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  2. The Checkers do have a good team, they are relentless with their forecheck, and definitely cause turnovers, but I feel the Marlies have been closer than some of the scores suggest. A couple of bounces here or there and it could be 3-2 Marlies in the series. I hate to sound like Babcock, but if they dig in they can still win this.
  3. Meh, Marlies dominated, they were the better team and should had a 2/3-0 lead after the first. Instead they had two brainfart plays and gave the game away.
  4. I guess I live in a dream world, I was under the impression that regular season was just a warm up for the playoffs. Not that the Leafs did very well in the regular season. They got almost all their points before Christmas, then in the 2nd half when all the other teams get serious about winning, the Leafs had a very pedestrian record. Any team whose entire offensive breakout replies on the stretch pass, has a bad coach.
  5. tbnl

    Last TV Show

    Ducktales, a whoo-ooooo!
  6. It’s just so hard to fathom that other teams may be good at hockey. it would appear that as soon as the Checkers came along the coaching staff suddenly had their brains stolen.
  7. Expecting a first round series win after taking a 3-2 series lead and watching the coach's stubbornness ruin any opportunity because torn ACL continuing to be used as the PKer despite having a legitimate and experienced franchise centre to do that. Such entitlement.
  8. Yep. Was just as frustrated as with the Leafs games throughout the year, dominating but losing cause of mistakes. They should have easily won this. Marlies were in their zone all game, had double the shots. It was ridiculous and so unnecessary to give away 2 shorties and goal in 18 seconds starting the 2nd period. Bonehead plays.
  9. Imagine adding another franchise centre who exceeded all expectations and a top 4 D within a six month window and still being content with a pisspoor second half of the season and yet another first round exit at the hands of the Bruins. Couldn’t be me.
  10. LOL. Some of you guys are out to lunch. Listen to ya, all mad at the coach for two 100+ point seasons in a row. You sure do act very entitled. Why should YOU have to wait for Matthews, Marner and Nylander to all turn 22, eh? We should have won by now!!!! Ridiculous, as always.
  11. In NBA conference finals history, the lower seed has gone 13-3 when leading 3-2. All 13 series wins were in game 6. Can't wait for this game. In 12 hours we'll know.
  12. Aside from the fact they’re well-coached and can win a championship let alone a playoff round.
  13. Marlies seem to have the same afflictions as the Leafs.
  14. LSP

    Jayme Closs

  15. Forgets about concussions. Wait... No Forget. Forgot? What? Do you hear ringing?
  16. Finally stores aren't in high demand for Vladdy stuff anymore so it's easier to get stuff. Getting mine just in time for summer weather to finally arrive
  17. Sandin is going to be a special player. Dare I say Lidstrom light.
  18. Wow. Just wow. Reminds me of Leafs PP and lazyness. What a crappy ending to the first and start to the 2nd. And Lindgren has been very disappointing so far. Guy reminds me of Gardiner. Can’t handle pressure at all. Makes bonehead plays, long passes...
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  20. Will Scott get a camp invite, just to have a look. He had a pretty good year it seems.
  21. Hey, Willie's easy to dislike, and so is Kessel.
  22. Weak. Do better. You're getting old and slow.
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