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    Let's get these dickheads back for last night. As it's been said, revenge is a dish best served with a skate up Eichel's asshole.
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    Engvall 2 year extension

    All that playing as a kid has paid off...good for him
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    Your 2019/2020 Toronto Maple Leafs

    L E A F H O C K E Y I N L E S S T H A N 2 4 H O U R S , B I T C H E S ! !
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    Woke Joe Biden

    Leafs re-sign Marincin

    He's the only guy who's vastly overpaid while signing for league minimum.
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    I've been on this forum for a few years now and I don't think I've ever taken the time to thank Devin (and others) for always putting together a quality GDT for us Neanderthals to argue in. Anyways, Thank You. Your time and commitment doesn't go unnoticed and is very much appreciated. (same for the admins and mods) Now fuck off and drop the puck! 😄
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    Let's fucking gooooo. Season opener baby. Let's kick this shit off Go leafs go!
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    I don't care who's wearing the letter, my captain wears #34.
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    How Would You Fix This Team?

    I think we can pass on Uteck's insights given his record. If you were to pick one player on the whole team you were keeping, Matthews is the guy. It's not even close.
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    YOU sir are NEVER allowed to make predictions again. Every time you do, the polar opposite happens. First in 2012 you tell us this the best team you've seen. They proceed to 18 wheel off the cliff. Win the 2nd overall pick. But can't draft because they traded the pick to the Boston Fucking Bruins. Then you tell us that not only is Phil Kessel not tradeable, no team can win a Cup with him. Not only does he get traded, he wins two Cups, and puts in a Conn Smythe playoff performance. Finally, and this is probably the encore of a lifetime, the prediction in this thread about this season. Look at what you've done mate. We're a worldwide punchline now.
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    Anyone who doesn’t have complete faith in Andersen as a goalie capable of winning a cup is completely lost
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    Fuck You Antec Pt 2

    Logging on here today, I don't know what exactly is going on but I just wanna take 2 seconds and remind everyone... We may not agree everyone here on a lot of stuff (where would the fun be in that honestly), and several people here may get a bit overzealous at times with their comments, but in the end, we are not enemies. The enemy was that collosal douchenozzle Antec and we showed that motherfucker. We all can and should be better to to one another - even if the point we're encountering is pure idiocy. I'm a firm believer in attacking the post, not the user. That's all I wanted to say lol
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    First time this man's been fired. He should go to organization that needs a reset, do the work he did here, everyone will be happy for 3-4 seasons. Or send him to Montreal and when we finally meet in the playoffs again we can crush him as his opponent as we watch Jordan Weal get the majority of mins in game 7. I'll wait while you pricks google Jordan Weal.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs (33-23-8) at Florida Panthers (33-24-6) 7:00 p.m. Zach 11 Hyman – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Willy 88 Nylander – John 91 Tavares – Denis 62 Malgin Pierre 47 Engvall – Alexander 15 Kerfoot – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Kyle 73 Clifford – Frederik 33 Gauthier – Jason 19 Spezza Travis 23 Dermott – Justin 3 Holl Rasmus 38 Sandin – Tyson 94 Barrie Martin 52 Marincin – Timothy 37 Liljegren Freddy 31 Andersen @ Jonathan 11 Huberdeau - Aleksander 16 Barkov - Evgenii 63 Dadonov Mike 68 Hoffman - Erik 56 Haula - Frank 77 Vatrano Aleksi 28 Saarela - Lucas 71 Wallmark - Brett 10 Connolly Colton 7 Sceviour - Noel 55 Acciari - Mark 13 Pysyk MacKenzie 52 Weegar - Aaron 5 Ekblad Riley 61 Stillman - Anton 6 Stralman Keith 3 Yandle - Mike 19 Matheson Sergei 72 Bobrovsky ------------------------------------------------ Team Stats Toronto Florida 223GF - 209GA (+14) -Goal Diff- 216GF - 210GA (+6) 24.4% - (3rd) -Power Play- 22.4% - (8th) 76.5% - (26th) -Penalty Kill- 77.9% - (23rd) 148 - (1st) -5v5 Goals- 146 - (2nd) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 43 -Goals- Hoffman / Dadonov - 25 Mitchy Marner - 47 -Assists- Johnathan Huberdeau - 55 Auston Matthews - 74 -Points- Johnathan Huberdeau - 77 Justin Holl - 37 -PIM- Josh Brown - 39 Freddy Andersen - .906 -Save%- Sergei Bobrovski - .900 ------------------------------------------------------------------ No time for fun with your gun in the sun, as the leafs invade the stand your ground sunshine state. It's pretty clear why this one's sorta important. The two teams are obviously each others biggest threat to a playoff position, and are mirror images in many ways. Both teams score a fuck-ton (1-2 in 5v5g), and neither team can stop anyone from scoring. Both are quite good with the man advantage, and suck flaky balls on the kill. Both have goalies that are playing well below their abilities for much of the season. But only Florida has Mark "hattrick" Pysyk stealthy stashed on their 4th line. Will he once again be the difference? WTF?!! No time to cry about injuries. And hopefully not afterwards in the presser either. No excuses. It's a massive 2pts, and you gotta want them. Fuckin' want them, ok?!! GLG!!!
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    Muzzin Out 4 Weeks

