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  1. It's official boys. The rest of you fellas better make sure he gets the McW outta this one Wowza.
  2. Mcelnuggets in super size mode. Free apple pies for the kids.
  3. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Nylander will get his first look of the year at centre: Marleau-Kadri-Komarov van Riemsdyk-Bozak-Marner Hyman-Nylander-Brown Martin-Moore-Leivo Rielly-Hainsey Gardiner-Zaitsev Borgman-Polak McElhinney
  4. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    That's right, ace. Every coach that's won the cup has had a really good team.
  5. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Oh, I agree with a great many of your points here. Especially that line's total dominance. I keep waiting for him to see what he needs to see, flip that switch, and do what seems obvious. But sigh.... Anyway, I do suspect that Sandman and Mantis are at least partially right in suggesting that what we're seeing is indeed some more of the "pain" that babcock promised. The point about Rielly and his special teams duty is a solid one. Maybe this all pays big dividends down the line, and given his track record, you kinda have to think it will; but that doesn't make it any less exasperating to watch.
  6. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Not at all. He was quite good in fact. According to Babs, it was a "matchup" issue.
  7. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Also, Nylander isn't in anyboy's doghouse. Babs said plainly in the postgame that they (Pens) basically went to just two lines in the 3rd, and he wanted to keep the matchups going with Kadri and Matthews. The leafs somehow got only a single PP, which obviously means fewer mins for Nyl (and Marner) too. Positive spin: Bill should be rested and ready to shit all over those sorry fucks from edmonton.
  8. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Surprised they didn't call interference on Andersen there. He's been bumping guys outta the crease repeatedly. Break for the leafs.
  9. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    I smell a faceoff violation, violation coming on......
  10. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    this will be reviewed. And disallowed. .cause
  11. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Borgman: 2 minutes for "hockey".