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  2. No need to shred salary, he’ll want to bring the cup home to Toronto, so he’ll sign a team friendly deal!
  3. Maybe if Wee Willie was Scottish and played like a Highlander by God.
  4. It's going to take more than Nylander. He's not just a number. His post-season dedication to play is probably questionable. I'm sure there are teams that might need Nylander's regular season contribution, but I think his value dropped.
  5. For sure. But i would prefer not to load all the cap space on one player.
  6. I have no idea what he's asking,.That's why I said ,IF we have the opportunity,but nobody is going to take Marner at his salary. Nylander is more marketable.
  7. Then you may want to try to move Marner and not Nylander. How do you know he is not asking 11m per over 7 years? something comparable to a Carey Price contract?
  8. That should be the case with every acquisition.
  9. Not sure we should just throw a blank cheque at him though.
  10. I say if we have the opportunity, take him. Get rid of Nylander if necessary.
  11. John Tavares, Steven Stamkos and Alex Pietrangelo played on the same team as 11-year-olds in Toronto.
  12. I agree, although the picture of him with Leafs bed sheets is pretty convincing...
  13. Yesterday
  14. OK but we have to clear quite a bit of space. We might better settle for someone not quite so pricey.
  15. Russo mentioned in his most recent Athletic piece that Parise, Dubnyk, Greenway, Kunin and Donato were on Guerin's untouchables list. Unfortunate cause I'd really like Greenway or Kunin as Leafs. Until Parise and Suter are gone, I don’t see them blowing it up even though they should.
  16. Dumba's life will matter in Toronto too!
  17. Exactly. If Tampa trips up at all, Dallas will win this series. If Dallas goes down 2-0, they'll lose. I think this goes 7.
  18. Russo (Minnesota reporter) was on a podcast and basically said they want a culture change, too many guys are there to live comfortably in Minnesota and not to win games. It sounds like they've got their own version of the Muskoka 5 that they're trying to break up (Parise, Suter, Koivu, Staal, Dubnyk). Parise was super close to being traded to the Isles at the deadline, but Lou got pissy and pulled out when the media got word of the deal. Koivu won't be brought back. And now they're trying to trade Dubnyk too. Sounds like Dumba is also going to be moved with Spurgeon and Brodin signed.
  19. I have no idea how this series goes. I feel like Dallas's run could end abruptly here and its Tampa in 5, yet Dallas could also get up to a 2-0 lead which I don't think Tampa comes back from. This'll be fun
  20. ? I asked you for a coffee, I don’t care if you work there or not. Just get me a coffee, bitch.
  21. I guess you missed that chapter of my life...i don't work in TIm's anymore i am a Shipper/receiver and pizza delivery person woth 2 jobs i enjoy.
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