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    But, as TI pointed out when you are a self-professed Creed fan, you essentially forfeit any right you have to an opinion on music.
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    Your solution to the reckless challenge of leaving a car unattended is to physically assault the former driver and not stop the vehicle. Kay.
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    I honestly don't know why Eminem would even respond to him.
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    This MGK seems like an absolute fucking twat
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    jesus fucking christ dude, it's time to stop pulling out the race card at every opportunity you get. it's fucked up. i have never in my life seen someone immediately jump to race as much as you do.
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    Kanye is the producer. That's really at least half the point of the entire conversation. Everyone treats Kanye like he's just some half decent rapper. He's not just a rapper. It's not even what he was originally hired by Roc-A-Fella to do. But if some white boy like Rob Thomas plays piano on a track or Dave Grohl plays two instruments, they are motherfucking musical geniuses.
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    Honestly can;t name one MGK song, only can think of one song he might be in for one verse.
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    Don't know what you've been told in the boardroom but... nobody deserves to be assaulted, as lame as the "In My Feelings" challenge is. It's a stupid fad and nothing more.
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    yes, we do, to get rid of the people who think it's acceptable to assault someone for doing a dance on the street, and those who support those actions.
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    Leafs Prospects Thread

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    Queue the supa hot fire references.
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    This is it right here. Kanye isn't playing two instruments. He's playing tens of them. He's playing all of them. He doesn't just have to work in one or two dimensions of guitar and drum . He's working on multiple. He's an innovator of music. He's doing things that have never been done before. Making his own style of music. Everyone knows he's not the best rapper alive. Nobody here has said it yet Armster is hung up on it. The point is, without being the best rapper he has made a legacy in hip hop that has changed the genre. His influence is arguably greater than Eminem's. That is all we have been saying.
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    High pressure air pumps rigged up around their ankles. Air blows up the legs and into the torso air, gives the body the ability to remain vertical
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    “This is not a battle between Michigan and Ohio,” Kelly told the crowd, as the Detroit Free Press reports. “This is a battle between the past and the fucking future.” Read more at https://www.nme.com/news/music/machine-gun-kelly-speaks-battle-eminem-diss-track-battle-future-2375222#4ImSjexxKxOpkEPs.99 MGK referring to himself as the "fucking future". i had literally never once googled this fuckhead before this Eminem shit
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    k go listen to willie nelson. bye
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