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    Nor am I. MLB 1993 REVENUES - 1.9bn, 2017 - 10bn, 5.26x NFL 1993 REVENUES - 2bn, 2017 - 14bn 7.00x NBA 1993 REVENUES - 1.5BN 2017 - 8BN 5.33X NHL 1993 REVENUES - 730M, 2017 - 4.4BN 6.03X So not 1st as I initially believed but 2nd of the 4 major sports. And it's all very close between the four. Also, revenues this year will be significantly higher for the NHL in part because of the expansion fees. Bettman's doing his job for the owners and franchise valuations have skyrocketed in the past few years. It's too bad he keeps fucking with the product because hockey would sell regardless. I'd like to see him get rid of the weakest links and disperse but it's just not something I can ever see happening as much as dropping four constant losers off the map would probably be better for the overall financial health of the league and game play within. Adding Seattle and dropping four teams would put it at 28 teams. Much less congestion IMO. Get rid of the trapezoid rule. Dump the shootout. ETC.
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  4. "in all of us command"

    The Flames anthem singer did it correctly tonight. All hope is not lost. Unless you are Catholic it seems
  5. didn't expect a win but man with Tampa losing theirs we had a shot of gaining ground.
  6. But lets not forget he is new ( well fairly new) so maybe Babs ploy is ..hey get use to this competition, feel the muscle and in the back of his mind he uses him eventually when he feels he is ready and adds inspiration rather than a forced attempt. prusty shit balls.
  7. Phaneuf To Kings

    I'd be interested in the numbers; have them? And i'm not being snarky, genuinely curious the data your using. Does it include 2+ seasons lost revenue?
  8. Hyman going down was a golden opportunity for Babcock to get the last bit of dinosaur out of his game. Now Komarov is going to have to get hurt too.... and nm there's Marleau. Please no. Hyman's back? Thought he was done for awhile.
  9. I can deal with Kapanen on the 4th IF we're not wanting to upset chemistry on working lines and there's no opportunity for him to move up. But that isn't the case, and he's played very well for a guy playing with Moore/Komarov every shift.
  10. I got to the point where I brush it off to some type of a lesson, maybe even as deep as up and down the ladder maybe to give inspiration or at least thought to an individual or the rest of the team. We hated Ny on the 4th, same with Marner, but it shows lessons.
  11. Everyone in the world is thinking Kapanen and this FUCKING GUY trots out Komarov. Who then proceeds to butcher a glorious opportunity. Fucking lol. I want to cry. So frustrating.
  12. Hey you know who woulda scored there.... his name also starts with a K...
  13. For all the praise Babcock gives Kapanen, he sure as fuck doesn't trust him.
  14. I think Babcock is the most infuriating coach we've had in a long time. Because you know the guy is smart, and a good coach, but good lord does the man play favorites and make just mindboggling lineup decisions. At least when people like Horacek were fucking up it was because they were incompetent.
  15. If Polak did that it would be a 5 minute major.
  16. I want Kapanen in his spot, but not like this... I hope he's alright.
  17. Pittsburgh’s arena music guy is on point with these in-between play songs.
  18. Someone needs to soften Hyman, a little easier to break perfect shots for him.
  19. It was the previous chemistry that Morgan Had. But Morgan is better now while Tanev lacks a bit. I personally think a Jake partner may be our best bet, would Tanev do that? Maybe. But then again they may try him with Morgan first considering Jake played pretty decent with Hainsey All hearsay,..you know that.
  20. Tanev isn't worth a "special" type return. Vancouver is always so out to lunch.
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