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  1. Thank God he's fully recovered! Hopefully he can pickup where he left off! He was a great addition whether it be on the second line with JT or on the third line!
  2. I'm honestly looking forward to Robertson, I think he'll have a real solid NHL career.
  3. Hopefully Freddy can come back playing the way he was right before the break happened... They've all had a couple months off now and we all know October Freddy lol
  4. Unless they cancel this season. Which hopefully they don't.
  5. We might not be able to go to a game but why can't we put a TV out in the garage and have a couple buddies over for some beers during it? Common we're Canadian, this is our sport... We'll make it work lol
  6. I'm actually surprised how many people want them to cancel the season. If they can get rapid testing for a mid June - July start why wouldn't you want to watch hockey again? Not to mention Muzzin, Rielly (he played 1 game before the stoppage) and Mikheyev would all be back healthy. That's a big boost heading into a 24 team tournament really.
  7. UFC has had multiple events already as well.
  8. There won't be any fans inside the arenas, so why would that matter??
  9. Sources indicate to TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun that the National Hockey League and the NHL Players' Association are making progress on a 24-team playoff format if the league is able to resume its 2019-20 season. If they can figure out an accurate 5 minute Covid-19 test, I don't see why you wouldn't return to play. Test players before entering the arena.
  10. I'd be surprised if he doesn't to be honest. I hope you're right though and we could somehow land Bruce. Haven't really been impressed with Hakstol anyways.
  11. Leafs extend Adam Brooks on a 2 year deal, 725k per.
  12. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is confident the league will be able to finish its season and award the Stanley Cup, saying cancelling the rest of the year is "not something I’m even contemplating.”
  13. Apparently there's talks of scrapping the remainder of the regular season and jumping into a 24 team playoff format after a short training camp.
  14. Makes sense for the AHL. Probably more of a financial move to be honest.
  15. Wouldn't be surprised to see A.J. MacLean behind the Leafs bench next season. He's been with Keefe in the Soo and then the Marlies.
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