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  1. Armster

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    Game 7s are always fun.
  2. Armster

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    St. Louis also had Plante and Hall that literally carried those teams to the finals.
  3. Armster

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Fuck that even I'm not "psychotic" enough to get near one of those lol.
  4. Armster

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    3 losses in the 3 rounds for the Knights. unfuckingbelievable. They might actually win the Cup.
  5. Armster

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Past two weeks couldn't figure out what the rotting smell was in my garage. Thought it was just the garbage. Until I decided to get my mower deck on my tractor. Say hello to a dead Fisher. AKA the wolverine of central ontario.
  6. Armster

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    Definitely not a flash in the pan. This isn't the Oilers of last year. The Jets are built well enough to be successful for a long time. Just like the Leafs though I think the Leafs are a little behind the Jets in terms of overall team depth just due to defense alone. And this series isn't over yet but yeah obviously not looking great at this point.
  7. Armster

    Havana Plane Crash

  8. Armster

    Texas School Shooting

    10 dead and 10 wounded.
  9. Armster

    Vocal Lessons

    Have you ever heard Eddie Vedder sing? You got nothing on him pronunciation wise lol.
  10. Armster

    Vocal Lessons

    Timing and vowels.
  11. Armster

    Vocal Lessons

    Honestly dude if time constraints weren't a thing with me I'd already have joined one.
  12. Armster

    Vocal Lessons

    Update for those keeping track: Still training without a live coach though I'm thinking it's soon time to get one to properly judge my progressand help further it. In any case here's a progress report: When singing before I would always try to mimic the tone of the original musician of the song. Dumb but that's all i knew how to do. No wonder I sounded like trash. Since beginning training, I've completely let all those bad habits go and re-trained myself. I can work through most lessons I use to the intermediate level and sound decent enough through the tougher ones. The advanced training is still out of reach though. But that's okay it will come. The biggest thing is that I finally found my octave that is best suited for my singing voice and it's amde a world of difference in how I sound. I had no idea what I was doing and would just sing close to my speaking voice's octave which was WRONG. I'm up an octave from my speaking voice in my singing and honestly I actually sound half decent in my tone which is a huge motivator. Now comes the hard work though. Refining my tone, and continuing to be able to sing on key and not slipping up or down while singing plus stretching up into my head voice bordering on falsetto on pitch. But for those keeping score, once you figure out the octave your voice is best suited for, which takes a lot of practice vocally to find it (as most people are a mess when they start singing) it gives you the direction you need to go in terms of getting past the hump of finding your "good sounding voice" because then you can just concentrate on improving from that place. Sorry I know that's all probably not the professional way of describing it but it's my experience in my own words.
  13. Armster

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    lol well except for that third period but Fleury somehow made some ridiculous saves to win it for them. Scheifele could have had 6 goals in that third period with the scoring chances he was robbed on.
  14. Armster

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    13 for Scheifele now