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  1. Debaser

    Off-season Plan

    lol come on, not a chance the sens move him to us i mean, if we give them something they absolutely can't refuse... but at that point... are we really going to be coming out ahead? now... doughty? maybe?
  2. Debaser

    Leafs to sign Par Lindholm?

    bring back wallin
  3. Debaser

    Lou will not return as Leafs GM next year

    so, who takes over now? dubas?
  4. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    Still don't get this "you can't replace Gardiner" bullshit. Dermott has shown he's already quite close to Gardiner, maybe even better. And if we can package him for something better, how are we not ahead?
  5. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    i'm in the same boat, i'd like to know as well. i've heard he's been good, but probably still not there yet to crack the big club
  6. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    why is everyone trying to get rid of polak? he's an ideal 3rd pairing guy for us. and he was beasting in the playoffs
  7. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    E man to the to try rebooting if rirlly $1
  8. Debaser

    Off-season Plan

    People are bashing Andersen because they're emotional about him blowing the series, at least partially. If he struggles out of the gate again next year, then we can worry. He doesn't have to be November fuck you Freddy all year, but he can't randomly toss in these sub .850 stretches
  9. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    So what is the fascination with there being 31 #1s? Where did you come up with that number? Surely it's not a coincidence being the same amount of teams in the league. Like I said earlier, everyone's definition is going to be a bit different. I still say there's no more than 15 true #1s in the league right now, and Rielly isn't one of them, imo. He's close, and he may get there, but I don't think he is right now
  10. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    Like I said, if you want to go by the literal definition, then sure, you're right. And every team has a #1C. And I guess that meant Bozak was a legit #1C for us a couple years ago. And there we no reason for us to improve on that, so I guess we don't need Matthews But you're smart enough to know the difference between a literal #1 and a true #1 And let's be honest. Gardiner was #2 in TOI last night, and he was the worst player in the series by miles. Yet Babcock kept throwing him out there. As well as playing Komarov way more than he should. Babcock likes his vets. Dermott isn't going to shine when he can throw out some vets ahead of him because it's 'safer'
  11. Debaser

    Voynov returning?

    yeah, he's a fucking loser. he's also a good defenceman. i'm conflicted, and i think you have to at least explore it a bit
  12. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    I'm not saying trade Gardiner for the sake of trading Gardiner. I'm saying Dermott can easily replace him, if we were to use him in a trade to better the team Package him for something. Dermott is going to be a better player than Gardiner. Easily. As early as next season, possibly.
  13. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    Sure, if you want to take things literally Then I guess Ristolainen and Boychuck are #1s as well
  14. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    No, you trade Gardiner because he's not smart enough. Dermott will replace Gardiner easily, and you're not going to pay him to be a 3rd pairing guy. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's this bullshit stretch pass system that's making him look so stupid. I don't know. I really wish we'd have a proper breakout rather than this stretch pass bullshit. Sure Gardiner can make a beauty 100ft pass to spring someone on a breakaway. But for every one that connects, he gives it away 5 times I think Dermott can do everything Gardiner can. Makes him expendable. Use him in a package
  15. Debaser

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    like i said, there's no set definition for a #1. i don't think there are 31. i'd say there's more like 10-15 tops