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  1. It’s almost as if...making an adjustment to something that’s not working....wait for it.... Has BENEFITS?! WHAAAAAAAT???
  2. I laughed out loud when Moore got out for a shift on the Tavares line. This is when you make the change? After 6 games of horrible play from that line? Is he Internet Explorer?
  3. The Leafs have scored first ONCE this year. New team, same fucking problems. Fire Babcock.
  4. It’s so obvious to play Hutch tonight this “start the barely NHL calibre backup on the second half of a B2B” stuff is annoying.
  5. Morrison7

    MLB Thread

    And Happ blows it yesterday. You hate to see it...
  6. Pretty sure we need to accept the fact that Babcock won’t break up that fantastic third line until Hyman is back at this point.
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