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  1. Of course, I’ve never advocated for him to get fired at all (before anyone keeps using retard as a pejorative) that’d be ridiculous. The stars have largely stepped up and delivered. It’s just frustrating to watch a team this strong not play up to their potential lately is all. And yes, Hainsey playing on the top pairing still and seeing deadweight like Marleau and Zaitsev log the minutes they get isn’t ideal going into the playoffs either.
  2. I’m curious, but how much of Babcocks’s micro decisions and optimization of this roster are holding this team back a bit, and how much do the other issues this team has (RHD being dogshit still, an incompetent backup, etc.) play a role? For a team is still on pace for a 100+ point season and added two fantastic players within the last six months, it’s still frustrating to watch them consistently not start on time and play down to inferior opponents.
  3. Pretty bold statement coming from the guy who's made some questionable coaching decisions nearly all season long. Other teams have survived without adding much, why can't he?
  4. Kadri with Brown & Marleau this year: 46% Corsi, 42% scoring chances. That line was literally doing sweet fuck all. Getting Kapanen back on that line is a start in the right direction.
  5. Thank god Babcock left the Matthews line alone, while Marleau and Brown aren't on the same line anymore.
  6. With the luxury of having two franchise centres, Kadri is definitely relied on less to change momentum of the game, and relied on more to shut down the opposition. Having better linemates going forward and being 100% healthy the concussion should help him.
  7. How can one have a discussion when 95% of your posts are you bitching for the sake of it? Kadri aside from Willy and Kapanen has been playing with dead weight all season. Brown is a total liability at ES, and it's time to admit that every line Marleau has played on this season has struggled at ES - it isn't a coincidence. It should have happened ages ago, but there's a reason why Marleau's ice-time has been decreasing. He's nearly finished. Not everything needs to be made in a separate topic you know...
  8. Someone needs to take away your ability to make topics. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. He’s got a concussion, but he’s been skating lately which is a good sign.
  10. As it was reported at the deadline multiple times "There were lots of moving pieces and that’s likely why it didn’t happen. Could revisit in offseason.” And LOL at thinking Adam Larsson is one of their best players. Who's the fucking stupid one now? Get real please.
  11. It's definitely not a coincidence anymore that every line Marleau's been on this year has been mediocre at ES. Kadri's literally a one man third line until Kapanen gets back.
  12. Sparks has allowed 4+ goals in 7 of his 16 starts this season... while playing behind the same defence as Andersen has but against inferior opponents. Does the team need to play better in front of him? Sure, but Sparks himself just isn’t giving the team a chance to win. You need a backup who gives you a chance, and this team doesn’t have that anymore. He's a less positionally-sound version of Bernier.
  13. Your first problem is thinking that Edmonton has competent enough management where they would say no to acquiring one of McDavid’s former linemates from junior to appease him. Could you be anymore pessimistic?
  14. Or, circle back to Edmonton and work on that Brown+ for Larsson deal. I don’t think anyone would oppose to that trade.
  15. Seems like people forgot the window just opened... evidently. Dubas is going to have one hell of a summer, having to address the RHD situation, sign Marner, AJ, and Kapanen, while also getting rid of deadweight (Marleau, Brown, Zaitsev).
  16. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/maple-leafs-assistant-coach-d-j-smith-draw-interest-nhl-teams/ Somebody please take him.
  17. Again, a 22 year-old Nylander - the same guy who’s had two straight 20 goal, 60 point seasons before this season (same as Marner), that has been on a 70 point pace his last 20+ games, is the worst thing to happen to Toronto. The catalyst for the demise of this team... despite the fact they're still on pace to have their best season in decades. Delete your account dipshit.
  18. Also Nylander tonight: 6 clean zone entries (team lead), 5 clean zone exits (team lead), +7 shot differential, + 6 scoring chance differential. Matthews was the one generating the shots, Willy was a part of the reason they had the puck in the offensive zone so often. That line was dominant again despite the final score, Nylander was dominant - again. Grasp harder for more straws and you'll tear your rotator cuff. my name is Uteck and I am a bitch.
  19. They’re 11-3-0 with a +11 goal differential in the last month....they currently have 15M in contracts not being used on their active roster. Tocchet might be getting himself some Jack Adams votes if they make it in.
  20. Dermott is already skating and Rosen could be ready in a week. Rushing Sandin or Liljegren right now would be stupid.
  21. People who actually know what they're talking about do? Nylander has fuck all to do with why they lost tonight, or for any of the past three games for that matter.
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