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  1. What a shitshow of a game. This team is wildly inconsistent. 2 seasons ago, performances like this were acceptable and tolerable. Not anymore.
  2. Jeremy Bracco has 65 points on the season. He was always "on the edge";' could either flop or become a solid NHL'er. Seems to be trending towards solid NHL'er.
  3. Mad I missed this one! Looked stressful but entertaining!
  4. Hopefully he has a Bozak career, not an Ashton.
  5. So this is a case of "Did Grover drop the F bomb" with Rielly.
  6. Not cool broseph Morgan. You were supposed to be captain.
  7. Simply outclassed. High school team playing against men.
  8. Although I see there's fee's attached for inactivity/having a balance lower than $5000.
  9. Any thoughts on between wealthsimple or Questrade? Or other platforms?
  10. We might catch the Bruins at the worst possible time, they are playing out of their minds right now.
  11. §andman

    SNC Lavalin

    Unfortunately, this seems to have swayed quite a few voters for the upcoming election. Liberals might have made their bed with this.
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