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  1. Need those cheap guys. We've had some success with it under this regime. Would like to see us go for another overseas D-man.
  2. Now, I realize this isn't exactly "offseason" mode for players but they're going to miss weeks worth of playing, practicing and staying in regular NHL shape. Many probably have some decent equipment and home stuff set up to stay in "ok" shape but I bet the majority are not going to be near NHL level ready. The quality of the games is going to go down. You consider just how intense playoff hockey is, and it might end up where guys get injured as well. I don't know if there is a solution other than to just cancel it. Even shortened playoff series wouldn't work. You almost need like a 3 game regular season stretch before you go into the playoffs (that act like preseason) but then teams who are just on the outside are not going to be taking it "preseason" style and again, injuries will probably happen. Thoughts?
  3. Mogilny, being my favourite Leafs player and this insane comeback by the Leafs: Shoutout to that '04 roster. Stacked. Too bad it never worked out.
  4. Best of 5 playoffs up until the finals?
  5. That's disgusting. I hope fans boycott them. But I look at our own Toronto team and haven't heard a single athlete or spokesperson say they will provide assistance, either.
  6. China also took like 2 months to even start giving a shit about it whereas most other countries are sorta on top of it a bit quicker.
  7. Well considering those people can't breathe without the need of a machine, I'd say a doctor.
  8. Death rate from the flu is .1-.2%. CoVid is between 2-3% with about 20% needing hospitalization (if you go by Italy numbers).
  9. Wonder if they'd cancel the season and just go straight into playoffs?
  10. NBA season cancelled. WOW.
  11. I'm glad that lazy bum Matthews is on the Leafs.
  12. Can't tell if Leafs really bad or Tampa really good.
  13. Can't tell if Leafs really good or Tampa really bad.
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