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  1. Jodi isn't talking about profile picture (my summit series/ Raidens R). Jodi is asking about the profile picture which can be seen when going to someones profile or by hovering your mouse over a user in a thread like this. Most users don't have one I have a Leafs logo... Sorry @Komissar Sasha I don't have an actual answer for you but hopefully now someone else will be able to help.
  2. I know you remember the sweater story. That homeless guy was trying to be happy and the story made LC happy so..
  3. Why can't they be "buy in stats"? Also does it really matter?
  4. I have a strong urge to censor all the posts.. As for Buff I think he will play again or else he would have retired rather than mutually terminate the contract.
  5. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1970028/hall-of-famer-hawerchuk-completes-final-round-of-chemotherapy Hockey Hall of Famer Dale Hawerchuk has completed the final round of his chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with stomach cancer in August, his son Eric confirmed Monday.
  6. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/nba-suspends-season-coronavirus-2020-1203531530/ NBA shuts down
  7. Looks good so far, took a penalty for knocking the net off.
  8. AoR


    Gushue had a hell of a smile on his face this morning. I've loved this group, my boss collected a ton of signatures for his dad, the lucky bastard also got a players pin that(in theory) only players are allowed to have. I got a few pins, a scarf, and a pair of socks. Just from a hospitality stand point they were a well organised group and that made the last week and a half so much easier. Biggest disappointment for me was seeing how upset Glenn Howard was after losing the wildcard.
  9. @FloatandScore Mr. Troll popped in said hi (in his own way) and left again when we figured out who he was.
  10. Chatting with a guy from Curling Canada who claims to golf with Pierre Dorion he said it's known throughout the league that the Leafs have serious locker room issues right now. He said that the "Doobie kid" has a ton of work to do this off season with trades and that the other GMs aren't looking to do him any favours. Obviously this is all pure hearsay/speculation of course.
  11. I'm aware of that, but this convo was more entertaining than the game so far. Thank for ruining it.
  12. Sure NA cars from the muscle car era are beauts can't argue with that.
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