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  1. That game will be replayed on NHL/Leafs TV classic games for years to come.
  2. Yeah let's trade Nylander for a marginally better D man....smh
  3. Why didn't Matthews get an assist there? I thought the play is only broken if Calgary takes possession.
  4. Holy shit, I knew Marner has been doing well, but I didn't realize he's only a point back of Laine after 42 games played, and two of Matthews. It still just blows my mind how great Matthews, Marner and Nylander are as rookies. Carrier totally looks like Dinesh from Silicon Valley.
  5. Wrong. After ROW goes head to head. Leafs leapfrog.
  6. Why no Bibeau? Did they just want to get him back down playing games in the AHL? Also kind of surprised they didn't start Andersen given the five days of rest. I guess that Caps game spoiled the idea.
  7. Yeah I know based on that post I'm clearly a train wreck over catching this W
  8. Love the W's, Matthews scoring goals, but so fucking sick of third period goals. Hopefully the Habs get their due tomorrow and don't escape with another W while getting outplayed by the Leafs.
  9. I swear if they blow this lead lol And fucking Matthews my love
  10. PrideOfPEI24

    2016-2017 WJHC

    Perhaps it's just the saltiness talking, but without the shootout I doubt US makes it to the final, let alone wins gold.
  11. I just don't understand. Back to back three goal third periods. This goes beyond struggling to close games, something is fundamentally wrong. Chalk it up to inexperience, sure, but holy fuck something needs to be done to overcome this. You have to wonder at this stage if it's not just a mental thing and it's almost like they just give up, expecting it to happen. Either way, it's sickening to watch.
  12. Fucking seriously? Can somebody out there calculate what percentage of third period leads the Leafs have blown? Like you'd have to think just on fucking chance they wouldn't blow one...
  13. PrideOfPEI24

    The Official UFC Thread

    Yeah.... she's done.
  14. 2 points for Matthews, I believe that ties him with Laine with 3 games in hand. Only a goal back too! Another strong game by Bibeau. The blown lead still sucks, but I'll take the W.