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    You laugh, you lose. Epic edition.

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    Mantis Toboggan

    Long time, no chat

    You’re both the worst
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    I did. The profile is still there, well over an hour later. This person messaged me and tried to link me to an incest-porn website, FWIW. The Niagara Regional Police are en route to take a statement. I don't care for the police, but I prefer them to paedophiles.
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    Anaheim Ducks Thread

    The West is so bad this year that the Ducks are still tied for the 2nd WC spot, which makes this whole thing a mindfuck.
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    Here was a man with three-quarters of an inch of brain who'd taken a dislike to me.
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    NFL Thread

    I'm at the 4 hour mark. It still hurts. I'm really pulling for NO to win, because that will lessen the hurt knowing the champs beat us. If the fucking Pats win though, I may legit never watch football again.
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    Los Angeles Kings Thread

    That's because Snoop and Bowen never called the game. They're the charm. Fucksakes Raiden, keep up bud.
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    NFL Thread

    You get the wide doink and then let it go through your hands? Alshon.
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    Konstantin Konstantinovich

    Long time, no chat

    Do you think Young Guns is a documentary?
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    Konstantin Konstantinovich

    Jayme Closs

    You can tell he's an incel from a hundred feet away.
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    LeBrun - CAR interested in Kapanen

    Sorry @Danny, but I am an absolute no go when it comes to trading Liljegren. He was hyped to go #1 in his draft year and was legit too sick and moved around too much during his draft year to back that hype up. He could very well be a better answer as to who replaces Gardiner next year. We need to see what he can do for at least a full year in the NHL before we trade him for another what if. Same goes with Sandin. The farm has been good to us developing the likes of Nylander, Kappy, Dermott, Johnsson, etc. Even Moore looks like a solid NHLer despite his limited exposure. We have to see how the young guns we draft and develop pan out. Otherwise, why bother drafting them. Should just trade all our draft picks before we even use them if we're going to sell our youth short before even giving them a chance in the blue and white.
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