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  1. AoR

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Yo AM learn to lock your car and not leave all your shit in it.
  2. AoR

    Framework for Marijuana Bill

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-cannabis-private-sales-1.4783630 Ontario to allow private retailers to sell cannabis, province will handle online sales
  3. AoR

    Life After Cable

    I have a fibre line running from the node directly into my house. But yes that can be a problem for some people.
  4. AoR

    Life After Cable

    Nipzie is using Cogeco that's the same package my wife and I had. We've dumped them for Bell Fibe. TV and Internet cost us about the same as before with Cogeco but internet is faster a lot faster. I watch most of my stuff online but my wife and I still like to have cable for the few shows we watch together.
  5. AoR

    The Stanford Rapist

    But @Jhator what does he remind you of?
  6. AoR

    Life After Cable

    Thanks for reminding me I wanted to watch that. I use Reddit for streaming movies r/bestofstreamingvideo that sub is strict about quality and not allowing sites with lots of pop up ads and such. Good movie, however my cat would never survive it as she wouldn't stop meowing all through it.
  7. AoR

    Ottawa Thread

    He basically has to ask high because they're going to arbitration. Although I'm sure he wouldn't mind getting away from that tire fire.
  8. We can continue this discussion on Wednesday. August is when the real contenders start to stand out.
  9. Okay so using that logic there are no contenders at all.
  10. AoR

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I don't want to find and revive a long dead thread so I'm just posting here. The hotel/casino where the Las Vegas shootings happened is suing the survivors for being shot at. They say it's just a formality because if they didn't it would basically be admitting the security they had wasn't good enough.
  11. AoR

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Well if you don't know already we love you here. Smart level headed assessments and just general awesomeness. Also remember as a Fronts fan you get to say Luca Caputi (it's just a fun name to say) as much as you want since he was hired as an assistant coach by them this off season.
  12. I'd say they made the playoffs more in spite of their management but I can admit that is just my biased opinion. The Oilers could have a very bright future and I hope that they do because it makes for a better league overall when more teams are really good but with their management I don't have a ton of faith in them being a consistently good team. McDavid is one of the best but he doesn't have the support around him on the ice or in the offices in Edmonton.
  13. Says he is talking about two years ago and brings up our record breaking season that just ended... Sure lets look at two years ago then, The Oil adding McDavid and the Leafs adding their three headed dragon. The biggest difference between the teams was management and team culture. Edmonton has been a tire fire for a long time now and the Leafs were actively changing their culture at the time. Sure some people thought that McDavid alone could pull Edmonton into the playoffs but still no true comparison between the teams. Its sad because I don't hate the Oilers but McDavid is going to walk as soon as he can ala JT, unless of course the (mis)management trades him first.
  14. No Edmonton has a terrible management team and no clear path to success. Adding McJesus doesn't make them a good team. The young skilled team they have/had has had zero success and been dismantled through incompetent management. The Leafs have a plan and are following it, they have a young skilled team that has had some success already and added a superstar player in JT. The Leafs are far ahead of Edmonton and there is no comparison.