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  1. I don't think selling is an option no matter how "smart" of a move it might be. Getting assets for Barrie (and potentially Muzzin) would be a keen, shrewd move, but it also would probably send the wrong message to the team and fans. No matter how much some of us may like the moves, the media would be all over the Leafs and the idiotic news takes would take over. Not sure that's what Dubas and co., would want to do with such a young team. I could see a Barrie swap for another top 4, maybe. We likely add a few small pieces, could see the team bringing in a new 4th liner, backup goalie or depth D-man. I don't think it's gonna be wild.
  2. In hindsight, I don't think it worked. Not that I think the score would've been any different but playing 11 F / 7 D seemed to throw their game off more than anything. Not sure if GOAT/Tima were sick and Brooks went in or if they're giving him a little extra playing time as a reward.
  3. Two thoughts; How do we acquire a goalie better than Andersen? How many goalies in the league are better than him? Less than 10. I don't see any getting moved. And second, thoughts on Timmy L? I saw some good breakout passes and a few decent defensive plays. Unfortunate on the one goal against, but I thought the team was still in a good enough defensive position to be able to defend that one. Still, need to get it in deeper (tehe).
  4. Games like this make me think, I am so glad to be a Raps fan.
  5. I agree, but I'm not sure there's many options available.
  6. Maybe I don't value Kapanen as highly as you guys do. He's a 2nd/3rd line tweener. I like him and the way he plays but he's on the level of a Silfverberg/Debrusk. Palmieri could be another good comparable.
  7. I never said he was worth more than Freddy. I'm saying he's probably going to net the Rangers a good piece and he's not going to get paid something small on his new contract. He probably falls in between what Grubauer and Raanta (or Jones) got in their trades. A Kapanen-type player isn't a reach. There's teams like the BJ's, Wings, Sens, Blackhawks, maybe Canes/Oilers/Islanders/Sharks/Avs who'd show some interest.
  8. Some of you are delusional. There's quite a few people (legit NHL insiders) who have mentioned and speculated that Georgiev could potentially be a starting goalie now or very, very soon. With the way the league is trending with 1A/1B goalie tandems, Georgiev easily fits into that mold and could be that 1A. He still has quite a bit of potential, similar to a Marty Jones back in the day. He's gonna get paid and there's a team out there that will give up a good asset (aka not dirt cheap) to get him because of that.
  9. I could, in a dream-like fantasy, see this end up being the D core next year: Rielly - Pietrangelo Dermott - Holl Sandin - Liljegren Marincin Or more likely that we re-up Muzzin and trade one of Kap/Andreas/Kerfoot + Bracco for a top 4.
  10. So, Marleau is 65 games away from being the all-time GP leader (well, 65 to tie, 66 to lead). Does he pull it off next season? A part of me wants him to get another contract just so he can.
  11. Taylor Hall and Justin Holl. When you say both names fast, they sound the same but when you say it slower, "Holl" is more like "hole" and "Hall" is more like "Hull" but really try saying it fast and they both sound the same. I missed the 3rd and beyond. Oopps. Maybe took an edible. Maybe.
  12. §andman

    MLB Thread

    Ouu Yankees next?! Maybe MLB needs to hand out bigger punishments. Boston sports is a city full of cheaters, Houston is rednecks and if the Yanks go down too? I like it. Fuck 'em. Maybe the man in white for the Jays was a thing, eh? We just weren't good enough to make a difference. 😂
  13. §andman

    MLB Thread

    This whole thing is real messy. I kinda liked the Astros for a bit. They built a solid team. Now I might hate them more than the Yanks.
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