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  1. It gets better Let's call a 24 year old rookie who is 13/13 in SB, 14HR, has OBP of .361, OPS of almost .800 and 2.6WAR a guy who doesn't deserve to take up a major league roster spot.
  2. Could be worse. Uteck could've been Keith Law who said Biggio shouldn't even be on a big league roster.
  3. Yes you have to best the best, but momentum is a major thing, so is home ice Being a 4 seed who doesn't have home ice and has your toughest challenge in round 1 isnt good. And flip side of that, your reward for finishing 2nd in the conference....a matchup against a 4 seed in round 1. Meanwhile the 5 seed gets home ice against the 6 seed. Just focus on division rivalries during season. If NHL had 4 divisions of 4 teams per league, they could do that. 8 teams in a division doesn't do anything. I don't see any kind of Leafs-Lightning rivalry......
  4. Winning solves everything. Dont think there are many Raptors fans mad that Kawhi left after 1 season when he brought them a title. Lose in playoffs and fans would've ripped that same deal. Same will happen with Leafs. If they dont win with the core, it'll simply be "what if those guys took less? Or what if Leafs dealt someone?". Win a cup, and nobody will care how much it took to keep guys or who might have been "cap casualties" along the way. Blackhawks are an example of that. Sure Kane and Toews didnt get paid until after winning, but along the way the Hawks still moved so many people to the point where an Ex-Blackhawks team could've made the playoffs.
  5. The 04-05 season was ours! Lol, but seriously though, I wonder how that season would've played out with no cap. Would we have kept guys like Leetch,Nieuwendyk,Francis,Nolan for 1 more season? Belfour might have had 1 more year left in him too(as opposed to the bad 05-06 season in the new nhl). But the issue like most Leafs team has been defense. Yes we had Sundin and others up front, but how are you liking your chances when your D has 2 or more of Ken Klee, Aki Berg, Robert Svehla, Jyrki Lumme......Outside of Berg, all others were top 4 dmen on their teams.
  6. At this point of his career, being a guy who could put up 10 goals, 20 assists, winning 55% of faceoffs and helping out the younger guys in the bottom 6 would be a great season out of him.
  7. majingir

    NFL Thread

    They should be the newest xfl franchise lol
  8. Media always creates their own rivalries. Players dont care one bit. I think some guys have said so about comparisons in the past. Something like "the only thing we have in common is our draft." It's their job to do things like that. And make it seem like the top pick isnt guaranteed so people have to tune in. Remember how for 11 months, top pick for sure is Matthews. Last minute, suddenly Laine might go first. In the end, Matthews went first. I'm sure there was never any doubt to the Leafs.
  9. majingir

    NFL Thread

    The Dolphins suck.
  10. It's not even Leafs fan complaining thing, many fans dont like it. Same with the OTL points. I hate it even though I know it's basically why Leafs made playoffs in 2017. Dont want ties, but dont want loser points like that. The 3-2-1 point system is way better. But the point system and playoff format are non issues to the NHL. Been admitted as such by people within the league too.
  11. NHL wants what we've been seeing. More intense rivalries because division teams face off in playoffs more regularly. To them, it's not about 1v8,2v7, may the best teams square off in the conference finals. Its "give us the division rivals to start, and whatever happens, happens". If last season didn't convince NHL to change format because good teams were eliminated early and ratings after that took a hit, nothing will.
  12. Funny how bad non Leafs fans/media try to create stories from everything. "Leafs won't get Tavares. They have no room." *Leafs get Tavares* "11m for Tavares? They can't keep their core together. Someone will have to be moved. Probably Nylander." *Leafs keep Nylander* "Look how much Leafs paid for Nylander! No way Marner and Matthews can be kept now" *Leafs re-sign Matthews* "11.6M for Matthews! Lol, Marner for sure can't be kept now. Unless they deal Nylander." *Leafs keep Marner and don't deal their core* "Leafs have over 40m on 4 guys. They can't build a team around this." To be continued.....
  13. Newfoundland won the ECHL title in their first season. Their owner doesn't seem happy with the team. Apparently not making money and uncertainty on arena lease. An announcement is coming on Tuesday from the owner. Who knows what it could be. Maybe the team will be put up for sale? If the team moves, I wonder where Leafs would look next for an ECHL team. Doubt an ECHL team could work in any OHL city or nearby it. Obviously wouldn't be in Quebec either. Maybe they try in Saskatchewan or something?
  14. Its fitting too, everyone has vilified the Marners like they're the McMahons on an episode of Raw lol. They hate the greedy dad more.
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