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  1. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    What I'm buying: stuff for myself, gift cards, a Yankees hat (my sister likes them), clothes. What I'm getting: money, gift cards, and a Matthews jersey.
  2. Erik Gudbranson, Person of Interest

    Slow as hell, possession black hole, not very good. Hard pass and fuck off.
  3. Duly noted if Andersen gets touched even lightly just lift your shoulder after your scored on and scream interference cause you’re too slow to stop the shot.
  4. Raanta had all fucking year to get back in net. I know the Coyotes are Bettman’s baby but fuck off.
  5. Not their worst game of the year regarding the score.. but when it comes to wanting to pour bleach in your eyes... yeah this is the game.
  6. I wonder if they would take a package that includes Nylander...
  7. Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    The Blue Jays have acquired infielder Gift Ngoepe from the Pirates, per club announcements. The talented defender changes hands as the clubs go about trimming their 40-man rosters in advance of the Rule 5 draft.
  8. NFL Thread

  9. The Leafs are building something amazing. There needs to be something exceptional to even risk breaking up that forward core.
  10. They remind me of the Burke era Leafs minus the AHL caliber goaltending when Price is healthy. Subban for Weber has to be one of the worst trades made this decade by far.
  11. That pass Martin made was between the legs too. Completely unexpected and so awesome at the same time.