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  1. Re-seeding makes it a lot better, imo.
  2. I don’t like MMA to begin with, I find it boring. Unlike MMA though, the purpose of hockey isn’t to fight. End of.
  3. A professional sports league wants to play again when safe to do so - hence no set RTP dates, so they can recoup lost revenues. What a bold concept. 2020-21 wasn't starting on time regardless if they cancelled the season. Still doesn't make your stance on MMA and hockey less laughable, though. It'll be time to leave 2002 soon enough.
  4. Multiple posts of incoherent rambling, and you still didn't answer the question. God forbid a league actually cares about the well-being of their players, though.
  5. You're so incredibly sensitive that you make AM's meltdowns look tame. Comparing hockey to MMA and implying you can only like one or the other is laughable. Yes, violence is an inherent part of hockey (and all sports arguably) and there is a great risk of injuries. That is something that every participant is completely aware of from the minute they begin training. Now tell me, when it comes to hockey, how is fighting “part of the game” as you often beat to death? Must have missed it when scoring more goals than the other team required a fight, or made scoring goals easier.
  6. Pretty sure the purpose of hockey isn't to fight, either.
  7. At least they wouldn’t have Hutchison in net against Montreal anymore. 🤢
  8. Buffalo can't make the playoffs under a 24-team format... and they're keeping Botterill. Eat shit Buffalo.
  9. Carolina has their 1st and that pick is top 10 protected. Toronto gets their pick back if it lands within the top 10 IIRC.
  10. Imagine getting eliminated in the play-in round by Columbus and getting a shot at Lafreniere? Lmao.
  11. You mean, the same scenario that the 94-95 Devils and the 2012-13 Blackhawks went through too?
  12. It isn't a legitimate cup! Aside from the fact they've played nearly a full 82-game schedule when the season was paused, but still!
  13. What are the odds fans would be allowed at games by then? The NHL needs that gate revenue in addition to what they get from TV.
  14. There's no way 2020-21 starts in October.
  15. The NHL isn’t going to pull out when none of the other three top leagues in NA aren’t cancelling their seasons either. Hell, there’s been actual dates thrown around for the NBA already.
  16. The timeline is according to Dinwiddie of the Nets.
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