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  1. ACC to be renamed

    - Electric Boogaloo
  2. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    To the surprise of no one, I'm sure. Asset management continues to be a clear priority with this leadership group. Which seems like it oughta go without saying, really. But recent history with this club, and yeah it's definitely worth a mention.
  3. Leafs Prospects Thread

    "injured". Basically similar to Matthews. Out for maintenance; no need to run even the slightest risk.
  4. How about you fucks put your whistles up the others ass, and leave the hockey game to the boys, eh? What a pathetic display so far.....
  5. It's a goddamn shame karma's not a real thing, cause Jacobs going into the HHOF ought to equal a 6-0 cold, dry ass-fucking courtesy of the home team.
  6. Criticisms of M103 - Islamophobia

    It's certainly not big on having standards at all, so I can see it.
  7. Duchene to Sens

    I feel like you think these guys 'pay their taxes' like you and I 'pay our taxes', and that's just not the case. And in any case, the larger point stands; Turris was moved by the sens because they saw an upgrade, and were (reportedly) not committed to the player. I tend to agree that at this point it seems like a marginal upgrade, and they gave considerably, but we'll see.
  8. Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Another fine show by the 'nots. Shutout, shit upon, and Zucker'ed 3 times from the front; didn't even manage cab fare.
  9. Name an obscure Maple Leaf

    yup. played with the kings later too, i think. Along those lines; what about Kris Newbury?
  10. Duchene to Sens

    Yes and no. While they are free of a state income tax, they do pay tax on dividend and investment income, while also having the highest rate of state sales tax in the country. So, while this can be an advantage, it's an overstated one.
  11. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Pretty much. Legit hope he stays; but honestly don't have enough credit to borrow a single fuck to give if he bolts.
  12. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    No. It won't stop. I won't let it. Fuck you, Travis. Fuck you in your Travisy little ass, you dirty shiteating Travis. But most of all, fuck you Travis, I hate you.
  13. Certainly not a game the leafs "deserved" to win, based solely on not coming out of the room for the entire second period, but had the officiating been a little more coherent, they'd have had a shot. Borg is plainly dumped right in front of the official (thanks ref cam), no call, tic-tac-goal by the guy now alone in front. Andersen is hacked in the head with a stick on the last goal, again no call - goal (where ya at babs?). Those aren't penalties, but flinching in the dot, that's across the line! Again, you cant take off an entire period and expect to win. But simple math would indicate that's showing up for two more periods than the officials, and that's bad. An ugly affair all around.