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  1. Never thought I'd actually be happy to see Gardiner back on the ice. Marincin and Holl have been awful.
  2. But he's also definitely not playing as physical as he was in LA.
  3. Aside from the first 3 games, Muzzins been fucking awful wow...
  4. Nylander at 7 for the skill set he brings is good value. The more he plays with Matthews too he'll look like a steal.
  5. As much as I'd like to see Marleau traded for cap purposes I just don't see him waiving his clause.
  6. I think one of Kapanen or Johnsson will be dealt this off-season unfortunately. I just don't see how we can afford to keep all those forwards and improve the blueline at the same time under a salary cap lol
  7. As long as it's not Marleau playing with Matthews and Nylander I'll be happy... Lol
  8. Johnsson - Matthews - Nylander Not sure why this isn't the Matthews line. Nylander's looked good for quite some time now.
  9. It's crazy to see the difference of style in Muzzins game from the first few games to now.
  10. There's no way he gets a penny under 10 million. If we sign him for 10 even we should be thrilled.
  11. I know their styles are completely different but Johnsson sometimes gives me flashbacks of Grabovski. Small gritty talented offensive player that fucking gets rocked with a big hit so often and just gets back up lol
  12. Missed the first two periods and only caught the third but holy that was a thing of beauty hahaha
  13. Well there goes Jensen off the boards. Damn Washington, hefty price though so not upset we didn't land him.
  14. I would get something for him only because we have Rielly, Muzzin and Dermott on the left side still. Make a trade for Pesce and then use Gardiner to upgrade on the wing replacing Johnsson or Kapanen whoever gets dealt for Pesce.
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