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    Jeffrey Epstein

    I wish it was just "takes advantage of people". While agreeably not so shocking, it's certainly beyond the run of the mill bullshit.
  2. Used to have all that and then some...then the divorce process took hold. But the house is up for sale now so hoping enough equity to recover some. It sucks feeling like you're starting over to a degree at 39.
  3. 3-6 months of minimum expenses. Leave it an easily accessible interest earning account. If they aren't dire upgrades like a roof or foundation, mold or exterior sealing issue, I'd do that. And save for the upgrades. Borrow as much as you can afford with your mortgage you'll never get cheaper interest rates. All in my opinion of course.
  4. Mortgages have such cheap interest rates it's better to put the 20% down and keep the rest if you're going to do the updates anyway you'll borrow at a much higher rate. It's also a personal decision as to what you can afford monthly. If you don't lack discipline you can even put some of the funds toward an emergency fund if that's feasible.
  5. Armster

    GM Meetings

    Le sigh....everything would change relatively...fantasy leagues, players salaries, everything. Is it me or is this not a hard concept to understand?
  6. Armster

    GM Meetings

    Huh? Removing secondary assists from the game is not going to change salary impacts of the best players as they will still be the best players. Players aren't paid by some fixed per point value
  7. Howe gets a pretty heavy nod for longevity and "unreal numbers".
  8. Armster

    Jeffrey Epstein

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/07/11/us/jeffrey-epstein-more-accusers/index.html Little late. Aside from being a human piece of garbage some of the potential connections here could be quite damning. I hope so much this brings down some fucked up ring of the world's most wealthy and powerful scumbags. More likely he dies of a heart attack or some such bullshit.
  9. You know Maj..you just wrote a novel when my one line answer was more than sufficient.
  10. Armster

    GM Meetings

    Are we just removing them from those who get a lot? Because if not, you're just leveling the playing field and the 60 point scorer is the new 80 point scorer...and will still be paid relative to his peers....
  11. That's what it cost for Paul George "Kawhi's guy"
  12. The goalie can be. Only equalizer in hockey. Ive occasionally given thought to the fact that Dominik Hasek belongs in the discussion with Gretzky and Orr for greatest player of alltime.
  13. Does the air we breath also contain some content of oxygen?
  14. Marner doesn't need apologists. He just needs to get signed.
  15. But then Uteck wants to come in here talking his shit about what I think Kerfoot is and isn't..like what?
  16. I actually dislike this exercise comparing the two. They are both too great to feel proper picking out minute aspects of their game for criticism. And I can totally see the argument for Marner but I disagree.
  17. FYI I edited my post to include Marner in it. I think we have to see if Matthew shoulders become a long-term concern. I don't think they will but I'm no physician. If it is, then it sucks for all of us. Right now though, I'm just worried about Marner not even being here for training camp. MAtthews is locked in for 5 years.
  18. You're not looking hard enough at Matthews then. but yes, Marner would assuredly be taken over many centres in the game. His skill level is that high and his commitment to all aspects of the game is in pretty rare territory. And Syl Apps.
  19. Cite your source. Isn't ironic that Tavares and Matthews are the most dominant possession players on the team or nah? You just want to disregard that evidence to fit "your opinion" too? If you'd like me to cite that source I will.
  20. Kerfoot has been a centre his entire hockey career dumbass. And he played wing last year but stepped in for faceoffs you say? LMAO. That just proves my point! A centre that can play wing. No more rope for you I'm done.
  21. You would know very little about the history of hockey if you think this but even if you were right which is laughable, you are literally using the exceptions (some of the greatest players to ever play the game) to prove the rule. Nobody stated that wingers can't be better than any centre.. They can be but if you were to take a winger and a centre with the exact same talent, you are never taking the winger. Why would you? They don't command three zones like the centre does, they aren't responsible for faceoffs, they aren;t responsible for the tough defensive assignments, they aren't expected to transition the play through the middle of the neutral zone.
  22. 100 years of hockey evidence of wingers not magically becoming centres? You're the idiot going against the grain. It's not on me to prove shit that's not how life works. You can't just make shit up and tell me to provide evidence against your made up fucking opinion.
  23. LMAO. So your response is "despite 100 year of evidence, I don't buy it". Good lord. As for Kerfoot, I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about or assumptions you're making on my knowledge about him.....and he sure as fuck has nothing to do with Marner. Good god you are a masterbaiter.
  24. He has many things that make him great but those tools aren't any different than Ovi's tools. It's Crosby's skillset and ability to perform as a dominant centre that makes him great above Ovi.
  25. It's close. I'm not disputing that but Matthews is more valuable. He plays with third liners and commands attention away from Marner/Tavares because of his incredible puck possession ability in all three zones. Marner has certainly had more flashy moments so when you don't look beyond the flash and dash you don't realize that the quiet guy dominating every zone on the ice almost every shift is actually doing things that very few players can.
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