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    I will be called to the Bar on January 25, 2019. Hoorah. Fucking finally.
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    Dude, I was called to the bar Tuesday night.
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    Well I'm right here
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    3 straight wins It's becoming clear that Matthews is the problem.
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    Ron Maclean is such a fucking amazing person. So much fun hanging out with him and some of the Rogers crew last night after the show
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    And Montreal gets SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace among Habs bitches!
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    Polak signs with leafs

    I do not mind hiring some players that take the body and do not shy away from the physical side of the game.
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    Hey boys and girls, miss you guys. Had to make an appearance after that beat down. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
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    Bahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha haha haha hahaha hahaha haha... Rofl Montreal... Fucking rofl.
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    I’m well aware of the shit I’ve talked about Kadri in the past, but holy shit I’m so happy he’s here long-term now. Guy plays his role effectively and it’s fun to watch.
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    Matthews injury

    He's suffering from Atlas syndrome. Sore shoulders from carrying this team since he was drafted.
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    I'm honestly starting to think Islam had a one night stand with your mother and never called her again...
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    Good day for a troll then is it?
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    Duchene to Sens

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    I've posted a lot of wrestling quotes tonight, but this sums up the game from a Leafs fan POV perfectly.
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    Hughasshole and Simpfuck have been purposely trying to jinx it since the 2nd period.
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    Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Joining the Habs, I think he's only 5th ever goalie to play for 3 teams in a season. Nobody has done 4. Still lots of season left to be played. Ironically, Jim Rutherford was the first.
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    I think it's half a case of encouraging some other guys to step up and not wait for Matthews to magic up another goal out of nothing. Get to the basics and just make decent plays too. No need to get too fancy.
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    Of course, I'll also have to say a complimentary "suck it Hughson and Simpson".
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    1-0 without Matthews. Trade him for a D!
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    We have to wake the hell up, well outside Auston and Nazem anyway. Also, Kadri has kept up what he showed last year. He's a steal on that contract with this kind of play. Most nights he looks like one of our only two competent hockey players.
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    Maxime Lagacé is getting a shutout tonight. SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT!
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    What a dumb thing to be negative about. Anyways, how about Andersen looking like he's getting his groove back.
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    I get the concept of trading offense for defense in a Gardiner for Tanev swap, but I don't think you can do it on those specific players. I think you need to, if Tanev is your guy, find a way to get him without moving one of our top 4 D in the deal. That is how you improve imo.
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    Whoever thought this faceoff violation penalty rule was a good idea needs to be Old Yellered behind a barn.
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    See how many sweaters you have left when I sue your ass for advertising without permission or paying the site something motherfucker.
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    Sean Avery tell-all

    His reminiscences are just 'sloppy seconds', fuck him, won't buy.
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    Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Hey, they were the weirdos posting here, not me. I just like dogs.
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    Blocking Shots and the PK

    Apparently blocking a shot is the only way to prevent the other team from scoring. Here I was thinking things like hitting, taking away passing lanes, tying up sticks, etc, mattered..
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    The game winner was a great three way play at the end, but Marner definitely got it going. Nice to see him starting to look like Slick Mitchy again. JVR said it best after the game too, it's not about shoot first or pass first, it's about making the right play. Both passes were the right play.
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    he's been really good since Babcock dropped him to fourth line. He did the same thing with Nylander last season and it worked out also.
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    MLB Thread

    I've not heard what they said regardless of how many people have told me to listen to it. Why is everyone promoting hits to this place if it's saying terrible shit that I think I get the gist of? That's exactly why he said it, to get you riled up and gain media traffic. I doubt he was practicing touch and go landings, but I don't particularly care. It's still tragic. I also get that you have to know the dangers of what you're doing (flying a plane should involve more caution than, say, playing baseball), but I don't particularly care. It's still tragic. It doesn't matter much to me if he was having fun or the plane malfunctioned, he's still leaving a family behind and was still the same awesome person he was.
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    Way more dramatic than it needed to be but fucking right Leafs win!
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    Mass Shooting in Texas

    I am not going into fucking detail again. I did that in the last mass shooting thread. Remember Vegas? So who is the Fucking Idiot? Btw they were suggestions. I am not going to bother with these mass shooting threads anymore. I will just say, shit happens.
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    That is the most polite way I've seen that sentiment stated.