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  3. Nylander didn't sit out the year, but should have.
  4. We didn't trade Nylander and we aren't trading Marner. He can sit the year if he wants and miss out like Nylander did.
  5. I wonder if a contract isn't agreed upon by a certain date if Dubas starts looking for a possible trade.
  6. Could you imagine? Game 1 of the season, or the last game for that matter, he’s about to hit 100 points and he trips and breaks his neck. Gg.
  7. are you familiar with the frat game limp biscuit? of course you are. in this situation, the Sharks management AND every one of Labancs comparables finished on the biscuit, and then Labanc and his camp ate it. that deal should have resulted in the firing of his agent. even for a "prove it" deal, it was awful for Labanc.
  8. RFAs of yesteryear don't count. Obviously all Leaf RFAs are difficult to sign, all other RFAs are super easy.
  9. Raiden

    Jeffrey Epstein

    People suck. Money makes them worst
  10. Lebanc's new deal has also been widely held up as an extreme example of a team-friendly deal. It's an outlier, not the norm.
  11. I thought Matthews was an rfa too, he signed pretty easily and quickly. So stop.
  12. All the other fuckeats pray at the altar of King Fuckeat “Hold Out Bitch Nylander”
  13. Pai Mei

    Jeffrey Epstein

    depends on your outlook on people.
  14. It’s a “prove that you can do it again” type deal if anything imo. It helps that his camp aren’t massive fuckeats either.
  15. How does Lebanc take a 1 x 1 contract and we can’t sign one of our RFas that easily
  16. Possible, but seems unlikely to me. Not a top-4 on a good team, any way.
  17. I'm not at all against this trade, but I wonder about Rosen. I wish I saw more of him over the years, but I thought he was a decent player. If we didn't have Barrie, Rosen most certainly would have started the season on the bottom pair. Does he have any potential to play in the top 4?
  18. Nope, not offended, raiden is correct. and yes, only once he’s ever offended me that comes to my mind, and I’m sure it’s the same one. and sure kuli is correct that casual homophobia is damaging, and by its strict definition that joke I’d probably say was, but kuli’s also likely trolling. so anyways.... moving on.
  19. What do the advanced stats say about his jersey numbers? I expect a full in-depth analysis tomorrow.
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