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    Jarome Iginla is worth honoring. Glad to see it.
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    We sign him now, today, to a monster deal. 12 years, $10m AAV. Can't lose a player to an offer-sheet if you sign him in March.
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    Lindholm had 1 goal in 60 games with the Leafs, Petan had 1 goal in 1 game with the team. Looks like this trade was well above Pär.
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    I'm just glad I didn't have to rage my way out of another second period of one of these badboys mostly...totally harshes my flow
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    So I guess we're at least a wild card team now?
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    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    He added Tavares and Jake Muzzin. What the hell do you guys want? Our previous NHL GM over-signed Zaitsev and Marleau.
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    Boucher Fired

    Both of your mothers attend post-secondary educational facilities.
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    Can’t one handed slash someone’s stick. You can suplex someone onto their head while they’re engaged in a scrum with another player though
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    That was the peak of Marincin's career.
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    Can’t be getting upset the Leafs didn’t start on time if the game doesn’t start.
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    This argument is stupid. We picked the right guy, Hunter likely doesn't want to go to Edmonton even if they want him. His job in London is easy, they just pay everyone while the OHL turns a blind eye. Let's not pretend that's anything like the NHL.
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    Democratic Primaries

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    Petan got the GWG. First game since December, first goal since February 2018. Go on, son.
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    We'll take boring for them ROWS.
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    Not exactly a classic, but them 2 points iz nice. And a big fuck off to you Buffalo.
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    Good win. Always nice to crush the Sabres.
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    Freddy with a huge save, Marner pockets the open net. Good home game, couple of minor flaws but all round good effort, good intensity.
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    Petan is a RFA this summer, just wait until the idiots at Sportsnet find that out.
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    Muzzin's playing pretty well tonight.
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    Zaitsev, that beauty right winger passes it to Hyman for the goal. A great forward duo!lmao
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    I wish this was on TSN.
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    Cherry in "I would have acquired player who was effective five years ago" shock.
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    Well, he isn't wrong about Muzzin starting to play bad as soon a he got next to Zaitsev.
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    Or they just score to tie it near the end of the first.
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    New plan, don't score first.
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    Ya Ya i get it HBCYG! just emotional venting lol we need to win this game! Work Leafs work damn it!
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    Shoot randomly at the net? Sounds like a league wide memo.
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    Maybe he space jammed Rielly's talent?
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    Holy fuck Marincin where did that come from?
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    GDT: TML vrs NYI

    Is it possible we could be married to the same woman?
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