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  1. This is off to a good start then lol.
  2. Ill get us to 13 - #10 - Guy Lafleur #11 - Mark Messier #12 - Dickie Moore
  3. Hmm this is a big jump and also incorrect.
  4. I know you're not saying that with a straight face.
  5. Yes ok. Maybe if you live in Winnipeg. Even then..
  6. Sorry fellas but 6 is going to be Toe Blake, 8 is Ovechkin, and 9 is Gordie Howe.
  7. I'll go second #2 - Doug Harvey
  8. I'll start: let's try to do this sequentially: #1 - Johnny Bower
  9. My guess is you're also one of those who complain about all the "snowflakes" in the world today. Seems to be the common theme among those that lack any awareness.
  10. Son I am disappointed. You forgot to ad "No Cowards" to your title.
  11. There are definitely people that want to trade Nylander for the overall betterment of the team if possible. Most though, seem to irrationally dislike him as a hockey player.
  12. Hockey's almost back, the Leafs are playing (and probably losing), and we're trading Nylander again. All is well in the universe.
  13. You may try to access the site and receive a message that you are banned. This has happened to myself and at least one other member recently. Believe it has something to do with IPs that have been banned for spamming or whatever reasons. In any case, you aren't banned and when you log in from a different location it's likely the site will return for you. It happened to me work yesterday during lunch accessing it from whatever mobile tower IP. Then it was fine today.
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