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  1. They've already postponed the draft. This season is lost mate.
  2. First I was 12. And what I heard directly from "Bonnie and Carl" lol..is the same that the NHL told you. Whis to say, nothing. But nice attempt at deflection because that's what i said. We lived in the same community as they did. They were a family of complete assholes. I've met them numerous times, especially Eric. They were not liked and they have a documented history of dealing with their sons (yes, plural) hockey teams in about the most obnoxious way imaginable, especially with the Generals organization. I'm not saying that clown wasn't at fault either but you not allowing the joke of a human that Eric Lindros is, and he is, and his jerkoff family a significant share of fault is laughable at best.
  3. There absolutely 100% is. I knew the Lindros family very well.
  4. Past twenty years? Sundin's goal against Carolina with less than 20 seconds left to tie it in Conference Finals. Brought us closer than we've been but yet still so far.
  5. Borschevsky's goal in game 7 vs the Wings in 93 was the happiest I've ever felt toward this organization. Winning that series was a major statement about the turnaround of this team at the time.
  6. Well i know Lindros is a piece of shit.
  7. Yeah i saw this when it first came out. Just came across as typical Lindros douchebaggery trying to rewrite history to make himself look better.
  8. Man, Brett Hull looked like he was skating in quick sand.
  9. Lol and your 2020 Stanley Cup Champion is.... The Detroit Red Wings.
  10. No. Award the cup. Even if it NHL 20 sim.
  11. I googled NHL statement. 2nd result on first page. This is the second time in as many days you've requested easy to search and find information. Have you checked to make sure you aren't using askjeeves?
  12. But was Matthews playing real hockey or did he just score a couple goals and notch an assist?
  13. And the Leafs beat TB in the last game so nothing to even complain about to fill the time as we're a "good team" again for the time being.
  14. Predictably Spring Training also put on hold.
  15. Your context said otherwise based on your bit about Barrie so maybe if you want your idea to be relayed differently choose a better way of communicating it than fucking implying it. "At least Barrie is gone at the end of this season, but Matthews is here, until he fucks off to Arizons at least" I mean come on.
  16. A suspended season would mean a freeze in the standings too. But that's all you can safely say right now. Everything else would be 100% speculation
  17. I don't see how the NHL doesn't follow the NBA'S lead.
  18. I mean it's laughable at this point. If you don't think anyone is going to logically take it as the way it was in the context you said it, then maybe choose your words better? And yes, your whole posting history on Matthews is a joke. Like Uteck with Kessel bad. Matthews doesn't play real hockey though so I mean if that's the basis your operating from it's hopeless.
  19. Lol. I mean you're not even trying. Nor are you fooling anyone. Nobody is flying off the handle either bud. You have a Uteck-like clown opinion on Matthews. You're entire posting history on him is laughable at best. And last night was just embarrassing for you because you showed your distinct lack of understanding of defensive zone/breakout setups. But please tell us more how he doesn't play real hockey? We all want to hear this. Oh and try not to stray too far away from this victim complex you're taking up in this process too.
  20. I, myself, have called out Matthews. Debaser is a clown with Matthews. A 47 goal scoring dominant centre. Debaser doesn't know what the hell he's watching. There's no "to be fair" or defense here. It's just an unbelievably bad and biased opinion. He literally said he can fuck off to Arizona. I mean lol. It's a sad take worthy of being called out for the clown opinion it is.
  21. LMAO. Dude. You need to read a little bit. We've been shitting on this team for like two months now. You got caught with your pants down with your Matthews bullshit and now you're just grasping at whatever you can reach for to divert.
  22. If that's the case, and it may very well be, it needs to go to Rielly. Should have in the first place IMO.
  23. And yes I'm sure Tampa came out flat to start. But it doesn't matter? You can't control how other teams play. Only how you do and the Leafs were ridiculously dominant in the first.
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