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  1. I immediately thought regular company workers. Are the shareholders of my company entitled to my medical history because they have a vested interested in my performance? Fuck that
  2. So we have a right to his entire personal life because we are fans of the team he happens to play for?
  3. Danny briere and Chris drury cashed in huge from that run
  4. Agreed, but the score app is sending out notifications about it too and other media guys from the states have picked it up
  5. So this hasn’t been reported by the legit guys, but it’s being reported widely. Shitty obviously and hopefully he didn’t infect anyone vulnerable himself, but timeline wise at least he should be good to go when things start up again
  6. The one difference with the Leafs and Sabres is the ownership. The Pegula's seem to want to be very hands on and have staff in place that just do as they say, MLSE to their credit at least backed off after JFJ... Burke wasn't the right guy to fix things but they gave him the reigns.
  7. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-breaking-major-nhl-awards-races/ Old news now with 22 staff fired from the sabres. They’re a mess, the results weren’t there so a house cleaning isn’t exactly unwarranted. But some of the details Friedman posted about look absolutely awful: - One staff mistakenly fired, only to be re-hired after they realized they didn’t mean to include him - They gave a vote of confidence to the staff 3 weeks before letting them all go, during a time where finding employment isn’t going to be easy - They let go 2 employees who had already verbally agreed to extensions What a mess.
  8. MMA is great, it's entirely separate from hockey though. MMA is 2 elite level fighters testing each others skill, hockey fights are usually a reaction to something else and come from emotion.
  9. From what I’ve read on CTE, it’s not the big blows that do the most damage. It’s the repetitive blows over time, which is why a lineman in the nfl is so susceptible. In UFC one nice shot is putting you out cold and that’s it. Even in boxing it takes numerous blows over and over to result in a KO usually because of the padded gloves. Fighting and headshots from body checks are 2 different things
  10. America goona Murica https://www.cp24.com/entertainment-news/disney-seaworld-announce-plans-for-florida-parks-to-reopen-1.4956923
  11. The NBA seems far closer to agreeing on a plan than any other pro league from what I've been reading, but you're right the Disney hosting of the NBA is still a rumour. It makes a ton of sense though, the only thing I can see holding it up is if Disney really believes they'll be able to operate an amusement park in the next few months (which seems insane to me but who knows). Not specifically, I've looked into the MLB because of the public dispute over what the players will be paid and it's about 30% of their revenue. The NHL has a massive new TV deal kicking in next year as well which you would think would give them incentive to keep the product in demand on TV.
  12. The fact the NBA is planning on playing their entire playoffs in Disney may have something to do with that. I agree with Logan that it's inevitable that everything will be opening back up and to suggest the NHL be the only major sports league to not open back up is pretty silly. It'll all re-open with a new "normal" and we'll all get used to it relatively quickly I would guess.
  13. Sterlings a good example
  14. I want to clarify I don’t have an issue with leipsic suffering the consequences here. As I said in the first page, what I saw in the DM’s wasn’t the typical hockey/locker room talk I’ve grown up around my whole life. Personally I would have challenged him as a friend in the private DM long ago... but I also wouldn’t be friends with that guy. I just don’t think it’s right in anyway to cast stones when I know full well I could be on the other side if someone wanted to cherry pick everything I’ve put online in my past.
  15. Providing examples of me being offensive wouldn’t support anything I’ve argued though. I’ve admitted there’s posts in my past that of course were offensive, it’s you who somehow believes your entire internet posting history wouldn’t be scrutinized if made public. What would support it, would be to go back and provide examples of you being your usual self. But I’m not going to do that because I don’t really care if you don’t see it for yourself
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