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  1. AoR

    Attaching Images

    To be fair to Jodi though. I just tried posting a picture saved to my computer and I got 'You are only allowed to upload 368.64kB.'
  2. AoR

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    went to google picked an image, selected copy image and pasted it here no problem.
  3. I can find the link if needed but Freddy said he spoke to the sports science team this off season and wants to play around 55 games. https://www.thestar.com/sports/leafs/2019/09/12/the-more-the-talk-of-his-workload-seems-to-change-the-more-frederik-andersens-plans-stay-the-same.html
  4. Yeah I can totally see you as a mass shooter, enjoy the states.
  5. @Raiden season 3 of hip hop evolution is coming to Netflix in September.
  6. I mean if you look at Logans profile here it says he's in his 80s. I'm pretty sure he's in his early 30s though.
  7. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1811447/leafs-ceci-being-sued-by-burn-victim-of-accident-at-party Well that should help Cody have a nice clear head and play well...
  8. Without Tie we wouldn't know the differences between China and Japan. We need him here.
  9. https://963bigfm.com/news/5681519/amber-alert-brantford/ Article from a local radio station so it probably has an inaccuracy or two, but the alert went out a little after 3am and the dad surrendered to police a little before 3am? Either way the important thing is the girl is safe. People complaining about Amber Alerts are idiots.
  10. Little bit of googling and turns out that is Mitch's brother Christopher.
  11. I make the spreadsheets at work. I've had to colour code which cells people can type in and lock the rest of them to avoid that. I really wish I hadn't bothered to update 1 spreadsheet last year. My boss got really excited that I 'know computers' so now it's my job.
  12. AoR

    Last TV Show

    Where's Barb?
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