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    Your 2019/2020 Toronto Maple Leafs

    L E A F H O C K E Y I N L E S S T H A N 2 4 H O U R S , B I T C H E S ! !
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    I don't care who's wearing the letter, my captain wears #34.
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    so,,, you're saying he'd fit right in?
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    just in case anyone thinks we made progress this year, we didn't even qualify for the playoffs we didn't even fucking qualify. we fucking regressed and we have 40 fucking million dollars tied in in 4 fucking players are you fucking kidding me? anyone, and yes i'm looking at you @Morrison7 , that thinks dubas has the answers, you're fucking delusional. if you want to waste another year, go ahead and keep this team together. dubas is a fucking joke and has no fucking clue how to build a hockey team. this isn't fucking moneyball, and spoiler alert: it didn't fucking work for billy fucking beane either you see what we just fucking lost to? a bunch of fucking unspectacular plugs that know how to fucking work and play real fucking hockey. kapanen? see ya. nylander? peace homie. marner? get the fuck outta here ya fucking pissant you build a team from the back end out. don't blow your fucking wad on 4 players. dubas, you're a fucking joke and i bet you fucking sit down when you pee. i hope you sit on a wet toilet seat when you go to piss in the middle of the night fuck this team. fuck JT. fuck marner. fuck the whole defensive unit. fuck dubas and fuck shanahan if he doesn't fucking see how bad dubas has crippled this team oh yeah and fuck marner, too oh and uh, fuck marner
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    I feel like we should've made Matthews captain.
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    Here. We. Go!!! 8 Toronto Maple Leafs vs 9 Columbus Blue Jackets Scotiabank Arena 8pm The Bubble awaits! Two teams enter, one team leaves. ...And then returns a bit later on, for the Stanley Cup Playoffs! l __ __ l Alexandre 42 Texier - Pierre-Luc 18 Dubois - Oliver 28 Bjorkstrand Nick 71 Foligno - Alexander 10 Wennberg - Cam 13 Atkinson Gustav 14 Nyquist - Boone 38 Jenner - Liam 19 Foudy Eric 50 Robinson - Riley 20 Nash - Emil 52 Bemstrom Zach 8 Werenski - Seth 3 Jones Vladislav 44 Gavrikov - David 58 Savard Ryan 27 Murray - Dean 46 Kukan Joonas 70 Korpisalo vs Willy 88 Nylander – Auston 34 Matthews – Zach 11 Hyman Ilya 65 Mikheyev – John 91 Tavares – Mitchy 16 Marner Nick 89 Robertson – Alexander 15 Kerfoot – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Kyle 73 Clifford – Frederik 33 Gautier – Jason 19 Spezza Jake 8 Muzzin – Justin 3 Holl Morgan 44 Rielly – Cody 83 Ceci Travis 23 Dermott – Tyson 94 Barrie Freddy 31 Andersen ----------------------------------------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Columbus 3.39 - (3rd) -GPG- 2.57 - (28th) 3.17 - (26th) -GAP- 2.61 - (4th) 23.1% - (5th) -PP%- 16.4% - (27th) 77.7% - (21st) -PK%- 81.7% - (12th) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 47 -Goals- Oliver Bjorkstrand - 21 Mitch Marner - 51 -Assists- Pierre-Luc Dubois - 31 Auston Matthews - 80 -Points- Pierre-Luc Dubois - 49 Justin Holl - 43 -PIM- Nick Foligno - 62 Fred Andersen - .909 -Sv%- Joonas Korpisalo - .911 ---------------------------------------- The wait is over! Actual, meaningful, and stressful-as-fuck hockey is back, bitchezz!!! 3 wins and you're in. 3 losses and well, you're basically Ottawa. A quick glance at the line-up and it's the leafs with an obvious talent advantage up front. This group can wheel, yo. A quick glance at the NHL standings however, and you'll find these teams with an identical win %. The Jackets huge edge on the blueline made up any difference this season. It's strength vs strength. Toronto's powerful, high-octane offence against the steady, stifling defence of Columbus. It's also weakness vs weakness. The leafs can't stop anyone, anytime. The jackets score less than Gilbert Gottfried. The big dance is but a few wins away, boys. Let's give these BJ's something to suck on! GLG!!!
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    So when does the Dubas experiment end? Asking for a friend.
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    This is what will happen; Kapanen and Johnsson get dealt. One for some ok D-man who we will convince ourselves will make our top 4 really good. They bring in some middle pairing D. Again, we convince ourselves we're in a better position than last year. They sign another veteran similar to Clifford who hits. Pretend that solves the problem. And we start the season with new hope because we're all hopeless.
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    Almost every one of us was riding that tank. The Leafs did something they've never done before with this group and show serious resilience and will to win. Led by the only guy that anyone should be talking about right now.
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    Did I seriously just read how none of us could be Caps or Sharks fans because of the sucking they went through? Firstly, we shit on the Sharks, but they've been past the first round almost every time they made the playoffs. They've been to a cup. They've been to the Western finals more times than we've made it out of the first round this fucking side of the millennium. Secondly, the Caps have also been good but were absolutely thrashed by the Penguins, in the second round, so they still made it further than the Leafs, the better part of the decade. Oh. And they won a cup. Oh, and they don't throw 12 million dollar contracts at all their players because they whine like Bitches because Ovi gets so much money Couldn't be a Sharks fan or Caps fan? Eat all the dicks.
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    You can't blame the goalie when you don't score a goal. I don't care that the goal was weak, you can't win if you can't score a damn goal. Columbus played it perfectly after they scored. Suffocating, and the Leafs let them.
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    Forget keep blaming coaches and the GM's. It is time to hold the players accountable. Trade one or two players and move on.
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    Your 2020 - 2021 Toronto Maple Leafs

