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  1. tbnl

    Last TV Show

    Ducktales, a whoo-ooooo!
  2. Forgets about concussions. Wait... No Forget. Forgot? What? Do you hear ringing?
  3. Bingeing these guys lately... sooooo catchy.
  4. Much like the ending of Lost, now that I know how this ends, not sure if I'll ever watch it again anytime soon. Thanks for fucking that up HBO. You just made my list: Boston Bruins Toronto Maple Leafs HBO/ Game of Thrones Doug Ford/ PCs Trudeau/Liberals Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators Lost People who don't signal. Valar morghulis.
  5. Go Blues, hope Marchand and De Brusk get decapitated. Literally. Head clean off shoulders and neck spurting blood. Fuck the Bruins. Would much rather be sober and reading John Updike for the rest of my life than see the Bruins win anything.
  6. tbnl

    Voynov returning?

    Fuck Voynov. Piece of shit should be rotting in jail, not looking for a million dollar contract.
  7. Mitchy is on the pk and by far, one of the best stick checkers on the team, let alone thinking the game and being a step ahead on the play. Positionally he's usually good when it comes to getting in lanes and forcing giveaways by the opposition at the blue line, no one on the Leafs does it better than Mitchy. He's a threat whenever he's on the ice, whether it's starting in the O-zone or the d-zone. That's why he's on the pk. He breaks up plays and starts rushes going the other way. So nice try and go fuck yourself.
  8. The real issue is the players. They need to bite down and get the fucking job done. Simple as that. As a coach, you can tell your athletes everything they need to do to be successful, but if they don't do it, it's on them. But yes, if the coach doesn't give you the opportunity to succeed, you won't. So sitting on the bench while down 2 goals and only minutes left in the season, that's on the coach. Getting your shit down though, is on the player.
  9. I wonder if we can petition the NHL to redo the playoffs because the Bruins winning is the worst ending ever. I mean, at least kill of Marchand and De Brusk.
  10. Dude..... what was I going to say?
  11. tbnl

    Questions Only?

    Only his hair dresser knows for sure?
  12. Should have just let the Night King win. This is game 7 all over for me again... Fucking christ. What a waste.
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