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  1. Its an excellent comparable if you ignore everything else. To be honest I don't care so don't waste your time. You could perform that exercise on every player in the league and make it say what you want.
  2. Lol. I didn't realize you were going that far back...
  3. Prices have increased overall for the top players unfortunately. That was a team friendly contract which was more common at the time. The thing is, Dubas hasn't left himself much room as he's paid three high end players near the top of their earnings potential.
  4. I don't think he'll get 11M but I don't understand why y'all get so upset at starting high in negotiations. It's how it's done.
  5. Jeff Skinner is the exact closest comparable we have. He signef in the same cap offseason
  6. 95 point playmaking, pking defensive wingers don't come around too often either. What comparables? Go by cap percentage.
  7. Paying him more for "excitement" is a dumb notion. What comparables lol? Jeff Skinner?
  8. What makes 11M unreasonable? If it takes him a couple years into Free Agency there's nothing unreasonable about it based on comparables and contracts within his own team. Why does he have any reason to take more than a 1/2 M less than Matthews?
  9. Armster

    MLB Thread

    Well that is unexpected! Lol. Seriously though, they should just burn the ballpark when it's all said and done. Competitive, well managed team for a lot of years with a shitty ballpark and weak fanbase.
  10. 11M is a reasonable ask based on his ability to look solely at the other high end Leafs players neither of which finished 11th overall or better in NHL scoring. Plus he added an incredible element of defensive play. We really shouldn't take out our feelings of Nylander's negotiation on Marner. If we have to move Nylander to feel better about signing Marner then it should be done. Yesterday
  11. Any vehicle will drive fine in inclement weather provided you have a good set of winters. AWD is great for traction from starting and on the rare occasion on a slippery corner. Subaru's are built for terrain mind you being full-time AWD so if they don't perform well in traction and snowy mountain roads it's because a) the tires need replacing or b) the driver has no idea what they are doing. All that aside, Subaru owners are loyal as hell and new people are turning to them everyday. I suspect it's because of the quality of the vehicle combined with the reasonable price points. And they are easy on the wallet relatively speaking. The Forester is a nice looking vehicle. Definitely a consideration for my next purchase.
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