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  1. Same except I really enjoyed it
  2. He did all the law school but isn’t actually a lawyer. He’s the stupidest smart person of them all
  3. Well it’s been ok for Jodi to call his ex several not very nice things but I call her a bitch once and everyone agrees to ban me for a week. I vote Brent for change. He wouldn’t ban someone for calling a bitch a bitch 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. That’s because this place is run by a bunch of hypocrites. We need new blood
  5. Yeah that fucker banned me for calling his ex wife a bitch... tf dude
  6. Just don’t give it to the communist
  7. Rocky’s wife kept popping out kids and he disappeared
  8. Why the fuck is there 20 posts in a row on page one? What in the hell were you on last Friday night?
  9. It was a pretty dominant period with a shitty goal 20 seconds in
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