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  1. Barrie is significantly better than Gardiner. There's kind of a reason Gardiner's still a free agent...
  2. A former London Knight and Ferris client in Bolland pumping Marner’s tires? Colour me shocked!
  3. Yeah, we don’t need plugs that Babcock would play with 10 minutes to go an elimination game.
  4. Not according to Fangraphs... Stevenson’s FV is pegged at 35+ with Fisher is sitting at 45. 50 being average. Boras is insistent that Sanchez be treated and paid like a starter. Sanchez refused to go to the bullpen again. Then what? Sanchez and Biagini have been shit for years and my judgement is clouded? K.
  5. Problem is, said asset hasn’t had a high since 2016.., and evidently keeping him wouldn’t have done jack shit to help. He hasn’t been good in Houston thus far outside of one start and to nobody’s surprise... is injured again. Stevenson is 22 in high A and doesn’t even crack the Astros top 30 prospect list. This, despite them trading their #2, #3, #5, #6, prospects for Grienke and their #7 prospect for Sanchez and Biagini. Most good prospects are out of High A at that point while Fisher was raking in AAA by the time he was 22 so you should relax a bit on that comparison imo.
  6. Well that explains it. Guy just can't stay healthy if he tried.
  7. Fisher with a bomb too. Meanwhile, Sanchez couldn't make it out of the 3rd inning vs. one of the worst teams in baseball tonight... and has been relatively awful outside of the combined no-hitter.
  8. Or play like they did in the second half. That was a fucking farce.
  9. Why bother with any of this? It’s all posturing bullshit.
  10. Play for us. Don't play for us. Get something done either way. Go make 5 cents on the dollar on Zurich (even though it’s just more bullshit from Ferris). Join Virtue and Moir's traveling show. Don't. Fucking. Care.
  11. Gaudreau and Josh Anderson are two of them.
  12. I don’t think they signed AJ to a four-year extension if they were just going to trade him a month later.
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