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  1. Jesus fuck... time to slash some Rangers in the spine.
  2. Does anyone here dare to question my powers now?
  3. Alexandar Georgiyevich Georgiev is getting a shutout tonight. SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT!
  4. Stopping on my skates was something I never had either.
  5. tbnl

    Questions Only?

    Just because I mostly use 4 letter words doesn't mean I don't know more, right?
  6. Georgian Bay, at Halfway Log Dump, up the 6 just before Tobermory. May 18, 2014. The big rock in the water is aptly dubbed the Whale. Northwestish towards "Terminal Beach" and Tobermory to the way far beyond. Auroras in early September, 2016. Tobermory. Crownland stop past of the Soo going north. October of 2016. But to be fair to Southern Ontario, the vineyards on Pelee Island were quite nice. As well as the beaches in 2009. The Niagara Glen can be nice in the fall, especially during a weekday when there is no one else there. I guess Southern Ontario isn't quite as bad as I said it was.
  7. Ha. I've got better flow than Karlsson in his hair prime.
  8. I haven't seen this much ugly since the "Show Your Face" thread here on LC!
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