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  1. Luke Glendening

    Not you no. You seemed to have backed off some from your "corsi is everything". Mostly just that Reddit thread tbh and then the mere mention of it got me fired up again
  2. Luke Glendening

    Glendening plays on a bad team, on the fourth line, and is overloaded with d-zone starts because his fucking coach trusts him and he wins those faceoffs. The retards pointing to his Corsi need to learn how to use those stats and stop putting them in a vaccuum. All I've seen from the "stats only" crowd ie those who can't be arsed to actually watch hockey outside the Leafs, are ignorant, frustrating opinions that are so far from accurate it makes my eyes bleed to have to read them. And they are proven inaccurate every, single time when matched against people that actually watch the player. It's time to put that shit away folks if you don't know how to use it.
  3. Milbury Sticks His Foot In Mouth and Head In Ass

    Agree largely with what's been said in this thread. I do feel like he was saying it was unfortunate for LA but yes foot in mouth.
  4. Luke Glendening

    So, my logic suggests they are looking for a 3rd at worst and we're willing to go a 4th at best. I'd part with the SJS 3rd but that's fucking it.
  5. Last Movie

    Old School Every now and then I get a little bit terrified I see the fuckin' look in your eyes Every now and then I fall apart Yeah fuckin' every now and then I fall apart and I need you now tonight I fuckin' need you more than ever LOL
  6. Luke Glendening

    Glendening is actually a pretty good 4th line centre. Much better than Moore and it's not even really close.
  7. Matthews is really fighting it lately.
  8. Certainly true. All of it. Babcock's track record and work here is beyond reproach but to the fan that's always been one frustrating as hell part of his philosophy to watch as there are different ways to skin a cat.
  9. Phaneuf To Kings

    Ah had forgotten that one.
  10. Phaneuf To Kings

    The only issue I have with that is that Bettman at least in part has done what the owners want. I will admit though that if there's a third lockout then that'll be a problem. And while it's early yet there are signs pointing to that being the case. Personally I think Bettman's time is up. Unfortunately the owners seem to disagree.
  11. Phaneuf To Kings

    Nor am I. MLB 1993 REVENUES - 1.9bn, 2017 - 10bn, 5.26x NFL 1993 REVENUES - 2bn, 2017 - 14bn 7.00x NBA 1993 REVENUES - 1.5BN 2017 - 8BN 5.33X NHL 1993 REVENUES - 730M, 2017 - 4.4BN 6.03X So not 1st as I initially believed but 2nd of the 4 major sports. And it's all very close between the four. Also, revenues this year will be significantly higher for the NHL in part because of the expansion fees. Bettman's doing his job for the owners and franchise valuations have skyrocketed in the past few years. It's too bad he keeps fucking with the product because hockey would sell regardless. I'd like to see him get rid of the weakest links and disperse but it's just not something I can ever see happening as much as dropping four constant losers off the map would probably be better for the overall financial health of the league and game play within. Adding Seattle and dropping four teams would put it at 28 teams. Much less congestion IMO. Get rid of the trapezoid rule. Dump the shootout. ETC.
  12. Hyman going down was a golden opportunity for Babcock to get the last bit of dinosaur out of his game. Now Komarov is going to have to get hurt too.... and nm there's Marleau. Please no. Hyman's back? Thought he was done for awhile.
  13. Everyone in the world is thinking Kapanen and this FUCKING GUY trots out Komarov. Who then proceeds to butcher a glorious opportunity. Fucking lol. I want to cry. So frustrating.