    He'd panic as soon as he drove into the defensive zone.
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    Wilma Fingerdo

    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    It took this team 53 years to make me feel embarrassed of being a fan. And.. boy oh boy.. they came close many times (1980's I'm looking at you). Congratulations Leafs,,, you did it tonight.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs (26-17-7) @ Dallas Stars (28-17-4) 7:30 pm Zach 11 Hyman – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Alexander 15 Kerfoot – John 91 Tavares – Willy 88 Nylander Andreas 18 Johnsson – Pierre 47 Engvall – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Trevor 42 Moore – Frederik 33 Gauthier – Jason 19 Spezza Jake 8 Muzzin – Justin 3 Holl Travis 23 Dermott – Tyson 94 Barrie Rasmus 38 Sandin – Cody 83 Ceci Freddy 31 Andersen @ -Bags Jamie 14 Benn - Tyler 91 Seguin - Alexander 47 Radulov Denis 34 Gurianov - Josh 18 Dickinson - Joe 16 Pavelski Justin 37 Dowling - Radek 12 Faksa - Blake 15 Comeau Mattias 13 Janmark - Corey 10 Perry Esa 23 Lindell - Roman 45 Polak Jamie 2 Oleksiak - Miro 4 Heiskanen Andrej 5 Sekera - John 3 Klingberg - Taylor 42 Fedun Ben 30 Bishop ----------------------------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Dallas 175GF - 161GA (+14) -Goal Diff- 126GF - 120GA (+6) 23.9% - (6th) -Power Play- 19.1% - (21st) 76.6% - (25th) -Penalty Kill- 82.8% - (6th) 119 - (1st) -5v5 Goals- 76 - (30th) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 35 -Goals- Roope Hintz - 15 Mitchy Marner - 35 -Assists- Tyler Seguin - 26 Auston Matthews - 58 -Points- Tyler Seguin - 37 Jake Muzzi - 34 -PIM- Corey Perry - 54 Freddy Andersen - .910 -Save%- Ben Bishop - .927 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The leafs bagged a big 2 points and ride on outta Nashville, and straight on into Dallas. Yee-Fuck'n-Haw!! Despite an anemic offense, the D-bags will most assuredly be a tougher test for the buds. Helping the leafs cause, leading scorer Roope Hintz will be out of the lineup with an injury, and Andrew Cogliano is "a game time decision". Both were hurt in the previous game against Tampa, and if neither can go in this contest the stars will likely run with 7 D ( ). Hintz's dynamic offense will be missed as he leads the team with, -double checks notes-, 15 goals?! Fif-fucking-teen goals? Wowza. If that doesn't underscore the impotence of this dallas team, their 76 total 5v5 goals is second only to Det in raw suckage. That's so not good. The preview is pretty straight forward. If the game is played at even strength, the leafs should win. If the leafs can put up just 3 goals, you have to really like their chances. If, however it's an over-officiated, low event slog-fest, the leafs will be in the shit. Avoid the shit, light the lamp, get the points. GLG!!!!
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    Calgary 'Lames (25-18-5) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (25-16-6) Scotiabank Arena 7:00PM Johnny 13 Gaudreau - Sean 23 Monahan - Mikael 11 Backlund Matthew 19 Tkachuk - Elias 28 Lindholm - Andrew 88 Mangiapane Milan 17 Lucic - Derek 10 Ryan - Dillon 29 Dube Mark 77 Jankowski - Tobias 16 Rieder - Sam 93 Bennett Mark 5 Giordano - T.J. 7 Brodie Noah 55 Hanifin - Travis 24 Hamonic Oliver 58 Kylington - Rasmus 4 Andersson David 33 Rittich @ Zach 11 Hyman – Auston 34 Matthews – Mitchy 16 Marner Pierre 47 Engvall – John 91 Tavares – Willy 88 Nylander Andreas 18 Johnsson – Alex 15 Kerfoot – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Dymytro 41 Timashov – Frederik 33 Gauthier – Jason 19 Spezza Martin 52 Marincin – Tyson 94 Barrie Travis 23 Dermott – Justin 3 Holl Rasmus 38 Sandin – Cody 83 Ceci Freddy 31 Andersen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Calgary 172GF - 154GA (+18) Goal Diff 127GF - 141GA (-14) 24% - (5th) Power Play 19.1% - (21st) 75.7% - (25th) Penalty Kill 83.2% - (4th) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 34 Goals Elias Lindholm - 20 Mitchy Marner - 33 Assists Johnny Gaudreau - 25 Auston Matthews - 57 Points Tkachuk / Gaudreau - 38 Jake Muzzin - 34 PIM Milan Lucic - 36 Freddy Andersen - .910 Save % David Rittich - .913 The 'Lames roll into Ontario to take on the Leafs with both teams sporting nearly identical records, and both in a playoff position. For the moment, anyway. The 'Lames will be lead into battle by Ratt Tkachuk, known for his cheap shots, shit talking, and spot on ragdoll impersonation. Comedic displays aside, while the 'Lames have talent up front, their real advantage is on the back end. If the leafs can utilize their strengths, and avoid the rough stuff, they'll be able to cram it straight up that back end, and walk away with another deuce. Time to send these Lame-asses back to Lame-assed Alberta, and keep the train rolling, with only 2 games till the "bye". GLG!!!
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    sandin looking good i want to punch millen in the throat @Morrison7 i'm posting and they're not losing. just thought you'd like to see me
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    Andersen went to Keefe and adamantly asked to play again. Keefe said he was initially going to say no but sees it as a one off to use a rallying cry. Up there was a tweet from twitter. I love it personally, Andersen’s the real captain of this team.
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    Yeah. He is a good coach, just not for us anymore
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    Don Cherry fired from HNIC

    Getting rid of one of the worst on air people is hardly an indictment of this world going down the shitter.
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    I'm relieved to hear it's just muscle spasms and nothing serious. Definitely not how I envisioned spending one of my days off, but I suppose it's better to go get it checked out than to flat-out ignore it and have something bad potentially happen. Anyways, the game is tied. Let's fucking win this!
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    Sharks are playing the second game of a B2B so they’re tired and the Leafs are well-rested. 4-2 Sharks.
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    Mitch Marner - Signs 6 years/10.9M AAV

    Joe Sakic was miles better than Claude Lemieux
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    Mitch Marner - Signs 6 years/10.9M AAV

