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  1. AJ_2000

    Kessel traded to Arizona

    Kessel got traded again...???....that's his fourth team now right? Crazy. It seems like only yesterday when he was a two time Stanley Cup champ and got selected to Team USA. Oh wait, that Team USA selection didn't happened......I wonder why???
  2. Danny, I think Kadri needed to be traded.... it was time. I'm sad to see him go, and I don't hide that fact. However, I'm not very convinced by the return. I like Barrie, but he's essentially a one year rental....and that's not good enough. Not much is known about Kerfoot, other than he's a third line center who probably won't see much ice time...which is fine because I'd rather see Matthews/JT/Marner on the ice instead anyway. I read that article and I would like to take issue with part of the quote you highlighted : "I would love to have a group of guys that have that organic grit and nastiness to their game that also are great players, and I think we are just going to have to draft and develop those guys because they are very scarce on the marketplace If I were the reporter I'd be asking Dubas why he didn't draft any bigger players, guys with some grit etc. How are you supposed to develop those types of players if you don't draft any? Dubas wants an all-star type team....the trouble with that is it only works in the regular season. If they sign Marner, and everyone is healthy, this season will be fun to watch.....playoffs won't be though.
  3. Ummm, I wasn't speculating on Barrie and his playing style.....he's a RHD that plays a similar game to Rielly.....the only thing regarding Barrie that I question is that he only has one year left, so in a sense he's a rental.
  4. Let's see : Jason Spezza $700,000 AAV 2017-2018 78 gp 26pts -12 2018-2019 76 gp 27pts -13 His best days are waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind him Freddy Gauthier $675,000 AAV 2017-2018 57gp 18pts +2 2018-2019 70gp 14pts +3 No Spezza is not better than Gauthier.....unless you mean the Spezza from about 10 years ago. And please don't tell me about Spezza's leadership....what's he going to teach the younger players, how to lose. One year, no big deal, but truly unnecessary and hence my question : why?
  5. Jason Spezza......why? 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  6. As one of the biggest Kadri fans on this board here's my take on the trade. 1. We get our RHD in Tyson Barrie for at least one year (he's a UFA at the end of next season) Some say his game is similar to Rielly...I think we will have to wait and see. 2. Kerfoot....let's face it not much is known about this guy...but the trade was not going to happen if it was Kadri for Kerfoot, so the main piece the Leafs wanted was Barrie and we got him. 3. As much as this trade addresses the need for a RHD, let's face it, Barrie is just a rental (until Dubas can sign him long term) Kerfoot will probably sign, but nobody really cares. However, the bigger issue for me is just how did Dubas make this 'soft as a marshmellow' team even softer? Oh don't all go crazy telling me how big a hitter Barrie is, because he isn't....and don't even try to start with Kerfoot. Dubas has managed to hang last years playoff exit on Kadri....fair or not, that is what he has done....he has masked the fact that this team is not built for the playoffs at all by getting Barrie (who btw the Avs wanted to get rid of which is why the held onto the salary, which is peanuts) Did the Leafs win this trade? I'm honestly not sure. Usually the team that gets the best player wins a trade....in this case the best player is Kadri....but we got Barrie and Kerfoot, which should hopefully even it out right? Well if Barrie doesn't sign with the Leafs, we basically got a project in Kerfoot and gave the Avs exactly what they need : 2C Won't matter anyway. This team is built for the regular season. Come playoff time,.....oh wait, I guess many of you didn't watch the Stanley Cup Finals, it was between the Blues & Bruins, who both kicked the shit out of each other for seven games (Blues won btw)....this team will be once again done in the first round if they face a team that is physical. So let's hope the Leafs don't face any of the following teams in the playoffs next season : Boston, TBay, Washington, or Blue Jackets Oh, and for those of you who think the Leafs would have beat the Blues if, if, if, if........LOL!!! The Blues would have beat the Leafs in four straight. I wish Kadri all the best in Colorado, I think the change will do him some good. I welcome Barrie & Kerfoot to the Leafs and hope they do well.
  7. Not a dream....but scoring because you play alongside a great player, does not in fact make you a great player, even if the GM and others think you one day might be. Oh and that 'success' Nylander had never translated to the playoffs. Strange, because in and earlier post (see below) you are advocating trading him because his skill is wasted on the third line....even suggested he'd go back to scoring 30 goals See, I don't understand why you want to trade a two time 30 goal scorer, and keep a two time 20 goal scorer. One is a center, the other isn't. Both do not do what their team hopes they will do in the playoffs. One has a sweetheart contract, the other is severely overpaid. I'm not defending what Kadri did....I already did that in another thread. But this team has to sign Mitch Marner, shore up the defence, and hopefully get tougher on the third & fourth lines. The best way to do that, is via trade....Nylander is the best choice, because so many people see 'potential' in him....let them overpay, and it will be an over payment in my opinion. He's great in the regular season, but shit in the playoffs. Kadri is another asset that can be traded, but I doubt the return will matter, and the team you trade him too will now have 2 or perhaps 3 bonafide centers. Something we currently have. Management needs to sit down with Naz (again) like they did when he slept in and missed a team meeting....back when Kessel & Dion were on the team....that conversation sparked him, turned him into the player we all hoped he'd become. Another one won't hurt, although, I don't think Shanny/Babcock were upset that Kadri stood up for his teammate (Marleau)...I think they are just upset (as is everyone) that he got suspended (again). Still, he did have the best assist of the series....that beauty of a pass through three Bruins to that cherry picker Nylander. And yes, Nylander did score, but lets face it, the goal was very weak.
