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  1. How do you guys even remember all these numbers
  2. Also, there's a decent amount of employees without work if sports don't return. While concession stands won't run, there's those employees who work for the arenas (stadiums), I'm sure a good amount of employees working for MLSE are off work and not getting paid either that are involved in day-to-day Leafs stuff. Shit, I don't know but would the equipment manager get paid at a time like this? You'd be returning for those employees so they can return to work and provide for their families. Considering that it looks like it's Toronto/Edmonton as the choices, that's a win/win for Canada's economy as well. Again, I'm basing this off (more examples so I don't repeat myself) employees such as hotel workers/cleaners/cooks and airline staff having to return. Are they necessary? No, probably not. But they're forced to return to work. This goes beyond my selfishness of wanting hockey to return. I'm finding more and more reasons for pro athletes to get back to their jobs because others, in FAR less cushy positions are forced to. And those less cushy are going to be (more than likely) the reason outbreaks (if they at all) occur.
  3. *I should add, I do feel that if a team has a few players who have tested for positive for Covid, then they get kind of screwed, especially in a playoff series. I see that being the most problematic issue out of all of this.
  4. I'd argue it does. There is no need for half the retail stores out there. They are not essential. We can do without them. Yet, they're open putting workers that work for minimum wage under risk. Ripleys Aquarium has opened, the Toronto Zoo is open and other places (such as Disneyland) that are pure entertainment are also opening up. Those workers get nowhere near the same benefits, medical doctors as pro athletes do. If migrant workers, minimum wage employees and others in less ideal situations are forced to return to work by their bosses, then NHL players and other athletes are no different. Those retail workers face the same risks being in contact with hundreds of people daily as an NHL'er will playing against another team. Let's be honest, these athletes are not going to be the reason Covid cases explode. It will more than likely come from your nail salons, migrant farm workers or someone working in retail or other service industries.
  5. So, I'm kinda torn on this. Read fully before jumping down my throat. On one hand I find athletes (not just NHL'ers) complaining about returning "to work" as being unfair. You get the best treatment in the world, you have doctors at your disposal whenever you want, testing often and you're all in great shape. Why should people working for minimum wage at say, a Winners, or Marks, have to return to work but these athletes making millions are putting up a fuss? Get over it. I'm pretty sure I saw Ripleys opening up so if entertainment places like that open then there's no reason why millionaire athletes can't play. Now, on the other hand, they have a point. We can live without sports. There is no need for any sports to return. I don't blame for not wanting to put themselves in these hub cities, away from their families as well as putting their families at risk by them playing.
  6. SMH https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/nhl-positive-covid-19-tests-1.5631645 I can't believe all these players getting in trouble. I feel super disappointed by all these players. *Sarcasm, for those unaware.
  7. I'm at like 20... maybe more...
  8. What a bunch of irresponsible players!! Absolutely disgraceful!!!
  9. Really hoping to see some MLB. Just want to see the young guns develop further and see some Ryu action.
  10. How is getting covid "getting in trouble?" WTF kind of thinking is that?
  11. A bunch of T-bay personnel too. I heard some Flyers guys as well.
  12. Isn't there a grievance to be made there? Players signed contracts that are only valid until a certain date but will now be moved back? Say a would-be FA got injured in August and won't get a huge new contract, wouldn't this cause issue potentially? I haven't been following much of the on-goings but I feel this has to be a pretty important issue going forward..
  13. If the season continues, what's the plan with guys who were supposed to be FA's on July 1st? How are they going about that situation?
  14. It's about as good of a matchup as we could hope for. Going to be weird to be watching hockey in July. 😂
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