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  1. §andman

    GDT: Leafs @ Tampa. 7:30 SN

    Did anyone else catch Nylander throwing a check in the 3rd? When Matthews was in the corner and Nylander skated over? Like seriously, Nylander knocked someone down.
  2. §andman

    GDT: Leafs @ Tampa. 7:30 SN

    Is Vas the best goalie in the league?
  3. §andman

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    We'll probably end up trading another 2nd for a 4th line C or a 4th rounder for another O'Byrne.
  4. Tim and Sid (Tim specifically) brought up a good point about the whole Gardiner - booing fiasco last night. He mentioned that Leaf fans tend to do this to a single player when they don't know what the problem is, or they can't pinpoint the problem. It has happened in the past and we find 1 scapegoat to lay all blame on. Even on here, where it's a bit of a safe haven from morons, we have done it. the worst defenceman in Maple Leaf history? Yup. John Mitchell? Yup. We expect this team to be better. We expect Jake to be better. But the issue isn't on him alone. It is the players, the coach and management staff for assembling this team. But again, the fanbase doesn't know where exactly the issues lie. It's a fragile fanbase, really.
  5. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    On the topic of GM, Canada really should get its shit together and become an innovative country. Take that plant and start building your own electric vehicles. Fuck, use it for something else. Become a world leader in some sort of economy. Canada takes the backseat way too often. Even the smaller European countries take chances and become a leader in some sort economic way.
  6. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    When corporations are turning so much profit nowadays, I will never side with them. The union at GM being so good and so strong should not be used against the workers. Corporate greed has fucked the workers over more than the union ever did.
  7. Trade deadline is going to be important for this year. While the window is nowhere near closing, they will not have a better team cap-wise than they do now. Unfortunately not many pure rentals available and lots of guys with term that may/may not be available. The contracts to Marleau and Zaitsev are definatly an issue going into next year.
  8. Blame a few guys all you want but at what point does the system and structure seem to not work? Maybe it's the personnel that doesn't fit but how often does this team get outshot and (often) bailed out by Freddy?
  9. I'd probably switch the pairs and put Dermott with Zaitsev and Gardiner with Wizard of Oz. I think Dermott can handle being the top dog on a defensive pair.
  10. §andman

    Veganuary 2019

    So, made vegan quesadillas. Not a fan of vegan cheese, like at all.
  11. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Clean, sanitize and wash your hands as much as possible to avoid all the icky, sick stuff. Protect yourself as much as possible. However, you lose immunity to the potential icky, sick stuff. Thus, you can become even more sick because you were never exposed to it. Bit of a catch-22, eh?
  12. §andman

    Impaired driving and new laws

    Orwell and Foucault were really onto something with the whole surveillance idea.
  13. §andman


    Matthews is over a point per game this season. His career goals per game would rank him 2nd amongst current active players (behind Ovechkin). But his recent play is costing him money.