  8. Perhaps I used the wrong word. See for me grit (and toughness) go hand in hand. And when I watch the Leafs play the Islanders, in JT's first game back, fans chanting, hurling rubber snakes, etc etc. I expect his teammates will have his back, not roll over and get fucked....but what happened? You want to suggest the Leafs hung with the Bruins until the very end....that's what you saw I suppose....I saw a team with a 3-2 series lead, go home and get schooled by the Bruins, then in Game 7 when push back was required, they just took it up the wazoo. I mean, that scrum in front of the Leafs bench where Tavares gets knocked (almost out) by FrankenChara....what did JT's teammates do? I don't expect anyone to fight FrankenChara, but how about doing something to another Bruin. The Leafs are not tough, not gritty, and it is that lack of sandpaper that allowed the Bruins to win the series....stop kidding yourself.
  9. I think Marner would be better in goal. lol
  10. Other than Kadri....or some of the defencemen (who need to be gritty anyway)....who else played with grit? Please don't say Matthews, Tavares, Marner because that's not why they are on the team!
  11. I don't think they trade Kadri....he's a very good player, tough, and has a very cap friendly contract. Besides, you won't get much back for him in a trade anyway, as every GM will know you want to hang the loss on his shoulders. I wonder if the feeling would be similar had he just gotten injured....probably not, but then the Leafs would have simply lost in five games rather than seven. Kadri's boneheaded actions might have actually spurred the rest of the team to play above their weight class. Face it, this team is not tough at all...soft in fact. Kadri's stupid cross check seemed to have awaken something in his teammates after the suspension was announced....heck they had a 3-2 series lead...they just couldn't close the deal. Someone mentioned trading Nylander for a RHD.....while I would like this to happen, his stock has hit bottom, don't expect any great return for him now. Management needs to have a sit down with Kadri....tell him to get his head out of his ass....or they will ship him out. With Nylander, management should wait for him to perform well, then trade him....unless of course some other team wants him really badly (looking at you Carolina)
  12. Here's my take for whatever that's worth. Babcock has been here 3.5 years. The first (half year) was spent cleaning up what we had. The next full year we got to the playoffs and watched a couple guys (JVR & Bozak)leave for nothing. The next full year, we got to the playoffs, lost again, and again watched a couple guys (Uncle Leo was the one I miss most, McElhenney) leave for nothing. And now this season. This team is softer than butter. Sure they outhit the Bruins....lol, I fucking love how easy stats can be manipulated...even Nylander had 10 hits in the series...none of which I remember, are they sure he wasn't trying to avoid contact and incidentally bumped into a Bruin? But nobody that knows this game would ever think the Leafs were or are tougher than the Bruins. Could this team have beaten the Bruins? Sure, maybe....but at what cost. We now know Hyman will be out for 6 months with a tear to his MCL. How many other guys were playing hurt I wonder? Watching Mitch block those two shots late was fun and scary at the same time.....watching him get manhandled by Chara every night was worse. Kadri got that bone headed suspension....but he was the only one sticking up for his teammates in Game #2, not to mention the numerous infractions not called on the Bruins (ie. Chara's punch to Tavares, or Chara flying arm to Muzzin's head etc etc) My point is, people are calling for Babcock to be fired....when it really would not matter one bit who the coach was because the team is soft as butter. I'm not suggesting we go get a goon....but I think Matthews/Marner would have had more freedom out there if we had a guy like Wayne Simmonds riding on their wing. Dubas got Muzzin which was a great help on the back end, but now that we lost, I'm wondering if we overpaid (probably going to miss having that first round pick I think...but I like Muzzin so) I'm not sure what Dubas and Babcock think with regards to how this team should be built....but I know that Babcock can only work with what he's been given, and what he's been given comes from Dubas. Dubas gave him.....Muzzin & Nylander....and nothing else. Regular season is one type of hockey, playoffs are another....like it or not that's a fact. Playing Matthews extra minutes in the third, while hopefully helpful, really wasn't going to do much. Get some grit on this team. We lost to the third & fourth line players for the Bruins.
  13. I agree with everything you've said here....to address the part in bold : Wouldn't a guy like Wayne Simmons have helped ? The game has changed...in the regular season. But playoff hockey, is still playoff hockey. We don't need a goon. But we could use some toughness, some grit, and perhaps even some forwards who know that a fore check usually involves some sort of contact.
  14. Well, my apologies sir..... ...you might want to use the button marked as "Quote" so people will know who/what you are referring too... ...but again, my apologies.
  15. Yes it was unfortunate....but hanging this playoff loss on him,...or even last year's playoff loss is just bullshit. Where is Matthews? What about his former Swedish linemate, the $7 million man? Other than Anderson...Kadri was the only one playing the other night. If the team loses now, you can't go say it's because of a player who's not even playing....that's bullshit. Did I say anything about 'the code'? All I said was that hanging the loss on Kadri is complete BS. Go back and read what I wrote....pretty sure english is your first language, cause hockey knowledge isn't your strength. I have no doubt Kadri gets traded.....good way for Dubas to lay the blame where it doesn't belong. With or without Kadri, this team was not going to beat the Bruins. The team is softer than butter. It's unfortunate that Kadri lost it....but at the same time, I'm proud of him for sticking up for his teammate (Marleau)....and for the rest of his teammates who were getting ass raped all night. You sound like every Leaf fan that hated Darcy Tucker....but loved him when he played for the Leafs. Guess what, Kadri will go to another team....we won't get much for him, and that team will love him....he may even still lose control sticking up for his teammates on his new team....while we will continue to watch as our team gets raped once again in the playoffs because the team is built for the regular season. Funny thing...Brad Marchand crosschecked a guy to the face, while the guy was down on the ice....he got a $5000 fine. Don't tell me there isn't a double standard in the NHL when it comes to handing out punishment.
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