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    Things have been way too tense around here lately... so lets have a little fun while we're making fun of each other for a change... We've done this before, but not for a long long time... it's Name your Leafs Connected dream team... here's mine. 1st Line: TieClark - loxcane - Cujo A blend of agitation and grit... and because it works so damn well when we do it on a video game. Plus you always have to have a lazy guy on the first line right? 2nd Line: Victorqvist - Sypher04 - mtlleafsfan Oh look at me I live in Toronto, I have a condo, blah blah blah. I through mtl in there to protect you guys when your Mason Raymond levels of toughness and finesse get you into trouble. He's like Dave Semenko with a rage problem. 3rd Line: Humper - calico - Solid Snake A couple savvy vets to calm things down when things get out of hand. I even through Yim Yames in there because he has experience with the.... experienced. 4th Line: noize - Anger Management - thedude Everyone needs a little energy on their team right. A few dudes to go out there and do the dirty work. Get everyone a little pissed off and in the game. Turn up the tempo and then sit back and watch the chaos unfold before you. 1st Pairing: NFK - Armster A little bit of hall of fame, no nonsense, safe minutes back there from this level headed pairing. 2nd Pairing: Rockweiler - the can opener As Dick Duff was once quoted as saying. You know those Sudbury boys are gonna play their hearts out there for you. This gruesome twosome corrects your grammar while they do it. 3rd Pairing: Debaser - doctorkong Brian Burke left these guys behind from when he tried to make the whole team American and now we can't get rid of them. Wtf? Starting Goaltender: tbnl You know he's always good for a shutout! shutout! shutout! Backup Goaltender: Doc J Because who else would you call on to rock a ball cap and pout? Head Coach: Jodiju(or whatever the fuck you call yourself these days) With a Punch Imlach hat and a bowtie, he looks stylish while telling us why we're all wrong.
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    The fact that @@uteck doesn't like it actually makes this news BETTER.
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    If you assholes would stop quoting him I would skip 100% of his posts
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    Fuck sake, is one uteck not enough? Now this guy too?
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    Problems with the Ex

    What was it like being married in the 1800s? Did you two churn butter together? ... That sounds really dirty, reading it back.
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    Barilko's Ghost

    Leafs get Bernier!

    I mean, a boat is a boat, but the mystery box could be anything! IT COULD EVEN BE A BOAT!!!! You know how much we've always wanted one of those!
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    A message to all our membership

    As I'm sure everyone has noticed, of late there has been an increase in thread derailment, baiting and flame wars throughout the boards. In the interest of improving the experience for everyone here at LC, our moderation staff has been instructed to take the necessary actions to curb the issue. We are not looking to assign blame here. We are however asking that each and every member, both new to our site and long standing, take a moment to consider how their post contributes to a thread before submitting it. LeafsConnected has always been a community built upon the idea of allowing freedom of speech, and continuing with that we won't stop you from trading barbs in legitimate debates, or calling out your peer over a stupid comment they made. Off topic posts, stalking and overtly antagonistic behaviour however doesn't improve the quality of discussion or experience here for anyone. We are all capable of better.
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    Comment I saw elsewhere on trading Lupul. "if you're cleaning the cupboard, it makes sense to move the glassware out first".
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    Gleason placed on unconditional waivers

    ^ Way to go Mirtle. James Mirtle ‏@mirtle 9m The Leafs have now bought out six players since 2008 for total of nearly $32-million. Only the Devils have bought out more.
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    Show Your Face

    I guess if we are playing the throwback game then this is the youngest picture I have on my laptop. Christmas when I was 8 or 9 I think. This was the best christmas present I ever got. Even moreso now when I found out how much effort my parents went to getting that to Scotland. Good times
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    Leafs sign Marleau

    Marleau-Matthews-Nylander can totally happen omg
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    Draft Party 2015 Maple Leaf Square LOL

    I honestly think Doug Maclean is in fact Doug MacLean. Has no idea how to build a team, has no idea of trade value, doesn't think the draft is important and has a record of making idiotic statements. The evidence mounts.
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    I draw the line at trading Jokinen
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    Gay porn subscription on its way
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    Show Your Face

    Time to add another member to the married club! (we have one of those, right?)
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    Kontiola? Leafs waiting on leg wand

    What's a leg wand? Sounds erotic?
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    Free Willy!

    William Nylander should not come up to the NHL this season. He's awesome, let him lead a winning team down the stretch and into postseason.
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    Why everyone hates Leafs fans. Exhibit A
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    James Mirtle ‏@mirtle 2m ago
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    Everyday things that piss you off

    As of yesterday, Taylor Swift gifs
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    Our greatest concern is that we have too many concerns to be concerned about one thing. It's quite... concerning
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    Leafs Forum Nostalgia

    The only name that would be less surprising would've been Pervert6969
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    it doesn't matter really. we'll probably finish dead last and lose out on all 3 lottery draws, ending up with the 4th pick
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    I registered on the TML message boards less than a couple months ago and witnessed first hand how people there treat each other. From my short stint there i could see there are some good people there with quality posts but unfortunately i got the vibe that there were more degenerates than anything else. Believe it or not i acually came across this community this morning by googling "Toronto Maple Leafs Community offline", which led me to "So much for peace love sharing and community". One thing led to another and I figured I might as well register.
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    Show Your Face

    I wouldn't say that with AM lurking around here
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