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  1. yes I definitely see a Marner for Karlsson trade happening.
  2. The entire Leafs world becomes very pissed off.
  3. Bolland would know considering the last contract he managed to swindle for himself
  4. People operating in roundabouts will always be the issue. By and large, trafiic in the GTA consists of the dumbest drivers on the planet. In my experience and I've been all over North America. We have two, wide two-lane ones on hwy 26 that most seem to know how to use and is a great study in the efficiency of them. Unless it's a busy weekend and GTA tourism is in full force. Then it becomes a place to avoid. I have never seen such a collective group.of drivers appear to be trying their best to make traffic flow as inefficiently as possible.
  5. Hope it works out AM. On another note, roundabouts are great. The more the merrier.
  6. They went all Lou with Zaitsev on that contract. But it's Colin White who projects much better than Zaitsev and it's probably going to end up being a great deal even if too early right now.
  7. Fisher had multiple opportunities with Houston to stick, he couldn't over a period of 3 seasons. He didn't just become their prospect this year mate. Houston had a hole at that position and he couldn't fill it. It's quite obvious he wasn't good enough to stick. Good enough players don't get blocked especially when they have 3 chances over 3 different seasons to play regularly with the MLB club. That's like the clowns that think Pompey was being blocked. No, He just wasn't good enough. Fisher isn't as good a prospect, he's just closer to MLB ready than Stevenson. That's it. Fisher for Sanchez///meh. Fisher for Stevenson...okay. Fisher for both...Lol. Losing value in a trade because you can't see the forest has been the mantra of Atkins, he just happens to have a good drafting record of which Shapiro has his hands all over. Atkins is a brutal, impulsive GM to-date. His work with Sanchez since he got here is laughable. Let's hope the prospects that Shapiro has pinpointed make up for the less than stellar work of shit for brains.
  8. This is the thing about pitching prospects. they are so goddamn hard to nail down. Even a guy like Strasburg, drafted AKA the baby jesus, has put together a very good career but not hallworthy and nowhere near as dominant as supposed to be.
  9. Sanchez are injury and endurance issues. Romero's were all mental. Romero also didn't have the stuff to be a good bullpen arm, Sanchez has it to be a dominant bullpen. Completely different. Did you just grab the last SP you could think of that had some success and subsequently failed, that you could think of? Lol. Have you been watching baseball longer than 2015?
  10. He wasn't being blocked. He wasn't good enough. Period. You can't in one breath talk up Fisher and in another breath talk down an even younger, better prospect. That is ridiculous. There isn't single metric out there that states a potential average 5 tool player is less valuable than a potential average one to two tool player. Atkins is after depth and has proven that he'll sacrifice all of AA's players to get it, except the ones he'd be shot for.
  11. And no Marner's not going to Switzerland under contract. I will store today and eat the socks on my feet if that happens. He loves us and we need him. Plus he probably loves millions of dollars too.
  12. We've given enough mulligans now. It's go time and there's absolutely no reason home ice shouldn't be one of the targets this year.
  13. Until anyone gets to the majors they are too young to project unless they are inside the top 10. If a prospect is good he'll be on the major league roster. Reading stat lines is not the same as knowing what your talking. Fisher was up and down in Houston because his mechanics are flawed and his eye for pitches needs a lot of refinement. He projects to be as good as Grichuk at best. Cal Stevenson is a five tool prospect ffs. Look it up if you don't know what it means. We sold at the low for the absolute minimum. But nah Atkins would rather build depth.
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