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  1. Not to mention that Marner's 57,000 endorsement deals could easily make up most of the money lost due to taxes, but I'm not an accountant.
  2. Kucherov was also a 3rd round pick... not a 4th overall pick. Safe to say the expectations were significantly lower for him than Mitch... Kucherov won the Art Ross, Ted Lindsay, and Hart last night. Please tell me that Marner deserves 2M more than him.
  3. I wonder if the Marner camp knows that asking for Matthews money is a comparable... 🙄
  4. - Nylander never asked for Matthews money. - Nylander’s camp didn’t threaten the idea of signing an offer sheet elsewhere, he wanted to stay the entire time. - Nylander’s camp didn’t threaten to skip training camp if they didn’t get close to what they wanted. -Nylander’s camp never said anything to a media shill like Dreger, nor did say “fuck comparables, pay me like Matthews”. Using Draisaitl as a comparable at the time was a poor comparable, but they didn’t dimiss the notion of using comparables entirely. Fuck, they kept quiet as they should.
  5. Ask Moulson and Okposo how their careers have gone post-Tavares too. In addition, Lee scored 40 with Tavares as his centre. He scored 28 this season without him.
  6. Paul Marner is now asking for another 10M on Mitch’s new contract.
  7. Get in the bullpen or fuck off. It's like watching Biagini start all over again.
  8. I forgot how well trading a top 6 winger for Larsson worked out the first time. My bad.
  9. All that typing and your projected roster still would have difficulty exiting round 1. Bravo.
  10. It’s way too early to write off the Nylander or Matthews contracts ffs. We have yet to see Nylander play a full season under his, and Matthews hasn’t started yet. 🙄
  11. Yeah, our other franchise centre who still scores at an elite rate despite playing with inferior linemates is Lupul 2.0. Not even in the same ballpark. Fuck outta here.
  12. Wait... didn’t you say a couple weeks ago that Dubas overpaid for Matthews though? 🤔
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