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  2. Jodi, fuck your russian alphabet characters in your name. Did you see the news about california banning the sale/production of fur products? Thought you'd enjoy that.
  3. About to break this rule tomorrow. She's super cool over the phone though. I'll report back with how much of an idiot I am. Wish me luck lol
  4. Yet it almost comes out to the exact same price as going to Mont-Tremblant a few hours away... I guess you're paying for the party atmosphere at Blue Mountain
  5. Agreed. The FPTP voting system needs to go.
  6. Not sure if sarcasm, but yeah, no, he had a lot of chances. Played a good game.
  7. morgan tied a leafs record tonight. most assists in a single period, with 4, tying the record held by ricky vaive, which he set in 1984, march 12, vs the jets, in a 8-7 loss.
  8. Yea like Blue Mountain. More like Blue Hills tourist trap.
  9. Just pulling your pisser. I know the area fairly well, as it happens. It is pretty funny that Southern Ontario is so featureless that they call a slight incline "The Mountain", though. Flat as a witch's tit.
  10. Teams with skill do it all the time. Also, "really bad coaching" ? Are we in grade 3?
  11. Former Jay Daniel Hudson currently pitching for the Nats. Bases loaded with 2 outs in the 8th. Nats up 7-4.
  12. I don’t think any team can survive really bad coaching and come out with a decent record. too much parity in the league these days
  13. A 6-7 game losing streak would do the trick. Rip the bandaid off fast and get it over with. Unfortunately or fortunately, this team may rival Tampa for the most stacked roster in the league so Babcock might be safe until the off season. They can cover for his mistakes and coaching style for a while on talent alone.
  14. Yes, and Nylander with a career game (HA!). Still gonna be lucky if he nets 16 for the entire season.
  15. Nats on the verge of sweeping the Cards and I'm loving it. It doesn't matter to me who wins between the Astros and Nats if it does indeed come down to it. As long as the Yankees aren't in the World Series, I'm happy with whoever wins. Although I gotta admit, seeing the Nats win the World Series while Bryce Harper and the Phillies missed out the playoffs would bring a shit eating grin on my face.
  16. 2000ft actually. And it affects the climate significantly. Like 4 degrees cooler than anywhere else close by and one of the most humid places hence we have snow as soon as the temperature gets to that point while it's sunny and +2 20 mins north. And water boils at a different temperature. So it's not Aspen but it's impactful. Plus your ears will pop like a motherfucker if you aren't used to it.
  17. Nothing like a 4-2 win over a the league doormat to keep the coach employed another day
  18. If anyone was wondering if the Nats have a chance against the Astros or Yankees... they have the best record in baseball since the end of May. I'm really looking forward to this World Series.
  19. Highest place in Ontario? *whistles* So, like, 10m above sea-level?
  20. Good thing Minnesota is shit. They need to rebuild so bad. But they're so fucked cap wise.
  21. I almost feel bad for him, scoring his first goal late in the game they're going to lose. Almost.
  22. Really shows that good things happen when you go to the net. Glad we won though and showed some spunk.
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