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  2. Dude, you know not every comment directed towards me needs to be about dogs. Like you gotta time these jokes better.
  3. You can get STDs from oral, and I am willing to bet that jodi hasn't used a condom since he got his first pube
  4. I am thinking Jodi doesn't stick his dick in anything unprotected i think he just lets them blow him and he participates in some BDSM which doesn't require penetration.
  5. 4 sex workers and jodi in a room. Which one's genitalia are the most putrid petri dish, i wonder.
  6. You should have given him a guided tour of the slums of 'Shwa and then he would return in kind some of those valued sex workers of an unspecified gender to please your every whim. They will even act like dogs if they are paid enough?
  7. Did any of those workers survive the night unbroken? I can picture you paying a few hunny's to break bones!
  8. Try our finest Sudbury motels LOL with every 100.00 you spend you get an added bonus of 4 wheel alignments or Front end repairs from our infamous pothole brigade or you get your stuff stolen from your vehicle from our assortment of low end criminals.
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  10. I am glad i am not the only one having a panic attack about harpur. Its like kostka all over again.
  11. So how does the 'Shwa experience compare to Ontario's other armpit of Hamilton?
  12. Yeah. I thought this was common knowledge. One of the coach's main jobs is to set the roster with the players he has available. Never really heard of a GM setting the roster.
  13. I don't know if he's even really considered an asset lol
  14. in order to move him, you’d have to give him away for future considerations, so you’d be throwing away an asset for nothing.
  15. this is pretty smart to do this now.
  16. After Babs saying he liked what he saw from Harpur last game, moving him would be my first priority as the GM...
  17. i mean, the coach does decide the roster out of the available guys. kyle could always trade someone away, but... that’d be a bit much.
  18. But melnyk doesn't get nice things. So I can't wait to see how this goes off thr rails
  19. Lol.... do u even know how to discuss hockey without blowing a gasket?
  20. The Cloverleaf wouldn't let me stay there. I ended up at the Kingsway with four sex workers. Pretty good night.
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