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    A lot of people have short memories... Ceci was considered a great up and comer like 2 seasons ago. It’s not exactly shocking he struggled with the sens team they’ve had the last couple years
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    orrrrrrrr we could turn it into hangbear add a leg for every leafs win rough draft:
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    Not bad for a kid who’s 11 inches shorter and 68 pounds lighter. Fuck off Chara you fucking fossil.
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    Todd must be dead inside.
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    I'm not. Fuck you, AM.
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    I have buddies who are still thinking about getting back with their old Girlfriends too.
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    Amount of icings we saw were ridiculous. An underrated part of the Leafs defensive struggles. You allow more shots the more time you give opponents in your end. And having so many face offs in your end does just that. Barrie was 2nd best dman in icing +/-(meaning he's been on ice for way more icings by the opposition than icings of his own team). Hainsey -12 Zaitsev -29 Gardiner -6 Ozhiganov -7 Dermott +19 Rielly +14 Barrie +54 Ceci -4 Muzzin -9 (not sure about what splits are for Leafs vs Kings, but I'd imagine Zaitsev pairing brought him down) Interestingly enough, of our top 9 forwards last year, Kapanen,Marleau,Brown are the only forwards who were in negative icing +/-. Our big negatives came from the 4th line. So a tired 4th line with likely Zaitsev and Hainsey on D for icings is just begging for the opponents to score.
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    Johnny's Home

    Fire Mike Babcock

    I'm honestly baffled. Loses to Boston, AGAIN, and keeps making excuses. Had multiple chances to bury these guys, screwed it up every time. Still makes excuses. Gives his best player and one of the top young guns in the game the 35th most ice time in the playoffs, makes more excuses.
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    Sad it is. But at least Matthews will be ready and rested for the next game.
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    Leafs vs Bruins Series Thread

    let's fucking do it boys. just fucking win buds all day!
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    He's been our best player this series. But right now, I'm giving Gardiner some serious props. Zaitsev too. They are stepping up huge.
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    Why are we bringing cock size into this?
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Just below the tailbone mate.
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    Your 2019/2020 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Still though, was kinda ridiculous move to complain about defensive depth when suddenly we had 4 guys who got injured in such a short span. Gardiner, then Dermott, and then the next guys in line in Rosen and Borgman. That's a lot of depth to lose to injury at the virtually the same time. Even less fair of a comment when I think 3 of them were injured immediately AFTER the trade deadline when nothing could be done about it. Beyond that, Babcock probably wouldn't have played the depth anyways as evidenced by his usage of injured Gardiner, injured Dermott & healthy Rosen in the playoffs.
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    Fuck Gardiner too. Overhaul the entire defense. We have pieces we seem to be willing to move. Get at it.
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    Show us your pet!

    Wasser Hund.
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    GDT: Game 8, Leafs Vs Bruins

    I don't like it when you use our words.
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    Yeah, but at least you have bingo parties every Thursday and are in bed by 9.
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    Leafs vs Bruins Series Thread

    So, need Marner and Tavares next game. Need everybody obviously but specifically need Marner to show us a little more yeah? Game 1 was awesome for him since then? And ffs no penalties. They are burying us.
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    Rask thinks he's been hit, shocking.
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    I expected AM to go there first.
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    GDT: Game 4 - Bruins @ Leafs

    Macavoy is a fucking bitch
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    lol, I always used to use the word "rhythm" for the game of hangman. People bearly ever got it! Have to work tonight (will be able to watch the game if not too busy) and hope our team has their rhythm going! HANG THOSE FUCKING BEARS!
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    it's fucking hangbear alright? one leg for each win!
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    I’ll give you that Morrie. Every dog has its day
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    guess what guys, mcdavid is a great player. OH MY GOD I TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT MCDAVID!! signed, don cherry
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    Al Nadir

    GDT Leafs vs Canes

    I'd even give Starsky a try at this point.
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    Your 2019/2020 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Babcock's make or break season likely anyways. He'll do it his way and if it ends like the last two seasons, we'll be getting someone new. They've replaced his assistant coaches which is usually the mulligan coaches get.
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    Leafs acquire David Clarkson

    Why you gotta be like that?
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    Even if he doesn't it's likely he'll be reliable to..you know...be on the roster for the entirety of the playoffs.
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    This is one year I'd expect the moves happening afterwards. Signing bonuses kicking in, then guys move. Either way, cup finals done, let offseason officially begin!
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    oh thank god. this version of AM was fucking awful. there's only room for improvement, AM2. just don't be as annoying, creepy, or stupid, and you'll be fine
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    Some good quotes off of reddit: "The new official words of house Targaryen: "We do not scout"" "Arya this episode: Thanks, but I already have a husband and his name is revenge" "Ghost survived a White Walker horde to be abandoned by his owner" Jon: I have the biggest secret ever, swear you won't tell anyone Sansa: I swear *37 seconds later Sansa: hey Tyrion guess what "Dany about to blow a three dragon lead." "Jon may be the rightful king of the iron throne but he is a terrible dog owner." And from Missandei's perspective on all this: " imagine surviving the army of the dead, the great war, the long night, and then you get captured by dollar store jack sparrow and get beheaded by a crazy drunk lady"
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    Your 2019/2020 Toronto Maple Leafs

    That's all very debatable.
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    Time for changes

    Well its troo. He's bin pratically invisible since he got hear. Like, what good has he dun us, huh?
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    how does she smell things with no nose?
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    Leafs vs Bruins Series Thread

    Thanks Kadri. This message brought to you by Boston Bruins.
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    after game 5 when we knock em out? woah that's creepy
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    Round 1: Lightning vs Jackets

    3 90+ point players. 3 40+ goal scorers. 9 40+ point scorers. One Art Ross winner. One likely Vezina winner. 0 playoff wins. Sure picked a nice time to have their first four-game losing streak of the season.
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    Jesus fucking Christ I’m so glad I didn’t watch last night. I would’ve been so angry. I got mad just from that video. I’m glad Kadri did what he did. DeBrusk had that shit coming.
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    DeBrusk deserved it, certainly. Honest player my ass. He's a piece of shit.
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    Voynov returning?

    I think some of the reactions here are the exact same as the NHL, let's do something because optics are better if we do. I'm actually fine with them doing this, but I'm not going to applaud them because I think they are doing it for the wrong reasons (Jodi put it nicely at some point, but basically because it's an easy win that makes them look good when they don't actually care.) They are harsher on this than some pretty ridiculous things that happened on their watch that they are actually responsible for policing. The reaction to bringing that up is "hockey happens, X didn't beat his wife." Which is basically the same as the NHL, the optics are better if we denounce domestic abuse than if we have an intelligent conversation about what their part should be in the things they arbitrarily police.
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    Leafs vs Bruins Predictions

    He's been difficult lately.
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    Last Song: Youtube Edition

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    GDT Leafs vs Canes

    Yeesh. But anyway... they have a couple of tune up games left. If they ever wanted to dig deep now would be a good time.
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