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    "People who regularly follow hip hop" from the guy who denied people like him because he's relatable right before saying he is very relatable.
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    The Rap and Hip-Hop thread, Resurrected

    We agree finally. When he finishes his career, he's going to be enshrined. We'll agree to disagree on Jay Z and J Cole.
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    The Rap and Hip-Hop thread, Resurrected

    Kulemin doubling down on my weird beard
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    So you didn’t even really listen to his newest album then... the one where he calls out literally everybody except for about 5 people he gives respect to... including j Cole and Kendrick
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    Eminem shouted out Everlast too. He shouts out popular artists, that's not new.
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    Lol the game!? This just sounds like the opinions of people so out of touch with the hip hop industry. He’s not at all to people who regularly follow hip hop. There’s a reason Eminem shouts him out on the album several times
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    I'm not saying he sucks, I'm saying he's more like that idiot Eminem blasted than Eminem.
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    Humbolt Broncos

    Humboldt Broncos make playoffs less than a year after devastating bus crash https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/humboldt-broncos-make-playoffs-less-than-a-year-after-devastating-bus-crash?fbclid=IwAR1rCU5TjojAl3dPQD6gj_8UC_vFllx4zfi_XjQtvGkSL45URMXYLLwzHjc
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    It’s a reason people like him... if the music sucked it wouldn’t matter. At the end of the day it’s the lyrics and melodies that make him popular.
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    Dammmmmmn, all of Wu Tang Clan is older than my dad
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    Actually method man is older than my dad. Damn
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    Being relatable isn’t a negative trait. If that’s the only thing he has going for him I’d agree he wouldn’t be very good, but his music sounds great, the lyrics are great, and he’s relatable to a lot of people. You don’t have to like him, but he’s a lot better than logic (who I do actually like as well, but more so his older stuff)
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    "Why do people like J Cole so much? How is he different?" on Quora. Literally the first line of the first answer... "I personally like J Cole because he talks about issues that I can relate to." https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-like-J-Cole-so-much-How-is-he-different J Cole fans consistently point to his raps / stories being super relatable. Even if you two don't, it's just something that is a very consistent message from fans. The other consistent message is that he raps about "real"things, which most rappers do actually, so it isn't so much they are real, it's that they are real to them, or, relatable subject matter. It is literally the biggest thing people like about J Cole.
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    The only person who thinks he's more relatable is Logic.
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    Frreal Omg he speaks like me!
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    Wilma Fingerdo

    gdt: sucks - leafs

    Say what you will about Zaitsev, he deserves what he gets, but this nonsense of blaming other players deficiencies on him is garbage. Gardiner is fucking stupid, and makes terrible decisions all on his own. Muzzin has been trying to win the fucking Norris since coming to the leafs and his choices of when and where to pinch are ridiculous. His recent tendency to make flashy low percentage plays is beginning to dominate his game and he needs to hit the reset button. Its like he's trying to prove he fits in with this highly skilled team. Zaitsev looks lost half of the time he's on the ice. Even Rielly has been guilty of some bone headed plays lately.
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    gdt: sucks - leafs

    Nylander is the Leafs version of Alexandre Daigle.
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