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    Engvall 2 year extension

    All that playing as a kid has paid off...good for him
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    How Would You Fix This Team?

    I think we can pass on Uteck's insights given his record. If you were to pick one player on the whole team you were keeping, Matthews is the guy. It's not even close.
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    Doc J

    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    Among the shiftiest aspects of all this is, had that guy had to jump in the leafs net, the canes would still be scoring goals. Remember poor Kaskisuo getting thrown into the fire? Leafs didn’t even make an effort to help the kid. The canes, as a team, found a way to rally behind the guy, and good on them for it.
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    Wilma Fingerdo

    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    It took this team 53 years to make me feel embarrassed of being a fan. And.. boy oh boy.. they came close many times (1980's I'm looking at you). Congratulations Leafs,,, you did it tonight.
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    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    Fire Dubas to the fucking moon. I've never seen a team play with less fucking heart. The choke against Boston 8 years ago was less embarrassing. Tampa getting swept by Columbus was less embarrassing. The fucking Sharts blowing a 3-0 series lead was less fucking embarrassing than this garbage. Seriously I knew this team was soft, but this is some next level shit. What a group of fucking losers. Theres a reason the bottom 6 was double shifted. I haven't seen a group of higher paid fucking pussies play a sport since whenever the last time I watched the NBA was. Absolute garbage effort
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    Toronto Maple Leafs (26-17-7) @ Dallas Stars (28-17-4) 7:30 pm Zach 11 Hyman – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Alexander 15 Kerfoot – John 91 Tavares – Willy 88 Nylander Andreas 18 Johnsson – Pierre 47 Engvall – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Trevor 42 Moore – Frederik 33 Gauthier – Jason 19 Spezza Jake 8 Muzzin – Justin 3 Holl Travis 23 Dermott – Tyson 94 Barrie Rasmus 38 Sandin – Cody 83 Ceci Freddy 31 Andersen @ -Bags Jamie 14 Benn - Tyler 91 Seguin - Alexander 47 Radulov Denis 34 Gurianov - Josh 18 Dickinson - Joe 16 Pavelski Justin 37 Dowling - Radek 12 Faksa - Blake 15 Comeau Mattias 13 Janmark - Corey 10 Perry Esa 23 Lindell - Roman 45 Polak Jamie 2 Oleksiak - Miro 4 Heiskanen Andrej 5 Sekera - John 3 Klingberg - Taylor 42 Fedun Ben 30 Bishop ----------------------------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Dallas 175GF - 161GA (+14) -Goal Diff- 126GF - 120GA (+6) 23.9% - (6th) -Power Play- 19.1% - (21st) 76.6% - (25th) -Penalty Kill- 82.8% - (6th) 119 - (1st) -5v5 Goals- 76 - (30th) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 35 -Goals- Roope Hintz - 15 Mitchy Marner - 35 -Assists- Tyler Seguin - 26 Auston Matthews - 58 -Points- Tyler Seguin - 37 Jake Muzzi - 34 -PIM- Corey Perry - 54 Freddy Andersen - .910 -Save%- Ben Bishop - .927 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The leafs bagged a big 2 points and ride on outta Nashville, and straight on into Dallas. Yee-Fuck'n-Haw!! Despite an anemic offense, the D-bags will most assuredly be a tougher test for the buds. Helping the leafs cause, leading scorer Roope Hintz will be out of the lineup with an injury, and Andrew Cogliano is "a game time decision". Both were hurt in the previous game against Tampa, and if neither can go in this contest the stars will likely run with 7 D ( ). Hintz's dynamic offense will be missed as he leads the team with, -double checks notes-, 15 goals?! Fif-fucking-teen goals? Wowza. If that doesn't underscore the impotence of this dallas team, their 76 total 5v5 goals is second only to Det in raw suckage. That's so not good. The preview is pretty straight forward. If the game is played at even strength, the leafs should win. If the leafs can put up just 3 goals, you have to really like their chances. If, however it's an over-officiated, low event slog-fest, the leafs will be in the shit. Avoid the shit, light the lamp, get the points. GLG!!!!
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    Johnny's Home

