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    2019-2020 NHL Games discussion

    Bernier was never as bad as he was made out to be. Like Reimer, he just wasn't a starter. Shut up AM.
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    I was in a Toronto restaurant in the 1980s late one Saturday night when he came thundering through the door. Being dragged behind him was bimbo about 1/3rd his age. They both appeared to be fairly drunk, but with Shack how do you really tell? Anyway they loudly checked out the menu, then stomped out as quickly as they has arrived. I considered it to be typical Shack behavior.
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    Anger Management

    Your Plan to Reopen the NHL

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    Dog Taker

    Your Plan to Reopen the NHL

    they were apparently using a facility that is.... sigh.... wide open to the public.
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    Team Blue Snapback

    Or a price.
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    You misspelled Pavel Bure
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    You guys take your Ovi love very seriously Still take Teemu
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    More like, he's just better
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    Not even close. Teemu all day
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    Your Plan to Reopen the NHL

    I'd say it isn't unfairly. The NHL has never, ever, actually planned an event and then had that event go off without spectacularly fucking up somewhere. This will be no different. It's happening though.
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    I helped him play golf once and they made a movie about it - Caddy Shack
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