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  1. tbnl

    The Alphabet Thread

    I thought you had a sugar mama.
  2. tbnl

    Questions Only?

    Is there any way to unsee things?
  3. tbnl

    Dubas named GM

    Dubas has a wide array of insight, experience and resources from the various execs and staff of MLSE that he's already been utilizing since day one in the organization. While he does now wear the big boy NHL GM pants and will have a bigger say when it comes to decision making, without a doubt he won't be lording his new title over his staff. You'd be stupid not to explore every thought and opinion of Babs, Hunter, Shanny, Lou, etc, before making a move. Hell, I seriously don't think Lou even did anything without lengthy consultation from his think tank.
  4. You were 17 hours early.
  5. tbnl

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Lol. Former Jays draft pick and good ol' Canadian boy James Paxton of the Mariners is the first Canadian to throw a no hitter in Canada against the Jays... Yep, sounds about right.
  6. tbnl

    Hooray for Cultural Appropriation

    I blame this on Shania. Selling out her cultural heritage to start a Hollywood fashion trend. For shame.
  7. tbnl

    Round Two: Pens vs Caps

    So... Fleury moves on, Murray doesn't.
  8. Viva Las Vegas.
  9. tbnl

    The Alphabet Thread

    Great exercise.
  10. tbnl

    Questions Only?

    Could you put up curtains? For the sake of the neighbours?
  11. tbnl

    Round Two: Boston vs. Tampa

    AHAHAHA. Only thing Marchand can lick now is his wounds. Suck it Boston! Suck it wicked hard.