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    Consider the source.
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    2019 NHL All-star Weekend

    Now I want to see this push-up bra - if that is a redeeming feature, it must be spectacular.
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    2019 NHL All-star Weekend

    Please don’t give Danny any ideas.
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    2019 NHL All-star Weekend

    It's also the all-star game. So why are we even talking about the goalies?
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    2019 NHL All-star Weekend

    And he was originally selected. Price's replacement was Vasilevsky. The wrongness comes in threes.
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    2019 NHL All-star Weekend

    That's almost exactly what it is.
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    2019 NHL All-star Weekend

    You're taking it far too seriously. Have a beer, chill the fuck out, and remember it's entertainment for kids mostly.
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    Bebe Rexha sounds like the name of an as seen on TV blood thinner.
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Yeah and I'm just talking the pretty meh places. Both pizza hut and dominos ask for a tip when paying debit for pickup. Fuck outta here.
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    2019 NHL All-star Weekend

    Shit passes
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    I'm not hugely familiar with U.S. laws but it wouldn't be at all surprising if there were laws preventing them from striking. Most 'essential' workers are subject to some kind of law like that in most jurisdictions. And if they are, I doubt enough would risk the loss of their job, prosecution and incarceration to make a difference. It's a wonderful thought though, isn't it? Workers having an effect on the political system. One day...
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    King of Dick Mountain


    I mean, what other option do we have? The people of Venezuela can't be trusted to make these decisions for themselves. Macron and Trump both have lower approval rates than Maduro does, FWIW. The U.K. is currently refusing to put a massively, massively important decision to the electorate, but is hugely concerned about democracy in Venezuela. Ignore all that, though.
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    Fucks up my whole week not having Leafs hockey on Sat night.
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    From a well, actually.
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    Ayuh. Except Marie Antoinette never said that.
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    Drinking Thread: Oak Casked Edition

    You're the fuckeat. That's why. Fuckeat.
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    Drinking Thread: Oak Casked Edition

    Double fisting wine and single malt. what the fuck is wrong with me.
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    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Trade him 5 mins from now.
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    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Trade him yesterday.
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    @Calico Some Ardbeg for Robbie Burns Night. So good.
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    Show us your pet!

    I wonder what this sacrificial lamb bone Wendel is eating means?
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    The Alphabet Thread

    Rare to get anyone but a kid to look up at me, since I'm 5' 6".
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    King of Dick Mountain

    Last TV Show

    Made it all the way to the end of TPB s12. I kinda wish I hadn't. I agree with Trevor, the show got really, really, really dumb (even by TPB standards) and really, really, really, repetitive. There's exactly one good joke in all five of the Netflix series and it concerns getting shot at in a junkyard. At least even they got sick of Cyrus and fucked him off. I honestly couldn't believe it when they established that he's a huge fanny and then brought him back again (three more times) as some sort of scary bad-ass.
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    Last Song: Youtube Edition