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  1. I love living in the middle of nowhere. The internet sucks ass, and you pay a lot for it, but that's my only complaint. Oh, and all the fucking deer when I'm driving home from work at 3am, stupid deer.
  2. I fucking hate how much everyone changes their names. Except Jodi, that's like his thing.
  3. I actually really dig MGK's version.
  4. See that seems to make way more sense to me, that way you don't have both sides coming in with stupid high/low numbers.
  5. I know you probably know this mr stats guy, but it always rattles me when this shit is brought up. NHL salary arbitration is always like this, the player comes in high, and the team comes in low and they hope the arbitrator leans their way a bit. @Armster You'd probably know, I was reading that in MLB arbitration that the player and team come in with their numbers and the arbitrator has to pick one or the other, there isn't any middle ground. Is there any truth to that? That's cool if so, really forces the everyone to be more realistic because if anyone comes in stupid about it they arbitrator will just pick the other side.
  6. He's saying 6.5 because Edmonton retained 750k on Lucic. So he's adding that to Neal's hit. Edit: Just to add, if my option is to keep Lucic, or take a chance on Neal, I'd probably take a chance on Neal.
  7. Cool, I know some people don't care about jersey numbers but 29 sucked.
  8. Yup, and Ambrose/Moxley is a huge steal for them. He will shine way more in AEW than he ever could in a PG WWE in my opinion. Also lots of reports that some other WWE names are waiting to jump ship, probably exaggerated but should be interesting to watch going forward.
  9. So, I very rarely watch wrestling anymore. I kinda keep up with what's going on, but once WWE went PG (and I got older) I lost interest significantly. I absolutely loved it when I was a kid. I still remember Taker powerbombing Muhammad Hassan threw the stage at The Great American bash, what, 10+ years ago? I'm looking forward to when Vince finally fucks off and lets Trips take over. Anyways, I actually watched Double or Nothing, and it was a lot of what I remember wrestling being about. The Cody/Goldie match was classic attitude era stuff. But I do think AEW, or at least certain members of it (Cody), need to let go of their apparent obsession with how much they hate WWE. I don't think that's a war they want to start.
  10. Yup me too, there's been a few things where I've kinda been like "come on now" but for the most part I've really enjoyed it. Last Sundays episode was great imo. Seeing her lose her shit, and the reaction of all her allies. Tyrion going, oh fuck, maybe I shoulda listened to Varys was excellent.
  11. I can see past the flaws and just enjoy it for what it is I guess. What I don't understand is how people are so fucking shocked and outraged that the writing hasn't been as good since they passed the source material. Yeah, no shit. Edit because i forgot: I will admit, them not wanting to work with GRRM is fucking whacked. Like that one is beyond me. So I kinda take back what I said, and can understand people's frustration with it a bit more. I'm still enjoying it for the most part.
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