(C1) NSH 2
(WC1) DAL 2
(C2) WPG 2
(C3) STL 2
(P1) CGY 1
(WC2) COL 3
(P2) SJS 1
(P3) VGK 3
(A1) TBL 0
(WC2) CBJ 4
(A2) BOS 2
(A3) TOR 2
(M1) WSH 2
(WC1) CAR 1
(M2) NYI 4
(M3) PIT 0
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  1. tbnl

    Fire! Fire!

    Incorrect. It's not a shitty building. As someone who has studied art and architecture, it's a wondrous spectacle of french gothic style which was revolutionary at the time. I am saddened that I have yet to see it in person and now might need to wait a decade before I should. I concept and reason why the building exists however is silly as are the tenants of said building. And the fact that people would gladly donate millions to that instead of local school with no AC or a local library in need of repair is mental. But the building itself fine. Like the ACC. The ACC isn't shitty because it's never seen a championship, the teams who occupy the arena however...
  2. Alright, crisis averted. Nothing to see here folks. Go back to being cunts to each other. Voodoo for game 5 has been reset.
  3. tbnl

    Fire! Fire!

    Perhaps Flint and the First Nations should have had expensive renaissance relics then. I mean, who does something out of the goodness of their heart without some sort of shiny trinket? Not the rich.
  4. Nope. All the nope. All the jinx. Series can go to 7. Not saying shit till someone wins 4.
  5. SO... can we take the bear banners down now?
  6. Just take it down. Feeling some bad voodoo coming from it. Time to go back to what worked.
  7. Tuuuuuuukkkaaaaa..... TUUUUUUUKKKKKKKAAAAAAAA.... YOU SUCK!
  8. To be fair, that could be considered senior abuse.
  9. and no icing. refs are worse than hitler.
  10. And Tuukka Mikael Rask is getting a shutout tonight. SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT!
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