons to play regularly with the MLB club. That's like the clowns that think Pompey was being blocked. No, He just wasn't good enough. Fisher isn't as good a prospect, he's just closer to MLB ready than Stevenson. That's it. Fisher for Sanchez///meh. Fisher for Stevenson...okay. Fisher for both...Lol. Losing value in a trade because you can't see the forest has been the mantra of Atkins, he just happens to have a good drafting record of which Shapiro has his hands all over. Atkins is a brutal, impulsive GM to-date. His work with Sanchez since he got here is laughable. Let's hope the prospects that Shapiro has pinpointed make up for the less than stellar work of shit for brains.
  26. I'm not trying to suggest the trade for Fisher was a good one or happened at the right time. Given the context though, it's hard to evaluate right now. I didn't like the Stroman trade either. There were rumblings Houston might have been willing to send us Kyle Tucker for Stroman. Strictly from a value and years of control perspective, that would have been a great trade. The problem is this team needs pitching. Not sure if that was a factor, but I can see why it might have been.
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