    Shut up AM
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    Here. We. Go!!! 8 Toronto Maple Leafs vs 9 Columbus Blue Jackets Scotiabank Arena 8pm The Bubble awaits! Two teams enter, one team leaves. ...And then returns a bit later on, for the Stanley Cup Playoffs! l __ __ l Alexandre 42 Texier - Pierre-Luc 18 Dubois - Oliver 28 Bjorkstrand Nick 71 Foligno - Alexander 10 Wennberg - Cam 13 Atkinson Gustav 14 Nyquist - Boone 38 Jenner - Liam 19 Foudy Eric 50 Robinson - Riley 20 Nash - Emil 52 Bemstrom Zach 8 Werenski - Seth 3 Jones Vladislav 44 Gavrikov - David 58 Savard Ryan 27 Murray - Dean 46 Kukan Joonas 70 Korpisalo vs Willy 88 Nylander – Auston 34 Matthews – Zach 11 Hyman Ilya 65 Mikheyev – John 91 Tavares – Mitchy 16 Marner Nick 89 Robertson – Alexander 15 Kerfoot – Kasperi 24 Kapanen Kyle 73 Clifford – Frederik 33 Gautier – Jason 19 Spezza Jake 8 Muzzin – Justin 3 Holl Morgan 44 Rielly – Cody 83 Ceci Travis 23 Dermott – Tyson 94 Barrie Freddy 31 Andersen ----------------------------------------------------------------- Team Stats Toronto Columbus 3.39 - (3rd) -GPG- 2.57 - (28th) 3.17 - (26th) -GAP- 2.61 - (4th) 23.1% - (5th) -PP%- 16.4% - (27th) 77.7% - (21st) -PK%- 81.7% - (12th) Team Leaders Auston Matthews - 47 -Goals- Oliver Bjorkstrand - 21 Mitch Marner - 51 -Assists- Pierre-Luc Dubois - 31 Auston Matthews - 80 -Points- Pierre-Luc Dubois - 49 Justin Holl - 43 -PIM- Nick Foligno - 62 Fred Andersen - .909 -Sv%- Joonas Korpisalo - .911 ---------------------------------------- The wait is over! Actual, meaningful, and stressful-as-fuck hockey is back, bitchezz!!! 3 wins and you're in. 3 losses and well, you're basically Ottawa. A quick glance at the line-up and it's the leafs with an obvious talent advantage up front. This group can wheel, yo. A quick glance at the NHL standings however, and you'll find these teams with an identical win %. The Jackets huge edge on the blueline made up any difference this season. It's strength vs strength. Toronto's powerful, high-octane offence against the steady, stifling defence of Columbus. It's also weakness vs weakness. The leafs can't stop anyone, anytime. The jackets score less than Gilbert Gottfried. The big dance is but a few wins away, boys. Let's give these BJ's something to suck on! GLG!!!
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    Your Plan to Reopen the NHL

    Hockey's almost back, the Leafs are playing (and probably losing), and we're trading Nylander again. All is well in the universe.
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    You Laugh You Lose: NHL Edition

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    GDT: Hurricanes vrs Leafs

    Fire Dubas to the fucking moon. I've never seen a team play with less fucking heart. The choke against Boston 8 years ago was less embarrassing. Tampa getting swept by Columbus was less embarrassing. The fucking Sharts blowing a 3-0 series lead was less fucking embarrassing than this garbage. Seriously I knew this team was soft, but this is some next level shit. What a group of fucking losers. Theres a reason the bottom 6 was double shifted. I haven't seen a group of higher paid fucking pussies play a sport since whenever the last time I watched the NBA was. Absolute garbage effort
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    I don't see Marner being traded. Players like him just don't get moved very often but no, you wouldn't have to retain salary. There'd be a fucking lineup for him.
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    Doc J

    Poll: Buy or Sell? 2020 edition.

