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  1. Imagine adding another franchise centre who exceeded all expectations and a top 4 D within a six month window and still being content with a pisspoor second half of the season and yet another first round exit at the hands of the Bruins. Couldn’t be me.
  2. Aside from the fact they’re well-coached and can win a championship let alone a playoff round.
  3. Nylander will unlikely be dealt, unless someone offers up a top pairing defenseman signed to a sub-7 contract with term. If you're thinking, "wow, that's not going to happen", you've got your answer right there.
  4. Ujiri has huge balls for the moves he’s made and I’m hoping Dubas is learning a thing or two that's for sure.
  5. The only thing laughable is you constantly blowing the Bruins and being content with the Leafs getting worse next season. Go piss up a rope.
  6. Hey Google, why can Green make those shots in the regular season, but can't during the playoffs? Fucking brutal offensively.
  7. They beat the least successful franchise in NHL history and beat a team making the playoffs for the first time since 2009. They struggled the most against the Leafs - and the Leafs were the better team in that series. What an accomplishment. Closet Bruins fans can fuck off.
  8. I don’t see him up this year. They want that extra year of team control on him like with Vlad.
  9. Biggio time! McKinney and Urena optioned to Buffalo.
  10. Uh huh... 😐 Definitely not the first time Das has made a shithead decision and there’s a reason why he was fired by the MLB...
  11. Fire this arbitrator into the sun.
  12. 3 more years? His leash isn't that long.
  13. It's like playing him alongside good players is beneficial to his development... or something. I hope we don't have to watch Matthews get saddled with two players who can't complete a pass next season... again.
  14. Good fucking riddance. Eat a bag of dicks Ottawa.
  15. Good ol’ repeat of the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals. The hottest team in the league since 2019 started against the biggest bunch of fuckeats known to man. Fuck the Bruins, Blues in 6. LETS GO BLUES!!!!!
  16. The Sharks choked on them during the first period of Game 5.
  17. Hertl, Karlsson, and Pavelski are out tonight. Looks like the Sharks are... dead in the water.
  18. Not to mention this past winter was fucking brutal too.
  19. Kawhi in one season has done more for the franchise than DeRozan did in 9 don’t fucking @ me.
  20. It really wouldn't hurt to have Lin play over him would it? Like holy fuck.
  21. Vanvleet and Green are a combined 0-13 thus far. Fuck right off.
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