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  1. majingir

    So.....how much will we have to pay Kapanen?

    It depends. How much does Sami Kapanen think he deserves lol? Only comparable I can really see is Viktor Arvidsson. Had 16pts in 62 games in his first 2 years. Then his final year of his ELC he had 61pts in 80 games. Kapanen so far has 10pts in 55 games his first 2 seasons, and is projected for 60pts this year. Arvidsson got 4.25M per year for 7 years just last year.
  2. majingir

    Where is Nylander?

    Something else brought up about this is how those numbers might be why teams could be hesitant to deal for him. How many can afford a 9.6M type cap hit right now? Maybe it becomes some sort of S&T with Leafs retaining half of his cap hit this year if any of that is possible? Once Perry returns, I don't think Ducks can't afford Nylander regardless if Montour or Fowler were part of the deal. If Wild traded for him, Dumba would really be only guy who could make sense. Too bad Canes probably won't want to deal Slavin. Pesce they would, but don't know what F they could add since most guys are RFA/UFA at end of this year, and the only F worth dealing for they wouldn't give up. Even Blues in this situation, does a Parayko-Nylander deal work out cap wise? Blues have 510k in cap space. Parayko makes 5.5M. Nylanders hit would be over 9M this year. Outside of Bouwmeester, Blues have nobody expiring that'd make enough to free up the space.
  3. majingir

    Where is Nylander?

    I saw the SN graphic, didn't read the top, and thought a deal actually happened.
  4. majingir

    The Official WWE Thread

    And sad part, he's probably keeping it till WM. Booking has just gotten worse. They flat out don't care about stories or characters anymore. They're the very thing they once mocked.
  5. majingir

    Return of the 3rd jerseys

    How are Leafs playing on St.Patricks day every year not a thing? Regardless if it's home or away, they should play. But I hope we at least do see those jerseys during the Sens game. It's a back to back, so even the Flyers game Friday at home would be nice too.
  6. majingir

    Where is Nylander?

    He would have, but pointing fingers at him if the Leafs were to miss the playoffs would be stupid. Lets say Leafs finished with 88 points and you needed 90 to get the 2nd WC. Would people say "If only Nylander signed earlier. Leafs could've beaten Ottawa or Dallas or Calgary and be in the playoffs right now"? Or would they be more mad about the fact that around the quarter mark of the season, the Leafs were a top 5 team in the league, on pace for over 105 points, and played themselves out of the playoffs?
  7. majingir

    Where is Nylander?

    Missed points? Leafs have gotten 18/28 points so far. Tied for 4th highest percentage in the league. If Leafs miss playoffs, it's not on one or two players, it'd be on the entire team. Especially since right now it looks like 90 points could be the 2nd WC mark.
  8. majingir

    Official Toronto Raptors Thread

    I said it before, Kawhi could not play a single game in regular season, but shows up for playoffs, and Raptors will have won this trade. What happens in season really doesn't mean much, it's all about the playoffs. Speaking of which Imagine if Raptors got Korver. Best offer I can think of is CJ + pick(s). A lineup with Kawhi + Green + Korver + Lowry would just run through everyone.
  9. majingir

    Return of the 3rd jerseys

    Imagine if we saw any of these in real life Blackhawks and Wings ones I wouldn't mind. Leafs one reminds me of the old Team Canada jerseys.
  10. majingir

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    The way things are shaping up, I see this type of team heading into next year: 😄 Martin Jansen 1B: Smoak Tellez 2B: Travis Gurriel Drury 3B: Solarte SS: Tulo Diaz DH: Morales OF: Hernendez Pillar Grichuk McKinney Can't move any of the big contracts unfortunately. Smoak/Travis are 2 names from here I could see moved. Enough depth at 2B, might as well trade the guy who is oldest of that group(and also gets injured). And Smoak having 1 year left on his deal, making just 6M while hitting 25+HR would be valuable to trade. Especially since Vlad is gonna be on the team later in April. More reason to be moving infielders in trades. SP: Stroman Sanchez Pannone Borucki SRF/Gaviglio RP: Giles Biagini Shafer Fernandez (L) Mayza (L) 2 more righties needed in the bullpen. Probably just filled by ST Invite/Farm System guys. The trade deadline could be an interesting one next year. You'll have an expiring Martin/Morales. And if Jays retain salary, then no doubt a playoff team will want them for that push. Tulo probably can't be moved at this deadline, unless Jays are willing to retain most of his remaining salary(14M owed in 2020, and a 4M buyout in 2021)
  11. majingir

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    So another year of Matthews playing under 70 games. As much as people say he's gonna get McDavid money, I'm sure Leafs will be using this in the negotiations. McDavid gets 12.5M cap hit averaging over 100 points and not missing games. Matthews might get in the 60s-70s point total playing under 70 games. Around 15 games he's probably missing. Almost all of those are against teams who made playoffs last year and a stretch of 7 of 10 road games from Saturday. Hopefully they won't miss him that much. Went 11-7-2 last year without him.
  12. majingir

    Where is Nylander?

    If it's a 6 year deal, I think they can add a NTC for the final, maybe even 5th year of that deal?
  13. majingir

    Where is Nylander?

    lol, TSN headline: Dreger: Maybe Nylander not practicing means nothing; but maybe it means something
  14. majingir

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    25 years ago today: