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  1. My lenovo has a touch screen and I hate it lol.
  2. Probably an unpopular opinion but I kinda like them. I also kinda hate them.
  3. Yeah I dunno, I just don't like the numbers on 'em. I could get a blank one but that's boring.
  4. Living the dream buddy. Although my life is seriously lacking in the beer and wings department lately.
  5. I hate the numbering on those, otherwise I'd already have one.
  6. This type of shit annoys me more than anything. Hockey is a weird sport in a way that the worst team can beat the best team on any given night. This shit ain't the NFL. Tampa Bay has lost to Vancouver, Arizona (what????!!), Minnesota, Nashville x2, Ottawa, Buffalo, Anaheim, Winnipeg, San Jose, the Islanders, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Vegas, and St. Louis. Yes some of those were OT losses, and yes some were against good teams, but some were also against some of the worst teams in the league. No single loss against a any particular team means fuck all.
  7. Well then we trade Matthews, obviously he doesn't want to stay in Toronto long term or he would have signed more than a 5 year deal. Duhhh.
  8. I think it's lame but I'm not going to get upset about it. If people like it, have at 'er.
  9. Guys, I have the solution. Gardiner and Zaitsev to Colorado for their 1st and Ottawa's 1st!!! Fucking problem solved boys!
  10. Yeah people complaining about an amber alert are fucking selfish. On a completely unrelated note aquariums are fucking cool.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one that reads up on serial killers. Was reading about Richard Ramirez the other day actually.
  12. Yeah and I'm just talking the pretty meh places. Both pizza hut and dominos ask for a tip when paying debit for pickup. Fuck outta here.
  13. Why do places ask for tips when I pick up my order? If I order pizza, and you deliver it, sure I'll tip the driver. Or if I'm sitting down for an hour and a half at a restaurant and you have to serve me for that time, sure I'll tip you. But if I drive myself to your location to pick up my pizza, I'm not tipping you. I don't tip fast food workers and I don't see how it's any different. I mean restaurants and shit could also pay their employees decently so i don't have to tip them at all but you know.
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