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    This night was totally unexpected i was pretty much in tears after the get together but the best part is when i came home and told the wife and she is now in tears....we are very very grateful for the love from all the people who i figured would not care less..you proved me wrong to each and every one of you on Leafs Connected THANK YOU FROM OUR FAMILY! I will post what is done with the monies so you all know it is not gone to any addictions LOL! trying to be positive here! My love for you all will never be higher than it is right now, God Bless! I don't know who to thank but i will thank each and every member of Leafs Connected who made my Christmas better than it ever was.
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    Happy Fucking Christmas

    LEAFS CONNECTED [ @@loxcane @Armster @Calico @Debaser @Sypher04 @@TuckerIntensity @ @@Raiden @@NFK @@Vin4DaWin @@Victorqvist @Mr.Manager @@ADUB @@Ace @@AJ_2000 @@Aggressive @@Anger Management @@AoR @@AlmightyPO @@Barilko's Ghost @ @Beakin Off @@Brewster @brown_ lad @@Boedker89 @@Dwight @@CabanaBoy @@Caligulove @@Cheddar Bob @@canadaguy @chucky 1970 @ @@Cleric @@cranker8989 @@Cujo @@Coldplay619 @@danpugy @@David @@detox @@Doc J @@doctorkong @@Dreakmur @dustyboy316 @@Dylbot @@Floog the Flamboyant Finn @@Fontaine @Google @Gaming Rendo @@Hank Mardukus @@HBCYG @@Helianthus @@HippyHappy @@Jake @@jarek @@JKG33 @ @JVR @@Kezio @@koho @ @ @@laura89 @@Leafs Forever13 @@LegendaryXD @@Lifted_Duramax_ #loaferoatan @LRFE @@mousewiz @ @@majingir @@mandy @@Maverick @@McAdam @@Megleitch @@mj_13 @@Morrison7 @mtlleafan @@namesoog @@Nipzie @@noize16 @@Nordic @@Nothing Suss @@oreilly @@Ovechkinator @@pai mei @ @@poz @@Preisst @@PrideOfPEI24 @@razorbladefancy @@realeafan @retch 10 @@robbie @Ryan42 @Sandman @Sakic91 @@Sam Slick @silientjay @@slapshot @@Slasher @@Solid Snake @@Spitfire @@stavalier @@Strategy @styles 666 @@summerstar1 @ @@tbnl @ @ @@The Don @@The Frosty Nipple @@The Leaf @@thedude @@TieClark @@Tmlrocks27 @@tokenmetalhead @@Tristan28 @@Unsung Hero @@uteck @ @@Wilkstar @@Zacman @Me..Danny I'll be the stump MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A SAFE HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL I couldn't really say merry christmas to " all you low down splavonian puke bag poor excuses of armchair gms" during the holiday season, that don't jingle anybodys bell.
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    To All The Assholes

    To all the assholes who are going to the Winter Classic: I'm so fucking jealous of you guys, but I hope you all have an unbelieveable time. Make sure you take tons of pictures, I want to see them all when you get back. Be safe in the D and have a blast boys. GO LEAFS GO! @@Solid Snake @@TuckerIntensity @ @@Kezio @ @@mj_13 @@Caligulove
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    Might be one for the PVR.
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    Fartface ticklepants

    Hey F*ckers

    Two things: AM- I'm just picking at you bro, I know you're not a creepy dude or anything it's just comedy. If you've got a problem... well. Go fuck yourself asshole. And another- I sure as fuck don't sound like that for those of you who don't know hahahahahhahaha In spite of LC Well 69% of the posts are funny, even more so when AM calls mandy hunny He’s says shit only he could think, I’m sure when he posts he’s using his dink Well he’s plain creepy, almost pervy how the fuck is he still here? He doesn’t get head from his wife anymore, she says it’s okay to get sucked by a whore It’s a hypothetical question, nope it’s just him when he posts in a thread the mood gets dim He’s our AM, he’s just plain awkward how the fuck is he still here? In spite of LC we’ll end up sitting on a rainbow Against all odds we’ve found three new homes We’re going to wipe our noses right off of our faces There won’t be nothing but playoff dreams crushed before our eyes Well i’m sorry to harp on our man who manages but you asked a question 14 year olds know in Spanish Yes you can get an sti from oral, I’m sure you’ll find out sometime tomorrow It’s just plain awkward, almost pervy, for the love of Christ never leave In spite of LC we’ll end up sitting on a rainbow Against all odds we’ve found three new homes We’re going to wipe our noses right off of our faces There won’t be nothing but playoff dreams crushed before our eyes
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    I'm cool with it... Also if anyone's wonder I signed the card "from the family you never wanted, and now you're stuck with. Your friend at leafs connected"
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    10 years. A remembrance.

