(C1) NSH 2
(WC1) DAL 2
(C2) WPG 2
(C3) STL 2
(P1) CGY 1
(WC2) COL 3
(P2) SJS 1
(P3) VGK 3
(A1) TBL 0
(WC2) CBJ 4
(A2) BOS 2
(A3) TOR 2
(M1) WSH 2
(WC1) CAR 1
(M2) NYI 4
(M3) PIT 0
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  1. So damn close! The fact they’re 8-12 without Vladdy isn’t as terrible as I thought they’d be.
  2. Maybe they could promote Moore to the third line and send Brown down to the 4th? Marleau-Nylander-Moore Ennis-Gauthier-Brown I'd rather see that.
  3. 2013 - Toronto Maple Leafs win game 5 & 6. 2018 - Toronto Maple Leafs win game 5 & 6. 2019 - Toronto takes the series by winning game 5 & 6, hopefully.
  4. The Leafs lost Game 4 last year too... a game in which Bergeron wasn't playing. That still hurts. 😢
  5. Leafs were the better team for 80% of that game. Unfortunately when you play a team like Boston, they’ll exploit that 20% every time. The officiating, special teams, the Marner line, Kapanen, 2/3 of the Willy line and Zaitsev were trash too.
  6. On to the next one. Better effort than in the Game 2 loss.
  7. OMFG please get Marleau and Brown off the fucking ice with the goalie pulled.
  8. Sure some players have had off nights 1 or 2 games this series, he’s looked poor in all of them. He’s killing the Matthews line.
  9. Count me in on that bet too. My income tax return was a fat one this year.
  10. Kadri has been suspended 7 games for that.
  11. Man all he had to do was settle it down on his stick. Fuck!
  12. Beating Boston wasn’t going to be easy, I’m just hoping we can limit their chances.
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