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  1. We would get Josi if we offered up Matthews. That's the extent of that.
  2. You should have rolled with what I said. This just makes you sound ridiculous. Like nobody considers that? Come on man. Post better.
  3. Jesus man. He said "Vladdy is not having a good season". Which is fact. You come in here acting like he said Vladdy is shit and will never amount to anything I don't know why you keep projecting these things on people here but like are you reading twitter or something and then just taking it out on here? 😂
  4. Yeah it's like the third or fourth time he's said that.
  5. What a stunning pantload. If that was Marner (who self admitted not being engaged in a qualifying round game) over trying, I'd be scared to see what effort looks like. Nobody thinks Marner can't rebound. Nobody. Not a single fucking person except Debaser but he says that about all the players. If you woke up to a deal similar to Johansen for Jones tomorrow and Marner was the player going back, how fucking excited would you be? Now you people need to stop acting like we ran over your dog with a fucking lawnmower with dull blades and realize the potential return we could be talking about that would improve this organization's on ice product by tenfold.
  6. I think it was homophobic this time but your point hits the right note. We are homophobes because we prefer Muzzin over Barrie. Those are certainly words.
  7. Good defensemen are of much greater value than depth scoring wingers. Even 2 of them.in one trade. So I'm not even sure what need we're hypothetically addressing here by trading away those two players. Seems like fulfilling the personal need of being scared to trade away a star player.
  8. Kapanen and Johnsson are the definition of good winger depth. What the ?
  9. Of course that's the easy out- trade the lesser players. However, no team has ever won anything with 4 forwards tying up 50% of a team's cap space. They have however won cups with two great centres and a bunch of winger depth. You move Kapanen and Johnsson and the depth is gone and the cap problems don't change. And our complaint next year will be we need forward depth. Until one of the big salaries is moved or the cap magically increases by double digit percentages, we'll never win a damn thing. Bookmark it.
  10. Do you think he's prepping to re-sign Ceci or just giving him an exit reference?
  11. Not only that but you hold out as long as possible for a monstrous contract, get paid as one of the highest paid players in the league even having directly comparable peers sign for much less in the same off-season, follow up with a very mediocre season by yhe standars you set, and you're rightfully going to get shit on. What's actually idiotic is negotiating two hold out contracts - one in which you publicly confirm assurances of not trading the player and the other in which you get bootfucked by an agent and the player's father. Keep flapping Kyle I'm sure your plan is coming together at some point.
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