    2019-20 Trade Deadline Thread

    And yet, they'll probably go past the first round of the playoffs before we do, lol. Yes, I'm in a snarky mood.
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    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    He's noticed current management's skill in the field of negotiation and cap management.
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    Yeah, let's arm wrestle about whether Freddy really really deserved the shutout or whether it was a gift from his always stalwart defense. It was a win, it was a shutout. Nuff said.
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    I don't see Marner being traded. Players like him just don't get moved very often but no, you wouldn't have to retain salary. There'd be a fucking lineup for him.
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    With all due respect, AM, fuck off with this. I've been a fan for 41 years, I've earned the right to be pissed off at this joke of an organization wasting my time.
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    puq says he leans towards having dubas fired. puq says he never criticizes dubas. puq says that was a really long time ago. posts were less than 3 months ago. puq says posts are out of context.
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    It's been a minute, but: Toronto Maple Leafs (25-17-7) @ Nashville child Predators (22-18-7) Bridgestone Arena, TN 8pm Zach 11 Hyman – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Pierre 47 Engvall – John 91 Tavares – Willy 88 Nylander Andreas 18 Johnsson – Alex 15 Kerfoot – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Trevor 42 Moore – Frederik 33 Gauthier – Jason 19 Spezza Jake 8 Muzzin – Justin 3 Holl Travis 23 Dermott – Tyson 94 Barrie Rasmus 38 Sandin – Cody 83 Ceci Freddy 31 Andersen vs Calle 19 Jarnkrok - Ryan 92 Johansen - Austin 51 Watson Filip 9 Forsberg - Matt 95 Duchene - Mikael 64 Granlund Rocco 23 Grimaldi - Nick 13 Bonino - Viktor 33 Arvidsson Colin 42 Blackwell - Kyle 8 Turris - Craig 15 Smith Roman 59 Josi - Yannick 7 Weber Mattias 14 Ekholm - Dante 57 Fabbro Dan 5 Hamhuis - Matt 52 Irwin Pekka 35 Rinne ------------------------------------------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Nashville 175GF - 161GA (+14) -Goal Diff- 155GF - 151GA (+4) 24.2% - (6th) -Power Play- 16.9% - (24th) 76.6% - (25th) -Penalty Kill- 73.6% - (29th) 115 - (3rd) -5v5 Goals- 110 - (7th) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 34 -Goals- Filip Porsberg - 16 Mitchy Marner - 34 -Assists- Roman Josi - 34 Auston Matthews - 57 -Points- Roman Josi - 48 Jake Muzzin - 34 -PIM- Austin Watson - 49 Freddy Andersen - .909 -Save%- Pekka Rinne - .899 ------------------------------------------------------------- The long, rather pointless break has finally ended as the leafs head to (really shitty) Music City to take on the Pedos. The leafs get some good news as they welcome back Jake Muzzin to the lineup. And even better, they bid goodbye to Marincin! Trevor Moore also returns, and will look to provide some energy from the 4th line. Make no mistake, this team from Tennessee is terrible. Forwards can't score. Goalie can't stop shit. Powerplay blows, and the kill is even worse. Hell, the leafs' kill looks competent by comparison. Every point is crucial at this stage. Securing both, against shitty last place teams is a must. No excuses. No mercy. No quarter. No means no. Now get out there and win one for the children!! GLG!!!
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    Fire Dubas Official Thread

    Good thing we're not playing against Ayers in any of those games.
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    Your 2020/2021 Toronto Maple Leafs

    He fell in love with Billy Ball. BTW do you know how many world series the A's have won using analytics? Exactly. But the cheaters managed to win. Moral of the story....sports is dog eat dog...it is no place for geeks.
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    How Would You Fix This Team?

    Is it possible that there just wasn't any players who played for the Soo available this deadline
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    How Would You Fix This Team?

