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  1. Maj, relax bro. You read too much realgm.
  2. I feel like Smith is a bandaid solution for the next few years for Ottawa... a scapegoat almost.
  3. Nylander leading the hockey tourney in points.
  4. The night and day difference between road and home games. If they can pull off a game 5 upset, they win this series.
  5. They are the underdogs in this series. There's nothing disappointing. Well, fvv is a massive disappointment but beyond that, this as good as it's gonna get. The Bucks were the best team in the league all season long.
  6. This series has been disappointing? What?
  7. I was really hoping for a WW appearance. That'd have been icing on the cake.
  8. My only issue would have been that noone brought up Jon's lineage at that council meeting. I was half expecting a white walker to show up at the end... Good ending though.
  9. Oh, I can finally post in here without getting those random errors. Anyway, I thought they'd lose in OT for sure. Not sure they (aka Kawhi) have enough in the tank for game 4. The Greek Traveller isn't going to have this quiet of a game in game 4.
  10. §andman

    Sim League

    If any of you wanna join. We just rebooted with new rosters; http://hockleague.freeforums.net/
  11. Maybe it's all a conspiracy. It's not very good so when George releases the books, everyone will buy them in the hopes of a better story.
  12. I think it's ridiculous to suggest Shanahan hasn't been great in his role. The Leafs went from one of the biggest jokes in the league, top-to-bottom, to being a respected franchise yet again. That started with the entire leadership overhaul when he came in. The on ice success may not be where we want it but it's still an ongoing process and we have the right foundation now compared to before.
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