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  1. tbnl

    Questions Only?

    Daylight saving? Did that happen already?
  2. That and MLSE let this happen with Senile Lou as GM. Still need to dump his other mistake in Zaitsev.
  3. tbnl

    Subban to NJ

    Glad we didn't get suckered into that. Already have too many overpaid players, with more overpaid signings to come.
  4. Nice job Mitch and Austin. Kicked your own dad out of town because of your greed.
  5. What dog wouldn't love a person who picks up their shit on command?
  6. Very much doubt you've heard of the Kamasutra then?
  7. Question: What does it say when you guys have driven me to agree with Uteck? Seriously, these last few pages have made me agree with Uteck over all of you... that's not good for any of us.
  8. Possibly because it was 10 years old and no car since the 80s has been designed to last more than 5-10 years? That's how the car companies get you, just like tvs and computers. More hassle to fix than you buy brand new. Shit isn't meant to be fixed like it used to. Which is why I'm thinking the next car I buy is an old 80s one I can fix with a wrench, a rock, and a bigger rock.
  9. Any thoughts on a rescue? Would your dog care if it was a pup or not? I'm sure he'd appreciate the company no matter what, and a rescue needs your help more than your own dog does.
  10. And this is why we make fun of you.
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