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  1. I'd offer him a chance to copulate with himself, involving the power tool of his choice.
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs @ Carolina Shiticanes 7:00PM ---- ---- ---- ---- -- -- -- @ ---- ---- ---- ---- -- -- -- --------------------------------------- Team Stats Leafs 'Canes 20-9-1 Record 13-11-4 109 GF - 84 GA (+ 25) Goal Diff. 71 GF - 77 GA (-6) 27.3% - (5th) Power Play 15.8% - (23rd) 80.0% - (14th) Penalty Kill 79.1% - (18th) Team Leaders John Tavares - 18 Goals Michael Ferland - 11 Mitch Marner - 34 Assists Sebastian Aho - 19 Mitch Marner - 40 Points Sebastian Aho - 27 Zach Hyman - 36 PIM Justin Williams - 22 Morgan Rielly - 22:16 TOI Jaccob Slavin - 23:22 Fred Andersen - .926 Sv% Petr Mrazek - .899 ----------------------------------- The shit winds are blowing strong in Carolina, as they always do this any time of year. The leafs hope to ride out the impending shitstorm, and get back in the win column after two straight defeats. McElnuggets is out with an injury, so the leafs will face Petr Mrazek in net, which can only help the cause. With Zach "the predator" Hyman out of the lineup, downtown Connor Brown gets a chance to do his thang on the big line. This also signals the much anticipated return of the fearsome, and also mighty Goat. Time to turn the tables and blow away these sorry shiticanes, and start the roadie off right! GLG!!!
  3. Agreed. Personally, I don’t think any of the above warranted a suspension. A fine, maybe. But you can’t pretend one is, but the others somehow aren't.
  4. Lol might wanna have a look when contact is made: Yeah. Didn’t leave his feet at all. It was even called (correctly) charging. Not only would we be ok with it, we’d pretend it didn’t happen, apparently.
  5. It was. But no worries apparently.
  6. You clearly can make that hit in 2018. As noted, Wilson fresh off a 20 gamer, then Reeves on Wilson, in just in the last 10 days. Whether or not it will be addressed is kind of mystery, but more of a joke. Jacobs ftw.
  7. And in that case, you thought right. But yes, let's pretend every hit/shot/pass is the same, each identical to the last. Can a brother get a heat map? Maybe some PDO? It was the clear gameplan, and an obvious choice. There's maybe a couple teams that can skate/finish like the leafs? Everyone else is gonna dirty them up, and I imagine they know it, by now. They just have to be willing to pay the price, get the puck, and make them pay. The best term is probably "battle tested". It's still early, and quite a way to go.
  8. Sorry, I didn’t check the stat sheet, I was busy watching the game. My bad. You up got the hookup on some Corsi?
  9. One of these days boston is gonna realize how fast and skilled the leafs are, and maybe then they'll stop kicking the shit outta them.
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