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  1. Exactly this. That’s why he’s being out produced by all the other stars there - Kucherov, Patrick Kane, Mark Stone, Jakub Voracek.
  2. i kind of agree with this. love Stevens, love how he played, but the game changing is for the best
  3. i'm going to throw this fucking Dell piece of shit off a fucking cliff. my function keys decided to stop working unless i hold down the Function button. this comes after yesterday, i tried putting it to sleep so i could clean the keyboard. instead of going to sleep for the ~2 minutes it took to clean, it decided it didn't want to turn back on for another half an hour after that
  4. yeah this is less on the refs and more on the league. missed calls happen, hockey is a fast game. the war room would've immediately seen that it was a hand pass and they should've been able to do something about that
  5. .. well and then we have episode two, which was all dialogue, and people hated that too.
  6. I’m in the same boat. I’m able to acknowledge it’s flaws but I’ve still very much enjoyed this season. Definitely isn’t the best but could have been so much worse.
  7. Man you come off as a real condescending prick sometimes lol
  8. I hadn’t actually read the article at that point. Just did. I didn’t see anything about him getting pushed out though
  9. Maybe he should’ve finished the fucking books if he wanted a faithful adaptation of them
  10. Your mistake is assuming the books will be finished
  11. Yeah because you wouldn’t be bitching about how they’ve managed to drag each storyline into full seasons. Nope. You would be perfectly satisfied with it. Your complaints have to do with the fucking writing, and you want them to write more, but in isolated locations. Fucking think about that.
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