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  1. and the bruins won. good shit. i guess we can pretty much say goodbye to home ice. i don't see this abysmal stretch ending any time soon
  2. Got fucked by the net off in they separate ways in back to back games. Get the fuck outta here
  3. Looks like a bunch of people dead. In the dozens. Hearing it's some neo Nazi white supremacist. Shot up 2 mosques Real piece of shit
  4. sooo why was that not a penalty shot? hawks goalie clearly knocked the net off himself with under 2min
  5. this team is going absolutely nowhere
  6. title. looking for a tweet
  7. oh you're right. i saw the post didn't notice it was deleted though LOL!
  8. they're gonna call the media a bunch of fucking rag its
  9. or he didn't say it? conspiracy theories man rielly says he didnt't say it. ref says he didn't say it. audio supports he didn't say it. but yeah he said it
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