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  1. Cap Going Up?

    It is Bettman afterall, he could just be all talk here. Like how the Rogers deal was supposed to boost cap so much, and we saw very little movement the following year. But if the cap does go to at least 80M(up from 75M), that could end up raising the prices on players as well. And then a lockout coming in about 3 or so years, who knows what might happen with the cap and players salaries after that one.
  2. Free Cor...ah...Leivo?

    For all the speculation that'll come from this, it probably ends up something minor like Leivo for a dman who also has expiring contract in 2019. Now for the fun speculations. I'd say Leivo, Carrick, 1 other piece(player or conditional 2nd) for a dman.
  3. ACC to be renamed

    And smoothie King center, talking stick resort arena among others lol
  4. MLB Thread

    http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/manfred-stadium-not-mayor-will-determine-montreals-mlb-future/ Nothing new in terms of what needs to happen for Montreal to have shot at getting an MLB team back. I'm surprised they aren't able to come up with anything yet. All MLB needs are plans for a new stadium. It's not like they have to build a new building with no guarantee of a team coming. They'll only build the stadium if a team goes there, and a team only goes there if they just have a plan for a stadium contingent on them getting a team. Surprising part is how they might actually spent 250M on fixing Olympic stadium....For reference, the last 2 teams to get new stadiums spent around 650M or so to build it. If they can spend 250M to fix Olympic stadium, why not use that money towards plans for a stadium that'd house a team who can bring in dozens of millions of dollars a year on ticket sales alone.
  5. Heading to Houston?

  6. ACC to be renamed

    They'll probably try getting SN to force that name on people since they sponsor SNs coverage of games. The main thing about the name change to hate is lack of acronyms. You hear ACC way more than Air Canada Centre. Only times I really hear full name mentioned is within the media. Similarly for other arenas too. Scotiabank people used TD Garden as an example, and while people within Boston do call it The Garden, for the most part the media and fans elsewhere just call it the regular TD Garden name. So not like giving it a name that people within the city can nickname or shorten is such a bad thing, you'll still be hearing HNIC broadcasters calling it the full name.
  7. Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Joining the Habs, I think he's only 5th ever goalie to play for 3 teams in a season. Nobody has done 4. Still lots of season left to be played. Ironically, Jim Rutherford was the first.
  8. ACC to be renamed

    http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/home-maple-leafs-raptors-got-new-name/ Some funny things I read from that: We all know the latter is exactly why they didn't go with that name. I don't think I read a negative comment online about a suggested Scotiabank Gardens name. I don't think there'll be a single person in the city who'll ever say "Lets go to Scotia" when referring to the building.
  9. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    No surprise to see that. Not that Soshnikov will be a top 6 forward on the team or anything, but he does play a real physical game. Not Martin/Komarov level of physicality, but still better than others on the team.
  10. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    On HNIC today, the news on Soshnikov was basically that they wouldn't be surprised to see Leafs just wait it out and have something done late Monday. Roster move or something else to resolve this stuff.
  11. You Laugh You Lose: NHL Edition

    Talk about getting caught with your pants down.... And this isn't as bad as the last Canadian anthem mess up in Vegas, but still funny
  12. MLB Thread

    There were so many things wrong about the Jays around that time. JP was a horrible GM and ownership was cheap. Only 3 of the years he was with the Jays did the team have an ERA in the top 5 of the AL. And only 2 times with offense in the top 5.
  13. MLB Thread

    Apparently the plane he was flying has history of crashes. Only 7 have been made. His was 3rd to crash. The engineer of the plane died in a crash earlier this year.
  14. MLB Thread

    Still forget at times that he's gone. Watching all the tributes on TV just feels like he retired or is going into the HOF or something. Then I remember this is only happening because he died. He had dreams of getting back into baseball one day as a coach or something, even had interest from Jays and Phillies about doing so. Just gonna feel so weird and sad honoring Jays greats for a long time knowing he won't be here for any of it. Not just a Jays thing, but all of Toronto sports, he was one of the most respected icons the city has had.
  15. MLB Thread

    This one hurts for me more than any athlete or celebrity death. Halladay was my fave player ever. Not just great guy on field but off it too. Was looking forward so much to attending the level of excellence ceremony whenever the Jays put him on it. Would've been so nice to be there for it and get to see them honour him live.