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    Questions Only?

    How can you ask a question if you don't even know what the fuck they said?
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    I've heard this is good, but never tried it. I should some time. Good work, Danny.
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    Homemade Irish cream Alright, just made this and hey, it is awesome and saves some buck$ lol, I will leave the video below I found on the tube but basically this is the measurements using an empty 750 ml bottle. I purchased a 750 ml bottle of cheap whiskey ( wisers special blend) It basically will make be broke down into thirds so you can prepare three 750 bottles of Irish cream. For one 750 ml bottle I can of sweetened condensed milk (300 ml can) 2 teaspoons of instant coffee 2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Here is the video for the process. however I found funneling in the cream was a long process because of how thick it was so I prepared it in a medium pourable measuring cup then funneled it. ( I will also post his easy homemade wine video which I am also going to try out and experiment with different juices.) @tbnl @TuckerIntensity @ anybody else Have fun, stay safe
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    gdt: sucks - leafs

    Rielly lumped in with Zaitsev. Amazing.
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    Questions Only?

    Should I/we even question that? lol
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