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  1. Armster

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Are you twelve? Otherwise, we have no idea if we'll be a powerhouse and then playoff failure. That's the point. Zeroing in on Mike Babcock is lol-worthy when they've done nothing but develop and become a really good team. Trust me, I dislike Marleau on that top line too but I'm not going to go full re-todd here.
  2. Armster

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Wouldn't we want to see how the playoffs go first instead of making some crazy asshole decision before your chicken little scenario is acted upon? Like lmao.
  3. Armster

    Sorry All

    The server host had told us to change the name servers in 2017 as they were migrating to new ones. Unfortunately, their brilliant customer service didn't send any reminders letting us know the old name servers were expiring. Or, if they did I missed it.
  4. Armster

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Uhhh have you seen our record? Jesus fucking christ. Listening to you, people that'd didn't know any better would think we were in the fiery basement of hell. The coach has done nothing but improve this team, organization, and develop young players, hell even vets like Kadri, and you can't pull your head out of your ass long enough to look at the big picture.
  5. Armster

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    No shit.
  6. Armster

    GDT: Leafs vs. Blues

    "We didn't even score any goals" Looks at the boxscore and sees two for the Leafs. Ok. Some of you are crazy.
  7. Armster

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Was just watching SN while on my exercise bike (yes I'm a 50 year old suburban woman :P) and listening to the way they are spinning his comments is laughable. They even shamelessly attributed a sentiment directly to him and then said "probably" at the end. I hope they lock him up long-term.
  8. Armster

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    I'll complain about whatever the fuck I want thank you very much. That doesn't mean anything has to be done for us to have some success in the playoffs. Adding Muzzin is a pretty big move but it also cost some. I don't expect anything big to happen now.
  9. Armster

    Legal Problem K4/C-137

    If the actions they took support that position, of course you can. This isn't Minority Report we're talking about here. You're just looking for an argument.
  10. Nobody scored last night. Against Arizona. We have no captains.
  11. Armster

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Settle down man, Christ. We don't need to make any moves and we might be just fine as is come playoffs. Why do we need to add anything significant? Or anything at all?
  12. Armster

    Legal Problem K4/C-137

    So that would make me think all but Alan are guilty. For Brad for example, it would appear he passes the mens rea test being that he had a specific date planned. Each individual after that moves progressively further along the acteus reus scale.
  13. Armster

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    There's a lot of in-between with 2nd and a 1st though. I mean rental polak got 2 x 2nds and Gudas is better than Polak was and signed for longer. #4 RHD are coveted and there'd be enough competition for his services.
  14. Armster

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    No not Nylander that'd be ridiculous.