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  1. Can't wait for that 6 foot 9 river monster to get nothing called against him.
  2. §andman

    Chuck Fletcher out in Minnesota

    Minny peaked. They made some big moves a few seasons ago when their young core was developing but it doesn't look like they'l get over that hump anymore.
  3. §andman

    Collision Yonge/Finch

    Take your own life, not innocent others. Fuckin hell.
  4. Okay, I had quite a few rye and gingers but someone tell me that that wasn't one of the worst reff'ed games ever. Holy fuck those were the softest calls I have ever seen. That one scrum where 2 Leafs ended up in the box, for what? That Dermott play? Chara is a 6 foot 9 river monster yet you'd think he's casper the ghost with the shit he gets away with. That was a fucking catastrophe. Thank fuck we won that game.
  5. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    ❤️❤️❤️ you buddy/
  6. §andman

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    The Stroshow hasn't been putting on a show this year. Well, he has, just not a good one.
  7. §andman

    Leafs vs. Bruins Discussion

    I mean, we gotta try something but the Hyman-Matthews-Brown line was putrid this season for the half dozen or so games they were together...
  8. §andman

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Ok but seriously Teoscar Hernandez is playing ridiculous ball right now.
  9. §andman

    Off-season Plan

    I think the team is going to monitor how Timmy L is developing. If they're satisfied with how he's progressing, one of Gardiner/Zaitsev is definatly leaving. Most likely Gardiner as they committed to Zaitsev last year. They may hold off until part way through next year to keep evaluating Timmy L and whether they think he can step in within the next 2 years. You need either a top D-man or you need a solid guy for the 2nd unit. If you get a top pairing guy, Hainsey and Gardiner would be a better fit as they showed to be decent when Rielly went down. If you get a good, reliable 2nd pair guy, that knocks one of Gards/Zaitsev to the 3rd pairing where they play more sheltered minutes and hopefully be more effective in a lesser role. A darkhorse here is Borgman as well. Does he have the capability to play top 4 minutes next year? Shit, maybe even Rosen as the team must've liked what they saw from both guys prior to this season.
  10. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    You ever think, over the years, the numerous posters who have come and gone that 1 of them is dead and that's why they never post here anymore?
  11. §andman

    Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    No. Emphasis on the period after no.
  12. §andman


    Heard this on the radio this morning. This is actually such BS.
  13. §andman

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    To be fair, that was a cute dog.
  14. §andman

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Gift Ngoepe has struck out 12 times in 18 bats.