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  1. Yes, forgive me for not being able to tell over text considering the source.
  2. Was it? He had 57 points in 17-18. Scored the same number of goals but had two more assists in 18-19. Muzzin is their best defenceman hands down. Re-signing him over Barrie was an absolute no-brainer.
  3. Toronto paid Marner 14M on July 1st and he couldn't bring himself to give a fuck in the first game he played after it. That’s infuriating.
  4. They have Barabanov and Lehtonen coming over from Europe and Spezza is a no-brainer to bring back. That 4th line looks horrendous.
  5. Many times this season after poor performances he talks about how he wasn't into it that game and then after losing to Columbus where he was more or less a passenger all series he talks about how he wasn't engaged in Game 1...are you kidding me Mitch? You were the highest compensated player this season and you can't even get your head ready to play Game 1 of a play-in series ? If he’s not traded, take away the A and his electronics. The Leafs paid Marner 16M USD this season.
  6. Nylander missed 28 games due to his holdout. Marner was there from the start but missed time due to injury.
  7. I’d like Gudas or Tanev if they’re going the FA route. I’d rather see them make trades though, there’s better options.
  8. As much as I've liked what he's done outside of Marner contract and completely mismanaging the goaltending situation, I agree. He's got his coach for a full season, we have no idea when 2020-21 will start, I just hope he doesn't feel like he has more time than he actually has.
  9. Mike... that’s not the Space Needle 🤦🏻 Also, shootouts in the playoffs? Get real.
  10. Might want to read the Kadri trade thread again... it wasn’t evident that Barrie wouldn’t be a fit at the time, especially with Gardiner leaving. If the FA market is weak.. trades still exist 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. For a team that hasn't won a playoff round since 2004 and a cup since 1967, that's all that should matter.
  12. Nobody will talk about Kerfoot's positives when all they think about is how much of a letdown Barrie was. Most of us knew that re-signing him was unlikely seeing as he's one of the top FA's available despite the season he had; which tells you how weak the D market is this offseason. Kadri was made redundant by Matthews and JT while playing a role in two first round exits. He sealed his own fate, while Kerfoot's production was in the same ballpark as Kadri's the last two seasons. The trade didn't age well with Barrie not being the right fit, but you have Matthews and JT. Whoever your 3C is after those two should be an afterthought imo. Loved the trade when it happened, now? Depends on who replaces Barrie and if Kerfoot isn’t traded due to the cap. Add it to the list of issues that need to be addressed this summer.
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