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  2. I guess because of my age, i couldn't cheer for the Habs over anyone.
  3. Florida and Sabres both with 2 points. Tomorrow Tampa and the day after it’s tampa vs panthers, as long as that doesnt go to OT we’re good. All we have left is the simple task of winning the upcoming road games in the west.
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  5. Buffalo looks to have found their mojo again.... hopefully just one of their hot streaks that goes away. 2-2 vs Oil after 40
  6. No. That would be flat out dumb to ignore the fact that some don’t compete at an NHL level. It’s bad enough in the regular season but to do it in the playoffs is unacceptable.
  7. Can we stop promoting the idea that looking like you are working hard matters more than being really good at hockey? We keep forgetting that the majority of this core is still young and developing because it feels like they got here forever ago. I think I missed something here.
  8. Morrie talking to Puq without insults. My work is done here.
  9. Or, just maybe they watch the games. Everybody has seen Leafs players give up on plays and shy away from contact
  10. Yesterday
  11. Because the only memory I have of my biological father is hanging out it in his ghetto apartment watching the Leafs. when I was like six. Only time I'd ever met him so I guess little me felt it was important to hold on to that memory. Since then, it's given me even more reason to feel apathy toward him.
  12. That they're trying to pander to the lowest common denominator by publishing hot-take garbage like this. You'd never see Simmons write for The Athletic.
  13. Exhibit A: My favourite part of this was when Simmons proclaims Lou wouldn't hand out bad contracts while lamenting trading a first to get out of the Marleau contract, while of course ignoring who signed him to begin with.
  14. What do you mean we need a back up goalie? That hasn't been an issue at all this season.
  15. That too. But any way you slice it we need a backup goalie.
  16. The problem is that Babcock should have been fired in January. This is a hangover.
  17. Some of them know what they are talking about and shoot straight.... but some of them are going for “hot takes” .... you just have to use some logic to sift through it, rather than just dismissing them all.... that’s just being lazy.
  18. MSM = mainstream media. I'm just too lazy to type it out. You know, most of the individuals who work at the Sun, Star, TSN, and Sportsnet.
  19. What the hell is this MSM thing you keep going about? Personally I think they can fit the highest paid 4 and still build a balanced team around them. Big chance coming this offseason to really change this teams wimpy personality.
  20. Leafs fans fucking suck. The MSM pumping false narratives to pander to the lowest common denominator (ie: McLean saying Nylander's contract is the reason why the Leafs are in a cap crisis) just adds fuel to the fire.
  21. These next 6 games are the breaking point for the playoffs. If we cant get at least 9/12 points against that weak stretch of opponents then we are fucked.
  22. Its amazing that people are shitting on matthews when he is top 5 in goals (47 goal pace), is on an 87 point pace, and is winning 58% of his faceoffs. Wtf else is he supposed to do? Nylander is also on pace for a career high 29 goals. The problem is we should have traded marner for a defenseman this past summer, and we don't have a back up goalie.
  23. Oh for sure. We definitely are in need of a better back up. That should be our priority.
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