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  1. Speaking of new hats. ST ones look nice. Also, Jays presale happening now. I got some tickets for the season already. Seems unlikely, but would be cool if they have meaningful baseball in September.
  2. Jays could be getting a new look. This weekend they'll unveil it. Fans hoping it's simply just the baby blues, while everyone obviously fears a 00s style rebrand. They're keeping the blue, but whether they change anything remains to be seen. I have no problem with Jays look. It's one of best in sports. Simply add the baby blues, even just replace the grey roads with that and call it a day.
  3. majingir

    MLB Thread

    Sounds like Alex Cora could be done too after MLBs investigation. And perhaps Red Sox knew this was coming when they fired their GM. Perhaps trying to get a head start on MLB, knowing their GM would be in big trouble if and when the league did what they're doing now. So they fired him before MLB forced their hands and got a chance to actually make moves with a new gm
  4. Longtime NBA commish passed away today. Without him theres likely no NBA in Toronto.
  5. If anyone's interested, Sportchek has a big Jays sale. 50% off. Jerseys are the big deal here. Youth Vlad or Bo for $35 Womens Vlad for $65 Mens Vlad for $80 Got myself an alternate blue Vlad and home white Bo
  6. Reminds me of when Jays made the Marlins deal years back. They became so popular in the DR because their roster was loaded with guys from there.
  7. Kadri gets 2 for "embellishment" and misconduct for arguing that call. Refs will never give him the benefit of the doubt on anything. Imagine this very thing happening late in a playoff game.
  8. Leafs and Raptors have no reason to lower prices. People like up for anything. $8 for a plain slice of pizza, $9 for fries, $14 for a burrito, $5 for popcorn and so on. The lower concession prices definitely should happen in places with lower attendance. Jays should be one of those teams. Their value menu is very limited with big lines. If people have to choose between spending over $150 on parking, tickets and food/drinks for a single game or simply (if they don't have cable) a similar price for a full season of the league pass and just watch the game at home with friends or family, they're more likely to choose TV.
  9. Higher scoring games are better for the league. Never knowing if someone might score, having the real stars shine since they'll be getting a point or two a game. Less offense, less interest.
  10. March 09 vs Calgary. Olli Jokinen had a hat trick for the Flames. Mcelhinney was the Flames backup. Martin Gerber was the Leafs goalie.
  11. Don't believe so. Most of the time we have teams needing to match salaries so the deal can go through. Often why we have throw ins simply for salary reasons.
  12. Food is only 10% of the price of the ticket...... The arena price is $EatBeforeYouGo.98
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