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  1. Dude, you know not every comment directed towards me needs to be about dogs. Like you gotta time these jokes better.
  2. So how does the 'Shwa experience compare to Ontario's other armpit of Hamilton?
  3. I was hoping you would do Cloverleaf. It might be the one place that breaks you. A little disappointed.
  4. I think you're thinking of the one right downtown, the old Genosha hotel. I know there was a strip club there many, many years ago. Not sure if it was Hell's Angel's run though. Strip clubs aren't allowed in Oshawa anymore.
  5. You get very defensive over anything Jets related. The Jets had a poor showing this last playoffs. He's been there for 6 years. It's a valid question. *I thought I was in offseason thread, not Marner's, opps.
  6. Big Buff taking time off in Winnipeg, too. Things looking iffy in Winnipeg. Ps, how is Maurice still the coach there?
  7. When the 4th line C is able to gain offensive zone time and scoring opportunities, you're in good shape. GOAT gets the shot off, goalie freezes the puck. Out comes the 1st line for an offensive zone faceoff. Matthews wins it. Barrie shoots. Nylander tips it in. ...Ok, maybe Nylander won't tip it in but you get the idea.
  8. Do you guys ever stop and think, why you're arguing on the internet for over a week trying to one-up the other person and insult them? Like what good is it going to do for you?
  9. What? I have never seen Kapanen shy away from a play. He's no Kessel. He forechecks well.
  10. A 1st round exit means Babs is fired. I could even see a 2nd round exit mean Babs is gone (say, they get swept in the 2nd round). The players (core) will probably stay in tact. *Scorched Earth might occur if we miss the playoffs, though. Unfortunately next season is going to be difficult to build a good D core. Two out of three (Muzzin/Barrie/Ceci) are most likely gone. You're hoping (praying) Sandin and Timmy L are ready to play effective minutes at the NHL level.
  11. Essentially, unless a few guys impress the hell out of Babs, GOAT and Marincin will probably be up with the big club due to having the cheapest contracts. Holl as well.
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