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  1. I actually wouldn't mind Saad as long as there is a retention on his contract. I wouldn't give up Kerfoot for Miller though, especially if we're dealing Kapanen as well. It would leave a huge hole in that 3rd line center role.
  2. Well Mike Green just got traded to the Oilers, another defenceman off the table... Hopefully this just keeps improving Barrie's trade value lol
  3. It's definitely a nice pickup for Washington. He fits in perfectly with their team.
  4. Tampa also signed Bogosian.
  5. Fits the Dubas criteria, not aggressive and under 6 feet in height. Surprised it hasn't be done already.
  6. Campbell, Mikheyev and Hyman as well since they're gud pros
  7. I wonder how this team feels this morning, officially becoming the laughing stock of the league.
  8. I did see a random internet rumour last night when I was desperately searching for any kind of news that any Leaf player might be traded and saw Vancouver has offered Juolevi and a conditional pick depending on whether Barrie re-signs or not.
  9. Lackluster everywhere else?! Are you fucking kidding me. Have you not watched him play as of late? He's the only fucking superstar from this team that's actually buying in, he's even throw his body around a little more as of late. Marner has been dragging him down. I'd fucking move Nylander back with Matthews, Kapanen with Tavares and Marner on the third line, send a fucking message to his ass.
  10. I sure hope there's a for sale sign up and every other general manager in the NHL has been notified.
  11. The Matthews and Nylander contracts aren't the issue. The Marner deal however is, everyone knew it was a clear overpayment from day 1 and we're seeing why this entire fucking season. He finally speaks up last night that he's been shit, I'm glad you fucking noticed... The unfortunate thing is, he hasn't been just shit for 1 game, he's been shit for 63 games now.
  12. This entire organization and the players should have been made available to the media today.
  13. I still can't believe what happened tonight... Like what the actual fuck?! I sure as hell hope to see multiple new faces in this lineup come Tuesday.
  14. I don't understand how you don't trade at least two core players by Mondays deadline. Barrie is definitely someone I'd move regardless but another two core players I'd move are Dermott and Kapanen. Happy has been playing real well ever since his benching but he's also our best trade chip.
  15. I don't think anyone would disagree with that.
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