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  1. Literally one person slagged the anthem singer. Welcome to LeafLand indeed
  2. yeah i missed this game so i can't comment on specifics, but they're losing to teams they have no business losing to, and it needs to stop right now. i hate to say it, but if they keep this bullshit up, Jodi's right, Bruins in 4
  3. She signs the anthem? That’s pretty progressive quote glitch sorry am
  4. 200, and i was wrong - he was 3rd behind Torts and Hitchcock.
  5. The Athletic released a players poll not that long ago and Babcock was second for coaches you’d least like to play for. Torts was first.
  6. The “keep going” makes it seem like you’re mid wank to my story and want your climax to happen at the climax of my story
  7. @Pai Mei fair enough then, fellas. Do your answers change once you learned that I didn’t know her name and admitted that much to her?
  8. I never said I was the only one IDIOT, I said she was a questionable partner choice. GOD. I forgot the best part of the story: I didn’t even know her name. I browned out pretty hard that night, came to with my hand down her pants. Asked her how we got to this point. Man, I miss young me. Now old me knows the names of the sluts he hooks up with in public places.
  9. Any girl who’s going to let you finger blast her on the dance floor, try to wank you on the same dance floor, and then let you get back to work in the taxi, is a bad partner choice.
  10. Okay who’s fucking with me? Why can’t I type the name of the Nashville team without it correcting to AM?
  11. Leafs vs AM , should be a barn burner
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