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  1. The Walking Dead

  2. "high flying oilers" you know they're in 28th right?
  3. Hockey Mac with the 40 save shutout. Can't ask for anything more from your backup
  4. he fucking did. if they fucking scored there i would've lost my shit. that's a fucking penalty. i don't give a fuck if he only moved it a few inches. that's a god damn penalty.
  5. that fucking one oiler was all over Mac and then it looked like Lucic knocked his stick away
  6. who gives a shit about the Oilers goaltending situation? shut up you nerds
  7. Matthews is out? Better put Nylander with Brown and Hyman also, really? second of a back to back and you couldn't even squeeze Carrick in for a game?
  8. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    he wanted Rielly to focus on the defensive aspect of the game, hence all PK and no PP. he was satisfied with how that worked out, so now Rielly has been rewarded with more PP time as a result.
  9. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Matthews' defensive zone play has never been an issue. Patrice Bergeron is arguably the best two way player in the league, he only has one cup. Meanwhile, Patrick Kane has 3. That simplistic analysis doesn't really work all that well
  10. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    7 points in his last 10 (5 in last 8), 27 shots in last 10 (22 in last 8) but i agree that it's time for Nylander to move back up to his wing
  11. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    For those like me who missed it. What a fucking joke
  12. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Listening on the radio now. Bowen said two missed calls against the Leafs. Accurate? Fucking right bizarre or Gardiner
  13. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    i still don't think i've seen marner fuck up a play to avoid a hit once since @loxcane pointed it out, let alone 5-10 times a game. he just took two hits in that shift to keep going
  14. In Toronto Defense Eludes Us

    they'd be over the cap if they traded for him
  15. Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    not yet. i was specifically waiting for this before finishing my last divine beast. now i read i have to do that before i can access it lol. i dunno if i'll play this weekend. gotta sort out this controller crap. might not be able to play before i send it back