    Marincin on the first rocketship to the sun would be nice.
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    Devin Weston

    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    Leafs lose 6-3 in what was a diabolical loss with the Carolina Hurricanes having an emergency backup goalie in net after having both Reimer and Mrazek go down with an injury. The first time in NHL history this has ever happened. I can't believe this. Actually, I can. It's the fucking Leafs. A zamboni driver who comes in as the emergency goalie, and Leafs still lose. WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You were one goal away from having this game in hand, and even with the advantage of the Canes being down to an emergency backup in net, you still fucking pissed it away. Pathetic, absofuckinglutely pathetic....and you call yourselves a playoff team? No, this isn't a playoff team, my friend. This is a team who has gotten by on being so much better than the competition, but now that they're not leaps and bounds better than anyone else, they're struggling mightily, and more often than not, they end up folding like a cheap suit. Usually, you see teams make strides to better themselves. You see them put in the effort night in and night out to get results. The Leafs....the Leafs are not doing that. They never learned how to work hard in order to kick it in to the next gear. They never bettered themselves as players and as a cohesive unit. What Dubas has here in front of him is what you call by definition, a paper tiger. So now, the excuses are over. We've fired Babcock and brought in Keefe as the guy behind the bench. That's step one of the troubleshooting process, but yet, this team continues to perpetually struggle, and now, it appears the team is getting exposed for exactly what they are. A team that quite frankly, is fundamentally and systematically flawed. In all my years of being a Leafs fan, I've been through tough losses. I've seen this team blow a 5-1 lead to the St. Louis Blues, as well as other countless leads. I've seen the game 7 meltdown against Boston. I've seen countless trades that have epicly blown up in our faces, but nothing....and I mean NOTHING compares to what happened last night. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a more pathetic display at the professional level than what we all witnessed last night. I shit you not. It was so bad that Dubas even stormed out of the box immediately after the 6th goal from the Canes, and can you blame him? I would too. If I were in Dubas' shoes, I'd have to call the team in for a meeting and read them the fucking RIOT act. What happened was unprecedented, and if this isn't a wake-up call for a turnaround or a shakeup for this group, I don't know what is. I've had it up to here with this shit. After this, we better be fucking selling at the deadline, because anything else is unacceptable imo, especially after a loss of this magnitude. There's no way this team ever recovers from this. *sigh* I've been one of the most patient and optimistic Leafs fans out there ever since the Leafs embraced the rebuild and became what was considered to be the most stacked Leafs team in ages, but now it's come to a point where my patience has run its limits. Seeing this team constantly bottling it game after game....putting up shitty performance after shitty performance, and now THIS? THIS is a Goddamn national embarrassment, and you maggots should be ashamed of yourselves! Each and every one of you (Andersen and Muzzin aside). I've given this team the benefit of the doubt. I've given them ample time to turn it around, but no more. Every ounce of optimism....every drop of hope I've had in this team is gone. I thought rock bottom was this season were the losses we had recently, but boy, did the Leafs ever top it off last night? I guess there is one bright spot in this game. Ayres became the first emergency backup goalie in history to record a win. Felt great for the guy and how the Canes embraced him. As for everything else about this game, I am absolutely sickened.
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    YOU sir are NEVER allowed to make predictions again. Every time you do, the polar opposite happens. First in 2012 you tell us this the best team you've seen. They proceed to 18 wheel off the cliff. Win the 2nd overall pick. But can't draft because they traded the pick to the Boston Fucking Bruins. Then you tell us that not only is Phil Kessel not tradeable, no team can win a Cup with him. Not only does he get traded, he wins two Cups, and puts in a Conn Smythe playoff performance. Finally, and this is probably the encore of a lifetime, the prediction in this thread about this season. Look at what you've done mate. We're a worldwide punchline now.
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    Wilma Fingerdo

    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    Is it ok to post my website that sells pitchforks and torches here? I'd like to retire early.
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    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    Hey thank god we got Dennis Malgin to spark a line with 18 million dollars on it
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    Dog Taker

