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  2. So you are saying the table is not made of hard wood? Ya might as well let it go then. lol
  3. I don't think they'd be too excited about repoing a coffee table
  4. However,...Both scenarios create jobs for the repo man.
  5. And that whole scenario also is portrayed when you go to one of those rent some furniture stores and you see that little table light sitting there for 10 bucks bi-weekly for 2 thousand years. lol
  6. So should dented cans on sale in grocery stores for the poor to feed off of.
  7. Yup, watching that against the nucks. ( OH) (LOL) and speaking of the yotes and opening up my memrory file ,...lol....:) Yes I have to give you credit with Chychrun so far against Juolevi ( whom I said would work out better in the NHL) and even though his tenure has been few and far between (literally barely) I have to give credit to your pick who has also gone through setbacks (injuries) and has come back playing top minutes and has made a way more advanced marking in the big leagues. (pssst, then again Vancouver is still young right and he still has a chance to make an impact right?) lol had to be said buds. conscience clear haha
  8. 8 yr car loans should be illegal and labelled as predatory practices. I just saved someone from signing one. People need to break it down and do the math, paying like 50k for a 30k car. Hint: If you have to do a 8 yr loan because the payments are too high otherwise, you can't afford the car.
  9. Blackhawks are only five points back of ARI and have two games in hand.
  10. Get these things out if way now. If it's the wakeup call the team need to beat the Bruins, then I'll take it.
  11. Today
  12. Well Cirrelli takes the 160 footer (open net) and gets the go ahead (3-1) but the Yotes put out a good effort. (most like due to their playoff position but yet have been playing well as a team, with all round effort levels. I guess when and if their season comes to an end they can hold their heads proud. They still might get in there. Lightning gain the Presidents trophy. (I Hope that is their Stanley artificial cup.) But yes, they slammed a real great regular season run and are a force. Stevie must be proud. but,...lol,.... All I can say is,....screw Tampa! ( Not as much as Boston though) but, I want our team to look through Boston and accept it. Beat them at home! Then look forward to meeting Tampa. Be hungry. Sorry man, can`t help thinking ahead. me bad
  13. Just the only sex you've had has been transactional doesn't mean everyone else's is.
  14. Who’s naive enough to believe that sex is free
  15. He was just trying to be a good dresser. It's better than an end table They must know automatically when it is time for a doughnut. Speaking of doughnuts,..watch out for the big holed ones,..it's a rip.
  16. This is a strong team and the record and position in the standings reflect as much. It's also largely a young relatively inexperienced core with highly questionable individuals on defense for the most part. Fan frustration and some of the glaring team inconsistencies also reflect that. What are we aspiring to? And how is Babcock in any way impeding that as opposed to driving it? Ive heard nothing better than he won't play Marner and Matthews together. Lol
  17. Of course, I’ve never advocated for him to get fired at all (before anyone keeps using retard as a pejorative) that’d be ridiculous. The stars have largely stepped up and delivered. It’s just frustrating to watch a team this strong not play up to their potential lately is all. And yes, Hainsey playing on the top pairing still and seeing deadweight like Marleau and Zaitsev log the minutes they get isn’t ideal going into the playoffs either.
  18. And at the time of his hiring how many fans were sad? His way is a fair way and a good path for the team. Lou has his way of doing things (some of them I still really feel can make or break situations) and he has become known for it no matter how harsh, and Babcock likes to teach his paths in the best interest for the overall effect of today and tomorrow and knows his leash. Sure he may say the same things to the media and feed them that, because he knows better. If you feed the media too much, they pounce. He also knows how to get his point in a subtle matter to the media even if some fans don't get it.
  19. He's the most credible coach we've had since Pat Burns. That's worth time at the very least.
  20. Only in Toronto could the games best coach in almost 30 years be questioned as a possibility of holding the team back. Holy fuck, some of you really are retarded. I'm not even joking, I'm sorry. I'll try and be more understanding going forward when I think to myself that's a retarded idea. It's because it came from a retard.
  21. I feel like his comments are being blown out of proportion in that "story." He's saying we know we have depth issues we haven't fixed yet. No shit. Dubas wouldn't disagree.
  22. Watching the Yotes play against Tampa and you can see playoff hockey starting to creep in. Looks like teams are able to give a shot by means of a crosscheck to the backs and Arizona and Tampa seem to be trading them off in the corners. Yotes are not giving any respect to the Lightning, something we have to do, and are showing support in their end playing hard in the corners. Yes I know that the yotes are trying to stay in the hunt, but this is exactly what you have to bring in order to compete/push back. 1-1- first period.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Sunday service is the best thing to happen to music in the past 15 years.
  25. Everyone knows your favourite books are written in crayon by Jordan Peterson.
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