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  1. You don't get any clearer, of more in front of an official, so more of the same it is.
  2. gotta tighten shit down. Looking good, aside from the two glaring unforced fuck ups. Let's fuckin go boys!
  3. Doc J

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Engvall and Grundstrom score again. Great game from the Goat as well. Takin in care of business.
  4. Doc J

    Leafs vs. Bruins Discussion

    Lines at morning skate remain the same, ...sorta like the song. Hyman-Matthews-Brown Marleau-Kadri-Marner van Riemsdyk-Bozak-Kapanen Johnsson-Plekanec-Nylander Rielly-Hainsey Gardiner-Zaitsev Dermott-Polak Andersen McElhinney
  5. And here again, the most frustrating part of this will be the complete lack of accountability. If a player shits the bed that completely, on the game's biggest stage, they're required to face the media, and then their coach and mgmt will have a say about their spot in the lineup. A real shame that a great game by the leafs was ruined by one of the more pathetic displays of officiating I can recall. That crew should be done for the postseason.