    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    tbh, maybe they shouldve kept babcock. there is something really wrong with these players, and at least babcock would continue to be psychologically abusive to them.
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    I'm going to survive this only by setting reasonable expectations. I predict we are down by 2 at the end of the first, down by 6 at the end of the second. The third? Who's going to be watching the third period?
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    Toronto Maple Leafs (31-21-8) at Pittsburgh Penguins (36-15-6) 7:00 p.m. Jason 16 Zucker - Sidney 87 Crosby - Dominik 12 Simon Jared 19 McCann - Evgeni 71 Malkin -Bryan 17 Rust Zach 46 Aston-Reese - Teddy 53 Blueger - Brandon 13 Tanev Sam 37 Lafferty - Andrew 26 Agozzino - Patric 72 Hornqvist Jack 3 Johnson - Kris 58 Letang Marcus 28 Pettersson - Justin 4 Schultz Juuso 50 Riikola - Chad 2 Ruhwedel Matt 30 Murray vs Willy 88 Nylander – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Alexander 15 Kerfoot – John 91 Tavares – Zach 11 Hyman Pierre 47 Engvall – Frederik 33 Gauthier – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Kyle 73 Clifford – Jason 19 Spezza – Dymytro 41 Timashov Jake 8 Muzzin – Justin 3 Holl Travis 23 Dermott – Tyson 94 Barrie Rasmus 38 Sandin – Martin 52 Marincin Freddy 31 Andersen ---------------------------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Pittsburgh 199GF - 183GA (+16) -Goal Diff- 188GF - 152GA (+36) 24.8% - (3rd) -Power Play- 20.5% - (14th) 77.9% - (23rd) -Penalty Kill- 82.5% - (8th) 138 - (1st) -5v5 Goals- 128 - (7th) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 42 -Goals- Bryan Rust - 22 Mitchy Marner - 45 -Assists- Evgeni Malkin - 40 Auston Matthews - 71 -Points- Evgeni Malkin - 58 Jake Muzzin - 36 -PIM- Evgeni Malkin - 40 Freddy Andersen - .907 -Save%- Matt Murray - .904 ------------------------------------------------- The leafs are in Shittsburg tonight as they take on those comic, flightless, web-footed little bastards in black and yellow. The leafs will need to up their game as the schedule gets tougher for the next couple of weeks. As noted above, the lineup has seen still more changes as Goat and Timo are back in, with the Goat centering Engvall and Kap. Also, for reasons that continue to elude me, Marinshit is back in, with Lily headed to the pressbox. Let's hope the shake ups (if they stay intact) have the intended effect and we see a more complete effort from the boys in blue & white. Let's shit on the 'burgh, and head home with the 2 pts. GLG!!!
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    For the third time AM. Perry is on the goddamn Stars. You've been trying to trade for him since we played the Ducks last week.
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    Well today is Wendels 5th Birthday. Pretty sure he wishes Andersen to bounce back to shut up some of you fuckers. Expect a win. GO LEAFS! GO FREDDY!
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    I think Campbell will be a positive influence on Freddie. Instead of Freddie knowing he's number one and they likely lose a game if he doesn't play or gets pulled, he now has to outplay Campbell, but doesn't have to worry as much about a bad game. I'd much rather have that headspace. Hope I'm right.
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    The fucking dressing room cancer won it for us.
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    Holy fuck. This is Dwight AKA Christian. I'm about 90% sure of this. Call off the wolves @AoR
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    Wilma Fingerdo

