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  1. Coffee is great. Go fuck yourself.
  2. Fuck it. Happiness over health I always say, if you cannot have both.
  3. tbnl

    Questions Only?

    Why else would they be in a line?
  4. Deep fried pickles too. And onion rings... Cheese sticks...Oh, and do they do deep fried mushrooms? JALAPENO POPPERS! Get those!
  5. tbnl

    Questions Only?

    Do they also have a Timmy's over there, too, eh? Drive-thru? ... dispensary?
  6. And Kyle Dubas goes for the Mystery Box! Interesting choice.
  7. tbnl

    Questions Only?

    Have you seen the rent there?
  8. 91. Vladdy sent the ball out of the park 91 times tonight. Had he not had to hit that many to get to finals, I think he would have won. Hands down had the best swing. Was just gassed after hitting 91. 91!
  9. Vladdy squeaks by!!!!!! And this was only the semis!
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