    It seems so surreal. To look back on the last 10 years of my life and everything that has taken place in that time. Starting with graduating from high school, then college, entering the workforce and starting my career, meeting my future wife, getting married, having a baby, and ending most recently with buying a house. It’s all been such a whirlwind and to be honest, thinking about it today, I cannot help but wonder where the time has gone. Yet, it is in this same moment of bewilderment, that I feel an indescribable amount of guilt. Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of the death of my closest friend. A full decade since my world was turned upside-down. How insensitive is it for me to speak of time passing so quickly? How dare I wish away any week in anticipation of future events? I should do better to live in the moment, because that week I am currently looking past is a week so many will never see. I’ve never met anyone in my years before or after knowing him, who could simply captivate a room for hours with his stories and theatrics. A motivated academic, a committed volunteer, a tireless worker, but above all else, a good man. The best I‘ve known. He would’ve been a social worker, that I’m sure of. We talked about travelling Europe someday and visiting every NHL arena just to say we’d been there once, and naturally chirp the local fans while we’re at it. But, not everything works out according to plan. A weekend trip to the cottage with some booze we had a Grade 12 buy for us and a few girls his parents had no idea were meeting us there. It was the recipe for an amazing weekend. Instead, we all drank too much. Our judgement impaired, and no one capable of recognizing the danger in the activities were partook in. A weekend and life cut far too short. I simply sat there with him for what felt like a lifetime. It’s crazy how some moments are forever etched into you; they shape you for better or worse. I swore that night I would never drink another drop of alcohol so long as I live, and as of tomorrow it will be officially 10 years since, but it’s such a hollow feeling achievement. It doesn’t bring him back. It is not my intention to preach to you all here. I truly apologize if that’s how it’s coming across. Today, as much as any day I’ve endured, I simply need an outlet for my thoughts. I am a firm believer in the right of each individual to make their own choices and not be judged for them. I merely ask that every one of you make sure you live life to the absolutely fullest, but always exercise the utmost level of caution whilst you do it. Life is precious. It’s unfortunate that all too often it takes something happening, something that no matter how hard you wish or pray you could take it back, you never can, to drive it home. I got that message loud and clear at almost 17 years old. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve been this worked up writing a forum post in all my days on the internet. I’m going to hit the shower and maybe watch some TV.
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    1. Shattenkirk is overrated and not something the Leafs need. 2. I haven't been this proud of any Leafs team since '93. Fucking fantastic season from improved goaltending (with a few hiccups), stronger team defense (still needs work), rookies led by Matthews who all played their roles perfectly from Hyman on the PK, to Matthew's 40 goals, to Marner and Nylander's great seasons. Add Zaitsev to that who I only see being better next season. Best dman we've had positionally since Yushkevich. 3. Boyle was an awesome acquisition and should be re-signed. Perfect fourth line guy with experience that had some nice chemistry with the guys he played with. Him and Martin especially were quite effective and adding Kapanen to that line made that line fun to watch. 4. Faceoffs! Wow! Talk about improvement. They were dominant in this series on faceoffs and that's with Matthews still learning the craft at the pro level, I can only expect next season to be a continuance of that improvement. 5. Kadri. I had a feeling Babcock would be the one that could turn his career around and keep him from spiraling and he has sure done that. Kadri is passionate, he's not making the stupid decisions with the puck he was known for (no toe drag), he's learned to be more than responsible defensively and that offense we saw glimpses of resurfaced this year in a big way. 30 goals! WTG Naz. Not to mention how good he was in this series. AND FINALLY: Auston Fucking Matthews. Dude. I knew he was good, great even, but he was miles ahead this season to where I thought he would be. Maybe not offensively, as I expected him to dominate there. But his two way game evolved so much over just a few short months, it's really remarkable. Add to that his improvement as the year went on on faceoffs, and his leadership already starting to shine through, I'm just..I'm floored. This kid is something special and it will be nice to hopefully see him take home the Calder. All in all, a satisfying year in spite of a disappointing loss. We can all hold our heads high knowing this is only the beginning and right now we're at the "to be continued" screen. Train hard boys. Next season will be a good one.
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    So, I was sitting with my Dad watching the HNIC pre-game. Saw Strombo talking with Harper, showing off his hockey sweaters. Showed the Leafs sweater with all the autographs on it. I mentioned how cool it was. My dad turns to me and says he's got something better. I'm sitting here wondering, what could be cooler than that? He goes to his closet, and comes out with this old hockey stick he had, and gives it to me. I take a look, and it's got signatures from a ton of Leafs. He says he can't remember the year, but he says late 50s or early 60s. I'm thinking it's the 58-59 Leafs. My grandfather, or his father, was a bird dog scout for the Leafs, and he was in the Leafs system playing for the Toronto Marlboros, so he was around the team quite a bit Anyway, here's some pictures. These are the ones I'm sure of, others have faded quite a bit. George Armstrong Bob Baun Dick Duff Tim Horton Frank Mahovlich Bob Pulford Some others on here are Ed Chadwick, Allan Stanley, Ron Stewart, Brian and Barry Cullen, Dave Creighton, Bert Olmstead, and Carl Brewer. He says Johnny Bower is on there somewhere, but I can't seem to make it out on there, so I can't confirm. I can't believe he's never showed this to me before. This thing is so cool
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    The Leaf

