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  1. majingir

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I think it's just gonna end up a battle between Sabres/Habs for that final WC spot. Possibly coming down to the last game of the season where Leafs beating the Habs would eliminate them from the playoffs.
  2. majingir

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    McKenzie said Canes getting more calls about Pesce/Faulk than Hamilton. Price could even be just Kapanen for one of them. Johnsson would have to be packaged with someone or something else. I wouldn't mind getting both. Pesce/Faulk for Johnsson/Kapanen/others. Then deal Zaitsev for something.
  3. majingir

    Leafs Prospects Thread

    Would be something if he won too. Only 2 goalies have ever won the award. Ryan Miller being most recent in 2001. I'm guessing we could see one or both of these guys in the Marlies next year. Kaskisuo could be traded in offseason if anyone wants him.
  4. majingir

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Unless there's someone available who nobody suspects could be available, one of the guys on the list below would be great to get by the deadline. Not expecting teams to be trading younger guys, and most of ones below are out of playoff picture. Slavin/Faulk/Pesce from Canes Pietrangelo/Parayko from Blues Muzzin/Martinez from Kings Klingberg from Stars (might be hardest to get) Edler from Canucks (Only if they're able to deal Gardiner either in this deal or some other trade) Manson/Fowler from Ducks
  5. majingir

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Supposedly the price for Muzzin would be around a 1st + prospect. If someone like Gardiner is involved in the bigger deal (part of package with Liljegren/others) for a RHD (Leafs could offer to retain Gardiners salary), perhaps they could go for Muzzin after?
  6. majingir

    Carolina Hurricanes Thread

    Not like Canes will be worrying about cap issues anyways. And Rask is making 4M in that same timespan, so it's just a 1.25M bump in salary to turn a guy who has fallen into their 4th line C and now get a guy who'll likely be a 2nd line winger who can score 20+ goals a year. Good news here is that neither team dealt a dman. Both teams willing to pull the trigger on deals now, would be nice if a possible Leafs deal with either team could follow.
  7. majingir

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I think a 1st rounder in any deal with Blues, even if it's going to be a late 1st, will be valuable to them. They currently don't own any 1st picks, and for a team that's possibly missing the playoffs for a second staight year, not having a 1st round pick isn't so good. They obviously need goal scoring help, so hopefully Leafs could get something done with them. Sure, Parayko is better than Pietrangelo, but his cost is obviously going to be alot higher. If that higher cost takes away alot more from the main roster more than Pietrangelo, I would choose Pietrangelo over him, but if the difference between them is just prospects/picks, I'd go for Parayko. Either way, if they do get Pietrangelo (the "lesser" of the 2 players), that's still a guy who can play 25+ minutes a night. How often can Leafs say they've had a dman who is a legit 25+ minute a night guy? Even if it costs slightly more now vs offseason to get one of those guys, I don't see how Leafs don't go for it. Regardless how much Matthews/Marner get, all it's gonna cost is a 5.5-6.5M cap hit to fit into the roster for a top line dman.
  8. majingir

    Return of the 3rd jerseys

    At least it's not a bad look. Though reminds me of what the NBA did with their ASG jerseys. In the future, I think having ASG jerseys based off of the host citys current and past looks wouldn't be a bad idea to try.
  9. majingir

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Jays lose Jordan Romano(28th prospect) and Travis Bergen in Rule 5 Draft. Select Elvis Luciano (Royals 23rd prospect, now Jays 28th prospect). Romano will be 26 next season and pitched one game above AA in his career. Luciano will be 19 next year and spent his career in rookie ball. Interesting selection by the Jays taking a 19 year old pitcher. Either he's good enough and makes the team, or just ends up back in Royals system.
  10. majingir

    LeBrun - CAR interested in Kapanen

    Something I'm surprised we don't often hear in rumors is Leafs packaging their 1st rounder in any deal for a dman. Sure, teams know it'll be a late 1st, but it's still a 1st. If Canes actually deal Slavin, I would give up one of Liljegren/Sandin + 2019 1st + more to get him.
  11. majingir

    50th/Final Year of Bob Cole

    SN letting him do 6 extra games in addition to his original 10. It includes 3 Leafs games, with Leafs-Habs to end the season being his final game.
  12. majingir

    NHL to Seattle?

    As mad as people in QC are about someone else getting expansion team, it means the NHL is finally even based on their standards. So with no more need to expand, they can now focus once again on their current markets. Florida and Carolina especially. Either moving to QC doesn't impact NHL in a bad way, and with no more expansion, no need to have a city waiting just in case they do need to bring in more money. If Coyotes ever move, Houston could be an option, especially with it making more sense already being in the central. Florida moving makes most sense. Market Lightning as Florida's team. Tv ratings in the state for their games probably end up similar as them + Panthers have now combined. All while adding a new source of revenue in the league and making next Canadian tv deal much more valuable. So it's a win win. Unfortunately, I doubt anything happens before 2022 though, for Coyotes or Panthers moving.
  13. majingir

    NHL to Seattle?

    Not to mention one of the registered name is Seattle Emeralds. Green would have been perfect to use. We don't have many green teams in the NHL, but we have many red ones. If they are going with red and black, I wonder if that might be an early hint at their name too. These were the registered names: Cougars Eagles Emeralds Evergreens Firebirds Kraken Rainiers Renegades Sea Lions Seals Sockeyes Totems Whales If it's red/black, perhaps a name like Firebirds could be a frontrunner?
  14. majingir

    GDT LEAFS versus Sabres dec/4/18

    Weird seeing a Sabres-Leafs game where BOTH are in playoff picture.