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  1. Just saw on reddit Marner turned down an offer sheet because it was a 7 year contract. He wants 2-3 years. It was speculation from Friedman.
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/the-birds-and-the-beads-creston-tweens-get-explicit-sex-education-1.5191274 Your link doesn't work (at least for me). Anyaays kids gotta get learned somehow.
  3. I'm still loving my 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander. If I had the option of a new car right now I'd probably go with a Mazda. Just like how they handle.
  4. I would assume he found it from when @Jhator posted it the other day.
  5. Already canceled and this 3rd season of Jessica Jones is the last of the Netflix MCU. https://deadline.com/2019/02/the-punisher-jessica-jones-canceled-netflix-marvel-krysten-ritter-jon-bernthal-1202535835/
  6. Hmm yes I think we can take back Reimer too. April Reimer of course.
  7. Jessica Jones season 3 just dropped on Netflix. I honestly thought it had been canceled already with the rest of the Netflix MCU.
  8. AoR

    Last TV Show

    Yes well this wasn't Sherlock. Also Black Mirror has definitely been Americanized the last few years. It wasn't great, but I'll probably give it another watch eventually. There was a hiccup where Netflix immediately went into season 4 episode 4 after season 5 episode 3. I was very confused for a second why they were doing a shot got shot remake of a boring episode.
  9. AoR

    Last TV Show

    Black Mirror season 5. I should put season in quotation marks though it's only 3 episodes.
  10. In August of 2018 actually, also fuck you for sampling my stuff before I even post it.
  11. I figure a few of you may enjoy a docu-series I watched on Netflix called Hip-Hop Evolution. Fairly short at 8 episodes but interesting.
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