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  1. well you should have stuck to your guns puq
  2. like i mentioned i like willy, and he's not the sticking point for my argument. it's marner. and he's not just overpaid 'a couple million' like i've heard. that is an abortion of a contract and i don't think you could get anyone to take it
  3. so wouldn't it make more sense to negotiate the bridge and bet on yourself? if you're confident in yourself, and i mean come on, of course these kids are, they're in the nhl, wouldn't you take a short deal and prove yourself so you can cash in down the road when the market has gone up significantly? then you can sell some ufa years at a premium and you're set
  4. No, I negotiate a bridge contract and prove my worth, or find another job. He could have signed an offer sheet and we could have chosen to match or not
  5. don't get me wrong, i do like willy, but you don't let anyone put themselves before the team. fall in line or sit, or get traded
  6. forgive me for not putting an ounce of faith in your thoughts on believing in players. your track record of defending players doesn't do much for me
  7. I'll agree that Willy is close in value, the marner situation puts it way over the edge though. That is inexcusable
  8. And why is that? Because players like Willy hold out and try to get max value, and GMs like Dubas cave. Then the market gets set again
  9. I don't have the time right now to look it up and compare the contracts but I believe he wanted to be paid more than Pastrnak and almost got it. He shouldn't be making that kinda money. He should be right at 6m absolute tops. He's not as good as pasta
  10. You need to make an example with any holdout. Should have set the example with Willy. The rest would follow
  11. I wasn't saying Lou would have signed them to reasonable contacts. I said he would have let Willy sit. No chance he gives him that contract. Either sit out or trade
  12. None of that means anything. Tavares wanted to come to Toronto, it didn't matter what Lou offered him. Same for the others. Their minds were made up I don't see a single contract over 7m in that list. I don't care if marner would have played hardball. He'd have lost a season and sat, because Lou would not have given him 11 fucking million. I'm not saying that I want Lou, but Dubas has fucked us beyond belief. And I don't buy the McDavid blame. He has no comparables, he can't set the market
  13. We also didn't waste 11m on marner to handcuff us. Which would have allowed us to make a move or two. Keep up
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