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  1. Disclaimer: I am not in the group downplaying this Not disagreeing with you, but this chart is a bunch of bullshit and is intentionally misleading. Uses the same amount of data points using the same colours for different age groups. It's not a direct comparison other than the first bar for all ages
  2. I can't see it only being 2 weeks. We haven't yet seen this thing ramp up yet. The pathogen lasts in your system for 37 days. It's going to easily be a month or quite possibly longer, if the season is not entirely scrapped
  3. i'm not writing a scientific journal or some thesis. it's a message board for leafs fans. i'm not going to thoroughly craft my posts to ensure that some matthews zealots don't take something the wrong way. but i will voice my opinion when i feel like doing so
  4. super bummed we're not going to see the rest of the season not sure what sense cancelling the season makes. play in front of empty arenas. these teams already have private charters. not much risk of exposure. from what i've read, no player has yet to test positive there is no way they can finish the season. this pandemic is not going to be cleared up in a month. they'd have to play until august to finish the season and playoffs. are the preds even in toronto today?
  5. yep, already covered that. i never said i wanted him to fuck off to arizona. but who could blame him? i mean your forum handle and avatar are a celebration to players going home to play for their home town team
  6. Aww muffin, don't get too upset about it now
  7. This is why I call him out. Because you guys refuse to admit any faults in his game. If I disliked Matthews half as much as you guys think I do, I wouldn't own two Matthews sweaters. One of which is a winter classic hanging up in my office at work in front of a bunch of sabres fans. So go on, do what you do. I forgot this place can't stand hearing differing opinions
  8. I guess you missed the part where I said that just because I call Matthews in a post doesn't mean I think the rest of the team is without blame Keep grasping
  9. Man you sure do get a lot out of a single statement that doesn't contain most of those words. Can you tell me my future, too? I mean, fuck tavares and spezza for wanting to play for their hometown team right? Thanks for the laugh, but another swing and a miss
  10. Got it, reading between the lines again. If you read what I actually wrote, I never said he can fuck off to Arizona. Like I want him to leave as a ufa. But keep on projecting. And nothing that I wrote last night or today demonstrated a lack of knowledge on hockey out defensive structures or anything else. So once again, I invite you to re-read my last reply. Quoted below for easy reference
  11. Can you quote that one for me? Or is this you reading between the lines again? No need to fly off the handle when I call out the golden boy. How many goals he scores has zero to do with the argument. If you can't be bothered to actually read and understand the comments, don't bother replying to them.
  12. I'm assuming this was meant for another post, because I can't correlate what you just said to my previous post. Either that, or you've got a case of the logans and are reading between the lines in a completely different book
  13. I blame all of them for the goal. It's a team game. This team is atrocious on defense. Barrie is gone next year, the dumpster fire that he is, Sandin is a rookie, Willy had a brain cramp and has his fair share of issues, but is having a great year, nothing else needs to be said of Hyman, the guy is a stud. If I don't make a post criticizing the other players on the team, it doesn't mean I think they're doing a swell job. But you can keep on pretending you have some vastly superior hockey knowledge.
  14. I like our chances a lot more against Tampa than I do Boston
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