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  1. Definitely an interesting hire, I kinda like it though. We'll have to wait and see to really evaluate this one, but I'm definitely not disappointed with this.
  2. Apparently Boston might see a big turnover and Carlo might be available... Highly doubt Leafs and Bruins strike up a deal together but Carlo would be a really nice piece to acquire.
  3. Another alternative would be DeMelo, but even he'll likely come in for over 2 million a year.
  4. We're still on the hook for Kessels salary retention, 1.2 million.
  5. Holl isn't bad, especially considering he's signed for another 3 years at 2 million per.
  6. Farabee, at only 20, showed some really good hockey at both ends of the ice. He's a smart player and skates really well. Former 14th overall pick, I have no doubt he'll turn into a solid top six winger. Laughton would bring what Hyman basically brings, that feisty two-way aggressive game while being able to chip in offensively. Lethonen and Sandin would battle for that third pairing spot. From videos I've seen, Lethonen seems like a more mature and responsible player given his age. Not to mention, it doesn't hurt giving Sandin another year in the AHL to continue his development, no
  7. I just don't see how we can really improve the overall balance of this roster without moving Nylander for multiple pieces. To Toronto: Josh Anderson (2.5) To Columbus: Andreas Johnsson (3.4) To Toronto: Joel Farabee (1.4), Scott Laughton (2.3) and Philippe Myers (3) To Philadelphia: William Nylander (6.9) and Pierre Engvall (1.25) Sign Chris Tanev (4.5) Trade Travis Dermott for prospects/picks since there's literally no room roster wise and cap wise. In a perfect world I'd trade him along with Kerfoot to Columbus for Jenner with a million retained on Jenner.
  8. The only way St. Louis moves Parayko is if they're creating cap space to re-sign Pietranegelo while still winning the trade. In order for that too happen, our 1st and Sandin I believe would have to be involved in the deal on top of another quality piece IMO. I just don't see it happening from both sides. I think they new Pietranegelo would be leaving or too much too afford which is why they went out and traded for Faulk.
  9. I can see Schwartz being dealt this off-season and then Bozak and Steen come off the books after next season, that's over 10 million between those two. Doesn't make sense to trade Parayko. I think that's just a dream of ours lol
  10. But it won't. I don't think St. Louis is in as bad of a cap situation as most think. They have a couple players I'm sure they'd be able to move on from creating cap space, one being Jaden Schwartz. Who knows, maybe there's a market for Bozak as well considering he's only got 1 year remaining.
  11. Even without Stamkos, Tampa is a pretty stacked team. It's really no surprise to see where they're at right now. It is however a total surprise to see the Islanders make it to the conference finals, no one would have predicted that. Good for Lou and that Islanders team though, they play tough hockey.
  12. Columbus isn't trading Jones. He's untouchable, just like Matthews is for us. Korpisalo would be interesting though... With Columbus being a budget team, do they pay a backup even though he can start 2.8M? Or do they sign a cheaper goaltender in free agency to back up Elvis and allocate that money possibly into some scoring up front? Would Johnsson and a 2nd get you Korpisalo? Then move Freddy to Carolina for McGinn and a 2nd? Those two moves would free up 3.5M.
  13. It's funny how we're all throwing names like Pietranegelo, Tanev, etc when it comes to free agency meanwhile Dubas is probably going to sign Vatanen and Sheary lmao...
  14. And Lundqvist or Fleury are going to play 60 games? I'm not saying I want Crawford, I don't want him or Lundqvist/Fleury. Just doesn't make sense at all acquiring either Lundqvist or Fleury.
  15. If we're looking at 35+ year old goalies, why wouldn't you just go after Corey Crawford and not give up anything lol
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