    It’s also a bit funny watching the guy that posted this: Telling everyone how shit their ideas/proposals are. Some are quite bad indeed, but look like shear genius compared to this.
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    Starting Goaltenders The Game The Buffalo Sabres look to complete a home-and-home sweep against the Toronto Maple Leafs when the teams play at Scotiabank Arena on Saturday. The Sabres scored four consecutive goals in a 6-4 win against the Maple Leafs in Buffalo on Friday. They are 2-1-1 in their past four games and 3-8-3 in their past 14. The loss was Toronto's first under coach Sheldon Keefe, who had won his first three games since replacing Mike Babcock on Nov. 20. Goalie Frederik Andersen will start for the Maple Leafs after backing up Michael Hutchinson on Friday; and forward Alexander Kerfoot returns to the lineup after a two-game suspension. Carter Hutton, who was the backup to Linus Ullmark on Friday, will start for the Sabres. Players to watch Sabres center Jack Eichel, who scored twice and had an assist against the Maple Leafs on Friday, has 15 points (eight goals, seven assists) during an eight-game point streak. Maple Leafs center John Tavares, who scored twice Friday, has four points (three goals, one assist) in his past two games and needs one assist for 400 in the NHL. They said it "We're not going to care about the standings until April 4, it's something we've talked about from the start. We need to take care of developing a consistent game here, we're in a learning phase. We want to stay in the race but above all it's about our development right now, small picture. But we love our last five games." -- Sabres coach Ralph Krueger "Moving forward it's going to be more important for us to be more consistent over 60 minutes and we can worry about that tonight." -- Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly on giving up a 2-0 lead against the Sabres on Friday
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    Getting a little stupid here calling for stripping the C off JT.
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    Tonight,it is the long awaited meeting between the.... The Brains: Trotz VRS Babcock TROTZ BABCOCK in ORDER FOR OUR TEAM TO DO WELL TONIGHT: They need to use their brains and show some.... Play a 200 foot game Don't just rely on Hymans return Don't let the JT boos get to them, rather,.... just get over it and make them boo because we won by battling, going to the dirty areas, doing anything it takes to come out with the win. MAPLE LEAFS (9-6-4) at ISLANDERS (12-3-1) 7 p.m. ET; SN, MSG+, NHL.TV The Game The New York Islanders will try to extend their point streak to 13 games when they host the Toronto Maple Leafs at Nassau Coliseum on Wednesday. The Islanders, who are 11-0-1 in their past 12, are expected to have forward Leo Komarov in the lineup for the first time since Oct. 17. Komarov (illness/neck) has missed nine games but was activated off injured reserve Tuesday. Maple Leafs forward Zach Hyman will make his season debut; he had surgery for a torn ACL in April. The 27-year-old set NHL career-highs in goals (21) and points (41) last season. Players to watch Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews has nine points (two goals, seven assists) during a four-game point streak. His 13 goals are tied for third in the NHL with Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin. Islanders center Mathew Barzal has five points (two goals, three assists) in his past five games. They said it "I really don't know what to expect with [Hyman]. I know he's going to work as hard as he possibly can; he's been out a long time, so we'll monitor that. [Kasperi Kapanen] is a speed, forecheck player, and John's (John Tavares) at the net and the guy who shoots it and he does his damage in the zone. They have to be a cycle line to be successful, and they're aware of that." -- Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock "Anytime you play a really good team