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  1. It's professional sports; you're going to get criticized. I guess he can go to a small market team where no one gives a fuck and then his feelings won't get hurt. Good riddance.
  2. You slay me. Doesn't it get tiring being such a miserable cunt?
  3. Certainly not a surprising outcome to all the speculation. Now that that's settled, let's see what Dubie can accomplish in terms of filling some of the holes in our roster.
  4. I think it's too soon for that move and extremely risky for Dubas; betting everything on a coach that hasn't proven anything at the NHL level. If the team were to still "underperform" under Keefe next year, Dubas would be next out the door, in what I assume would be a relatively swift time frame. Keeping Babcock buys him more time to improve the roster and leaves the coaching change bullet in the chamber for a later date.
  5. So, who's the replacement if he gets canned? I certainly don't agree with all his decisions, but I don't really see any viable alternatives out there at the moment.
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