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  1. Kapanen or Johnsson for Hainsey wins you a ticket to "statements I can never be forgotten for". So if that was your goal, then yes, you won the thread.
  2. Ya. In many scenarios especially in dynamic environments like the NHL, the most current 5 year trend can be much more valuable than dissecting the previous 20 years of data. But between both your guys stubbornness you both fail to understand that either philosophy is valuable depending on the situation. Now I happen to agree with Tie in that I have no interest in selling valuable short-term assets. There's no factual argument to take me off that stance either unless the team is in the shitter come deadline week.
  3. No. But I hate doing it with anyone though but it's not the type of discussion we talk about when we talk about baiting FYI
  4. You guys haven't still figured out what baiting is then. Circular is just a descriptor that Puq was doing that fell under the umbrella of baiting. It's not a general that applies to discussions Further, it's really weak to use that as your escape to avoid accountability for your opinion which is more likely the case.
  5. He was. I don't think it matters how he handled it. other defensemen have looked the same or worse. You could have tried to level him but people have been trying that their whole career. At the end of the day there are some players you just have to understand are going to beat you.
  6. Well I didn't do that. Those are the throwback players that I wish still existed. Instead you have the semi-rat now. Tkachuk, Marchand.
  7. I'm not arguing against hitting.. this somehow evolved into a discussion about the effects of certain kinds of toughness. But hitting isn't as big as it was because trying to catch a guy coming down the ice on you with speed is ridiculously hard to hit and more often than not leaves you looking like Rielly when he tried to defend McDavid.
  8. Yeah dude but you guys think we're still the mafia days. Back even further goons weren't a thing because the players were just tough themselves. As the NHL developed goons were hired to stop star players from being physically played hard. That didn't work. So it became a your guy hits my guy and the two goons are going to square off. Now it's not even relevant to the sport. It's the natural evolution. Skill rises to the top
  9. So you admit then that it didn't stop players from taking out stars considering he did exactly that..lol..
  10. No. It Wendel Clark didn't stop McSorley from trying that though did he?
  11. All it became was a sideshow. I hit your player. Goon 1 and goon 2 square up. The days of a guy like Wendel Clark or Cam Neely are so far in the past it's saddening.
  12. We always say that but plenty of stars in similar setups got smoldered . Arguing the role of the goon is not lost on me but pretending it stopped superstars from being hit is mythical.
  13. Yes. I said it allowed them to play bigger. It did not stop players from trying to hit them..lol.
  14. In the Rangers eyes he may not be enough. Shooting the middleman here.
  15. All things I've said. And doesn't dispute anything I've said. Further, the greatest part of this article is McSorley staking claim that they won't win 2 cups without Semenko. That is gold!
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