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  1. Moving to the OF would be best for him. He said he got stuck in LF growing up. And CF was the position he played the 2nd most in college. Unless Biggio is able to convert to an OF, Martin would be the best option there. Theres 0 Jays prospects in their top 10 who play OF. I know the draft is about the future and not getting current positional needs, but seeing how a Biggio,Bichette,Vlad IF with Groshans all but likely being that 4th guy there, that's an IF that unless some player gets greedy or they bust, should be one we keep for years.
  2. Jays draft Austin Martin with the 5th pick. He was the consensus #2 pick in mock drafts. The best hitter in the draft and has good speed. Biggest weakness seems to be power, but Jays haven't been a team often known for lack of power, he's the type of guy the team has always needed more of.
  3. That would actually be the most ideal location to play, especially with MLBs 3 division format. Tampa, Miami, Dunedin would probably be treated as a 9 game road trip for teams. Makes things much more convenient.
  4. Sounds like if Jays do play in 2020, this will be our home ballpark
  5. Nothing like a game in September vs the Devil Rays in 2003.
  6. And 2020 gets worse. Howard Finkel passes away.
  7. WWE not holding back on budget cuts. They've fired at least 20 people. Some have been there for decades. Biggest names are ones like Fit Finlay (one of biggest supporters and helpers for the current womens division), Mike Chioda (been a ref since the 80s), and many backstage workers and guys on legends deals like Kurt Angle. Gallows/Anderson is biggest shock to me in terms of the active roster names.
  8. If anyone didnt realize it, SN/TSN was showing the playoff run the past few weeks. So much fun reliving all that. And SN with videos better than HNIC ever had. And of course, the parade.
  9. Since SN has been airing the 92-93 playoffs, thought this was a good time to post this
  10. That's a decent move for them. Comparing his numbers to some of his teammates, he seems like he could be similar to a Yakupov. Will at least slot in the bottom 6.
  11. Boneyard match, watch it. All matches in the arena were weird too get used to still. Just doesn't work as well having regular wrestling with no fans. The Taker vs AJ match though, that was special and definitely the main takeaway from this WM. Nobody will remember in a few months that Alexa and Cross won women's tag titles or Zayn retained IC title, but they'll remember the boneyard match.
  12. Who'd be up for Puig on Jays? Not a rumor, just something I hope happens, and would make lots of sense.
  13. Speaking of new hats. ST ones look nice. Also, Jays presale happening now. I got some tickets for the season already. Seems unlikely, but would be cool if they have meaningful baseball in September.
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