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  1. slapshot

    Bill 62

    dude, you're implying that women can't be suicide bombers. which is false. so if a woman in a burka comes onto a bus you are currently riding, do you say "thank jebus you ain't a man! or i'd have to kick you off!" you're smarter than that, show it.
  2. that type of game i am not interested in playing on a handheld, i like a nice big screen for FPS style games. so its better to have the nice graphics and frame-rate. to each their own, right? tbh i barely use my switch in hand-held mode. i have a couple times for mario/rabids and a lot for golf story... i'm never really in a situation where i need a hand held tho, i'm either at work or outside doing things or at home playing video games. the only reason i have handhelds like the 3ds is because of the exclusive games on them.
  3. yeah i don't see why anyone would play doom on the switch if they can play it on ps4/xbone/pc. loving the new mario, its great. almost as good as golf story.
  4. well not everybody reads the local news paper.. yes hes been named in the paper i'm just saying i don't want to talk to the people who actually know the people involved about this because most don't know. its just not my place is all i'm saying. i don't give two shits about the pedo, just his child who could get bullied at school and stuff for it.
  5. not at all. Soros has funded events and projects that he agrees with politically - such as "end citizens united" and "planned parenthood action fund". much like the Koch brothers fund right wing stuff. so the right claims he also funds everything from 'fake' neo-nazi's and anything else bad the right does, pays actors to be left wing protesters, pays for the murders of right wing people, false flag attacks to force obama to take our guns, pays to destroy Hillary's blackberry, pays for the holocaust to happen, etc etc. all of this is pretty much irrelevant now though, since their claim was he was pushing all these "leftist" agendas in order to grow his wealth, yet a few months ago he donated his entire fortune to charities. http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/george-soros-charity-1.4360017
  6. i'll start off by saying i know nothing about family law other than what people say - which is almost always inaccurate. i know there are a few lawyers that frequent here and maybe some of you have been through custody battles yourselves and know things that can help me understand a little better. this is somewhat sensitive in the fact that i can't really talk to people who know the friend in need, because she doesn't want people knowing whats going on if she can avoid it because it would be really hard on her child. so i really can't talk to people in 'the real world'. this is pretty fucked up so hold onto your hats.... where to start... so this woman left her partner many years ago because he was very abusive, mentally and physically. lawyers drew up a custody agreement and they signed, but ever since hes always been fighting to get sole custody by claiming shes a drug addict and that shes beats their child etc... none of this true obviously, shes never used drugs ever and has never been arrested for anything etc - perfectly clean record and as far as i know a perfectly normal good human being - but child services has to come to her home every time he tries this and go through all her stuff and interview the kid. the ex has not worked a single day since they separated, claiming disability for the 'anxiety' the separation caused him. (i think around 6 years they've been separated) he lives in his moms basement and collects some kind of disability. FAST FORWARD to recently, and the ex has been arrested and charged with making and distributing child pornography. his computer had videos of him having sex with a girl around the age of 7 as well as tonnes of downloaded kiddy porn and he was on 'dark web' sharing groups. on top of that, someone in his own household has accused him of "inappropriate discipline", according to the police he is also being investigated for that. i'm not entirely sure what that means, as the child i know has never appeared to have been beaten by him according to the mother. so now here comes the problem. hes out on bail till the investigation is concluded and he has his trial, in the meantime she is being told by Child Services that she has to still let him have visitations with their son. (hes 8) the REAL twist here, is that the PEDOPHILES mom WORKS for child services and runs a group home for orphaned children out of her house. the same house that this PEDOPHILE is living in right now as i write this. i mean, my mind is blown... hes being allowed to live in the house he was raping children, while children are still living there AND they are trying to force my friend to let her son go there. child services told her that she can get a lawyer if she wants, but this is an "internal issue" and the judges will be forced to leave the decision up to child services anyway. they also told her that the police are turning the investigation over to child services, since it is an "internal issue". i know all of this sounds too crazy to be true, but the things i know for a fact (as in not just from what my friend has said, in case we are calling her honesty into question) is that yes, he was arrested for making and distributing child porn (it was in the local news paper and even reported his full name and age) and that yes, he lives in his moms basement which is a group home for orphaned children and his mom works for child services. so what rights does she have? child services is telling her she has none beyond what they give her. she will go to a lawyer anyway but what if what they say is true? that this is all in the hands of the mother of the pedophile, essentially? why aren't are laws doing more to protect children from these monsters? this is really bothering me...
  7. slapshot

    Duchene to Sens

    Sakic wasn't leaving without the kitchen sink, apparently he may have won this deal...
  8. also the US government has discovered that the Russian troll farm have been working both sides of America against each other... organizing BLM marches, white power marches, antifa marches and "unite the right" marches through fake facebook pages. thats a big part of the problem recently. they are using propaganda to work crazy people up into a murderous frenzy, all for the purpose of destabilizing America.
  9. nobody is going to take away their guns. there are ZERO politicians on the left or the right proposing that. what Donnie Blart, mall cop from Illinois posts on his blog is not a "call to take the guns away by the left". its just not possible and nobody is ever going to try to do it. all anyone is asking for is gun control measures. they wont stop it, they wont solve the problem but they need to be there anyway and will be a small part of the solution. health care is actually a big part of the solution. so many Americans without healthcare are going untreated, un-medicated. another part of the solution is removing SYG laws. they are ridiculous in a civilized society. saying people are allowed to kill each other if they feel threatened is barbaric and wrong. citizens are not judge jury and executioners. we saw this problem when that Zimmerman racist stalked, hunted and killed a 17 year old kid in Florida and served no jail time because he said that he was afraid of him. a grown man holding a pistol in his hand was afraid of a 17 year old holding a bag of skittles. and the judge accepted it, because that is the law. there is no one solution to fix the problem here. there are just many different things to address to work towards making it less of a problem.
  10. slapshot


    ok so if we are done with all the dick waving, i'd like to hear your actual opinion on the whole situation as someone who has lived there for 7 years. i want to hear everything you have to say, so please - when you have time.
  11. slapshot


    actually it would have been early 2002, january i think. i was exploring the gothic quarter when i came around the corner to where Casa de la Ciutat is located. there was a loud explosion and everybody fell down. pink coloured flower was in the air everywhere and we got covered in it. i could see a white van with all the windows blown out of it and the back doors open with fire and smoke billowing out of it. from what i understand, they put explosives in the middle of the truck and pack bags of died flower all around it, its meant to signify something and meant to not kill anyone. it was a heck of a mess, and i remember marveling at how the locals just picked themselves up, brushed themselves off and continued with their day. as someone from Canada i wasn't used to such demonstrations but the people of Spain were. i assume you are trying to doubt my story tho i'm not sure why. i was there, it happened to me.
  12. i dunno, this is just as losing streak. i know we can see the problems but obviously so can the coaching staff and they are working to fix them. this is a very young team and they will only get better with more experience and good coaching. size is a problem and our young guys are still growing and getting stronger. i don't see us getting a better goalie any time soon so puck possession is going to be a key thing they work on in practice.
  13. slapshot

    Mount Rushmore

    oh, i see what you did there.
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