like Toronto, it's easy to ramp it up a little bit. We know there's going to be a lot of energy in the building, and I know the boys are looking forward to it." -- Islanders forward Anders Lee Maple Leafs projected lineup Andreas Johnsson -- Auston Matthews -- William Nylander Zach Hyman -- John Tavares -- Kasperi Kapanen Ilya Mikheyev -- Alexander Kerfoot -- Trevor Moore Nic Petan -- Nicholas Shore -- Frederik Gauthier Morgan Rielly -- Cody Ceci Jake Muzzin -- Tyson Barrie Travis Dermott -- Justin Holl Frederik Andersen Kasimir Kaskisuo Scratched: Jason Spezza, Dmytro Timashov Injured: Mitchell Marner (ankle) Islanders projected lineup Anders Lee -- Mathew Barzal -- Jordan Eberle Anthony Beauvillier -- Brock Nelson -- Josh Bailey Michael Dal Colle -- Derick Brassard -- Leo Komarov Ross Johnston -- Casey Cizikas -- Cal Clutterbuck Adam Pelech -- Ryan Pulock Devon Toews -- Scott Mayfield Nick Leddy -- Johnny Boychuk Semyon Varlamov Thomas Greiss Scratched: Noah Dobson, Otto Koivula Injured: Tom Kuhnhackl (lower body), Andrew Ladd (knee), Matt Martin (lower body) Status report With Hyman returning, Spezza will be a healthy scratch. He has four points (one goal, three assists) in 10 games. … Cizikas and Clutterbuck each had a maintenance day Tuesday but will play. … Ladd returned from an extended conditioning stint with Bridgeport of the American Hockey League on Tuesday. He has not been activated off injured reserve. Stat pack Tavares has 99 points (52 goals, 47 assists) since joining the Maple Leafs prior to the start of last season. … Andersen is 7-1-1 in nine games against the Islanders; he is 3-0-0 with a 1.95 goals-against average and .938 save percentage on the road this season. … New York is 10-0-1 when it scores at least three. GO LEAFS GO! MAKE US PROUD SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku_E3nch6bA https://nhl66.ir/ http://bilasport.net/game/new-york-islanders-vs-toronto-maple-leafs-1.html
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    Kinda hopin Babcock starts his post game speech tonight with "YOU PEOPLE..."
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    Starting Goaltenders The Game Mike Babcock will become the eighth NHL coach to win 700 games if the Toronto Maple Leafs defeat the Vegas Golden Knights at Scotiabank Arena on Thursday. Babcock is 699-413-163 with 19 ties in 17 seasons for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Detroit Red Wings and Maple Leafs. He will also coach his 1,295th game and pass Jacques Martin for sole possession of 12th place in NHL history. Goalie Frederik Andersen will start for the Maple Leafs, who hope to win three straight games for the first time this season. Backup goalie Malcolm Subban starts for the Golden Knights, who will try to extend their point streak to five games. Vegas is 2-0-2 in its past four. Players to watch Golden Knights forward Reilly Smith scored both goals in a 2-1 win against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday and has five points (two goals, three assists) in his past five games. Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews has seven points (four goals, three assists) in his past five games. They said it "Marc-Andre's not going to play every game. He's been outstanding. He's a great goalie for us but Malcolm's from Toronto. He's played real good lately, so it's a good opportunity for him. We have a lot of confidence in him. If you're going to go anywhere in the NHL, you need two good goaltenders and we believe we do." -- Golden Knights coach Gerard Gallant on starting Malcolm Subban "Their depth, their speed, defensively, every area of the ice they are strong. They've got good forwards, good goaltending and I think they just come at you in waves. It's always a challenge playing these guys because they have a lot of speed and skill and we have to make sure we can harness it." -- Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews
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    What, no game tonight?

