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  1. The Official WWE Thread

    Raw 25th anniversary airs tonight. So many former stars appearing on the show like Stone Cold, Undertaker, Dudley Boyz, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Trish, DX and many more! It'll be a 2 arena show. One will be at Barclays Center and the other will be from the Manhattan Center(the location of the original Raw episodes).
  2. Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Jays aren't known for keeping guys long term, so maybe that's a strategy they should implement one day. Draft and develop their guys and lets see how far this team can go. But if they have an owner like Rogers(where corporations like that don't enjoy the volatility of baseball), we will probably continue to see the types of moves this team has made for so many years under Rogers.
  3. Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Baseball America top 100 prospects: https://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/top-100-mlb-prospects-2018/ Vlad-3 Bo-8 Alford-60 Pearson-91 Jays are only team with 2 guys in the top 10.
  4. NFL Thread

    Didn't watch the game, but saw that the Pats came back and won. Also saw that the Jaguars had 98 total yards of penalties compared to the Pats 10. Was this a clean comeback or were refs helping?
  5. lol. For those who don't get it, this is her tweet replying to the Marner goal on Anderson from the NHL 18 trailer. Last night, Marner did basically that exact same move for a goal against Anderson. https://streamable.com/wip8g
  6. Official NBA Thread

    Really hope playoff Raptors can be different this year. Cavs actually seem to be falling apart. 148-124 loss to OKC(it was in regulation if that matters). 3-8 in their last 11, and 3 of their last 5 losses by 24+ points.
  7. Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    From the past years, seems like Grichuk is a .240 hitter who can get 20+HRs, strikes out alot, doesn't walk too much and slightly average fielder. So adding guys like Granderson and now Grichuk to the Jays OF, I guess they're not opting for speed? Wasn't speed/contact in the OF something they need?
  8. New Adidas NHL Jerseys

    LOL, caps stadium series jersey. Really hope leafs one is better. As always, there's concepts out there which look much nicer https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DTwJA4mW4AAAXzn.jpg
  9. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Polak was with the Leafs when he was Schenns age. Defensively Schenn would be better option, especially with his checking. But offensively the past 2 years Schenn has been a negative for the Coyotes. A -1.3OPS(worst among all dmen in the NHL). 11 points in over 120 games played. Polak isn't anything special offensively, but even he had 11 points last season alone.
  10. Would be nice if this were a SCF preview. The 2 biggest drought teams going head to head for the cup.
  11. CFL Thread

    Kevin Glenn signs with Edmonton. this makes him only player in CFL history to have been part of every teams roster at some point(played for all but Toronto/Ottawa, but were on both their rosters at some point in his career)
  12. Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Basically just a LH replacement for Bautista. Bautista since 2016: .216AVG, .734OPS, 45HR, 134RBI, 171BB, 273K Granderson since 2016: .225AVG, .788OPS, 56HR, 123RBI, 145BB, 253K
  13. MLB Thread

    Giants trade for McCutchen. So they've added McCutchen AND Longoria in same offseason.
  14. Dmen Targets?

    I don't think it should matter how Dermott looks. Polak is the guy in the lineup they need to replace. And since Polak plays the right side, they should be looking for a guy who plays the right side. Regardless, you know the media hates it(and sometimes takes small shots at the Leafs for it), but we're not gonna see any kind of rumors leaking out of this management about who they're interested in or anything like this. Media can ask them every possible question about trades, doesn't mean answers will be leaking any kind of real information.
  15. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    https://www.bardown.com/the-leafs-players-chose-hilarious-nicknames-for-their-nhl-18-tournament-1.968431 lol, Leafs gamer nicknames: