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  1. Voice of reason? You were getting upset with us last game for rightfully shitting on certain players more than others for their pisspoor performances. 8 games without Andersen aside, they’ve still managed to give up less goals than Tampa, and certainly more wins are to be had if the PP gets it going too.
  2. They dominated Tampa the last time they played them, if Domingue was in net rather than Vasilevskiy, they would have got the win. Hyman-Matthews-Willy is money and they should have been put back together awhile ago... can you relax?
  3. Not like having no state income taxes in Florida played a significant role in the Stamkos/Kucherov deals or anything..
  4. Since December 1st... 5v5 GF%: Leafs: 54.2% Lightning: 54.8% Record: Leafs: 10-7-2, 22pts Lightning: 17-2-1, 35pts PK is pretty much equal between the two...but the Lightning have a 35% PP% (1st) while the Leafs are 14% (23rd) in that time frame. With all the offensive weapons they have, there’s really no excuse for how horribly inept the Leafs’ PP has been. Aside from expecting more from the usual suspects, shaking up the PP would definitely help too.
  5. Morrison7

    Do you like our goal song?

    I miss Zombie Nation.
  6. Leafs swept Boston during the regular season last season. Can we stop pretending it means fuck all come playoff time or? And yes, Tavares has definitely made a difference - on both sides of the puck. Can't say the same if they decided to stick with Bozak and JVR instead.
  7. 6 against the Caps who won the President’s Trophy that season no less... and both appearances were without Tavares.
  8. I can't wait until someone points out that even though this team's PDO was never sustainable and they just played 8 games with a third-string goalie who's last good NHL season was in 2014-15... that's there is plenty of time to right the ship and we all know they're better than this.
  9. Leafs also need a defenceman who if Gardiner gets stuck in his end to help him get the puck out. Instead of Zaitsev who bombs the puck off the boards every single time. He has problems, but they are multiplied with Zaitsev.
  10. Seems he got beat plain and simple. Should have been able to regain possession when he had a step on Soderberg. Was in a shitty spot though thanks to that minor hockey level turnover at the blueline by Mitch.
  11. You’re giving Chiarelli too much credit.
  12. I don’t understand Zaitsev. Like, he can play with the puck. But he decides he just prefers to bomb it away. Why?
  13. That injury he had last year ruined him. His rookie year was fantastic, it was a treat to watch him then. Not so much now. Essentially what I’ve been thinking this entire time, just poorly articulated to @Danny
  14. Hopefully a helmet with extra padding is included so he doesn’t gets his third concussion in a week.
  15. Of course the playoffs aren’t pretty. But the Leafs trying to play Boston’s style didn’t work, it’s one of many reasons why they lost. Adding a plug or two to satisfy your needs doesn’t mask the defensive meltdowns or disinterested play.
  16. The only disaster here are your posts but I digress...
  17. I’m all on board for making Babcock accountable as soon as Dubas addresses this soft defensive core. Not exactly his fault guys like Kadri don’t even seem to give a shit out there.
  18. Babcock is definitely going to come out with another Carlyle-esque answer during the post game: 'Well you know, we just didn't compete hard enough. Compete level wasn't there and you can't win enough games when you’re not competing.’ Still an amazing coach, but he's one stubborn fuck.
  19. It certainly doesn’t help Gardiner’s case that he has to carry Zaitsev around like a fucking backpack either.
  20. And what happens when those sandpaper guys can’t gain puck possession of the puck from those hits or battles, or they’re outskated because most “gritty” guys are fucking awful skaters? You’re fucked regardless.
  21. How Kadri still gets ice-time in crucial moments is fucking astounding.
  22. Slavin or GTFO. Again, you’re overpaying for garbage. This team needs more bottom pairing defensemen like Zaitsev needs more ice time.
  23. Nah they’ll just boo Gardiner again and pretend that amounts to anything of substance.
  24. Don’t think the lack of grind had to do with Zaitsev and Dermott having a defensive meltdown while Matthews stood around lost but...
  25. Wow... Babcock literally just did that. 😮