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  1. Seems like a regular guy and a good cop to me
  2. What does their draft pick have to do with their moves?
  3. To be fair, I didn’t complain about how disgusting it was
  4. Either it’s funny all the time or none of the times is all I’m saying. I don’t care which one we choose
  5. It’s cool I’ll die in a fire no worries guys
  6. My direct words were actually a question to you, which you didn’t answer. Not everything I say is some attack on you, and of you honestly believe that I feel incredibly sad that you live in such a shitty little bubble. I never once acted like a dick, you took it that way. You both were condescending the entire time AND provided wrong information, yet tried to make it out like I was somehow not listening to the advice. You can feel however you’d like about me.
  7. How is that possibly what you took from what I said?
  8. My opinion of Jordan Peterson isn’t very strong.. but nobody has ever actually been able to show me what makes him so horrible other than shit other people have said in relation to him
  9. Neither have I, but I see online a ton of hate for the guy and from what I’ve seen (pretty much only joe Rogan podcasts), most of the hate is BS.
  10. So videos uploaded (and titled) by other people means he actually says it?
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