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    Why the hell are the 1st place in the entire league preds looking to make massive overhauls of their roster exactly? What is this hockey buzz?
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    Al Nadir

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    If you've got the cash, whoever you want me to be.
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    A lot of people have short memories... Ceci was considered a great up and comer like 2 seasons ago. It’s not exactly shocking he struggled with the sens team they’ve had the last couple years
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    orrrrrrrr we could turn it into hangbear add a leg for every leafs win rough draft:
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    Not bad for a kid who’s 11 inches shorter and 68 pounds lighter. Fuck off Chara you fucking fossil.
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Holy, okay, I don't even know where to begin. So, a few hours ago I received a message on FB from an old friend, someone who I haven't spoken to since basically elementary school. Even then, we were only somewhat close when we were maybe 7 or 8 years old. I hadn't seen them, spoke to them, nothing ever since. Even in the upper elementary grades, we never really spoke much. I can't even recall speaking to them in high school, either. He had a tough upbringing, basically became ostracized by the peer, you know how mean kids are. The message? I think I am going to kill myself today and thanking me for not being a bully. I never saw the message at first and I stumble upon it while deleting FB games messages. So, it was 2 hours past when I got the initial message. I message back and got a quick response. At this point, I'm thinking "wtf am I do?" My girlfriend who was with me convinces me to call 911. I did. I responded to him in the mean time, trying to bring up some good memories. Anyways, he had moved, I was able to find out to which city (he told me) which meant another police department became involved. They went over to his house and took him to the hospital. The cop called me and said he was drunk and messaging other people as well and they're going to the hospital. It was a quick response, maybe 30-40 minutes from my initial call to when the cop had called me. In the meantime, I, never being in a situation like this was googling how to respond properly, what to do. We tried even calling the suicide hotline to get advice. We were ON HOLD. I can't imagine if someone, who was actually suicidal, had called them, what that would do to them. Its crazy to me, how, someone I haven't spoken to in almost 15 years, and was only sorta-close when I was 7, had messaged me and remembered a few things we had done as friends. I don't even think I was a good person, I was one of the assholes too in elementary, yet, I guess I wasn't anywhere near what others had done to him. That those memories from that long ago were the positive ones he had remembered and brought up. That no matter how small an impact you have on someone, it hopefully is always a positive one. I guess the whole situation just puts things into perspective. I know many of you struggle with your own battles and have found solitude through here. I can't begin to understand the level of pain and difficulty one goes through and I almost felt... useless in the moment, particularly in how to respond. End of the day, I guess you just have to be the best you and continue to hopefully treat others well in order to be that 1 bright light in their lives.
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Just to let you know my Dad died peacefully on Monday evening in Bracebridge. Gord lived a long (95 years) and worthwhile life, and was well liked and respected by those who had contact with him. He was a great father, an upstanding guy, and the life of the party with a wacky sense of humor. I am so very sad that he is gone, but happy for all the great experiences we shared over so many years. How this relates to Leafs Connected is that Gord – perhaps like some of your Dads – was the catalyst for my love of hockey and specifically the Maple Leafs. He himself was a natural athlete (something my genes missed by a mile) who excelled at many different sports. But for him, hockey was the one that really counted. By the late 1930s he was playing defense for the Toronto Native Sons in the OHA Junior A league. Following his first season he enlisted in the Canadian Navy and served through WWII, effectively eliminating any possible chance for a hockey career. Fast forward to the 1959 playoffs. The Leafs - unbeknownst to me while I had been clipping pictures of my favorite players from the newspaper – had been cellar lurkers for a few years. But in late March they squeezed past the Blackhawks for the final playoff spot. In the first (semi-final) series they came back to Toronto down the first two games to the Bruins. Gord scored two tickets and we went to MLG for the third game. The noise of the crowd, the speed of the play, the ferocity of the hits, the way the nets bulged when scored on was like a hockey kaleidoscope gone crazy. Not to mention big Frank Mahovlich scoring the winner in OT. This eleven year old kid was instantly hooked forever. Gord and I watched many more games, both live and on TV. We built rinks in the backyard and played marathon games with what seemed like half the neighborhood. So that is the genesis of why I am here today with you odd but wonderful bunch of beauties. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My little brother, Dad and me. The black female is not my Mom. Apparently check patterns were all the rage in 1957. BTW, Leafs won that Boston series in 7 games, then lost the final to the Habs in 5.
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I remain the sole "Indian"
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    Todd must be dead inside.
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    I have buddies who are still thinking about getting back with their old Girlfriends too.
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    Simmons on TO...Sounds About Right

    Hot take: leafs fans are idiots
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    My Grandfather's not in good condition, so I won't be able to do a full GDT today. Toronto Maple Leafs Patrick Marleau -- Auston Matthews -- Kasperi Kapanen Zach Hyman -- John Tavares -- Mitchell Marne Par Lindholm -- Nazem Kadri -- Connor Brown Josh Leivo -- Frederik Gauthier -- Tyler Ennis Morgan Rielly -- Ron Hainsey Jake Gardiner -- Nikita Zaitsev Travis Dermott -- Martin Marincin Frederik Andersen Garrett Sparks Detroit Red Wings Justin Abdelkader -- Dylan Larkin -- Anthony Mantha Michael Rasmussen -- Frans Nielsen -- Tyler Bertuzzi Thomas Vanek -- Andreas Athanasiou -- Gustav Nyquist Darren Helm -- Luke Glendening -- Christoffer Ehn Danny DeKeyser -- Filip Hronek Libor Sulak -- Joe Hicketts Nick Jensen -- Niklas Kronwall Jimmy Howard Jonathan Bernier
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    Why do you type like a psychopath?
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    Pre-season GDT Leafs vs Sens in NFLD.