    In what alternate universe was Marner better than Nylander? Marner might have been the worst forward on the ice out of both teams. He was hideous
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    Doc J

    Fire Dubas Official Thread

    Yeah this cop out was old 20 years ago. Just STFU and win. If you do, they'll bronze your junk and copies will dangle from every street sign in Ontario. Clark and Gilmour are practically legends, and they just came sorta close, to almost, maybe winning. The team blows. The coverage does to, accordingly. Don't like it? Do better.
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    Not quite the same. Last year we actually made the playoffs. And made it to game 7 as well
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    Because Dubas sits down to pee and Steve is a totally stable genius.
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    If you think this team is winning anything at all with Rielly, Muzzin and a bunch of undeveloped young players/plugs, you're out to lunch. One of the big issues I've noticed is how poor our breakout is. Outside of Rielly there's really nobody back there to consistently get the puck to Matthews, Marner and Nylander. Addressing the back end involves more than just defending. You have to have competence in moving the puck up the ice too.
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    So anyway, I'm with Army. I'm hopeful this will be a turning point. Of course, having hope when it comes to this organization can be a fruitless endeavor, but I'm hopeful anyway. They know they can break through Columbus' D if they keep at it, this game has to give them confidence going into game 5. I suppose I'd consider it more guarded hopefulness. Considering how I felt after the game 3 collapse I'll take it.
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    Can we just rename this site Kraken Konnected and pretend this Maple Leafs business never happened?
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    Game #3 Series tied: 1-1 8 Toronto Maple Leafs vs 9 Columbus Blue Jackets Scotiabank Arena 8pm Alexandre 42 Texier - Pierre-Luc 18 Dubois - Cam 13 Atkinson Gustav 14 Nyquist - Alexander 10 Wennberg - Oliver 28 Bjorkstrand Nick 71 Foligno - Boone 38 Jenner - Liam 19 Foudy Eric 50 Robinson - Riley 20 Nash - Emil 52 Bemstrom Zach 8 Werenski - Seth 3 Jones Vladislav 44 Gavrikov - David 58 Savard Ryan 27 Murray - Dean 65 Nutivaara Joonas 70 Korpisalo vs Zach 11 Hyman – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Ilya 65 Mikheyev – John 91 Tavares – Willy 88 Nylander Nick 89 Robertson – Alexander 15 Kerfoot – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Kyle 73 Clifford – Pierre 47 Engvall – Jason 19 Spezza Travis 23 Dermott – Justin 3 Holl Morgan 44 Rielly – Cody 83 Ceci Martin 52 Marincin – Tyson 94 Barrie Freddy 31 Andersen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After a disappointing effort in game 1, in which Toronto allowed the game to be played almost entirely on the jackets terms, the leafs literally flipped the script and completely dominated from the opening drop, to the final whistle. As impressive an effort as I've seen this year, honestly. Yes sir, may I have another?! As you know, Muzz is out for the series, but thankfully escaped serious injury. On the subject of hurting, that means Marinshit is back in the lineup. And well, that hurts. Decent enough to help on the kill, he's also capable of the kind of braindead, unforced errors that can cost his team a crucial goal. On the Columbus side of the ledger, Torts has shuffled his top 9 a bit. At first look, it seems to be gunning for a more balanced group. The Jackets are also missing a blueliner. Kukan is out after being blown-the-fuck-up by a Cliff-bomb. Nutivaara will draw in. Keep yer head up, eh? Torts will also have last change, as the jackets are playing the role of "home team". If the leafs move their feet like they did on Tuesday, the rest will take care of itself, as we witnessed. Game 3's are always pivotal, but obviously even more so in a 5 game set. The temperature in the bubble will only continue to rise as the stakes increase, so lets shell these fucks and grab this series by the short and curlies. GLG!!!
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    I mean, it’s not the end of the world, but I definitely get emotionally invested in the games. Last night I was super invested, reacting to every close scoring chance we had, every ridiculous missed call. There were a lot last night too, it was a really exciting game. When we lost, it made me upset. It lasted a good 10-15 mins, then I moved on afterwards. I grew up a leafs fan, and not a passive one. I watched every game it seems like as a kid, collected the cards, the memorabilia. I knew every player in the league, would recognize them by face. The kids on my street would get together & play mini sticks every saturday while we watched the leafs game. I remember we would be at my next door neighbors’, watching the game with his family, and when