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  1. That's good. I'ma store that one away for later.
  2. Is anyone really happy right now? Actually, is anyone really ever happy?
  3. Well hey, be happy knowing for the Leafs this gimmicky bullshit will also be over in July.
  4. You guys are fighting over something that will never happen. "But if the Leafs win, how will we justify it". Motherfuckers, getting past the first round regardless of format would be a goddamn miracle.
  5. Fans won't be gathering in arenas for much longer than September. It's going to be weird.
  6. I wonder if they'll have cheer boxes. Similar to laugh boxes that sitcoms use.
  7. This would happen with or w/o the pandemic.
  8. If there was specific victim here, some of you jokers would be victim blaming. Koho's simply foregone any logic or rational thinking just to cheer on the jabs or what he sees as criticism of jodi. That might be sadder than some of the shit I'm reading in this thread.
  9. Man they can play in the middle of the goddamn street for all I care. Just can't wait to get this going.
  10. We got a lot of players a "few years ago". the difference now is that they aren't having to be sold as organization defining players.
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