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    I will be called to the Bar on January 25, 2019. Hoorah. Fucking finally.
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    Dude, I was called to the bar Tuesday night.
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    3 straight wins It's becoming clear that Matthews is the problem.
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    Matthews injury

    He's suffering from Atlas syndrome. Sore shoulders from carrying this team since he was drafted.
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    I think it's half a case of encouraging some other guys to step up and not wait for Matthews to magic up another goal out of nothing. Get to the basics and just make decent plays too. No need to get too fancy.
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    Of course, I'll also have to say a complimentary "suck it Hughson and Simpson".
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    Blocking Shots and the PK

    Apparently blocking a shot is the only way to prevent the other team from scoring. Here I was thinking things like hitting, taking away passing lanes, tying up sticks, etc, mattered..
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    Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Joining the Habs, I think he's only 5th ever goalie to play for 3 teams in a season. Nobody has done 4. Still lots of season left to be played. Ironically, Jim Rutherford was the first.
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    Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Babcock says Matthews skated on his own before practice, Bozak maintenance day, Nylander illness.
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    I think playing with Hainsey has done wonders for him. Hainsey is rock solid back their and Rielly can play more offensive this year.
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    Now don't go and Jinx it on us.
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    Mc's been fine tonight. Faced 38 shots, 1 goal allowed that wasn't his fault. Not bad for a guy who's played 2 games so far this year. You two need to fuck off already.
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    What's For Dinner

    Homemade chicken and sausage gumbo. It was tough to find file powder and andoullie sausage, and by tough I mean I couldn't, but some good smoked sausage from the market sufficed. Full on Louisiana style roux. It was giving fantastic. Worth the effort. Served with rice and homemade cornbread.
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    The game winner was a great three way play at the end, but Marner definitely got it going. Nice to see him starting to look like Slick Mitchy again. JVR said it best after the game too, it's not about shoot first or pass first, it's about making the right play. Both passes were the right play.
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    Matthews injury

    It's bad dude. Real bad.
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    he's been really good since Babcock dropped him to fourth line. He did the same thing with Nylander last season and it worked out also.
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    Yeah I was falling asleep during portions of this game but HOLY FUCK WAY TO GO MARNER!!!!!!!! Just watch Marner get going now! ALSO FUCK YOU BOSTON! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU BOSTON!
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    Thanks. You're all invited to the post-Call rampage.
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    You laugh, you lose. Epic edition.

    Poor bastard.
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    I'm really concerned about the amount of dicks Laine has been eating, but some things are beyond our control.
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    ACC to be renamed

    I'm going to call it the ACC and/ or The Hangar for far longer than "The Scotia" is going to like.
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    ACC to be renamed

    I still call it the skydome.
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    Mitch Mattlander

    Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    You can tell the game is at Montreal. Dubinsky gets high sticked in the faceoff circle and the ref kicks him out for bleeding.
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    2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    Back in the day, old Billy Smith would give the guy a good two hander, if someone bumped him. Back then, men were men, and Sheep stood nervous.
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    lol .. you realize "their" would still be wrong too, right? "they are always playing politics"
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    Ya no question Gardiner hasn't been himself in my mind if we are taking the last two seasons, especially the last one, into consideration. He started off strong but really has taken a step back. Just seems clumsy. Hoping it's just a rough patch because last year's Gards made this team much better.
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    Yep and not much more needs to be said either as after last night I'm pretty sure Hughson and Simpson slurped him all up.
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    Mac played very well tonight can't ask for much more from your backup
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    I'm not even entirely convinced faceoffs were an issue that needed fixing this year to begin with. But whatevers
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    Tuukka Mikael Rask is getting a shutout tonight. SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT!
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    Who cares if Marner scores goals or not? why is this a thing? Look at his passing. The tying and OT goals were all him. Holding up to let Gardiner get in position, the fake shotpass thing. What a beast.
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    It’s actually incredible how much better this broadcast is with Cuthbert and Ferraro over Romacock and Millen.
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    What a game to witness in person, definitely worth the price of admission.
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    2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    I just read his comments. Guy can dive his way to an early playoff exit again. What a chump
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    2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    This bullshit of Goalies getting to dive all over the place needs to end. Holtby just took a dive to take away a goal. There's an embellishment penalty. Start fucking calling it on these floppers already. I fucking hate goalies sometimes. Fucking babies
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    And he's not consistent on a regular basis, and he's not that great to begin with, but ya...fuck me for not like seeing him take almost 40 shots tonight in a close game...
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    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    Hope solo's sexually disturbing thoughts and prayers go out to other alleged victims as well.
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    Framework for Marijuana Bill

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    Mass Shooting in Texas

    Have they changed the gun laws in America since Vegas?