the leafs scored we’d hear my dad yell and jump up and down a house over. I still love watching the leafs to this day. Of course it will effect me when they fail in such spectacular fashion. Watching sports with no emotional investment has always been boring to me. Them losing, and especially the way they lose is upsetting. I don’t wanna come off as a psycho, but I also don’t think getting emotional & worked up is such a bad thing either. Let us be human. This series shows me that our collapses year after year isn’t simply because we’ve played boston, a powerhouse, over snd over again. We failed in an identical manner against a team that likely wouldn’t even of made the playoffs and has virtually no star talent. That tells me that significant changes should be looked at. Doesn’t mean blow it up, just that major moves should be explored.
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    I haven't spent much time on this site but I am quite impressed with the actual hockey knowledge and insightful comments (whether I agree or not). I notice that much is being said about "trying" and my 2 cents worth is... I believe that every player "tries" but their is a huge difference in "trying" and doing whatever it takes not to lose. Notice in the Blackawks game 1 where they were a huge underdog, Toews went out and made a statement "I do not want to fucking lose!". Game 2 Pitt. vs. Montreal (a must win for Pitt.)...Crosby made a very early statement "I do not want to fucking lose!" Game 2 Edm. vs. Chi. (a must win for Edm.) McDavid made a very early statement "I do not want to fucking lose!". Toronto is paying a number of players that SHOULD have that "I am not going to fucking lose this game" attitude...but I don't see it and haven't for a number of years. Just my opinion, but until we have a team of players that hate losing...we will continue to struggle..
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    Love him or hate him John Tortorella is a good coach.
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    The fact that people are again pinning this on Andersen is hilarious. The Toronto Maple Leafs are built to OUTSCORE their opponents. Our cap space has been used on our F's. Our bread and butter is up front. We aren't known as a great defensive team. We aren't known as a team that has a top 5 goalie. We are known for our forward and goal scoring abilities. Our forwards are what will win us game by doing what they get paid lots of money to do - score goals. Our forwards did not help us win this game.
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    At least Keefe gave Matthews a shit ton of ice-time. Far better to watch than Babcok "let's play the fourth line" for twenty minutes in the third period of game 7, tied.
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    Weak ass goal, no doubt, but no team has ever won any game with a 0. Freddy at least had a couple good periods. He was one of the 3 guys total that can say that. Unacceptable.
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    You can’t win a game after your goalie lets in a bad goal? Since when? They could, you know, try putting one in themselves. I’ve never seen a game won with 0 goals scored. I can’t count how many times a team has won after rallying after a bad goal, though.
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    Anyhoo, so great to see Leafs wearing white in Toronto again!
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    You have to look at the core this offseason. There is absolutely no way you can enter a new season with all of Marner/Tavares/Nylander/Rielly/Andersen. I left out Matthews on purpose for obvious reasons.
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    I don't give a flying fig newton how they won. They won. The Leafs have been on the other end of bad calls enough times for me to not care when they get a few breaks.
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    Ceci. You fucking dipshit. You fucking idiot.
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    A giraffe for a goat. How bestial.
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    This is one of those rare series where whoever loses, I'll be pretty happy. Still fuck the Habs, though. I'd rather Crosby's golden-boy shtick went on for another fifteen years than MTL ein even a single playoff round.
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    For a long time I've had more than adequate reasons to dislike this asshole, I really didn't need this one as well.
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    Your Plan to Reopen the NHL

    Nine Bruins players are "Unfit to Play". David Pastrnak Ondrej Kase David Krejci Nick Ritchie Charlie Coyle Sean Kuraly Chris Wagner Torey Krug Tuukka Rask. Marchand really had to lick everyone didn't he?
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    Some absolute bellend claimed, re COVID, that "nothing is going to happen". Can you imagine being that guy?
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