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  1. majingir

    Return of the 3rd jerseys

    Like most might remember, once NHL switched to Adidas in 2017 they announced there'd be no 3rd jerseys for the 17/18 season and they'd be returning in 18/19. With that said, any specific jerseys people are hoping we see? Throwbacks to ones in the past, or just new designs altogether? In the graphic below, these are for the most part the top rated past jerseys that teams have, according to Sportslogo.net users. Majority wouldn't be bad at all to see these teams use, some would look nicer with new design altogether(like Canes,Jackets) Don't know when teams will start announcing their 3rd jersey designs, but like most jersey reveals, it probably won't be until the draft for the earliest(though leaks can happen before that)
  2. majingir

    Voynov returning?

    Leafs are desperate enough for help on the right side. Hopefully they are one of the teams looking at him.
  3. majingir

    Chuck Fletcher out in Minnesota

    No way he's gonna go to the Leafs. It's been their plan from the moment they hired Lou that he was gonna be a short-term GM and our assistant(s) would be the ones getting look at once Lou steps down(and possibly just takes advisor type role like Cliff Fletcher did)
  4. lol, Gardiner said he deserved his roughing penalty because he hit Chara....s fist with his face.
  5. Leafs averaging 4.2 penalties a game in the playoffs and Boston averaging 2.8. In the regular season, Leafs averaged 3.2 penalties a game and Boston averaged 3.8. The 16PIM Leafs had was the 2nd most all season. Also, Leafs averaging 15PIM on the road in playoffs. They averaged 7.1 on road during regular season. And things like this slide, meanwhile an already broken stick counts as Leafs penalty.
  6. Down 3-1, I hope it plays out like in 2013. We win gm 5 and 6 with back against the wall, and then we get to the moment 5 years in the making. Gm7 VS Bruins, but this time we have better team. Would be ultimate redemption.
  7. majingir

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    But.... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DbLQ4JtUMAAdX9C.jpg
  8. majingir

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    For anyone who wants to see what the Facebook game looks like:
  9. majingir

    MLB Thread

    Braves sign Jose Bautista to a minor league deal to play 3B
  10. majingir

    Off-season Plan

    I wouldn't be opposed to giving up some pieces(assuming it's nothing big) to get him a year early, assuming he actually wants to sign with Leafs in 2019 (if Leafs acquire him, is it possible to sign him to an extension right away?). Even throw a conditional pick in there with the condition depending on if Leafs make/win the cup.
  11. majingir

    The Official WWE Thread

  12. Better, a potato. Twitter gets weird with the types of file formats/settings it accepts. Have yet to find a proper setting/format to upload that isn't bad quality videos.
  13. Matthews goal, Bowen vs Hughson, I think we know which one sounds better. Also the NBC call, also sounding more excited. https://player.theplatform.com/p/BxmELC/nbcsports/embed/select/media/6y69qws5UspP