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  1. Disturbing. I think we can all agree that if safety is the true aim, and how can it not be, then it’s *hockey* that has to go. Not just parts of it, or some of it. The lot. There’s no exception, no exemption, nor some special immunity due this “sport”, and the constant risk of violence contained in it. The “game” itself is, from its very foundation, inherently and needlessly dangerous. It’s not a matter of if, but when.. And for what? You and your buddies’ “entertainment”? Some good ol’ tradition? Cause, well, it used to be ok? Time to get over it and stop pretending you can tinker with, or somehow fix this broken culture and erase the damage it’s done while blissfully ignoring the obvious origin of the carnage. Stop being an enabler. These are real men, with real families, suffering real, and lasting injury. This is bigger than you, and what used to happen on saturday night. Just. Stop. Or, I guess, you can just keep being shitty people, and pretend you can’t see what you’re really cheering for..
  2. ...And gladiators were fed to lions!! I hope you lads warmed up properly before attempting this particular stretch, while we're on the subject of safety.
  3. That "host of reasons" is entertainment. Again, if we're being honest.
  4. If we're being honest, almost no one? I know as a fan, I don't. When a guy get's knocked the fuck out in mma, or hits the wall in after their 268th left turn, I don't care. It sorta goes with the territory (and the $$).
  5. And that sounds nice.. ...but it’s far too generous. Bettman couldn’t find his butt if it had a shiny bell up it. As is most often the case, the ruse grossly overestimates the intelligence of the parties involved.
  6. Not to mention, the “hall-of-fame” commissioner has no trouble wiping out half a season (x2), or even the whole damn thing (playoffs obv included), when it suits Jacobs and the boys. Fucking laughable.
  7. Well, If the shoe fits... ...the cobbler was clearly racist.
  8. So much outrage, so little time. *audible sigh*
  9. You are, of course, free to rationalize how you see fit.
  10. Ah yes. Jodi, champion of the faithful, constable of all god’s people, and supreme tolerator of all superstitions.... ‘Tis the year 2020. Anyone who hasn’t “renounced” their invisible friend who lives in the sky is a pillock, deserving only of mockery and ridicule.
  11. This is ultimately the only correct answer. Yes the guy that purposefully put this out stuff out, without consent and knowing what would happen is a complete shitbag, and hopefully he gets what’s coming to him. But, if by now you still don’t realize that once you post, or hit enter or send that your “privacy” is instantly terminated, then you are, well, an imbecile. I have preached to my kids since their first log on that once you press that button, it’s like putting it in the newspaper. And you don’t get to pick who reads it, when they read it, or what they do from there. It’s on you. A shitty incident, courtesy of some shitty individuals. Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.
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