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  1. tbnl

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    No you creeper.
  2. tbnl

    Trade Gardiner? Or keep him for playoffs?

    I don't think Zaitsev even fetches you Bozak straight up, let alone Pietrangelo.
  3. They're probably pissed that Hyman isn't a repeat offender so they could have given him 10.
  4. And then Reeves got nothing either for hit late hit on Wilson... huh.
  5. tbnl

    Breaking: Entitled Whiner Whines

    Aaaaaan he's been recalled. 346 people are talking about this
  6. tbnl

    New Announcement

    Wow, been forever since I've looked in here. Fuck Antec.
  7. And our salary cap would look as good as the world's fattest man in a speedo.
  8. Don't need to add grit. Just need more than Kadri, Hyman and Hainsey to play with passion when the team is getting knocked around.
  9. Won't matter if they're still as soft as kittens.
  10. Wagner was going for the head. Fuck that guy.