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  1. are you familiar with the frat game limp biscuit? of course you are. in this situation, the Sharks management AND every one of Labancs comparables finished on the biscuit, and then Labanc and his camp ate it. that deal should have resulted in the firing of his agent. even for a "prove it" deal, it was awful for Labanc.
  2. man i'm all for trying to be more inclusive but his comment is only really offensive not because it's a gay joke, because it's just stupid and inaccurate. chill a little
  3. really? it's not even an accurate statement .. gay people can still have biological children. it's just kind of a shitty gay joke. not overly offensive
  4. he's offering to recrest it on him, too. i respect that move very much
  5. Oh I’m roughing it out. I’m not going to cash out anytime soon. I just want to also see if he’ll give me that $200 that I’ve currently lost. @Nipzie ya I bought at a peak because the last time he gave a tip, I regretted not getting in. Didn’t want to miss out again .. I did not
  6. Does this still apply? I’ve lost over $200 on it now
  7. The last time this dude tweeted about things Friedman “said”, it was grossly misrepresented. Take that with a grain of salt.
  8. It’s not openly broadcasting its location though and they did explain why Hawkins. The location was only because of the deus ex musica.. see what I did there? Nailed it We really should be using spoiler tags
  9. God damn quote glitch. In fairness, they lucked out with finding them. Steve recognized the music. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have known where to look
  10. It’s an American show, set in America during the 80s .. I’ve enjoyed the Russian aspect because they’ve been mentioned as a threat in both seasons IIRC. I’m not surprised you dislike it though, but I was wondering how accurate the Russian dialogue is. Also, how easy would it have been for Robin to learn Russian? I feel like you’ve said before that Russian isn’t hard to learn if you have an understanding of other languages
  11. Season 2 is easily worse than season 3
  12. I only half agree. He’s still done good work this season, IMO. But I agree he’s being pretty dumb with Joyce
  13. Who are the buffoons? I’m on episode 5 so no spoilers beyond that plz
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