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  1. In NBA conference finals history, the lower seed has gone 13-3 when leading 3-2. All 13 series wins were in game 6. Can't wait for this game. In 12 hours we'll know.
  2. Finally stores aren't in high demand for Vladdy stuff anymore so it's easier to get stuff. Getting mine just in time for summer weather to finally arrive
  3. Last time any major Toronto team had a chance to advance to the finals by winning a game at home was Leafs Game 7 vs Kings in 1993.
  4. He's probably still thinking about Drake. You know Drake is going to gm6 with the best troll shirt ever.
  5. Never thought I'd see a Toronto team 1 win away from the finals. With a shot to win at home! If they win Saturday, that reaction could rival Joe Carters
  6. Leafs Network is weird watching and seeing some of these 90s NHL Network shows. Brett Lindros hosting
  7. Game literally just started and Siakam already with 2 fouls and out for the quarter. Tony Brothers crew. They ALWAYS have an agenda.
  8. Biggio,Vlad,Jansen,Tellez all on team now! Hopefully once Bo is back he can get called up too.
  9. Nice to have guy in charge of 2nd best PP last year(on a non playoff team) end up in charge of Leafs PP. I wonder who takes over to run the PK?
  10. It's funny how much the media wants to talk about the Drake stuff over the actual game. It's all like "Raptors blew out Milwaukee, BUT DID YOU SEE WHAT DRAKE DID!". Reminds me of the Bat Flip stuff. They didn't care that Jays came back and won series down 0-2 and losing in the bottom of 7th. All they talked about and had a problem with was Bautistas bat flip. If that's what they want to focus on, then go ahead. Though you know Bucks probably complained to the refs and refs are probably gonna act like they're security and focus on Drake on the sidelines over what's happening on the court. Seeing some comments Bucks "fans" are making, I even saw one racist one directed towards Drake/Nav(apparently that person has been banned from Twitter), they deserve to lose this series in 6.
  11. Lesnar winning another title is a major joke. Can you imagine being a star who shows up every day, 300 shows a year, gets big reactions, only to find yourself getting 0 shots at a big push and some guy here for a few matches all year gets title constantly? Jericho ripping WWE publicly big time for that. As are other guys. Can't wait for AEW. Show WWE how sports entertainment of today should be. First non WWE company since wcw to get big TV deal. Don't blow it. Their ppv this Saturday should be good. They've done what they can to hype. Now comes time to deliver.
  12. It's nice when it works. Other times, he motivates guys by chirping them. If they make finals, dont talk to KD. Feel so much better about our chances now vs 3 years ago tied 2-2 vs Cavs. Gm5 could very well determine series. Bucks either win at home and get 2 chances to win, including 1 at home, or Raptors win 3rd straight with chance to win 4th at home
  13. Yes. It should've been 20 point win. Lol, but this was their best game. And Kawhi did very little offensively. But at the same time, he got so much rest. From end of 3rd to when he came back in during 4th, he had like 15 mins of rest. And then getting to sit to end the game too. That's exactly what you want going into a gm5. Raptors in Bucks heads now big time. Now we have a series where Raptors legitimately have a shot to win.
  14. I find it both. I expected it to be 2-1 Bucks after 3 games, but the way they lost gm1 is what was disappointing for me. FVV should be benched. Already bad when healthy. You think a guy with 1 eye is gonna be a good shooter or passer? I'd rather Jeremy Lin at this point. I guarantee Bucks aren't game planning for Lin.
  15. Being down 2-1 when it really should be 2-1 Raptors I would call disappointing. They've had the lead longer than any team in conference finals.
  16. As disappointing as series has been, thankfully it hasn't been as bad as Blazers. 3 games with almost 20pt leads blown leading to a sweep. Losing GM4 at home in OT. First time ever Raptors are the only game on. From now until may 27th for the latest, only nba action will involve Raptors. Could play in their favour abit. Surely the league won't want series ending in 5 and have nothing on for a full week (finals start may 30th no matter what). Refs could help Raptors win a game to push this series into the weekend.
  17. Roof not opening until next month. Jays announced that earlier. I'm surprised nobody has really brought it up. I've known this for months. Dont know why I didn't bring it up. My "sources" say it's the west end(3B side, by Blue Jays Way) near the bottom of the roof.
  18. No matter what happens, if Kawhi somehow stays, Raptors next year can actually just focus 100% on playoffs. Playoff Kawhi is one of greatest performers in this city's history.
  19. Lopez was big reason in gm1. Most frustrating part if they lost is fact that they were winning all game. Took Bucks 2OT to lead since it was 2-0, and they almost won off that. Raptors will be dead tired in gm4. Kawhi isnt 100%. If they can pull it out though, that'd be huge because then it'd guarantee another home game.
  20. But he wasn't the #1 reason they won both games.
  21. Raptors trying their hardest to lose
  22. Green/FVV got money on this game....by betting on Bucks
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