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  1. Glenn Healy. Asshole in real life who thinks he's top shit because he was a backup in the NHL. Ian White. Smug, punchable face. Versteeg, since he quit on the team basically. I think Nolan did too, if I remember correctly. Cory Cross and Aki Berg. Just not very good. Probably misplaced angst, though. Not many that I've hated. Most you warm up to, even if they're not very good.
  2. Calgary might be in worse shape than us atm.
  3. We seen to be changing the names on D more often than not. And yet, nothing changes. The Leafs forwards need to pick it up. They provide poor support to the D.
  4. Can you people stop changing screen names? Jodi should be the only one because we all know he changes his screen names as often as his sexual partners but everyone else? Stop or I don't know whether to skim or read your posts accordingly.
  5. El Camino. One long breaking bad episode. Excellent, just like the show. No Saul or Huell, though. A little disappointed at that.
  6. Maybe Tavares isn't a good captain....
  7. We are entering the Kessel/Phaneuf trainwreck level right now. This is the 18 wheeler going off a cliff reincarnated of that time. This is bad.
  8. Can someone explain why, our 2 10M, franchise-type centers are NOT taking defensive faceoffs with less than 5 mins to go and down 1 goal? Tell me if Crosby, Toews, Kopitar, Mcdavid, Bergeron, Mackinnon, Barkov, Barzal, any of those guys don't on their teams? Because I'm pretty sure the point of having franchise-level C's is... for them to play in key situations.
  9. This is really entering into emergency mode. A loss tomorrow and I really think Babcock might get canned. What's worse is we don't even have our first rounder this year so not like we can cheer for a high draft pick.
  10. Spezza pulling some voodoo injury magic to keep getting in the lineup.
  11. I wanted the OnePlus really bad. They've become pretty pricey, though. Went with the Pixel instead.
  12. I think they go on a little run, something like 6 of 7 to get back in there and kinda see-saw their way in. There's just too much talent not to. But then maybe I'm a lost puppy, too optimistic here.
  13. McJesus, 3 goals, 3 assists. Draisatl 5 assists. 2 men wrecking crew.
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