    By Way of Apology

    I just called it in. All we can now do is hope for the best.
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    MAPLE LEAFS WIN 2-1 My Prediction Leafs take it 3-2. I think the Bruins are going to underestimate the Leafs in game 1, and come out expecting to give a typical Bruins regular season beating; however, this is the post-season, and the Maple Leafs will come out swinging with 9 years of pent up frustration. Goals from Lupul, Frattin, and Grabovski. GO LEAFS GO!
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    Most of us finally got what we wanted. Some wanting it much longer than others- you know who you are. We now can confidently say that the management group is not interested in any short term fixes or re-tools. They clearly aren't afraid to build this up properly. "Pain" says Babcock. "No time period. We need to change the culture." Says Shanahan. "Analytics are key." Says Dubas. "Speed and skill." Says Hunter. In one single move we fans have, for the first time, a clear direction for this team. I for one am more excited about the prospect of the future than I thought I ever would be. Cheers to the future fellow Leafers.
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    Keith O'Rielly ‏@KJORielly 51m51 minutes ago Bernier on Carlyle firing: He was a good President, South Africa owes him a lot, a great humanitarian. Sorry to see him go like that
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    I know this little guy is JACKED to watch his first Leafs game! Got him suited up early this morning. Hopefully he doesn't shit through it by noon!
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    Okay first one... @@Morrison7 as Robin Arryn
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    Wang looking to unload

    Penis selling hockey team I think I'm doing this wrong...
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    Phil fucking Kessel

    More like the dementia'd grandfather talking shit out his ass.
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    I'm surprised that SI can name eleven hockey players.
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    Phil Kessel

    Don't you think it's a little inappropriate to put so many balls on Phil's cake?
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    Game day!

    Get some! Longggggg ass off-season is finally over. Go Leafs!
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    GDT ​​ Leafs vrs Detroit

