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  1. My buddy ran into Morgan Rielly last night at a resort in the Bahamas! https://i.imgur.com/0M4jBI1.jpg edit: I forgot how to embed photos again
  2. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    He was drafted 3rd overall 8 years ago. Think it’s safe to say he is what he is.
  3. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    The only way I want Gudbranson is if it costs nothing more than a late pick or low level prospect and guarantees Polak is done. Even then, I don’t know.
  4. Unsung Hero

    Duclair, Clendening to the Hawks For Panik and Dauphin

    You’re not wrong. I’m just saying Duclair had 15 points last year, his value likely wasn’t very high around the league.
  5. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    Keep dreaming.
  6. Unsung Hero

    Duclair, Clendening to the Hawks For Panik and Dauphin

    I think Chicago comes out on top here but I also think Duclair is pretty overrated. That said, there’s a good chance he couldn’t flourish in Chicago.
  7. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    They were just the best examples I could find. Two pending UFA’s that would fill a position of need on this team right now.
  8. Unsung Hero

    Matthews Ice Time

    Wasn’t that Damian Cox? He has me blocked. Simmons used to as well, don’t know how I got off of his naughty list.
  9. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

  10. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    I think you’re right and I also think the perception of this team throughout the media going into the season has certainly changed the perception amongst some fans about where the organization actually is in their plan. Taking the loss of JVR to continue building for the future makes a lot of sense when you consider that we’re only in the second year of Matthews, Marner, and Nylander. But I think they’re balancing that with showing the team that they believe they’re good enough to compete now as well which is another reason they went after Marleau. I think signing him checked a lot of boxes for management. He improved their chances of competing this season, provides a little insurance if JVR does indeed go (as you said), and is one of those Hainsey/Polak/Komarov types that the organization wants the young core to learn from off the ice.
  11. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    I agree 100%. I’m starting to think that the organization is still taking the long view and “trusting the process”, so to speak. If that’s the case, I could see the Leafs accepting a futures package but I don’t think any non-contender is going to be interested in an expiring JVR at the price it would take. Trading him and getting some future assets is certainly preferable to letting him walk for nothing in July but I just feel like the Leafs are going to roll with the squad they have this year and see how far it gets them.
  12. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    That’s fair, and I don’t disagree with your thought process. I just don’t see the Leafs looking to subtract from their roster in such a big way mid-season. Stranger things have happened, of course. Let me ask you this. Would you be content to trade JVR straight up for John Carlson or Mike Green? As I’m sure you know, both of them are also pending UFA’s. I can’t think of a team that would be willing to give us a futures package and I don’t think that’s what Leafs management would be looking for either.
  13. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    If memory serves correctly, there were other circumstances surrounding the Marty St. Louis deal. Yzerman had kept him off the Olympic squad and St. Louis had asked for a trade. Kind of apples and oranges.
  14. Unsung Hero

    Trading JVR

    When was the last time that a team firmly in a playoff position shipped out one of their top 2 goal scorers at the deadline as if he was some kind of rental? Sorry fellas but JVR is not getting traded, that ship has sailed.