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    Yeah. We're only 42-23-5..........a lousy 3rd in the east.......crappy 5th in the entire league...........career years for stupid Marner, Tavares, Rielly, Kapanen, and likely soon for Andersen.........2nd highest scoring team in the dumb east........only 4 teams in the east have given up fewer goals(SHIT).........only 6 teams in the entire league have better power-plays........we have a middle of the pack PK...........we suck. Fire Babcock. Look how he's ruined us.
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    This is pure nonsense and not even worthy of a reply.
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    You are mentally deficient.
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    After 41 games, a huge contract, I'd expect a fuck of a lot more than the sad performance he's produced.
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    Konstantin Konstantinovich


    https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-47576813 You read that right. May's plan is to put the agreement that's been overwhelmingly rejected twice to a third vote in a week's time.
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    There's a difference between being "okay with mediocrity" and understanding the process enough to be patient with the ebbs and flows of kids developing.
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

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    GDT: Leafs host Hawks: Don't Panic Edition

    What a fucking sicko!
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    Fkn soccer fans lol
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    I resent this. I agree with you, but I resent it.
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    This teams leadership comes into question cause why should Babcock have to get a chokehold on these kids to get anything done , there should be players who should step up when the chips are down and put the team on their back and haul ass. Rielly, Matthews, Tavares, Kadri, and to some extent Marner even though he is still a boy need to grab the bull by the horns and show that desire to be a champion needs to be from minute one to minute 60 in order to be a complete team effort. But that is my opinion i am sure you dicks will shoot it down like always cause well AM knows shit about hockey, right?
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    To be honest, i dont mind seeing a loss, i mind seeing the team trying. I mind seeing the team play with heart, wanting to win. I mind seeing the team motivated. And i get it, you don’t win every single game. Theres shit games every once in a while, problem with the Leafs is that the shit games outweigh the good games by a big margin. Teams need to show improvement in play.
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    Typical, this 'comeback' in the third will mask the issues this team has. Unfortunately nothing we can do. As stated, hopefully it'll get better come play off time, but I doubt it. Babcock didnt get to figure it out in 70 games, doubt the remainder are suddenly going to be different. Gotta act this off season, we have the pieces to get a top D, so we should be okay. Just gotta figure out if it's going to happen with Babcock.
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    On the bright side, better draft pick.
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    Does anyone else think that this shows how much of a joke a large portion of Universities are? Wouldn't these kids just fail out right away. What kind of a joke ivy league school hands out degree to people like this?
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    sooo why was that not a penalty shot? hawks goalie clearly knocked the net off himself with under 2min
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    dude then why bother watching if that's your mindset?
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    lmao fuck off. We all know what you said, you said it 3 x a day for two years dumbass.
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    GDT: Leafs host Hawks: Don't Panic Edition

    Even if 100% healthy, this team still gets it's ass kicked by Tampa and Boston.
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    i put him on ignore. i only read his garbage when someone quotes him or when i click "see new replies".
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    GDT: Leafs host Hawks: Don't Panic Edition

    Fluked out on that one.
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    What does Nylander have to with how we're playing rigth now aside from him appearing to be along with Matthews the only players with effort?
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    Clown who sat out a third+ of the season, got himself massively overpaid and has done nothing subsequently...oh sorrry, he has 5 goals and 17pts, woohoo!
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    Please, make it stop
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    my dog has her paws over her eyes, just can't take anymore
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    Boston in 0 games.
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    Yes, but only for 7 more years.
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    2 of their best D out. 2 of their hardest working forwards out. Flu running through the locker room. Not what we want, but not surprising either. Its Not unrealistic to consider that some of the guys in the lineup could be running at 60-70 percent if theyre fighting the flu.
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