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  1. I wonder if a contract isn't agreed upon by a certain date if Dubas starts looking for a possible trade.
  2. Let's just hope that Barrie doesn't turn out to be like Shattenkirk right now lol
  3. Yeah I saw that, then thought about posting it in here but why give into these stupid reports traps? Hey maybe if Barrie does win a Norris he'd get that, maybe if he has just a good year he makes 7? Only time will tell lol
  4. Hopefully it's not true but at what point do you draw the line and say enough is enough? This is what we can offer you and if you aren't happen with 10 or 10.5 million then you look into trading him. I'd rather lose Marner through a trade then an offer sheet for draft picks when we're suppose to be contending
  5. Random thought, if a team were to send in an offer sheet to Marner, we have a week to make a decision on that offer sheet but would we be able to trade him during that time period or no?
  6. It's not really necessary by all means, he's just played a lot more NHL games as of recent than Hutchinson. But overall in terms of their careers, they're pretty even.
  7. We have about 9.5 million in cap space right now. There's gotta be another move or two coming and sure we can get rid of Gravel and Gauthier. I still think ultimately one of Kapanen or Johnsson are moved and if it's one of them I think it'll be Johnsson.
  8. That's going to be his new go-to... First it was putting Marleau on Matthews left side, now it'll be Spezza up there lol
  9. If we could somehow fit Louis Domingue into our cap situation I'd love to acquire him from Tampa... Maybe Gauthier and Sparks for Domingue?
  10. The fact someone is arguing Gauthier is better then Spezza even at this stage of Spezza's career is actually mind-blowing... I'll take Spezza on a year to year basis for the 4th line center role for the next 1-3 years over Gauthier any day.
  11. I think Dubas is moreso banking on team defence and team toughness opposed to having certain individuals who provide all the teams grit and nasty play. This off-season just begun, there's plenty of time left before training cap and there has to be another move or two done even if they're smaller deals.
  12. I have a strong feeling Barrie will re-sign. He seems super excited to be coming here and saying there's no better fit for him. The only other team I can see him being somewhat interested in would be Vancouver but that organization is a joke currently lol. 8 years at 7 million per is going to be my guess. Muzzin walks, Dermott becomes our second pairing dman with Sandin making the jump as well.
  13. After all these moves Dubas has done, I have completed faith in him in terms of the Marner situation whether that's signing him to an extension or eventually trading him for a great return. Hopefully it's the extension though.
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