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  1. It isn't 2004 anymore? You couldn't tell from the results.
  2. Yup. And honestly that's most comforting thought going into next season. If, as expected, Shanny retains and completely ties his fortunes to Dubas, then one of two things happen. Either they get their shit together and things are going very well; or, at even the slightest wobble or hint of trouble, both are out the door on their asses, and the org moves on.
  3. Like the team. Something to be said for consistency, I guess..
  4. Dude, if the leafs had won the cup 2 years ago, 80% of us would still be drunk from the celly. The other 20 probably wouldn't have lived through said celly, myself likely included. Context matters. And in the context of past success, there's none to point to with this franchise that isn't over a half a century old. That's the rub. The issue with the "process" is not simply a lack of progress, but the obvious regression. This team has gone from a franchise record season 105 pts, to 100pts, to 95pts (pace), culminating in a failure to even qualify for the playoffs this season after the re-start.
  5. Pretty much. The only possible exception I could see is if shanny assumes all or part of the GM role after axing Dubas. He obviously signed off on Keefe, so that might buy him next season to see what he’s got. Here again, it made no sense to throw a first year coach into the middle of this heap, and largely for this very reason. Guy could easily be outta the league just as fast as he got into it, and never really had a shot.
  6. I’m guessing the whole 9 goals and 29 pts thing has a lot to do with with why nobody will talk about Kerfoot’s ‘positives’. Barrie was exactly what this team did not need, and it was easy to see coming, if you were giving an honest appraisal, and not a glowing rubber stamp of a approval to your dreamboat GM that has, and can never do wrong. Also funny that he was a “fill in, until next year, when the leafs could use a rising cap to address the defense”.... ....from a crop of ufa D so weak that Barrie is apparently a standout option. Again, with friends like this, who needs enemies, eh Kyle...
  7. So they dumped Kadri for a placeholder? and a replacement level 3C? Shit, I thought I was tough on Dubas?!
  8. Gonna be a treat to hear how we’re obviously disappointed, but we still trust in the process, and how we’re disappointed again, but we still really believe in this core, and this GM’s plan going forward; also we’re disappointed, we feel we’re close, was a tight series, just didn’t get lucky, and that’s, well disappointing, etc. **sigh**
  9. True. And the fact that the leafs were tied with that team in pts, and pts%, shows you just how weak the leafs were, all season long. 81pts in 70gp is a 95pt pace. Its no wonder that they didn’t make the dance.
  10. Yeah, in true nhl fashion, the individual stats are “playoff” numbers, but the teams themselves have yet to qualify for the playoffs. One can’t overstate the genius that is Bettman League.
  11. ? It's qualify that is the key word here. The leafs, by losing 3 out of 5 to CLB, failed to qualify for the playoffs. Conversely, the jackets win the series, and have qualified for the playoffs, and will again face TB in the first round.
  12. Yeah this cop out was old 20 years ago. Just STFU and win. If you do, they'll bronze your junk and copies will dangle from every street sign in Ontario. Clark and Gilmour are practically legends, and they just came sorta close, to almost, maybe winning. The team blows. The coverage does to, accordingly. Don't like it? Do better.
  13. An interesting point to consider, if you’re considering moving one of Willy or Mitch, is the actual $ owed on both deals. When the signing bonuses have been paid (normally on July 1, now Oct 1 iifc) Mitch will have 5 yrs at just over $7m/per, and Willy’s got 4 yrs at about $5.12m/per. IF you’re a middling team with the all important cap space to accommodate those deals, the players themselves get more attractive when you see the actual price tag.
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