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  1. Morrison7

    Boston Bruins

    I like Donato, pretty good move by Minnesota.
  2. Morrison7

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    The Leafs after Kadri was knocked out of the game due to the Dunn hit regained their composure and outscored St. Louis 2-0 for the rest of regulation and got a point out of it, one they might have not even deserved. Oh well. Should’ve punched someone in the face instead.
  3. Morrison7

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    How about the Jays let Stroman rebuild his value first? If he ever gets dealt though, trading him to a team with a loaded farm system will be the best bet.
  4. Morrison7

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Guess you must have missed it when Pittsburgh won B2B cups built on skill and three lines that could score, without these mediocre tough/grit guys you've been going on about at ad nauseam. This lack of "heavy players" wasn't why they lost against Boston, it's only the dinosaurs that actually believe that and won't shut up about it.
  5. Morrison7

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Why Toronto media keeps connecting all these okay-ish to bad players to the Leafs like they have a moron as a GM is amazing really.
  6. Morrison7

    GDT: Leafs vs. Blues

    I don’t know that consistent/ linear point progression is a) possible and b) necessary to advance as a team/organization. Tampa, the class of the league, have finished with the following point totals since drafting Stamkos (excluding lockout): 66, 80, 103, 84, 101, 108, 97, 94, 113 They went: miss, miss, conference finals, miss, miss (lockout), 1st round exit, SCF, conference finals, miss, conference finals. Pretty up and down, but would be tough to say they weren’t competitive or getting better throughout that. If anything, watching Washington win after countless people had them “never winning with OV”, or the yearly early exit, was a lesson in sticking with it, keeping your core guys and getting up and going for it again no matter where you finished or how the previous playoffs went. This young team needs a deep run to kick start that, and I think that’ll be more valuable than whatever points they finish with.
  7. Morrison7

    GDT: Leafs vs. Blues

    6-2-2 in the last 10, yup the sky is falling. 🙄
  8. Morrison7

    GDT: Leafs vs. Blues

    They scored 2 goals in 31 seconds against one of the hottest teams and goalies in the league right now. Who gives a fuck how they were scored? I swear most of you are just looking for things to complain about.
  9. Morrison7

    GDT: Leafs vs. Blues

    We’re talking about at team that hasn’t lost more than two games in a row all season long and generally dominates at ES. They're also not done making additions to the roster, obviously. Fuck off @brocto
  10. Morrison7

    GDT: Leafs vs. Blues

    What the fuck?
  11. Morrison7

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    If you can't have a good season while playing alongside Aho and Teravainen 49.1% of the time at even-strength, you should probably quit hockey. Let's not pretend his career-high 102.4 PDO is sustainable either, it's not.
  12. Morrison7

    Edmonton Oilers Thread

    Caggiula is still the 6th leading goal scoring forward on the Oilers, despite being traded nearly 30 games ago.
  13. Morrison7

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Arizona had an insubordinate amount of blocked shots, and the Leafs dominated possession like they usually do. That was a game they easily could have won, but luck wasn’t on their side. Ferland is a slight upgrade over Hyman who’s asking for Evander Kane money in free agency despite being oft-injured, and Pesce is nowhere close to being good enough for a top 2 role. Wilson was overpaid by Washington after a cup run that had him riding Ovechkin and Backstrom’s coattails, he’s not worth 5.17M per year. Cry about Nylander all you want, he’s still got more value than Ferland and Pesce combined.
  14. Morrison7

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Solid pitcher, but he needs to grow some thicker skin and talk a little less. He’s a pretty annoying follow on Twitter.