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  1. At least Karel Pilar is no longer the longest tenured Leafs skater to wear #29 lol.
  2. Djokovic vs Federer at Wimbledon today is the greatest tennis match ever.
  3. Sanchez really should be a reliever again. 2-3 innings out of the bullpen per appearance. Teams hit .239 vs him in first at bat. In second at bat they hit .340. But Boras is also pushing to keep him in rotation for obvious money reasons.
  4. 4 year deal I see for Marner. New US TV deal after 20/21, new CBA after 21/22, Seattle entering in 21/22. Cap goes up because of all that. 4 years guarantees even if a lockout happens, he gets paid that 4th year. Dont see 3 year deal where if a lockout happens, he doesn't get paid. 4 year,40m deal I'd guess.
  5. Fine, I'll keep this one short. Westbrook to Rockets for 2 firsts, 2 pick swaps and Chris Paul! Lebron/AD vs Kawhi/PG vs Harden/Westbrook. The west is gonna be insane! Raptors broke the nba.
  6. That's what all the reporters do though lol
  7. They gave up all that to get Paul George(who is also a FA in 2 years). Kawhi supposedly made LAC trade for PG or else he wasn't gonna sign there (and reports saying he told Raptors same thing). So OKC while they lost PG and now seems like Westbrook will go to whatever team wants his contract, could end up being a lottery pick on their own AND if LAC lose Kawhi and/or PG, the Clippers picks end up as lottery as well. To put in comparison, if Leafs lost Marner to an offer sheet, they get 4 first rounders. Something people here seem to be fine with. OKC got 5 first rounders (3 belong to LAC, 2 from Miami) AND can swap 1sts rounders in 2 other years should LAC finish worse than OKC. O ya, and they also gave up a guy taken in the lottery last year who was one of the top rookies in the league. So really, its like 8 first rounds will be impacted here. All for 2 years of a guy who while he is a great player, has been on teams that lost in first round 4 straight years.
  8. Kawhi signs a 2+1 deal with Clippers. So LAC gave up 5 first round picks and their top young player for at best 2 guaranteed runs at a title. Glad Raptors didn't give in to the demands. Losing Siakam and 5 first rounders would've been brutal.
  9. .61 vs .63 is a small difference. Shattenkirk: 477 hits 653 blocks 239 takeaways 238 giveaways 54.2 CF% 49.4 FF% 53.2 Point Share Barrie: 318 hits 502 blocks 178 takeaways 278 giveaways 49.1 CF% 48.7 FF% 45.9 Point Share
  10. He got paid in 2017. So that deal was basing Shattenkirk on mainly his STL career. That's what I'm talking about.
  11. He was inches away in regulation from getting 30 which would've prevented all tiebreaker rounds after. I dont get why he didn't get to hit 2nd in finals. He had more home runs. Either way, he lost but is the most memorable performance in history. "Nobody remembers 2nd.....except when 2nd makes history"
  12. Vlad was gassed in finals. Still hit 22HRs which is a finals record. Let's see if Alonso tops that.
  13. Vladdy ties his own MLB record at 29. Joc then ties it OT, Vladdy gets 8. Joc gets 8. Swing off, Vlad gets 1/3, so does Joc. Swing off 2, Vlad gets 2, Joc gets 1! Best HR Derby ever
  14. Vladdy back to back rounds with 29! Mlb record was 28 before tonight.
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