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  3. I can see him becoming a similar type of player Leo Komarov was for us.
  4. Since SN has been airing the 92-93 playoffs, thought this was a good time to post this
  5. Need those cheap guys. We've had some success with it under this regime. Would like to see us go for another overseas D-man.
  6. That's a decent move for them. Comparing his numbers to some of his teammates, he seems like he could be similar to a Yakupov. Will at least slot in the bottom 6.
  7. Barabanov seems to be promising but last I heard he’s taking his time with any decision. Which duds do we have to get rid of on forward? There’s room for upgrades but there isn’t a lot of deadweight on the roster
  8. Good stopped watching after Rollins and Owens. So don't spoil it.
  9. Boneyard match, watch it. All matches in the arena were weird too get used to still. Just doesn't work as well having regular wrestling with no fans. The Taker vs AJ match though, that was special and definitely the main takeaway from this WM. Nobody will remember in a few months that Alexa and Cross won women's tag titles or Zayn retained IC title, but they'll remember the boneyard match.
  10. Not too bad, matches are good the fanfare is missing tho lol listening to the announcers and the refs and the wrestlers chirp each other is kinda ruining kayfabe a little. At least they gave the Performance Center at bit of a boost in set quality....missing the pyro tho.
  11. This Wrestlemania is gonna be weird as fuck with it being done in 2 days and at the Florida Performance Center.
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  13. I guess this is where my Barabanov post should have gone. Is he worthwhile? It would be nice to land another Mikheyev. Also Nick Robertson may be ready to make the jump. We should be able to let some of last year's duds walk.
  14. Is Barabanov worthwhile? It would be nice to land another Mikheyev type and dump some of these lesser lights.
  15. The trade. Phil Kessel for anything. Best day ever
  16. You can't just 'jump in'. Its far more complicated. You need to Jump around. Jump up, jump up, and get down. Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump. (Everybody jump)
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