    That's for Affluent...
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    Agreed. If I hear him whine about his roster again this year I'll lose it. The management here has provided you an embarassment of riches. You're the highest paid coach in the NHL. Figure it out.
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    Amount of icings we saw were ridiculous. An underrated part of the Leafs defensive struggles. You allow more shots the more time you give opponents in your end. And having so many face offs in your end does just that. Barrie was 2nd best dman in icing +/-(meaning he's been on ice for way more icings by the opposition than icings of his own team). Hainsey -12 Zaitsev -29 Gardiner -6 Ozhiganov -7 Dermott +19 Rielly +14 Barrie +54 Ceci -4 Muzzin -9 (not sure about what splits are for Leafs vs Kings, but I'd imagine Zaitsev pairing brought him down) Interestingly enough, of our top 9 forwards last year, Kapanen,Marleau,Brown are the only forwards who were in negative icing +/-. Our big negatives came from the 4th line. So a tired 4th line with likely Zaitsev and Hainsey on D for icings is just begging for the opponents to score.
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    Johnny's Home

    Fire Mike Babcock

    I'm honestly baffled. Loses to Boston, AGAIN, and keeps making excuses. Had multiple chances to bury these guys, screwed it up every time. Still makes excuses. Gives his best player and one of the top young guns in the game the 35th most ice time in the playoffs, makes more excuses.
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    Leafs vs Bruins Series Thread

    let's fucking do it boys. just fucking win buds all day!
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    He's been our best player this series. But right now, I'm giving Gardiner some serious props. Zaitsev too. They are stepping up huge.
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    Why are we bringing cock size into this?
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    Al Nadir

    Site cost

    That's awesome, Uteck. . I don't agree with a lot of what you post (mostly politics) but your generosity towards the site should help to dispel the thought process that you're just a troll. The fact that you're sending in a sizable contribution indicates how much you love this site; good on ya's mate!
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    Muzzin to Leafs

    Since you are all waiting uteck gives this trade his red seal of approval. Gave up what will likely amount to nothing for a really solid DMan in Muzzin.
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    We haven't even seen Willy's best. Talking in absolutes about a 22 year old. How many other regular wingers that have played with Matthews have 60+ points?
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    2018-19 Trade Thread

    The advantage of trading with CAR is that we never have to worry about facing whoever we trade to them in the postseason. Ever.
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    It would be nice to see a little bit of intensity and a spark or two of motivation from the Leafs tonight, over and above their natural talent. And when I say "a little bit" and a "spark or two", I mean a FUCKING SHITLOAD FOR SIXTY FUCKIN MINUTES. Thank you in advance.
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    I'm glad for all you guys that are good at math and can break it down for us dumb people. All I know is he's back on the team and this team is really fucking good.
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    I think we've all had enough of the Nylander situation. Me personally though, I have even less patience for Tim and Sid. Sorry but I can't take them.
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    I'm not convinced this hurts Winy's value. Gm's still recognize his talent and his value to their team, and know the Leafs won't give him away just because they cant agree on a salary. If the reports are true that the Leafs are fielding a high volume of calls about him from other teams, then it presents KD with options. I'm fine either way. If they sign him to a deal that works for our cap, great, we have another offensive threat to throw at our opponents. If they trade him, and get impactful help on the back end, great, we are able to limit and/or decrease the goals against. The bright spot in all of this has been the emergence of Kappy as a legit top line option, so it's really a win-win for the Leafs either way it goes.
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    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I lifted my ass out of bed this morning
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    Kypreos Bullshit

    I can't believe this is even a topic of conversation.
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    Holy fuck rolling on the floor True story (just happened) So there is this local site to sell and buy things here. Scrolling down I see this home organ that looks immaculate and see the price is 125, so I lay out a pm and inquire to see first if everything works and what brand it is. They reply, we are just selling it for George wood and give me his phone number. So I call, but just before I hit the last number my mind races to ,lol george wood and what not to say...like, Hi is this Mr. Wood? I am interested in your organ. Fuck, I never talked so proper while in convo. My wife after I talked said,..wow that sounded proper...I laughed and told her the dudes name. She knew then why I spoke like that. haha So anyways it is a Farfisa, gonna check it out tomorrow morn.
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    Marincin looked fucking awful like usual lol
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    The Throw Down Thread

    I didn't. I think I'm dumber than when I woke up for reading this tripe.
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    Show us your pet!

    Wasser Hund.
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    Yeah, but at least you have bingo parties every Thursday and are in bed by 9.
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    I expected AM to go there first.
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    it's fucking hangbear alright? one leg for each win!
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    Al Nadir

    GDT Leafs vs Canes

    I'd even give Starsky a try at this point.
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    I'm focusing all my negative energy on Hughson and Simpson tonight. Thinking of flipping to Punjabi.
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    Pai Mei

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    iunno, i thought it was pretty good.
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    Can we all at least finally agree that Gardiner isn't the worst defender in his pairing, let alone the the universe?
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    He’s only on the third line playing limited minutes because for the 47,000th time - this is essentially his pre-season and training camp. Again, anyone who thinks Willy could be 100% after missing 28 games, plus five weeks of training camp and pre-season is delusional with zero sense of patience. Relax.
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    GDT: Maple Leafs @ Mighty Sucks

    Sparks is the third best goalie on the ice for the leafs tonight
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    I don't think your trolling but I do think the usage of the word "bitch" does display some emotion. Not that I fault you, it's your perogative to feel how you do. I do think that putting this on Nylander's camp solely, is wrong mind you.
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    GDT: Toronto vs Shitsburgh

    Anyone else remember everyone freaking out 3 days ago about this team?
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    It boggles the mind that you're allowed outside unattended.
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