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  1. Love this hat, only cost me about 13 bucks!
  2. Solid Snake

    Playstation 4

    Quit fucking eachother, you are both right.
  3. Thanks for the link Koho, I will probably go into a store to buy one tho. Try it on and get it fitted if I have to.
  4. Now I gotta get a purple dress shirt to go along with my black suit and purple socks.
  5. Solid Snake

    Playstation 4

    The fucking update was 19 gigs. Lol Fun game tho.
  6. My Babsocks arrived! I got the purple one's because the money is supposed to be going to Camh. Center for addiction and mental health.
  7. Solid Snake

    Playstation 4

    Took a drive over to best buy earlier and got Street Fighter V for 20 bucks. It's on sale for 24.99 and I had a 5 dollar certificate.
  8. Not saying you guys are peaceful tho.
  9. Sad news but I'm pretty sure we are still going through the most peaceful time in history. We are just seeing this stuff first hand now.
  10. Metroid may help as well. Nintendo has so much in it's arsenal, hopefully they'll be saving some good shit for E3
  11. I traded in 3 games today for the the Switch version of Zelda. $79.99 . anyone know if I can use my preorder for another game insteadd ? I got double trade in value cause I traded for Zelda.
  12. Or the estimated date that they usually go on sale? Anyone?
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