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  1. Yup. He can fuck off for all I care. Trade him. No one player is bigger than the organization
  2. Marner can get to fuck. Dude turning down 11x7? Soliciting 3 year offer sheets saying leafs can't match? Peace out fuck face
  3. Was a joke, all good! I had you in mind when I decided to figure out how to get back into the Tapatalk account Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  4. This should be working again, for whoever uses it for whatever stupid reason that may be! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  5. i didn't read spoilers, unless theories i had been reading on reddit.com/r/asoiaf were played off as theories when they were actually spoilers. the bran bullshit was from the betting odds on who becomes king, and bran was the favourite. i didn't think they'd actually make him king. i guess that leaves some dark side of bran up to interpretation? he says he came down to king's landing to be king like he knew all along, i guess that means he knew dany was going to burn the place up and he didn't tell anyone the jon up north bit was heavily foreshadowed as BG mentioned, he belonged up there
  6. and i guess so much for the whole 'the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives' arya peaces out on a ship to sail to the abyss and sansa tells bran to fuck off in kings landing and she's gonna rule the north by herself
  7. well fuck this shit and lol at grey worm sailing to naath. was waiting for the epilogue of him and the unsullied dying a horribly painful death due to the butterfly disease on naath. i guess the writers forgot about that too. hopefully the books come soon so that we get a respectable buildup to a decent ending
  8. i get it, but there are ways to heighten the drama other than having zero battle sense. they did fine at the battle of the blackwater they did just fine at building up the drama in earlier seasons without it feeling cheap. like euron 360 no scoping rhaegal out of the sky to leave dany with only one dragon kinda cheap
  9. i couldn't get past how bad the planning was for episode 3. the only reason it wasn't totally predictable was because i would never have thought they would have actually done it that way. 1. why the fuck are the dothraki charging straight into the AOTD, then can't even see them. no one had any idea melissandre was about to show up. they didn't have dragonglass weapons. were they really about to just charge into the dead totally blind with weapons that can't do shit? 2. why are the trebuchets in front of your infantry? they get off one or two shots and then are totally destroyed. 3. why are the trenches so small? they should have been much wider 4. why is anyone lining up to defend outside of the fortified castle at all? the only thing i could come up with was they had no idea what they were doing don't get me wrong, episode 5 had just as many boneheaded events play through. i mean why couldn't arya just fucking throw on a face and sneak into the red keep, where tyrion already knows how to sneak in, and go kill cersei? probably cause it would have just ended the episode in 5 minutes, but still
  10. i get it, but i enjoy actually being able to see what's going on. the camera work and the darkness didn't do it for me in a vacuum, i think episode 5 was the best episode. don't get me wrong, i think they both butchered the story real hard, but just as a standalone, i thought episode 5 was decent
  11. almost positive it's going to be jon to kill dany. the question is, how do they do it without drogon burning them alive. i don't think they can kill the dragon. maybe he falls back to jon? maybe he burns dany's body, or the rest of the castle? maybe he just says peace and fucks off? what the fuck does grey worm do? there's no way he'd just be like yeah, she was crazy, who cares. the way the season has gone though i could see him just fucking off to wherever highly doubt jon takes the throne. maybe he fucks off back up to the wall. maybe he's sentenced up to the wall if he kills dany. or maybe he fucks off up north of the wall to chill out with tormund and give ghost that long awaited good boy pat and if bran ends up being king, well, thank god it's the final episode
  12. i wouldn't know. my tv brightness didn't go up high enough to make anything out
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