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  1. I prefer to look at it as acquiring a dman who has had great results even though he’s playing on a shit team. But whatever you’re into.
  2. I’ll have to get back to you if/when he gets traded.
  3. So what did you think of Andreas Johnsson at this time last year? He’s no world beater but he’s an effective NHLer. Yes, I realize there’s more to prospect development than just raw point production. But ppg 21 year olds in the AHL aren’t something that everyone has, which was what started this debate.
  4. Verhaeghe is also in the middle of his fourth full pro season whereas Bracco is in his second. That matters when you’re talking about guys in their early 20s. Like I said before, I’m not claiming that Bracco is some blue chip prospect or grade A trade chip but he definitely has value. He’s not nothing.
  5. I can’t believe anyone even remembers Simon Gamache. Andreas Johnsson lit up the AHL as a 23 year old and nobody was questioning his value last year. Bracco is producing at a slightly higher rate at age 21 on a worse Marlies team. He has value. That said, if he’s a piece that helps fill an immediate hole... see ya Jeremy. I just don’t think it’s at all accurate to think he doesn’t have any value as a prospect. edit: Bracco is currently 9th an AHL scoring at age 21. The next youngest player in the top 15 is former Leafs prospect Carter Verhaeghe at 23. Most of the other players in the top 30 are 25-30 years old.
  6. I’m not calling Bracco a blue-chip prospect or anything but not every team has a prospect producing at a point per game in the AHL at 21. He’s got some value.
  7. Before his injury he was playing top pair, top PP and top PK with strong possession results according to Jeffler’s tracking. Pretty impressive for a kid who’s still 19. But as lox alluded to, his skating is still a bit of an issue. He’s got a really wonky stride but still seems to get around well enough. I think he’s still capable of becoming a top 4 defenseman even if he’s never a number 1 guy. He probably won’t score a ton but he’ll break the puck out well with his strong passing ability and vision. If he undergoes a Dermott-like transformation with his skating, all bets are off and he could be a star. But that’s not a particularly easy progression to make.
  8. He made 38 trades and 27 draft picks in his tenure as Oilers GM. Eleven more trades than draft picks!
  9. It’s kind of irrational how bothered I am by the thought of Chiarelli thinking “I don’t know what went wrong, I did everything right.”
  10. I just read through this thread and I’m still rattled from seeing Nicklas Kronwall being compared to Brian Leetch. Never change, maj.
  11. I read on twitter that the Leafs didn’t give the standard notice to the media that there would be no practice or player media availability today so Dubas made himself available to the media today in their place.
  12. Sorry Army, wasn’t really cool for me to just drop in after being away for so long and link to my work on another site. Won’t happen again! Happy to see you’re still holding down the fort over here.
  13. Hahah thanks Danny! Glad to see you’re still around.
  14. Awesome, look forward to seeing it.
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