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  2. My new GF is awesome haven't had to worry about that for some time now
  3. There's one over there that doesn't like the perfume.
  4. Everyone....impressive damn list if I say so myself. You head Moron AM Secretary Treasurer Armster MasterBAiter
  5. Bojack


    Blaming Turkey's what? I don't see how Erdogan is involved.
  6. uteck


    I'm blaming the Turkey's. Give a Turkey the right to vote and now this shit.
  7. Whatever, have your fun! that is all on you.
  8. Yeah it’s been a whole week since you commented on immigration and Trudeau being the cause of all the issues in Canada. Stop with this baiting bullshit too. Jesus. You have the worst habit of just latching onto phrases and then misusing them
  9. That wasn't about Trudeau and Immigration Raids, get your shit together and stop baiting me.
  10. I am past that MT! I am gonna let sleeping dogs lie!
  11. You forgot immigrants and Trudeau
  12. Bojack


    https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46887852 I don't get Corbyn's gameplan here at all. He refuses to back another vote, despite every poll in existence saying that Labour will be decimated in a general election if they support Leave. Anyway, his futile no-confidence motion, which is apparently only the first of many futile no-confidence motions, is set to be voted on in a little under an hour.
  13. Goddamn Millenials and Gen Xers eh AM?
  14. You know this was a good thread discussing the Leafs vs the Avs but since that game is 40 hours old we decide to derail this to the nth degree even tho there are several threads available to discuss player salaries. SO ON A RELATED NOTE TO THIS THREAD I REALLY HOPE THAT THE FANS THAT HAD A CLUE BOO'ED THE ENTIRE TEAM AND NOT JAKE ALONE, I MEAN SURE THAT ONE PLAY HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED OUT ON AND HE WAS BY THE COACH AND SAT THE REST OF THE PERIOD ON THE BENCH. The accountability on this team is literally non existent and i blame Babs and the leaders of the team for that one.
  15. Everyone needs to slow down. I am currently working on getting paid in US dollars, I'm also planning to move to BC to take advantage of no Income Tax, now do I employ an American financial planner, or Canadian? I'm thinking Canadian because it will be so much cheaper. When i get rich, I'll come back for you poor bastards. Maybe.
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  17. Ayuh. In the blue corner we have everyone, including at least two people employed/formerly employed in financial services. In the red corner, we have a dipshit who doesn't understand supply and demand. Tough call.
  18. Good news, you are fully qualified to be Head Moron, in Leafs Connected Financial Moron Collective
  19. Hehehehe.....we'll show uteck our collective stupidity....that'll get him
  20. Really, he should move to B.C. and enjoy the advantages of the Income Tax Act not applying there. With the savings, he can fly to Toronto and retain a financial-planner.
  21. And then live in Canada where he can take advantage of the exclusive tax planning club.
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