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  1. show me it. provide me a link to his first interview of the season and his last so we can compare it.
  2. prove it. demonstrate to me that he showed up overweight.
  3. yaaaa we're gonna need a citation for players showing up "over weight". i was just listening to Overdrive last week and ODog said that probably upwards of 10 players in the entire league show up overweight for physicals. god this guy is such a fucking clown
  4. Mitchy also posted that Marner could miss the same time as Nylander and not miss a beat when he came back lol
  5. It’s actually why I prefer that certain people don’t reply to me, because I don’t want to have some retarded discussion with someone completely unwilling to admit when they’re being wrong. End of the day, it’s my own fault for even getting involved in the first place
  6. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/maple-leafs-approaching-uncertain-salary-cap-future-one-year-time/ "Friday night’s Marner signing also comes against the backdrop of the collective bargaining discussions between the NHL and NHL Players’ Association, which bear watching. While nothing has yet been agreed upon between those parties, sources with knowledge of the talks believe the salary cap could end up being frozen at its current $81.5-million ceiling for two more years — or raised only minimally — as a way to lower players’ escrow payments." lol
  7. LMAO thank you for specifying the age group this time
  8. They explained why there weren’t Lost Girls. It’s in the article I linked you.
  9. When you criticized Morrison for reading. Let me switch to my laptop and dig the post up for you.
  10. Except you literally are. Peter Pan was hanging out with people around his age he was a young boy who had a gang of young boys. That’s not weird.
  11. ... who were the same/similar age as him. Man. Just admit when you’re wrong. Please. It will make things so much easier.
  12. Peter Pan was a young boy ... are you not familiar with the story? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Pan
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