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    You laugh, you lose. Epic edition.

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    The refs are just doing the best job they know how to do. Relax.
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    Impaired driving and new laws

    Are you actually retarded?
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    Do you like our goal song?

    It is literally the best goal song of all time.
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    Ohhhhh two games? You'd be exhausted too if you had to carry Johnsson and dead Kapanen on your line in all zones. Fans are morons.
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    Past 2 games Matthews looks completely disinterested. He definitely is looking lazy right now
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    Right? They can't be right 100% of the time. Maybe the have some personal things going on?
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    Kapanen lol. See @Anger Management bitching can help
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    Semyon Aleksandrovich Varlamov is getting a shutout tonight. SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT! Семён Александрович Варламов получаю отсрочку сегодня вечером. ВЫКЛЮЧЕНИЕ ВЫКЛЮЧЕНИЕ!
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    I did. The profile is still there, well over an hour later. This person messaged me and tried to link me to an incest-porn website, FWIW. The Niagara Regional Police are en route to take a statement. I don't care for the police, but I prefer them to paedophiles.
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    Excellent value there. Wouldn't surprise me to see him take Brown's spot next season.
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    I can't wait until we beat them in the playoffs and you can all stfu.
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    Fuck, just shut up already. Zaitsev is god awful. Everyone can see it.
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    I kind of want Tie Domi to hop the boards for one shift to elbow Marchand in the head.
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    Stream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq5YdEi-mXk&feature=youtu.be
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    Me. Bought about 50 CDs last year and 25 records. Much prefer to have something physical. Spotify is good for when i'm on the move but at home I like to sit down and listen to an album. Back to the question, I have a copy of 2 unlimited's "Get Ready" on cassette still. Also Capella's U got 2 Know. I seemed to go through a Eurodance phase in my teens. I had a bit of a crush on the singer of capella, i think it was the eyes. I won't say what attracted me to the singer of 2 unlimited.
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    Matthews is over a point per game this season. His career goals per game would rank him 2nd amongst current active players (behind Ovechkin). But his recent play is costing him money.
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    Veganuary 2019

    This is the future. I love seeing stuff like this cropping up everywhere. Only thing I haven't looked into is energy cost/usage. Which can be mitigated in the future with improving technology.
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    Cracked did a whole article on Ace of Base being neo-Nazis. http://www.cracked.com/blog/how-90s-pop-band-secretly-sold-nazism-to-america/ They weren't even really all that secretive about it.
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    The Most Embarrassing Album You Own?

    I mean, to me it's not embarrassing, but I'm told it is, I own a DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince album. I also own all the backstreet boys albums.