    LEAF BSUDS BURY THE WINGS EDITION This may not be the Winter classic but tonight should be a classic When the Detroit Red Wings fell at Toronto a little over two weeks ago, Pavel Datsyuk was still two games away from returning to the lineup while battling one of his multiple injuries this season. They've been on quite a roll since, with Datsyuk providing plenty of assistance. Detroit seeks its eighth victory in nine tries as it hosts the surging Maple Leafs on Wednesday night. Datsyuk has missed 11 games for the Red Wings (17-6-5), including a 4-1 loss to Toronto on Nov. 22. Detroit has gone 7-1-0 since, with Datsyuk recording seven goals and four assists over the last six since returning from a groin injury. He had a goal and assisted on both of Tomas Tatar's tallies in Sunday's 3-1 win over Carolina, the Red Wings' third straight victory. "You always have more energy if you win," Datsyuk said. "It's important that the team is sticking together." Tatar has three goals and four assists during a five-game point streak, and linemate Darren Helm has three goals and an assist during a three-game streak of his own. "We're doing a good job and I hope we stay this way," Tatar said. "I think Pavel is the best player I've ever seen. We all know what he can do. When he's healthy, he's a big help for us." Detroit is tied with Tampa Bay atop the Atlantic Division one season after barely qualifying for the playoffs and losing in the first round to top-seeded Boston. Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg missed 28 games apiece due to injury. "We battled through a lot of injuries last year throughout the year to a lot of key guys," Jimmy Howard, who had a 2.66 goals-against average in 2013-14 but has a 2.21 mark this season, told the team's official website. "We felt coming into this year, with everyone getting healthy over the summer, we had a good team." Howard has won five of his last six starts since losing to Toronto, and he'll be in goal again for this contest after having Sunday off. Detroit swept a home-and-home set Oct. 17 and 18 before Tyler Bozak scored twice in the Maple Leafs' victory last month. "They're a team that lives off transition, they want to get the puck onto their forwards' sticks and make plays," Howard said. "It's just important for us to keep going the way we have been, rolling four lines, keeping them off our D and having fun in the offensive zone." Toronto (15-9-3) has scored at least four goals six times during a 6-1-1 stretch after beating Calgary 4-1 on Tuesday. James van Riemsdyk had a goal and an assist and Phil Kessel scored for the third time in four games. "The second period was one of the best periods we have played this season from a perspective of playing more of the style of hockey that is required for 60 minutes," coach Randy Carlyle said after his team outshot the Flames 13-4 in that stretch. "They know this is the way we're going to have to do it on a more regular basis." James Reimer could get the start in this contest to complete Toronto's back-to-back set after Jonathan Bernier made 32 saves against the Flames. Reimer, 0-3-0 with a 3.96 GAA in four career games against Detroit, hasn't started since allowing six goals in a loss to Buffalo on Nov. 15. He allowed six goals in relief against Nashville in his most recent appearance Nov. 18. Howard is 3-1-1 with a 1.97 GAA in his last five against Toronto, which hosts Detroit on Saturday to complete the season series. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/game/toronto-maple-leafs-detroit-red-wings-20141210/Preview MAPLE LEAFS (15-9-3) at RED WINGS (17-6-5) TV: NBCSN, SN, TVA SPORTS DETROIT -- Two hot teams will face off Wednesday at Joe Louis Arena when the Detroit Red Wings play the Toronto Maple Leafs. Detroit, 17-6-5 and first in the Atlantic Division, is 7-1-0 in its past eight games. Toronto (15-9-3) is 6-1-1 in its past eight. "They're good. If you look at the analytics part they're no good, but when you look at coaching and winning games, they're good," Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said about the Maple Leafs. "I like them, so I play them. They're trustworthy, they play hard, they drag our other guys into battle, they know how to play." The Maple Leafs defeated the Calgary Flames 4-1 Tuesday in Toronto and didn't skate Wednesday. Coach Randy Carlylewas scheduled to talk to the media after the Maple Leafs arrived at Joe Louis Arena for the game. James van Riemsdyk had a goal and an assist Tuesday for Toronto, and Peter Holland, Phil Kessel and Mike Santorelliscored. Nazem Kadri and Dion Phaneuf had two assists each and Jonathan Bernier made 33 saves. Carlyle said Tuesday that he liked the way the Maple Leafs played in the second period. "The second period was one of the best periods we have played this season from a perspective of playing more of the style of hockey that is required for 60 minutes," Carlyle said. "Those are the things you try to capture and then give your team an opportunity [to] watch so they know this is the way we're going to have to do it on a more regular basis." The Maple Leafs and Red Wings are two of the League's highest scoring teams. Toronto entered play Wednesday second in the NHL with 93 non-shootout goals and Detroit is tied with the Calgary Flames with 87. Babcock said he feels this is the best team Detroit has had since 2009, when the Red Wings lost the Stanley Cup Final in seven games to the Pittsburgh Penguins. "I think it's not just younger, it's the veterans as well," Babcock said. "They've been here through the good times and the slower times and now they see our team on the climb again. This is the best team we've had here since '09. Not necessarily point-wise, but direction-wise. We have more players that are hungry and going in the right direction than we have in a long time." He said players battling