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  1. §andman

    Penguins Thread

    Serious question, does Crosby have a wife/husband, kids? Talking about this last night but for a superstar player in any professional sport, is his private life the least known about/talked about? Very low profile. Usually you hear of their kids becoming mini me's too.
  2. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Minus a societal revolution, unions are our best bet for the time being.
  3. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Yeah, Santa Monica would be 2nd on my list. The pier is really cool. I was massively disappointed with Hollywood. It just sucked. Worse touristy place than Niagara Falls with virtually no attractions and every 3rd store was a gift shop. I'd love to do the drive one day and go up north to check out San Fran. Potentially go see a few games too, Ducks tickets were $20 American when we went.... stupid cheap. Did you happen to check out Rodeo Drive? We went into a few stores, insane prices, a coat for 5 grand. We ate in a restaurant there as well, one of the best dishes I have ever had (truffled pasta or whatever it was). $45 Canadian for something that didn't get me full but oh so amazing.
  4. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    SoCal is amazing. Venice Beach was one of my favourite places. Such a different vibe down there too.
  5. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    No, you're just emotional because you can't get the stuff you want on time and it inconveniences you ever so slightly. Boohoo. Salaries are already poor for many workers. Unions help to provide a better wage and better work conditions for employees who otherwise are at the mercy of corporations. With the lack of job prospects (particularly full time) and a shrinking middle class and higher income disparity, the unions are much needed. This isn't the 70's anymore where 1 income earner could make enough for a house, wife and 5 kids.
  6. §andman

    Doug Ford wins Ontario PC leadership

    Doug Ford, creating longer health care wait times and making Ontario more sick. Quality guy. Hope he doesn't need a doctors note.
  7. §andman

    So.....how much will we have to pay Kapanen?

    I'd say 3.5-4 is accurate if he keeps it up. Should he falter a bit, 3 or less.
  8. §andman

    Official Toronto Raptors Thread

    Nurse got father'd. Leonard did his best Derozan impression. *Footnote is the Raps had a bunch of injuries but still, you had your 2 best players out there.
  9. §andman

    GDT: Leafs Vs Queens

    I'll care about your work if you care about my fantasy team.
  10. §andman

    GDT: Leafs Vs Queens

    No one cares about your shitty job either and you continue to post about it.
  11. §andman

    GDT: Leafs Vs Queens

    Kopitar has the lowest point total on my 10 man squad. My 10th pick, Buchnevich has more points than him. I also drafted Ehlers who has been shit. And Klingberg is injured. It's just not a good year fantasy wise.
  12. §andman

    GDT: Leafs Vs Queens

    11th overall. Not a keeper league. LA Kings added Kovalchuk. Kopitar had a fantastic season last year. Slight gamble and clearly I dun fucked up.
  13. §andman

    Morgan Rielly

    His play in the playoffs last year reinforced the idea he should be captain. Not the biggest guy but he was in scrums, he was backing up his teammates, everything. What he's doing this year should further make a case for him to wear the C.