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  2. The second Ontario does away with provincial income tax, Marner should reduce his asking price. Btw, why was Tavares paid more than Stamkos
  3. oh because of taxes apparently. even tho marner will be paid in USD, making the 11mil paid worth like 15 mil. but, dont worry, taxes.
  4. Kucherov was also a 3rd round pick... not a 4th overall pick. Safe to say the expectations were significantly lower for him than Mitch... Kucherov won the Art Ross, Ted Lindsay, and Hart last night. Please tell me that Marner deserves 2M more than him.
  5. Eastern daylight saving?
  6. yeah 11 mil for marner is reasonable if you only look at the leafs. the problem is that the leafs don't actually compete against the leafs, (though it does seem that way the way the kids seem to be acting) they actually compete against other teams, none of which have the level of stupidly high cap hits we do. reportedly he already turned down 11 mil. yes. yes we are fucked. this team will never win anything, because unlike the nba, you can't win on stars alone, you win on depth, and our stars have decided to take max dollar amounts (regardless of the bs the matthews camp put out afterwards) so that we cannot have depth.
  7. Your right he finished 11th in scoring, AS A 21 year old. How many of those wingers are 21? everyone somehow thinks Marner is maxed out at 21? fucking Kucherov was in the AHL as a 21 year old. Fucking morons.
  8. If not Pesce, I wouldn't mind a similar deal for Faulk. Maybe add in a conditional pick depending on if Faulk re-signs with Leafs (or simply just have Leafs make the deal under the condition that Faulk re-signs)
  9. From the rumors floating around (though it's from Dreger): Kapanen for a dman Kadri for a C Brown also likely moved If they're really thinking Kadri for a C, I'd imagine they deal him for a much lower salary 3rd line C who can also kill PKs. Add in a draft pick coming back to the Leafs, which they could use in a package with Kapanen for that dman?
  10. Upside down...what kind of kinky perversion is this of which you speak?
  11. This is sexist. If paternity tests are required, then maternity tests should be as well.
  12. So in your research, how many players signed contracts at that high of a cap percentage? 14% seems really high. That's McDavid level. Unless Dubas is banking on significant cap raises..
  13. maybe your phrasing confused me then. he's at 14% now and the cap is 79.5
  14. I wonder if the Marner camp knows that asking for Matthews money is a comparable... 🙄
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  16. this wasn't the thread i was looking for but is still interesting
  17. He’s at 14% of the cap now. Do you even math? Draisaitl is a great example of why not to judge a contract the day it was signed. His contract is great value.
  18. How? He apparently said no to 11x8? or are you thinking it’ll be that amount for 5-ish? If so, that’s stupid too.. now you’ll have this same issue again in 5, when both matthews and marner are up for new contracts again
  19. Honestly, if you watch hockey and are unable to identify that Nylander is an elite talent with great speed, vision and a nhl caliber shot that many nhl players wish they had, perhaps hockey isn't your thing. Does he have areas of his game to work on, sure. Every nhl player does. That's why they have coaches and attend practices.
  20. What's Matthews at? 14% of our cap assuming it's at 82? 10.5M would put Mitch at 12.8% of cap. Draisaitl is the closest recent comparison and he signed for 10.6% of the cap and many thought that was high. Actually, that's kinda fucked how high these are. We're fucked.
  21. Its an excellent comparable if you ignore everything else. To be honest I don't care so don't waste your time. You could perform that exercise on every player in the league and make it say what you want.
  22. that's an excellent comparison in terms of point production and play style. let me dig up the reddit posts. those guys went crazy in depth.
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