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  1. So likely a 20 year old college student said some dumb shit on their twitter and the company isn’t actually racist because that would just mean less money for them
  2. Its almost like it’s a championship parade or something
  3. Both are great movies fuck out of here
  4. Irrelevant apparently. I don’t get the outrage
  5. Ultimately, who cares what other fan bases think?
  6. Not for very long I agree, but a few times for sure
  7. If you’re fucking a stranger without a rubber that’s on you man
  8. You can’t fathom a situation where you actively talk to the random girl you fuck without getting into their personal shit?
  9. He didn’t say attack him, he said play him hard which they should
  10. If you 2 could stop being children this could actually be an interesting topic. I get the idea of equality, everyone on a level playing field contributing to the greater good and all of that. I also get that it’s naive to realistically believe a society can function without the existence of greed, materialism, etc. I think the best possible solution likely falls somewhere in the middle, but that seems to always be an absurd option for some reason
  11. They don’t do it because they want to, they do it because that’s what they have.
  12. Yay... but of course that’s the case. Who tf wants to life in Antarctica? Who wants to live with the minimal amount required?
  13. Deserves its own thread, tf else is going on
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