    Your 2019/2020 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Mike Litorus ??? Wtf. Was his close source Mike Hunt?
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    AWWW SHIT! ......... Here we go again! Here are five things you should know about the Canadiens-Maple Leafs game at the Bell Centre Saturday (7 p.m, CBC, TVA Sports, TSN 590 Radio). The matchup: This is a must-win game for both teams as they attempt to stay in contention for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The Leafs, who defeated the Anaheim Ducks 5-4 in overtime Friday night to move into third place in the Atlantic Division with 65 points and they have opened a six-point lead on Montreal. This is the third of four meetings between these rivals and the Canadiens won the first two. They were 6-5 shootout winners in Toronto on Oct. 5 and beat the Leafs 5-2 in Montreal on Oct. 26. The goaltenders: The Canadiens have won eight of their last 11 starts and Carey Price has led the way with seven wins in nine games. Price has played 45 of the Canadiens’ 56 games and is on pace to play at least 65 games, but the Canadiens have no choice but to play him in every game because he gives them the best chance to win. The good news is that the Canadiens have only two more back-to-back situations. Frederik Andersen won’t play this weekend and newcomer Jack Campbell may get back-to-back starts for Toronto. Tatar keeps streak alive: Tomas Tatar was dealing with the flu Thursday night, but he insisted on playing against Anaheim and he picked up an assist to extend his consecutive-game points streak to six games with three goals and five assists. Tatar is the Canadiens’ leader in goals (20), assists (31) and points (51) and is on pace to shatter his career-high 58 points, which he racked up last season. Medical updates: A flu bug has been running through the Canadiens ‘ dressing room and there will be several game-time decisions for coach Claude Julien. Tatar, Jordan Weal, Victor Mete and Ryan Poehling all skipped practice Friday because they were under the weather. Jonathan Drouin, who hasn’t played since Nov. 15, took Tatar’s spot on the top line and on the power play, but there was no confirmation he’ll face the Leafs. Defencemen Cody Ceci and Morgan Rielly are both on the injured reserve list for the Maple Leafs, who are one of the worst defensive teams in the NHL. Watch out for Matthews: Auston Matthews is the Maple Leafs’ leading scorer with 68 points, including 40 goals, which ties him with Alex Ovechkin for the lead in the race for the Maurice Richard Trophy. Matthews has been particularly effective against the Canadiens, with 12 goals and five assists in 13 games. Mitch Marner has scored 56 points this season and is among the NHL leaders with 43 assists. Other major contributors to the NHL’s fourth-best offence are William Nylander, who has collected 24 goals and 24 assists, and John Tavares, who checks in with 22 goals and 25 assists. Tavares scored the overtime winner Friday night on a power play. https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/leafs-at-canadiens-five-things-you-should-know Maple Leafs projected lineup Andreas Johnsson -- Auston Matthews -- Mitchell Marner Alexander Kerfoot -- John Tavares -- Zach Hyman Kyle Clifford -- Jason Spezza -- Kasperi Kapanen Dmytro Timashov -- Frederik Gauthier -- Pierre Engvall Travis Dermott -- Tyson Barrie Jake Muzzin -- Justin Holl Rasmus Sandin -- Timothy Liljegren Jack Campbell Michael Hutchinson Scratched: Martin Marincin Injured: Ilya Mikheyev (wrist laceration), Morgan Rielly (fractured foot), Cody Ceci (ankle), Frederik Andersen (neck), William Nylander (illness) Canadiens projected lineup Tomas Tatar -- Phillip Danault -- Brendan Gallagher Ilya Kovalchuk -- Nick Suzuki -- Joel Armia Jonathan Drouin -- Max Domi -- Artturi Lehkonen Nick Cousins -- Nate Thompson -- Dale Weise Brett Kulak -- Jeff Petry Ben Chiarot -- Victor Mete Marco Scandella -- Xavier Ouellet Carey Price Charlie Lindgren Scratched: Christian Folin, Jordan Weal, Jake Evans Injured: Shea Weber (lower body), Paul Byron (knee)
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    Toronto Maple Leafs (28-18-7) at New York Rangers (25-22-4) 7:30 p.m. Phil 28 Di Giuseppe - Mika 93 Zibanejad - Pavel 89 Buchnevich Artemi 10 Panarin - Ryan 16 Strome - Jesper 17 Fast Brett 21 Howden - Filip 72 Chytil - Kaapo 24 Kakko Brendan 48 Lemieux - Gregg 14 McKegg - Brendan 42 Smith Brady 76 Skjei - Adam 23 Fox Ryan 55 Lindgren - Jacob 8 Trouba Marc 18 Staal - Anthony 77 DeAngelo Igor 31 Shesterkin vs Zach 11 Hyman – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Alexander 15 Kerfoot – John 91 Tavares – Willy 88 Nylander Andreas 18 Johnsson – Pierre 47 Engvall – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Dymytro 41 Timashov – Jason 19 Spezza – Trevor 42 Moore Jake 8 Muzzin – Justin 3 Holl Travis 23 Dermott – Tyson 94 Barrie Rasmus 38 Sandin – Cody 83 Ceci Micheal 30 Hutchinson ------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Rangers 190GF - 172GA (+18) -Goal Diff- 166GF - 164GA (+2) 24.8% - (5th) -Power Play- 23.5% - (7th) 77% - (25th) -Penalty Kill- 78.1% - (22nd) 125 - (2nd) -5v5 Goals- 104 - (16th) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 37 -Goals- Artemi Panarin - 27 Mitchy Marner - 39 -Assists- Artemi Panarin - 44 Auston Matthews - 62 -Points- Artemi Panarin - 71 Jake Muzzin - 34 -PIM- Brendan Lemeiux - 89 Micheal Hutchinson - .886 -Save%- Igor Shesterkin - .927 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The leafs hit the road and roll into the big crapple for a 7:30 showdown with the Rags. Coming off yet another letdown against FLA leaves the buds with no room for error, and makes tonight's points crucial. The Rags are going with their shiny, hot prospect in goal this evening. No, the other one. Which of course means that after he plays well against the leafs we can all look forward to the plethora of Nylander/Kapanen/Johnsson for Shesterkin proposals. Won't that be nice? Speaking of goaltending, the leafs are in tough with Andersen out with a neck injury. But never fear. Provided the leafs stick to coach Keefe's plan of allowing exactly 0.0 shots on goal tonight, things will go swimmingly. The next couple of weeks see the leafs get a slate of games against baby-shit-soft competition, and they simply have to cash in. Nailing down both points is a must. Injuries and/or excuses are for sucks. GLG!! and, as always:
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    I don't think anyone is "anti-gritz" in terms of a 4th liner. People are "anti-gritz" in terms of trading a Nylander for a Kassian or something of that nature.
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    He's on the ice for more shot attempts for than against, fewer shots are directed towards his team's net when he's on the ice, and he maintains possession well. He has a positive impact on the ice. He's an upgrade over Moore defensively. His PDO (shooting % + save percentage) is at a career low. That's largely because his 6.7 S% is the lowest he's put up since 2014-15 and Quick is garbage. He wasn't brought in for his offence so I wouldn't worry about that.
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    I'm a follower of the Kings as well as the Leafs. Clifford is that guy that will defend a teammate and can put in a solid 4th line shift, contribute a goal now and then. You can't expect much offensively from him but he's a good team player and something that's missing on this squad.
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    Ok, now bring up Liljegren and demote Ceci
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    Toronto Maple Leafs (27-17-7) vs Ottawa Senators (18-24-9) Brady 7 Tkachuk - Jean-Gabriel 44 Pageau - Connor 28 Brown Vladislav 90 Namestnikov - Chris 71 Tierney - Anthony 10 Duclair Tyler 63 Ennis - Colin 36 White - Drake 19 Batherson Filip 78 Chlapik - Artem 51 Anisimov - Scott 49 Sabourin Thomas 72 Chabot - Ron 81 Hainsey Mike 74 Reilly - Dylan 2 DeMelo Mark 5 Borowiecki - Nikita 22 Zaitsev Craig 41 Anderson Zach 11 Hyman – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Alexander 15 Kerfoot – John 91 Tavares – Willy 88 Nylander Andreas 18 Johnsson – Pierre 47 Engvall – Jason 19 Spezza Dymytro 41 Timashov – Frederik 33 Gauthier – Trevor 42 Moore Jake 8 Muzzin – Justin 3 Holl Martin 52 Marincin – Tyson 94 Barrie Rasmus 38 Sandin – Cody 83 Ceci Micheal 30 Hutchinson ------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Ottawa 185GF - 166GA (+19) -Goal Diff- 141GF - 170GA (-29) 23.9% - (6th) -Power Play- 19.1% - (21st) 76.6% - (25th) -Penalty Kill- 81% - (8th) 123 - (1st) -5v5 Goals- 90 - (23rd) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 36 -Goals- Anthony Duclair - 15 Mitchy Marner - 37 -Assists- Thomas Chabot - 26 Auston Matthews - 60 -Points- Anthony Duclair - 34 Jake Muzzi - 34 -PIM- Brady Tkachuk - 54 Micheal Hutchinson - .885 -Save%- Craig Anderson - .908 -------------------------------------- Short and sweet as the doc is stuck at work till game time: Ottawa sucks. A lot. The leafs don't. It's really that simple fellas. Get hutch another W, and put 2 more pts in the bank. F Ottawa. GLG!!!
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    I for one am glad to see him find his groove. Yes he used to just button hook along the boards and stay clear of the front of the net but now,...He is parking himself fin front of the net and showing tons of confidence. His breakout speed is awesome and his hockey sense has grown along with his balls. Great contract.
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    Ok, Zaitsev, Hainsey, Ennis, Brown. A guy named Anderson. A guy named Reilly. It's some alternate universe Leafs team.
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    Muzzin Re-signed

