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  1. Luke Glendening

    Leafs were interested in signing him after he left Sweden but he chose Carolina instead, currently on pace to surpass last year's point totals, and has a 56.2 FO%.
  2. Luke Glendening

    Not sure if this directed at me but... I'm not against this team trading for Glendening depending on cost imo, I just have more interest in Letestu and Ryan.
  3. Luke Glendening

    A fifth rounder for Glendening is probably fine in a vacuum, but only if Martin is going the other way. Glendening’s analytics are bad - but that’s largely due to the fact the guy is absolutely buried with defensive zone starts. That could easily change for the better if Babcock uses him in a slightly more offensive role. Detroit can go fuck themselves if they expect a 2nd round pick. I have more interest in Letestu and Derek Ryan anyways.
  4. I was not on the toilet for the Matthews goal. I actually saw that one!
  5. Romanuk: “Somethings gonna happen”. Red Wings score. Thanks Paul!
  6. Babock really needs to retool this power play. Yeesh.
  7. Second game in a row in which I miss Leafs goals because I’m sitting on the toilet. Might as well be like Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon 2.
  8. Anyone else bored or just me?
  9. Here’s hoping Polak is actually out this time!
  10. 2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    Some fans in Chicago were booted out of the game tonight for chanting "basketball, basketball, basketball" at Washington Capitals forward Devante Smith-Pelly while he was in the penalty box. Yikes...
  11. For all the praise Babcock gives Kapanen, he sure as fuck doesn't trust him.
  12. Pittsburgh’s arena music guy is on point with these in-between play songs.