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  1. The hate will be instantaneous once Tippet takes him off McDavid's line.
  2. Only thing you'd win is a trip to the mental hospital after suggesting a Kapanen or Johnsson for Hainsey trade.
  3. Doesn’t look like they’re selling at all.
  4. I didn't think anyone could top AM's suggestion for Vatanen or Danny's for Dumba but... SOY blew them out of the ballpark. Yikes.
  5. Ron Hainsey? I know many of my friends who’d like to get back with their ex-girlfriends too.
  6. Is this a bad time to say that 3 of the top 5 teams in hits last season missed the playoffs and the Blues were 24th in hits per game during the regular season or...
  7. Dreger also thinks Kapanen isn’t enough for Georgiev, yet also believes he’s better than Nylander lmao.
  8. Johnson’s opinion is based off his experience as a NHL player, something you wouldn’t know about. The fact he played is relevant.
  9. Freddy has been mediocre outside of November and is on a three week stretch of .860 goaltending. They’ve won despite him the majority of the time IMO. They’re more than capable of going on another run here, getting Muzzin and Moore back shortly certainly helps.
  10. Then maybe don't use his goals from last season as a reason why he doesn't suck? Especially when his offensive game has fallen off a cliff this season. He's not better than Spurgeon. Not even close.
  11. One hit on Kerfoot and a highlight pack showing off his 12 goals from last season - when goals aren't the issue that needs to be addressed here? Sold. Trying to discredit a player's first-hand experience because of his perceived-skill level (as if that has relevance to the conversation) is a bold strategy, Cotton.
  12. Johnson had 375 points in 661 career games, while playing in an era that some on here refuse to let go of. Fucking clown indeed.
  13. If you're giving up significant assets like Kapanen and Liljegren already, you never for settle for less. So many names thrown around with such little substance cause GrIt n HiTz or some unverified source named them in a rumour. Sad!
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