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  1. Get these things out if way now. If it's the wakeup call the team need to beat the Bruins, then I'll take it.
  2. I'm really hoping we could see Sandin and/or Liljegren on our team next year. Not that they should be rushed, but if they're actually good enough to play in the NHL, then by all means bring them in.
  3. He's still technically a rookie, so cant act like this will always be what he's like. In all his starts, I'd say 6 are ones he played well enough to win(0-2GA), 5 bad enough to lose(5+ GA), and 3 could go either way(3-4GA). As a backup, you want his seasonal average to be at least a point per start. He's gotten Leafs 15pts in 14 starts. I said it awhile back, he ranks around middle of the league in terms of backups. So a rookie goalie is an average backup goalie league wide. Not the worst situation to be in. Sure, easy for some to wonder why they didn't keep McElhinney, but he's a 35 year old goalie who posted a .910Sv% 3 times in his career. Who would've bet money he'd be doing what he's done this year? He faces about 29.5 shots compared to 33 for Sparks. If Leafs let Sparks go and he put up even similar numbers to Mcelhinney, there'd be fans mad at Dubas for getting rid of him in favor of a guy who's 10 years older.
  4. Travis likely out until at least May. I'd imagine Urena gets a spot for sure now.
  5. With 2 guys out, we have 3 of our 6 dmen being guys who shouldn't be on roster to begin with. Besides re-signing our FA forwards, Leafs better go all out getting good NHL dmen. 3 straight seasons of being a playoff team while having the same obvious weakness known league wide. Imagine in Andersen faces under 30 shots a game? People can hate on Sparks all they want too, but unless he's getting a shutout or allowing 1 goal on 44 shots, we weren't winning that game. Can't score if you don't have the puck.
  6. Look at brightside. If Leafs win even 1 of first 2 games vs Bruins, it becomes a best of 5 with 3 of those games in Toronto.
  7. Sounds like Gardiner might not be ready anytime soon. Dermott could be back soon. And Rosen could be ready in a week.
  8. 15-4 in shots... I don't care what happens in playoffs, they better do major changes in offseasons. How do you win if other team out shoots you 90% of the time.
  9. Definitely see trades coming in offseason. Look at that depth chart posted for Marlies. Assuming none of them make NHL roster to start, that's 8dmen(just grouping Rosen in for now) not even factoring in other echl or CHL signings, or guys on minor league deals (Babcock probably makes them give marincin one). Even forwards, we'll have 10 under contract after the Hirose deal. There's bound to be other additions from CHL signings and vets on minor deals.
  10. Pens had 2 starting goalies during that season. But the point is that there's only been 1 team to win recently with a goalie who has started over 60 games. The 55-58 mark has been a good benchmark for a team with 1 starter.
  11. When did this happen? Coyotes own 2nd WC spot. Avs lost key game vs Ducks, now 5 back with 11 games remaining. Might be too little too late. Now that it's a possibility, I want Coyotes vs Jets in 1st round.
  12. 11 games left. 2 points back. Leafs own ROW tiebreaker. Remaining games I have predicted: Leafs: @ Sens L @ Preds L @ Sabres OTL vs Rangers W vs Panthers W @ Flyers W @ Sens W @ Islanders L @ Canes W vs Lightning W @ Habs OTL Finish: 6-3-2 Bruins: vs Jackets W @ Islanders L @ Devils W @ Panthers OTL @ Lightning L vs Rangers W vs Panthers W @ Wings OTL @ Jackets L @ Wild W vs Lightning W Finish: 6-3-2 A loss for Bruins before their 4 game road trip would help. And Leafs getting at least 1 win in next 3 games puts them ahead of my prediction.
  13. Cup Winning Goalies regular season games started: Quick-68 Fleury-58 Crawford-57 Thomas-55 Holtby-50 Quick-49 Murray-45 Crawford-28(shortened season, averages out to 48 in full season) So Andersen around that mid-high 50 mark should be the max. 66 each of past 2 seasons is way more than he should have. Finishing with almost 10 fewer games is a good sign entering playoffs.
  14. Seeing what's been happening with Andersen lately, how much rest do people think Leafs should give him to end season? I'd have it: @ Preds-Andersen @ Sabres-Sparks (2nd of back to back) vs Rangers-Sparks vs Panthers-Andersen @ Flyers-Sparks @ Sens-Sparks @ Islanders-Andersen vs Canes-Sparks (2nd of back to back) vs Lightning-Andersen @ Habs-Sparks If we can't beat a team like Rangers/Sens without Andersen in net, then something is wrong. No point starting Andersen in both games to end season, so really, that Flyers road game is only EXTRA game Sparks should be starting.
  15. NHL cares about superstars...... Back to back games where the leggio rule is needed. They better change things next year. But Matthews flat out said whenever there's a review now he automatically assumes it's no goal.
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