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  1. Yup me too, there's been a few things where I've kinda been like "come on now" but for the most part I've really enjoyed it. Last Sundays episode was great imo. Seeing her lose her shit, and the reaction of all her allies. Tyrion going, oh fuck, maybe I shoulda listened to Varys was excellent.
  2. I can see past the flaws and just enjoy it for what it is I guess. What I don't understand is how people are so fucking shocked and outraged that the writing hasn't been as good since they passed the source material. Yeah, no shit. Edit because i forgot: I will admit, them not wanting to work with GRRM is fucking whacked. Like that one is beyond me. So I kinda take back what I said, and can understand people's frustration with it a bit more. I'm still enjoying it for the most part.
  3. Yup, I don't wanna see it, but I think at this point Boston's gotta be a pretty clear favourite for the cup.
  4. I just watched it. I'll fully admit the show can't do much that I don't like, but I fucking loved it.
  5. My sister did a destination wedding and didn't get/wasn't expecting gifts from most people.
  6. God the reddit thread is an anti-Leafs circle jerk if I've ever seen one.
  7. The first one of this season was pretty average, I didn't hate it, didn't love it. I did however really enjoy episode 2. I have no problem with them wanting to build things up before shit hits the fan. Season 7 was pretty non-stop crazy shit going on so this little "lull" so to speak has been a great way to build things back up again. I dunno, to each their own.
  8. I work tonight so I'll catch it when I get home.
  9. Lot of reunions this episode which was fun. Looking forward to Edd meeting back up with Jon. Especially since Jon told him not to knock the wall down while he was gone.
  10. I've said it for years but I just can't wrap my head around why the rules change completely in the playoffs. Does anyone get it? Someone explain it to me.
  11. Yup, and I'd rather just spend $20 than have to try and find a stream or wait til after it airs.
  12. I'm actually really glad you mentioned it. I signed up as well. Got crave tv + HBO for free for a month, so like I said 4/6 are covered now and if it works well I'll just spend the $20 next month for the last 2.
  13. I was checking this out after I saw you mention it, I can get the first month for free so I'm gonna give it a shot, if it works well that will cover 4/6 episodes lol.
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