    Hey, we played last night. So how come we aren't doing two in a row (B2B) and playing this evening as well? I thought the schedule was set up so all games were B2B. Fucking NHL, inconsistent as usual.
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    Starting Goaltenders The Game The Toronto Maple Leafs will try to end a three-game losing streak when they visit the Detroit Red Wings at Little Caesars Arena on Saturday. The Maple Leafs have been outscored 16-10 in their past three games (0-2-1) including a 7-3 home loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday. The Red Wings' top line of Anthony Mantha, Tyler Bertuzzi and Dylan Larkin will look to stay hot; they have 20 points (10 goals, 10 assists) in four games this season. Players to watch Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews has seven points (six goals, one assist) in five games. He and Mantha are tied for second in the League in goals trailing James Neal of the Edmonton Oilers, who has seven. Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser has four assists in four games this season. They said it "They've got a lot of speed on that line and they've also got a lot of grit, so they can handle about every situation offensively and defensively. They will try to get in front of our net and try to get a bounce, but they can all shoot as well, so we have to stay focused when they are out there." -- Maple Leafs forward Mitchell Marner on facing Detroit's top line "Discipline is going to huge tonight. I watched the replay of the first period of Toronto and Tampa Bay, and I don't want to face either one of those power plays. You can't put Toronto out there over and over, because they will eventually get into the zone and score." -- Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill on Toronto's power play.
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    New Admin/ New Moderator

    $0.34 per decade.
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    I now consider regional blackouts an act of mercy...never in the realm of human endeavor has so much been spent for such failure.
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    I'm just happy hockey is back. I fucking love hockey.
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