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  1. You eat all the dicks, all the time. I had to edit this because it wanted to write docks. You can't eat docks. You're not a termite. 

  2. In fact I'm more curious about the hotdogs stat
  3. Probably not. Because it's a stupid fucking stat Holds as much weight as the amount of goals scored by players between the ages 18-45 that have consumed in excess of 2 hotdogs during the second intermission
  4. Would have been nice to have shown up for the first 55 minutes Fucking garbage
  5. Debaser

    The Kadri 500

    I could go for a hot dog this game has been a pile of shit
  6. Debaser

    The Kadri 500

    do you guys consider a hot dog to be a sandwich? or is it in a category of its own? or something else? i mean the bun puts bread on both sides of the meat, but it's joined together on the bottom, so it's kinda like pocketed rather than sandwiched. is it a pita?
  7. Debaser

    The Kadri 500

    i guess gardiner didn't get enough 2nd assists to warrant his own thread for 500 games
  8. Debaser

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    i prefer the term goldbricking
  9. Debaser

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    Well that's what happens when you play like shit. You lose
  10. Debaser

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    What is this? What just happened?
  11. Debaser

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    Lol this is great
  12. Debaser

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    Woah hold on now he may pick up a 2nd assist tonight. If we don't get shut out again...
  13. Weak as fuck Officiating was garbage but we never came to play. Marner and Matthews were hot garbage
  14. fuck it, trade him if he doesn't want to sign. don't let him handcuff the team