for ice time is a big part of that. "That's what good teams have. They have internal competition," Babcock said. "When you have people coming back you say to yourself, 'I better play well.' That's way better than any coach talking to you. The best guys get to play. That's pro sports." Here are the projected lineups: MAPLE LEAFS James van Riemsdyk - Tyler Bozak - Phil Kessel Daniel Winnik - Nazem Kadri - Mike Santorelli Joffrey Lupul - Peter Holland - David Clarkson David Booth - Trevor Smith - Richard Panik Dion Phaneuf - Cody Franson Jake Gardiner - Korbinian Holzer Morgan Rielly - Stephane Robidas James Reimer Jonathan Bernier Scratched: Brandon Kozun, Stuart Percy Injured: Roman Polak (lower body), Leo Komarov (upper body) RED WINGS Gustav Nyquist - Henrik Zetterberg - Tomas Jurco Tomas Tatar - Pavel Datsyuk - Darren Helm Johan Franzen - Riley Sheahan - Stephen Weiss Drew Miller - Luke Glendening - Joakim Andersson Jonathan Ericsson - Niklas Kronwall Danny DeKeyser - Kyle Quincey Brendan Smith - Jakub Kindl Jimmy Howard Petr Mrazek Scratched: Daniel Cleary, Brian Lashoff Injured: Justin Abdelkader (shoulder) Status report: Abdelkader skated in practice Tuesday and Wednesday but remains sidelined. ... The Maple Leafs on Wednesday recalled Percy from the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League. Who's hot: Santorelli has two goals and 10 points in his past eight games. … Datsyuk has three goals and four assists in his past four games, and seven goals and four assists in his past seven games. He was named NHL First Star for last week. http://www.nhl.com/gamecenter/en/preview?id=2014020419&navid=sb:preview&intcmpid=sb-preview Five things to watch in Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings 1. Kessel aims to solve Red Wings Maple Leafs right wing Phil Kessel seems to have success against all opponents, but the Red Wings have been a thorn in his side recently; he's been held without a point in his past three games against Detroit. He hasn't reached the scoresheet against the Red Wings since the NHL Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium on Jan. 1. Kessel scored his 14th goal of the season Tuesday, giving him goals in three of his past four games. Toronto is 16-2-2 when Kessel and James van Riemsdyk score in the same game. 2. Datsyuk's dynamite History has proven that Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg can be lethal for opponents when the two are skating on the same line. But for now, Datsyuk is playing with Darren Helm and Tomas Tatar, and the three are wreaking havoc, combining for nine goals and eight assists in Detroit's past four games. "The way we're spread out right now is that somebody else can pick you up on a different night, which is positive," Babcock said earlier this week. "I still think at some time we're going to have Pav and [Zetterberg] back together again, especially at home. Maybe play them apart on the road. But all in all they're a good line. But you should have more good lines." Datsyuk has 12 goals and 10 assists in 17 games. He missed the start of the season because of a shoulder injury and didn't make his debut until Oct. 21. He also missed time last month because of a sore groin. He's healthy now, though, which means the Maple Leafs will have their hands full. With their win Tuesday, the Maple Leafs improved 12-0-0 this season when they score the first goal.Peter Holland opened the scoring midway through the first period and van Riemsdyk made it 2-0 early in the second. The Maple Leafs are 11-0-0 when leading after 40 minutes. "The second period was one of the best periods we have played this season from a perspective of playing more of the style of hockey that is required for 60 minutes," coach Randy Carlyle said after the win Tuesday. "Those are the things you try to capture and then give your team an opportunity to watch so they know this is the way we're going to have to do it on a more regular basis." 4. Howard has put last season behind him Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard didn't have great numbers last season (21-19-11, 2.66 goals-against average, .910 save percentage), but he's been solid and will get his 23rd start of the season Wednesday. Howard enters the game with 13 wins and a 2.21 GAA. "It's been good," Howard told the Red Wings website Tuesday. "There's been a couple games, obviously a couple goals, I'd like to have back, but that's going to happen to any goalie over the course of the season. As a team we're just doing a great job finding ways to win games and I think that's a great sign of a young team maturing." 5. Reimer time? Maple Leafs backup goalie James Reimer hasn't played since Nov. 18, when he allowed six goals on 25 shots in relief of Jonathan Bernier against the Nashville Predators. Bernier made his ninth straight start Tuesday; with a quick turnaround, will Toronto coach Randy Carlyle start Reimer for the first time in nearly a month. "All the work I've put in the last three weeks, I've not taken a day off and [i'm] just trying to take advantage of every day so that when you get the opportunity you're as well prepared as you can be," said Reimer, who is 4-3-0 with a 3.64 GAA and .898 save percentage. "A game like this, it's all mental. "You know your legs are going to be there, so it's all about how you can approach it mentally and staying calm and yet still staying into the game as possible and being as alert as possible so that plays you might not get in practice, you're prepared for [them]." http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=743302 It might not be Saturday Night but shit...it sure feels like it Here is to the LC boys from Sudbury (lox,rock,AM and the can opener) for partying on tonight and maybe just maybe, collective forces can make a wish come true!!
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