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    He’s only on the third line playing limited minutes because for the 47,000th time - this is essentially his pre-season and training camp. Again, anyone who thinks Willy could be 100% after missing 28 games, plus five weeks of training camp and pre-season is delusional with zero sense of patience. Relax.
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    Mantis Toboggan

    Stock tip

    Compared to now where I have less money than ever before. This year blows
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    Hell, Lucic has only 2 goals ALL of 2018. He’s definitely better.
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    So....pay us? I like it.
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    Without the fans, there is no league.
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I thoroughly enjoy hearing older folks bitch and complain about "millenials" today. It's as if every fictional generation is required to bitch and complain about the next one.
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    Right but the fundamental statement, "with them (billionaires) you don't have a league" is demonstrably and verifiably false. And is typical of employees as slaves mentality.
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    "Without the billionaires you don't have a league" Oh okay, because without the players we'd definitely have a league. Jesus christ.
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    If you watch Nylander play, there is zero need for concern. He is the same player. He Just needs to get his timing and anticipation back. His wheels are are good as ever. His puck protection and dangles at high speed he is still there. When his timing gets back he is same ole Willy.
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    Just give him more than 10 seconds to turn into whoever/whatever he'll turn into, alright? Jesus. That's the ridiculous part of all this discussion. The demand for INSTANT high level, passionate, great hockey from the guy. It's dumb, Guy. Now go get your hot chocky and open some presents.
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    Site cost

    I’ve actually thought about paying the bill to run the place once BrainBag takes off. I’ve learned a lot from some of the members of this site and one connection from a previous iteration of the forum has been quite helpful in getting BB off the ground. I came off as boastful in that other thread, but that was not my intention. Both my parents grew up poor but now have money. I was born right around the time my dad landed the job that got them where they are, so when I was growing up we always had money. We were raised not to show off, but to share. We had a ski boat, and we would rent a cottage that was attached to a resort that had a bunch of smaller cottages all on one property. Instead of boating all day with kids watching that couldn’t afford one, we were always told to go around and ask if any of the other kids wanted a ride or anything. Basically ended up as a boating service where we would take kids out on the boat all day and try to dump them off the tubes. My dad loved it because he got to flip kids in the air off the tubes, mom loved it cuz it was quiet back on shore and she could read books and stuff, and we loved it because we had other kids to tube with. My parents both said that they were poor as fuck as kids, but not blind. They’d see other kids doing the proverbial boating and wished that they could have a turn some time. I guess we were raised to pay it forward before Haley Joel osment made it cool.. anyways.. I’m guessing that post was meant as a shot, but whatever. @Armster I’ve always really appreciated you shouldering the costs here, really wish I was in a position to help now. Hopefully soon. Inch by inch at this point.
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