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  1. I'm fine with 5 years. That's 6 playoff runs. Plenty of time to hoist the cup.
  2. We''ll notice a nice increase in plays broken up in the D zone with Muzzin's addition. He was also stuck with a slow, old breakout and he's coming here where the pace is quick and I think he'll do well. It will be nice to see him hitting the hell out of our rivals.
  3. What do I have to do with this?
  4. Well, I mean it's not like Willie has been sitting around all this time. He's been skating and practicing overseas.
  5. I'm glad for all you guys that are good at math and can break it down for us dumb people. All I know is he's back on the team and this team is really fucking good.
  6. I know how you're feeling. I'm honestly just glad the shitshow is over. So fucking sick of hearing a bunch of old men talk about it that I just wanted it to end either way. The media is exhausting.
  7. I'm with Babcock. No begging anyone to be on this team. Well, except Auston & Mitch. I might be inclined to beg then.
  8. This team is good without Matthews. It's great with him. Tavares has been worth every penny so far, Mitch is Mitch, Andersen has been great, Rielly is having a career year and Dermott is really growing. Tops in goal differential. When have we ever been able to say that? So far: #1 - wins T - #1 - points #4 - P% #2 - goals for #7 - goals against (that horrible defense) #3 - GF/G #3 - GA/G #5 - PP% #10 - FOW% Main weakness they need to work on is PK which they sit #20. But overall, this has been a fantastic start, it's exceeded my expectations in all honesty.
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