    My god, chill out. Think happy thoughts, like Kyle Dubas showing up at your door, Naked.
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    How Would You Fix This Team?

    Just really pissed off at how a team /our team could rebound against the pens and look like clowns the next game? As far as I am concerned, as you said (which I said many times before) but this team lacks grit/grind/battle modes and all their excuses are always the same "we have to look in the mirror" ect.... If they look in the mirror...they see clowns/clown shows, so they really don't look in the mirror to gain heart,..they probably look in the mirror and build up a tear and feel sorry for themselves. The Dubas plan isn't working, the collection of basically the same type of players and system they apply is not working, and the team cannot support each other and rebound with proudness for even two games in a row, so they can all row, row , row their boat , cause it is sinking. I took the trade deadline day off about a month ago and now I really look forward to it. I wouldn't give a shit if Marner is gone, Nylander, JT, Matthews, or anyone for that matter. I'm so pissed that Dubas should fire Keefe, slap Babcock back behind the bench so these weasels somehow try to slide outta their contracts. Yes, the blood is boiling now, but who can we really trust now to lead this team, be it a captain, a GM, or a president (depending on what gets done) It would be a total miracle if they as a groupget over it and personally I hate the thought of what just happened before the deadline and I hope Dubas doesn't think that ...well we hit rock bottom, everything else should be looking up type of thing, but there is definately a lack of trust issue going on between my ears and heart with this team the way it has been constructed. Bunch of fucking babies that need their milk warmed. Milk sop mutha fuckers!
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    Dog Taker

    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    im just saying, this season is over. a team that cant beat a fucking minor league zamboni driver will not win a playoff round, so who cares. trading a player or two tomorrow won’t change that either.
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    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    Yeah, the only bright spot for me tonight was Ayres. Felt great for the guy and liked the way the Canes treated him. As for everything else, I feel sickened.
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    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    I'm worried that Dubas has no idea to build an actual hockey team. Like sure, he can bust out his calculator and crunch some stats and maybe make a decent move value wise, but numbers don't fucking play hockey. Hockey players play hockey. You can't sink your whole cap into 4 skilled players. This team is in a bad spot. A very bad spot. And I don't think Dubas is the guy to get us to a good spot. There are some big moves that need to be made to fix this dumpster fire
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    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    Streams: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-night-in-canada/desktop-hnic-live-stream-car-tor-1.5469546 https://nhl66.ir/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfJFFNY7_8g
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    Tired: Malkin Inspired: Malgin. Can't wait until Dubas trades for Connor McMichael next.
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    Kyle Dubas

  48. 4 points

    Leafs acquire Malgin.

    Again, it’s absurd to take this as anything. Stop pouting like a bunch of whining babies
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    Ok. So 40-ish hours max until a big shakeup. I trust Mike Litorus.
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    my bad about complaining about marner. he might not be 10.9, but he's still amazing. i was just pissed off because i was just about to start cooking some turkey chili and i was out of worcestershire sauce, so i had to go back out to the grocery store.
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