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  1. Patrick Brown

    Because he’s saying it’s not true
  2. Luke Glendening

    mirtle wasn't impressed with this rumour either lol they're way more complimentary in the red wings subreddit
  3. Luke Glendening

    lol i know the replies here are limited but it's funny going from here to reddit
  4. Boone Jenner

    The quote from the article... One other possibility: Keep hearing Boone Jenner’s name out there as a possible trade piece. ’Tis the season, but something to keep in mind. A couple of years ago, he would have been deemed untouchable in any trade talks. That’s no longer the case, according to chatter across the league. He’s a 54.7% faceoff guy. Doesn’t seem to PK much though but as a Bozak replacement that doesn’t matter. He’s an RFA after this season but he hasn’t been putting up great numbers so I can’t see him warranting a huge raise. I guess it just depends how much he costs
  5. Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    He’s kind of a little bitch
  6. Patrick Brown

    oh yeah because if she lied about one aspect, she wouldn't lie about anything else. the other female, different story. but this is a perfect example of innocent until proven guilty and giving due process its time. not this "females should be believed until its proven they're liars". i'll share a short story. i had two coworkers accuse a third of sexual harassment. it was a unionized job and our union rep immediately sided with the women and told the man he was on his own, and there will be a hearing to determine his future with the company. the man started forming his own defense, speaking to other coworkers and asking if he had ever treated them in such a way, and if they were willing to put that in writing for him. eventually his hearing comes. he lays out his defense, proves that the allegations were false. the two end up admitting they fabricated the allegations in an attempt to have him fired, so one of the women could get his position with the company. do you know what the final outcome was for all three parties involved? the man got to keep his job and that's it. not a single punishment to the women who could have ruined his life. hell, they didn't have to even apologize. they went back to work the next day and pretended like nothing happened.
  7. Patrick Brown

    well that news makes this post even funnier than it was when you made it
  8. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Johnsson is apparently considered NHL ready by scouts he kills penalties too. There’s a very realistic chance that he already surpassed Leivo on the depth chart
  9. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    Actually yeah I will admit my 20 goals comment was dumb. But nothing else changes. I don’t care if his stats are lower because he missed a bunch of games. Final stats are final stats and he has been missing 15 or so games a season pretty consistently lately. He shouldn’t be on the Leafs radar for anything more than a 2nd and he will not come that cheap. If that’s the cost for him, sure. But it won’t be and the Leafs don’t need to be giving up high picks and prospects for players like that. Actually I take it back, Loadblower said 25 goals, my numbers are still right, and I don’t care about “on pace” because he didn’t get them. Even if we give him 39 points this year, that makes his season average 38 points - 4 more points than the average I gave him before . Still not that impressive, definitely not worth a first. Lastly, what’s wrong with trashing the current version of a player? If he was putting up 30+ goals and 50+ points still, of course I wouldn’t be saying anything negative. But he isn’t. Current Rick Nash isn’t as good as previous Rick Nash. That does not take away any of his prior achievements. Players regress, it’s fine, we should just not be seeking out those type of players. And before some douchebag says Marleau, they only spent cap on him. They didn’t trade picks or prospects, which are still valuable to this team.
  10. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    His 27 points is good for 11th on the team. That’s definitely a player that we should trade our first round pick for. He is the missing piece of the puzzle.
  11. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    Or, and this is a crazy idea, just don't trade for old wingers who are shells of their former selves.
  12. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    i stated that i meant the last 3 including this year. meaning this year, and the previous two before it 2015-16: 38 points 2016-17: 36 points 2017-18: 27 points 38+36+27 = 101. 101/3 = 33.6666667 rounded up to 34. Nash hasn't scored 25 goals since 2015. you know who we should sign, if we're looking past the most recent years for success? Dany Heatley. 50 in 07 baby.
  13. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    Rick Nash, who has fewer points than Zack Hyman this season. Rick Nash, who has averaged (including this season) 34 points over the last three seasons. Put down the pipe, you’ve smoked enough for the week
  14. Playoffs (and predictions/projections)

    lol.. let's get past the first round before we start talking about round 2
  15. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    Being retarded generally isn’t considered a power