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  1. You must've missed Broc's idea about the NHL getting rid of secondary assists thus reducing the salary of players in some miraculous way.
  2. Ok, this is weirdly fascinating: Credits to 102.1 the edge for this;
  3. §andman

    GM Meetings

    This is a Todd-level stupid idea and justification. 😂
  4. LOL @ Harden and Westbrook on the same team. Two of the highest usage players in the entire league. This'll be hilariously bad.
  5. Why does Point think Marner should make more money than him?
  6. Matthews is going to get more points than Marner this year.
  7. More shocking than Jodi hating on something that the majority enjoy and like?
  8. I mean, minus the fact that Derozan, Lowry and Ibaka all have re-signed with the Raptors in recent memory.
  9. Most of the RFA's haven't signed. Relax, have a beer, enjoy summer.
  10. I know that you know little about basketball based off your idiotic reply in this thread.
  11. Problem is, MLSE isn't going to just accept trading off the team after seeing the $$$ roll in. It makes sense but the upper management probably ain't about it.
  12. I don't think you have a clue about the basketball side of these things so you're just being a cheeky dumbass right now.
  13. Well. Atleast it wasn't the Lakers. And atleast they won it all. I hope MLSE doesn't try and stretch this team for a few years. They're old and they have 3 fantastic expiring contracts with huge value to many teams. Rebuild it quick and come back next season or in 2 with a competitive team again. Siakam + OG is 2/5 of a solid team already.
  14. If this is true, what a goof. 7 years at a guaranteed salary of what, 70M, maybe 80M Vs. 2-3 years, risk a career ending injury? These people chasing dollar signs like no tomorrow.
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